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Of the artists who rose to popularity as part of the new age music boom of the 1980s and '90s, few (if any) enjoyed greater or more lasting success than Yanni. Composing and performing instrumental music with a pronounced sense of drama, dynamics, and romanticism, Yanni broke through to a significantly larger audience than his peers, thanks to adult alternative radio airplay and a commanding performance style that attracted fans through frequent appearances on public television as well as world-wide concert tours.

Yanni was born Yiannis Chryssomalis on November 14, 1954 on the Greek island of Kalamata. He displayed a talent for a music at a young age, playing piano at the age of six, but rather than enroll him in music school, his parents encouraged their son to follow his own muse and learn the instrument at his own pace and in his own way. In 1972, Yanni traveled to Minnesota to attend college, and while he majored in psychology, he didn't walk away from music, playing in a local rock band and continuing his personal study of piano and other keyboard instruments. In 1977, after receiving his degree, Yanni joined a Minneapolis-based rock group called Chameleon, who toured regionally and cut several self-released albums, but in 1980, he began striking out on his own, recording and releasing an album of his own material, Optimystique. In 1984, Yanni signed a deal with Atlantic Records, who re-released the privately issued Optimystique; his deal with Atlantic proved short-lived, but the album attracted the attention of the noted independent label Private Music, who released Yanni's second album, Keys to Imagination, in 1986. (They would also reissue Optimystique a few years later.) Yanni relocated to Los Angeles, where he began composing film scores as well as recording as a solo artist, and in 1987, after releasing his third album, Out of Silence, he set out on his first major concert tour; the band included John Tesh on keyboards and former Chameleon drummer Charlie Adams. In 1990, after the release of Reflections of Passion, Yanni performed a special concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, a preview of the large-scale events he would stage in the future.

In 1992, the album Dare to Dream earned Yanni his first Grammy nomination, and his music began popping up in television commercials and during coverage of sporting events, bringing his compositions to a new audience. His concert tours became larger and more spectacular as his fan base grew, and in the fall of 1993, in support of the album In My Time, he performed a special show at the Herod Atticus Theater in Athens, Greece, a venue that was over 2,000 years old. The concert was recorded and videotaped, and the subsequent Yanni Live at the Acropolis album and home video became major successes, selling over seven million copies worldwide and becoming a fixture on public television broadcasts in the United States. The success of Live at the Acropolis led to Yanni staging prestigious events at London's Royal Albert Hall and major venues around the globe, as well as special concerts at the Taj Mahal in India and the Forbidden City in China, both in 1997 (material from the two shows appeared on the album Tribute). In both cases, Yanni was the first Western artist permitted to perform at these historic landmarks. After concluding a world tour in 1998, Yanni took a well-deserved vacation for two years and relocated to the East Coast; his 2000 studio album If I Could Tell You offered a more personal and intimate sound from the composer (it was also his first album for Virgin Records), and he explored world music sounds on 2003's Ethnicity. In 2009, he launched his own label, Yanni-Wake Entertainment, in association with Disney, and released Yanni Voices, in which he collaborated with vocalists for the first time in his solo career, teaming with a handful of gifted newcomers. Yanni took his vocalists on the road for a Yanni Voices concert tour, and in 2010, he explored his interest in Latin music on the album Mexicanisimo. A new studio effort, Truth of Touch, followed in 2011 and proved Yanni's popularity had not waned, topping the Billboard new age chart and going on to become the biggest-selling new age album of that year. After extensive touring for the release, Yanni added another string to his bow by collaborating with some of the biggest names in vocal classical music on his next album, Inspirato. On the album, released in 2014, the likes of Plácido Domingo, Renée Fleming, Russell Watson, Vittorio Grigolo, Rolando Villazón, and Katherine Jenkins added operatic vocals to a selection of re-recordings of classic inspirational tracks from Yanni's back catalog. He followed that up with 2016's aptly titled Sensuous Chill, a set of ten new recordings and seven previously released tracks, selected and sequenced with sensual atmosphere in mind. ~ Mark Deming
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Selected Discography


Track List: The Dream Concert: Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt

1. One Man's Dream (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

2. For All Seasons (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

3. Yanni: Welcome (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

4. Felitsa (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

5. Acroyali (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

6. Human Condition (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

7. Dreams Come True Interlude (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

8. Reflections Of Passion (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

9. Standing In Motion (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

10. Nostalgia (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

11. Niki Nana (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

12. Santorini (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

13. International Space Station Message (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)

14. The Storm (Live From The Great Pyramids Of Egypt)


Track List: Santorini (Live)


Track List: One Man's Dream (Live)

1. One Man's Dream (Live)


Track List: Sensuous Chill

1. Thirst for Life

2. Rapture

3. Drive

4. What You Get

5. Desert Soul

6. 1001

7. The Keeper

8. Whispers in the Dark

9. Seeing You Around

10. Orchid

11. Our Days

12. A Little Too Late

13. Dance for Me

14. Retreat to Dream

15. Test of Time

16. Can't Wait

17. I'm So


Track List: Drive

1. Drive


Track List: Desert Soul

1. Desert Soul


Track List: Inspirato

1. I Genitori (To Take To Hold)

2. Come Un Sospiro (Almost A Whisper)

3. Ode Alla Grecia (End Of August)

4. L'ombra Dell'angelo (Nice To Meet You)

5. Amare Di Nuovo (Adagio In C Minor)

6. Hasta El Ultimo Momento (Until The Last Moment)

7. Riconoscimento (Tribute)

8. Incanto (Enchantment)

9. Il Primo Tocco (First Touch)

10. Usignolo (Nightingale)

11. La Prima Luce (In The Morning Light)

12. Ode A L'humanite (Ode To Humanity)

13. Nello Specchio (In The Mirror)


Track List: Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico

Disc 1

1. Truth Of Touch (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

2. Vertigo (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

3. End Of August (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

4. Rain Must Fall (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

5. Felitsa (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

6. Voyage (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

7. Nightingale (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

8. Ode To Humanity (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

9. Niki Nana (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

10. One Man's Dream (Live At El Morro, Puerto Rico)

Disc 2

Track List: Truth Of Touch

1. Truth Of Touch

2. Echo Of A Dream

3. Seasons

4. Voyage

5. Flash Of Color

6. Vertigo

7. Nine

8. I Can't Wait

9. Guilty Pleasure

10. O Luce Che Brilla Nell'oscurita

11. I'm So

12. Long Way From Home

13. Yanni & Arturo

14. Mist Of A Kiss

15. Secret


Track List: Winter Light

1. Forgotten Yesterdays

2. Only A Memory

3. Point Of Origin

4. Marching Season

5. After The Sunrise

6. Until The Last Moment

7. Twilight

8. Keys To Imagination

9. A Word In Private

10. True Nature

11. The Magus

12. Face In The Photograph


Track List: Yanni Voces

Disc 1

1. Ritual De Amor (Desire) (feat. Ender Thomas)

2. Llama De Amor (feat. Olga Tañon)

3. Y Te Vas (feat. Andy Vargas)

4. Ni La Fuerza Del Destino (feat. Christian Castro)

5. Unico Amor (Enchantment) (feat. Ender Thomas)

6. No Ha Dejado De Llover (feat. José Feliciano)

7. Quédate Conmigo (feat. Ender Thomas & Chloe)

8. Nei Tuoi Occhi (In The Mirror) (feat. Nathan Pacheco & Chloe) (Spanish Version)

9. Eterno Es Este Amor (feat. Lucero)

10. Volver (feat. Ender Thomas, Arturo Sandoval & Willy Chirino)

11. Mi Todo Eres Tú (Until The Last Moment) (feat. Ender Thomas & Chloe)

12. Yanni & Arturo (feat. Arturo Sandoval)

13. Viviré Por Tí (feat. Olga Tañon & Nathan)

14. En Silencio (feat. Ender Thomas)

15. Que Te Vaya Bien (feat. Chloe)

16. Amare Di Nuovo (Adagio In C Minor) (feat. Nathan Pacheco)

17. Volver A Creer (feat. José José)

Disc 2

Track List: Yanni Live! (The Concert Event)

1. Rainmaker

2. Keys To Imagination

3. Enchantment

4. Standing In Motion

5. On Sacred Ground

7. Until The Last Moment

8. If I Could Tell You

9. For All Seasons

11. Prelude

12. Nostalgia


Track List: Ethnicity

1. Rites Of Passage

2. For All Seasons

3. The Promise

4. Rainmaker

5. Written On The Wind

6. Playing By Heart

7. At First Sight

8. Tribal Dream

9. Almost A Whisper (Ethnicity)

10. Never Too Late

11. Play Time

12. Jivaeri (Jiva-Eri)


Track List: Ultimate Yanni

Disc 1

1. You Only Live Once

2. Flight Of Fantasy

3. To The One Who Knows

4. Keys To Imagination

5. Butterfly Dance

6. Nice To Meet You

7. Santorini

8. Nostalgia

9. Aria

10. Point Of Origin

11. Nightbird

12. Chasing Shadows

Disc 2

1. Paths Of Water

2. Marching Season

3. Reflections Of Passion

4. Looking Glass

5. A Word In Private

6. One Man's Dream

7. Felitsa

8. In The Mirror

9. Desire

10. The Rain Must Fall

11. Running Time

12. Forbidden Dreams


Track List: Yanni: Love Songs

1. In The Morning Light

2. So Long My Friend

3. To The One Who Knows

4. Almost A Whisper

5. Before I Go

6. In The Mirror

7. First Touch

8. Enchantment

9. Felitsa

10. Secret Vows

11. Whispers In The Dark

12. To Take...To Hold


Track List: Tribute

1. Deliverance

2. Adagio In C Minor

3. Renegade

4. Dance With A Stranger

5. Tribute

6. Prelude

7. Love Is All

8. Southern Exposure

9. Waltz In 7/8

10. Nightingale

11. Niki Nana (We're One)


Track List: Port Of Mystery

1. The Sphynx

2. You Only Live Once

3. Port Of Mystery

4. Butterfly Dance

5. Farewell

6. Street Level

7. The Magus

8. Looking Glass


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donnamalherb e
I love, love, love Yanni. I have been listening since the 90s. So beautiful and serene.
Report as inappropriate
I started listen to Yanni in the Sinai desert back in 1996. His music makes me feel happy and alive. Thank You Yanni
Report as inappropriate
My favorite song of his. Well that and Flight of Fantasy.
Report as inappropriate
Charles Adams - drums. Ming Freeman - keyboard, and all others - outstanding !!!
Report as inappropriate
Yanni's orchestra? Some of the best artists ever combined on stage together. Bravo !!
Report as inappropriate
I enjoy the tranquility his music brings
Report as inappropriate
dragonlady60 8 8
Report as inappropriate
dragonlady60 8 8
I love Yanni...he's my inspiration !
Report as inappropriate
I have had the pleasure of seeing him twice in concert
and have to say they were the best concerts I have ever been to. Very powerful and moving ! I strongly suggest that anyone thinking about seeing him live, should.
Report as inappropriate
I know this is off topic but watching my brothers play with my dad, on his PS4 is so fun. Because of that, I've got to go. Bye!
Report as inappropriate
Not everyone likes piano music, and that's okay. But people who do...... that's great because, we like the relaxing, music to help is with all our troubles and stresses. Not only does it help me when I'm so stressed that I break down and cry, but it helps me know that, there are people passionate about music enough to make it a possibility that people can be relaxed.
Report as inappropriate
I've been listening to Yanni, ever since I was a kid. Not only do I listen to it now, but I would love to show it to my family and kids in the future. But that's so many years away. Yanni is the kind of person you want to listen more of, his music makes you feel very happy and sometimes sleepy. Pandora, I thank you for having this radio, because it helps with my stress and my anger. �� Love ya Pandora!
Report as inappropriate
BRIAN ..You choose that one because you know I like the strings combination I know !! Am I right ?? Such a pretty piece !!!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
outstanding ! his music crosses not only generations of listeners but also time and space! He captures the essence of humanity I have seen his concerts on PBS love it! so does my granddaughte r and daughter!
Report as inappropriate
How about creativity !!!

Report as inappropriate
Yanni is one of the few artists I'm sorry I haven't seen yet. I've loved his music now for decades.
Report as inappropriate
Sad night isn't it to be hearing this .. I was hoping to see him too..
Report as inappropriate
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Report as inappropriate
This music is so restful. It helps keep me think.
Report as inappropriate
Play your favorite is this it !!!!
Report as inappropriate
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Report as inappropriate
I HAVE THE CD OF THAT CONCERT !! Fantastic !! That drummer is amazing !!! I love the one with the three women singing !! In fact I love then all !!!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Musician Who plays beautiful music BUT doesn't sing..... I love Yanni music. Thank you Pandora playing Yanni music......
Report as inappropriate
Yanni's music is relaxes me. I close my eyes, and I feel as if I were in one of his concerts...a g a i n .
Thank you, Pandora.
Report as inappropriate
best composer ever Heard!!!!! been following his music for years
Report as inappropriate
Just had to get one more lovely piece before leaving. Thank you Pandora.
Report as inappropriate
Why do people make fun of Yanni? What is the difference between in and other new age artists. His style is considered unique to the music
As a whole. I find it sometimes very calming.
Report as inappropriate
Internationa l Leader Yanni , with you we can visualize World Peace!!!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
I saw Yanni in Vegas years ago. It was one of my best experiences in my life. I studied and, walked to some of his CDS and relaxed to others . His Concerts are the best !! I am so glad I can turn on Pandora and and enjoy his love and joy over and over!! Thanks Pandora
Report as inappropriate
I have been a fan of Yanni's music for 30 years. He takes me to every level emotionally. I have been struggling with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer for 9 years. Listening to Yanni's music takes me away from my reality & I feel so at peace while listening to him. My husband who is my world took me to one of his concerts before I had cancer & we both were very grateful to be able to see him in concert. I have written down what I want done at my funeral. I want Yanni's 'Until The Last Moment' pla
Report as inappropriate
One of my favorite's of his !! Have every cd made and saw I'm 3 times !! Does a great concert ! The drummer is unbelievable !!!!
Report as inappropriate
Yanni is the greatest!
Report as inappropriate
Ear wax is gone ....heart is open .....hearing aid new batteries ....lets do it .....whisper
Report as inappropriate
His music is magical, it gives me goose pumps and sometime it brings tears to my eyes. I saw him recently in Texas and it was amazing! I would go again if I could :-)
Report as inappropriate
Yanni's music has moved and inspired me for over 20 years now. Seeing him live was this One Man's Dream, and to connect with him at that venue (Mashantucke t , CT August, 2014) was nothing short of spiritual. Yanni, thank you for your gift and for freely sharing it with the world.
Report as inappropriate
recently saw Yanni in concert in Baltimore. Outstanding show!
Report as inappropriate
Listening pleasure.
Report as inappropriate
Magical experience to see him live with his orchestra!
Yanni, thank you for coming to Manchester, NH.
It was for my 5th year anniversary surprise for my significant other.,,we were in the 5th row!!!!
He was astounded by how much he enjoyed your musical genius!
Report as inappropriate
Yanni . Yo te amo
Report as inappropriate
bubblegum156 9
Just saw him last night in bethlehem pa.... I've been waiting 20 years to see him... such moving music
Report as inappropriate
Just saw him last night in Manchester, NH. Outstanding!
Report as inappropriate
Anybody who dislikes Yanni isn't quite human in my opinion. How can you not like this music? It is great music to listen to on a plane or any time you just want to zone out and relax. I've probably slept through more Yanni than I've listened to, but it is amazing music. I love the Acropolis concert. Seeing him perform is pretty amazing. Some people just have too much talent.
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