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Tom Rush

With his warm and slightly world-weary baritone voice, solid acoustic guitar playing, and gifted if hardly prolific songwriting skills, Tom Rush was one of the finest and most unsung performers to come out of the '60s urban folk revival. Born February 8, 1941 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Rush began his performing career in 1961 while attending Harvard University (where he majored in English literature), and he soon became a regular on the east coast folk circuit. A careful, unhurried songwriter, he was also a fine song interpreter, and had a knack for finding just the right song from new songwriters, being the first to introduce work from then-new songwriters like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Murray McLauchlan, William Hawkins, and David Wiffen, among others, and found ways to breathe new life into any number of traditional folk, country, and blues numbers, as well. In a five-decade career that has been steady and consistent but hardly lived out in the public spotlight, Rush has recorded a little less than 20 albums, several of them live sets -- a spare output given the length of his recording career, but it is a sturdy legacy by anyone's measure, with at least one of his compositions, the resigned and bittersweet "No Regrets" from 1968, standing as an acknowledged classic in the folk field. To highlight a half century as a performing artist, Rush released Celebrates 50 Years of Music, a live CD and DVD set drawn from a show held at Boston Symphony Hall in December 2012. ~ Steve Leggett, Rovi
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i am going to see Tom in Ardmore PA! 4/4/14 !!
I would say to k12 (about his Tom Rush comment) We are......! Thank you.
Saw Tom first time at Boston U while visiting my g/f in 1969. I've aseen him close up twice in Philly in the 90's at The Tin Angel. Spoke a bit with him and found him to be a genuine person.
Rockport Sunday is my all time favorite piece. The Circle Game album was an obsession throughout college at Penn State and during my many turntable record years.
When I was asked to choose song to dance with my son at his wedding I chose The Circle Game. That song always makes me cry and I had lots of company for that dance -precious moment.
Tom played on the Cape this Summer. I never saw Tom Perform before. I always enjoyed his Voice and his Acoustic Guitar Style. I actually Closed my eyes just to Hear Tom Sing and Play during his Concert. He Sounds Exactly like His Albums. Tom is also an Interesting and Humors Story Teller. Check Out his website to see if Tom is Performing near you.You will Cherish the Experience. I have.
I love this. I first heard it when i was 16 and now I am 61: circles indeed - still as good as ever and equally as poignant.
A real treasure in the folk world. Urge for Going always brings tears to my eyes and forces me to think about life and its choices.
I can't begin to describe how Tom Rush's songs make me feel. Maybe it's the quality of his voice, his interpretati o n , or how much of himself he puts into the words, but it's so much more than that for me. His songs have been oh wow moments for me for over 40 years. The review here doesn't begin to capture his talent. I've spoken to him at each of the 10 concerts or so that I've been to and he's been as kind and receptive at every one. And, Trolling for Owls makes me laugh every time!

First time I heard Childs Song I was leaving for college. Now 40 years later I played it for my kids as they are leaving home. It still brings goosebumps every time. I bought the 50 year disc and DVD; it is great stop reading this and order it now!!! Thanks toTom for turning me on to Jackson, James, and Joni.
Steve Legget...reb e l without a clue about Tom Rush.

I first heard him at the Cellar Door in Wash DC about 1967. I have had the pleasure of at least 25 performances over the years from DC to Philly to CA. I saw him last year in the California Wine Country and he is just getting better; his guitar playing. his aging gravelly voice and his intimate touch with his audiences.
He is no Rev Gary Davis
throw your fat leg over me
A documentary film on Tom due out soon.
Let us not forget that TR was more than interpreting new singer-songw r i t e r s , indeed, he was the one who first introduced Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Jackson Browne to a worldwide audience, beginning their spectacular careers!
Had the amazing privilege of attending his Symphony Hall Concert last year--5th row, center. He's a personal friend of a friend so I was introduced. Let me tell ya, he's the Real Thing. What a genuinely great guy. That was a transporting evening.
My brother turned me on to Tom Rush in '69. All I have to do is listen to TR and I'm back there again. Now those were the Golden Years!
I feel such deep emotion listening to these songs-the very best of the best Wow...
Now, thats music....
I first had the pleasure of hearing Tom at Club 47 in Cambridge, MA., around 1968. He was terrific then and continues to be.
Great ole New Hampshire boy Tom Rush. Seriously under-rated true artist of the times. The Urge For Going & Drivn' Wheel---2 greats among many others. Still have the mint original 1970 vinyl LP debut album after all these years.
Saw him in Syracuse NY 79 A great year.
Yep, "urge for going" is a great song. The bio is less than flattering for someone as important as Tom Rush. It took me 25 years to finally see him, but was great when I did.
Check out his version of child's song Stunningly beautiful
Chris.S The Cellar Door & Max's pub at 34th & M in Georgetown, DC just across Key Bridge across from Crystal City... those were the days of Great Music around DC & TR was sounding great as were many...
Tom Rush used to play a new year's eve concert at Symphony Hall in Boston every year in the 80's. He's back for another one this year.......
No Regrets, if only! Would love a quick one day pass back to late 60's.
been listening since the 60s. Thank you, Tom.
try 2 find take a little walk with me on electra. side one has al kooper on guitar and CELESTA and ROOSEVELT GOOK on piano. on the road again alone will make it worth the search!
Drivin Wheel is one of my all time favorites.
Thanks, Pandora, for including Rush in my folk song radio. Heard his '65 record (not included in your disco) and still play it (on CD). If you're into folk and don't have that CD, I think you're really missing something.
'Saw Tom in 1970-71 at a community college in NJ right after the Tom Rush album came out, and it took my breath away. A timeless voice and approach to the instrument. 'Still is fresh today.
Tom's lyrics, voice, and music bring back a tsumani of memories.... I ' m suddenly very young again...
I've seen Tom perform from Washington DC to Newburyport Mass and many places in between including Boston's Symphony Hall. Some were solo and some had guest performers and I loved every show. My personal favorite song is Galveston Flood but I also love Rockport Sunday especially since I live 1 mile from Rockport. I think he's seventy now and I hope he keeps going for many more years.

I became a fan of Tom Rush in the 1970's when I was in high school back East. I always check his tour schedule to see if he will be anywhere near me. I live in SC now have traveled to GA and FL to see him. Always well worth the trip! Come south soon Tom.
I first heard Tom Rush in the late 60's when I was feeling the weight of chains I had hung on my own life. I still listen to No Regrets. It brings me to the edge of tears every time.
I saw Tom Rush in a very small venue at the University of Pennsylvania and got the chance to meet and talk with him. This was about twenty years ago but I still remember how nice he was when talking to me and the concert was fantastic. He is definitely underrated.
Bought a cutout LP in '73 and have followed his work ever since.
Played his LP's on the USS Enterprise closed circuit Radio Station 76-78.
Amazing, listening to him. It brings back so many fond and lovely memories, also got me through a couple of loves and the loss of a truer than true love as well. Rush is just the best, nothing more needs to be said.
Tom Rush changed my life when I was a boy of 12. His words touched my heart and gave me a vision I badly needed at that time in my life. Thanks Tom. I hope others are touched like I was.
I saw Tom at a coffee house while working a summer job in Detroit in 1966. He was a master at the slide guitar. I can hear him play "The Panama Limited" like it was yesterday.
Remember hearing No Regrets for the 1st time and couldn't believe that I wasn't more familiar with Rush.Wow! I then got every Rush song I could get my hands on and painted my historic house while listening to him. Met him after a show at the Greenwich Odeum Theatre in E. Greenwich, RI. A great old theatre. Too bad he didn't achieve more fame because he is a legend. He was part of the Band's "Last Waltz" but didn't make the video/Album cost him some fame- a shame. Joe Madden
chris.s.stan f i e l d
I recall seeing/heari n g Tom at the Cellar Door in Wash DC back in 1971.
Great memories during the Nam war...and I was at the Pentagon
I remember Tom Rush from the 47 Club behind the Co-op. I used to go listen to him sing Ramblin' On My Mind. Those were the days... Glad to see he's back making records.
Tom rushes album, "The Circle Game", introduced Joni Mitchell to the world.
I have loved Tom Rush since I first heard him on an LP, remember those?, many, many years ago. I took a Greyhound bus from Pullman, WA to Sacramento, CA to hear him in concert only to arrive and find the concert cancelled. Bummer. Never have heard him live. Darn. His music soothes my soul.
Long long before Jimmy Buffet existed, there was Tom Rush.
love the guitar on this song... very folksy, bluesy, and an all-around good tune!
I first heard Tom Rush singing Urge for Going on a Sunday night folk hour on WKBW in d I was hooked. "The Circle Game" serenaded so, so many. I've traveled quite a few miles to see him live and never regretted putting forth the effort. It's good to hear that he's still a vibrant performer worth seeking out.
I saw Tom Rush in DC more than 40 years ago (Gad, we were young!) & then again in Buffalo, NY, 2 years ago. I had extremely fond memories of many of his earlier songs, like the marvelous Urge for Going & No Regrets. I had hesitated, fearing that the ravages of time had not been kind to him. He performed in a local Irish pub, before about 150 people. Within minutes he proved my fears baseless and that he's still a great entertainer. Catch Tom Rush live if you can!
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