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Ted Nugent

Throughout his lengthy career, guitar wildman Ted Nugent has reveled in the controversy and criticism that always seems to follow in his path. While there's no denying his exceptional talent on the six-string, his knack for penning arena rock anthems, or his standing as one of rock's top live acts, it's his non-musical endeavors that have caused the most condemnation from his detractors (his pro-right wing beliefs, pro-gun advocacy, appreciation of hunting animals, etc.). But by the same token, Nugent is a family man and one of the few hard rockers who has admirably stuck by his lifelong anti-drugs and -drink stance throughout his career.

Born on December 13, 1948, in Detroit, Michigan, Nugent became interested in rock & roll early in the game, picking up the guitar as a youngster, while his disciplinarian father passed his beliefs down to Nugent. In the '60s, Nugent formed his first bands (including Royal High Boys and Lourdes), drawing inspiration from such British blues-rockers as the Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds. But it wasn't until the formation of the Amboy Dukes that the Nuge got his first taste of stardom (it was also around this time that Nugent began playing a Gibson Byrdland guitar, a model that would be instantly associated with him throughout his career). The other members of the group didn't exactly share Nugent's clean-living lifestyle, as proven by their psychedelic hit single "Journey to the Center of the Mind," which Nugent claimed he didn't know at the time was about being "under the influence." The band managed to issue several albums throughout the late '60s -- 1967's self-titled debut, 1968's Journey to the Center of the Mind, and 1969's Migration -- as the group fit in well with other high-energy rock bands that emerged from the Motor City, the MC5 and the Stooges in particular.

With bandmembers coming and going at an alarming rate, Nugent remained the only constant member -- eventually officially changing the band's name to Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes by the '70s, and issuing 1971's Survival of the Fittest, 1973's Call of the Wild, and 1974's Tooth, Fang & Claw. While none of these releases exactly stormed the charts, Nugent and his cohorts remained an in-demand concert draw, as he also set up "guitar duels" on-stage around this time (battling with MC5's Wayne Kramer and Mahogany Rush's Frank Marino, among others).

By the mid-'70s, Nugent decided to finally ditch the Amboy Dukes name and set out on his own, assembling a first-rate backing band that included second guitarist/vocalist Derek St. Holmes, bassist Rob Grange, and drummer Cliff Davies. By 1975, the new band was signed to Aerosmith's management company (Leber & Krebs), as well as the same record company, Columbia, resulting in the release of Nugent's self-titled debut in November of the same year. The band immediately struck a chord with the heavy metal/hard rock crowd from coast to coast, due to the band's over the top stage show. But the bandmembers' relationship with Nugent was rocky at best -- Nugent wanted complete control of the band, while the others wanted it to be more of a democracy. The end result was St. Holmes leaving the band prior to the sessions of their sophomore effort, 1976's Free-for-All (which saw a then-unknown singer by the name of Meat Loaf filling in for the departed singer).

St. Holmes returned, however, in time for the album's ensuing tour, and by the release of 1977's Cat Scratch Fever (which spawned the hit single title track), Nugent and company were one of the top rock bands in the U.S. -- storming the charts and selling out arenas coast to coast. By now, Nugent had assumed the stage persona of a caveman -- hitting the stage dressed in nothing but a skimpy loincloth and knee-high boots, and would often begin his show by swinging out on a rope à la Tarzan (!). Like other rock acts of the '70s (Kiss, Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton, etc.), Nugent used a live album -- 1978's classic Double Live Gonzo! -- to catapult his career to the next level of stardom. But despite all the success, the members of his band began deserting him one by one over the course of such albums as 1978's Weekend Warriors, 1979's State of Shock, and 1980's Scream Dream. To add insult to injury, Nugent found himself bankrupt around this time, due to several failed business ventures and poor management.

Nugent continued to tour and crank out albums throughout the '80s (including such forgettable releases as Intensities in 10 Cities, Nugent, Penetrator, Little Miss Dangerous, and If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em), but it appeared as through the Nuge was trying to keep pace with the burgeoning pop-metal crowd instead of sticking to the raw and raging rock that brought him success in the first place. Nugent also tried his hand at acting around this time, appearing as a drug dealer in an episode of the hit TV series Miami Vice in 1986. By the end of the decade, Nugent joined the rock supergroup Damn Yankees (joining former Night Ranger bassist/singer Jack Blades, former Styx guitarist/singer Tommy Shaw, and drummer Michael Cartellone) -- resulting in the quartet's self-titled debut in 1990, which became a surprise hit due to their Top Ten power ballad "High Enough." But ultimately, the union proved to be short-lived; after only one more album (1992's lackluster Don't Tread), the band called it quits.

Nugent returned to his solo career, issuing his best album in over a decade, 1995's back-to-basics Spirit of the Wild, while several archival releases turned up throughout the '90s: 1993's three-disc box set Out of Control, 1997's Live at Hammersmith '79, as well as his first three albums reissued with added tracks and newly remastered sound in 1999 by the Epic/Legacy label (also issued at the same time was the first truly comprehensive compilation of the Amboy Dukes, the 18-track Loaded for Bear). The Nuge was also the subject of an interesting VH1 Behind the Music episode. He continued to tour well into the 21st century (landing the opening slot on Kiss' Farewell U.S. Tour in 2000), and issued the third live collection of his career, Full Bluntal Nugity, in 2001. That same year, the Nuge penned his own autobiography, the perfectly titled God, Guns, & Rock n' Roll. His Spitfire-issued 12th long-player, Craveman, dropped in 2002, followed by Love Grenade in 2007. He next embraced the digital realm by releasing the two-disc, 30-track MP3 online song bundle Happy Defiance Day Everyday over the 4th of July weekend in 2010. In 2014 Nugent released his 14th studio album, Shutup & Jam!, which featured a guest appearance from Sammy Hagar.

In addition to music, Nugent has gotten involved in politics, hosting a number one morning radio show in Detroit; has run his own hunting camp and issues instructional videotapes (as well as the Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild PBS video series); owns his own hunting supply store; has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association; writes columns regularly for a number of different magazines; and even sells his very own beef jerky (called Gonzo Meat Biltong)! ~ Greg Prato
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Motor City Mayhem (Explicit)

Disc 1

1. Ted Nugent Intro (Live 2008)

2. Star Spangled Banner (Live 2008)

3. Motor City Madhouse (Live 2008)

4. Wango Tango (Live 2008)

5. Free For All (Live 2008)

6. Stormtroopin' (Live 2008)

7. Dog Eat Dog (Live 2008)

8. Need You Bad (Live 2008)

9. Weekend Warrior (Live 2008)

10. Love Grenade (Live 2008)

11. Honky Tonk (Live 2008)

Disc 2

1. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (Live 2008)

2. Bo Diddley / Lay With Me (Live 2008)

3. Baby Please Don't Go (Live 2008)

4. Geronimo And Me (Live 2008)

5. Jenny Take A Ride (Live 2008)

6. Soul Man (Live 2008)

7. Hey Baby (Live 2008)

8. Cat Scratch Fever (Live 2008)

9. Stranglehold (Live 2008)

10. Great White Buffalo (Live 2008)

11. Fred Bear (Live 2008)

12. Outtro (Live 2008)


Track List: Sweden Rocks: Live 2006

1. Stormtroopin' (Live)

2. Wango Tango (Live)

3. Snakeskin Cowboys (Live)

4. Free For All (Live)

5. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (Live)

6. Raw Dogs & War Hogs (Live)

7. Soul Man (Live)

8. Hey Baby (Live)

9. Dog Eat Dog (Live)

10. Still Raising Hell (Live)

11. Cat Scratch Fever (Live)

12. Stranglehold (Live)

13. Great White Buffalo (Live)


Track List: Love Grenade

1. Love Grenade

2. Still Raising Hell

3. Funk U

4. Girl Scount Cookies

5. Journey To The Center Of The Mind

6. Geronimo And Me

7. Eagle Brother

8. Spirit Of The Buffalo

9. Aborigine

10. Stand

11. Broadside

12. Bridge Over Troubled Daughters

13. Lay With Me


Track List: Craveman

1. Klstrphnky

2. Crave

3. Rawdogs & Warhogs

4. Damned If Ya Do

5. At Home There

6. C*m N Gitya Sum-O-This

7. Change My Sex

8. I Won't Go Away

9. Pussywhipped

10. Goin Down Hard

11. Wang Dang Doodle

12. My Baby Likes My Butter On Her Gritz

13. Sexpot

14. Earthtones


Track List: Super Hits


Track List: Live At Hammersmith '79 (Live)

1. Stormtroopin' (Live)

2. Just What The Doctor Ordered (Live)

3. Free-For-All (Live)

4. Dog Eat Dog (Live)

5. Cat Scratch Fever (Live)

6. Need You Bad (Live)

7. Paralyzed (Live)

8. It Don't Matter (Live)

9. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (Live)

10. Stranglehold (Live)


Track List: Great Gonzos! The Best of Ted Nugent (Reissue)

1. Cat Scratch Fever

2. Just What the Doctor Ordered

3. Free-For-All

4. Dog Eat Dog

5. Motor City Madhouse

6. Paralyzed

7. Stranglehold

8. Baby Please Don't Go

9. Wango Tango

10. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang

11. Yank Me, Crank Me

12. Homebound

13. Give Me Just A Little


Track List: Double Live Gonzo

Disc 1

1. Just What The Doctor Ordered (Live)

2. Yank Me, Crank Me (Live)

3. Gonzo (Live)

4. Baby Please Don't Go (Live)

5. Great White Buffalo (Live)

6. Hibernation (Live)

Disc 2

1. Stormtroopin' (Live)

2. Stranglehold (Live)

3. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (Live)

4. Cat Scratch Fever (Live)

5. Motor City Madhouse (Live)


Track List: Cat Scratch Fever

1. Cat Scratch Fever

2. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang

3. Death By Misadventure

4. Live It Up

5. Home Bound

6. Workin' Hard, Playin' Hard

7. Sweet Sally

8. A Thousand Knives

9. Fist Fightnin' Son Of A Gun

10. Out Of Control

11. Cat Scratch Fever (Live)

12. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang (Live)


Track List: Ted Nugent

1. Stranglehold

2. Stormtroopin'

3. Hey Baby

4. Just What The Doctor Ordered

5. Snakeskin Cowboys

6. Motor City Madhouse

7. Where Have You Been All My Life

8. You Make Me Feel Right At Home

9. Queen Of The Forest

10. Stormtroopin' (Live)

11. Just What The Doctor Ordered (Live)

12. Motor City Madhouse (Live)

13. Magic Party (Outtake)


Track List: Discover More

2. Out Of Control


Track List: Shutup&Jam!

1. Shutup&Jam!

2. Fear Itself

3. Everything Matters

4. She's Gone

5. Never Stop Believing

6. I Still Believe

7. I Love My Bbq

8. Throttledown

9. Do-Rags And A .45

10. Screaming Eagles

11. Semper Fi

12. Trample The Weak Hurdle The Dead

13. Never Stop Believing (Blues)


Track List: Ultralive Ballisticrock (Explicit)

Disc 1

3. Wango Tango (Live)

8. Raw Dogs & War Hogs (Live)

Disc 2

1. Hey Baby (Live)


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Interesting that Pandora felt the need to point out the fact that Ted has some controversia l beliefs. But right before that I heard Neil Young, and there was no disclaimer for his beliefs. If they play a Pink Floyd song, I wonder if they will feel the need to point out his anti-semetic comments.
Report as inappropriate
Uncle Ted gave me a hand job back in '76
Report as inappropriate
I was there in 1976! Uncle Ted screamed! This is for all the Nashville p**sy! Wang dang sweet puntang! Then quickly said He was recording live! For double gonzo! My 3 other buddies! Started whistling loud! He said what the F_ _ _! Sh_ _! I heard that M F's. He wasn't pissed. He liked it! It's on the album what was recorded in Nashville! In those days he claimed to eat a pound of chocolate before the show! I believe it! He don't drink or get High! KenDog C
Report as inappropriate
How bad a** would it be to see uncle Ted on stage at the inauguration ? ?
Report as inappropriate
Uncle Ted likes to ride the pink torpedo
Report as inappropriate
One.of.the.b e s t . s o . r a d
Report as inappropriate
Love how fascist regulators on pandora say his pro gun pro constitution stands are so called controversia l . What a bunch of leftists. When the fascists want to tell pandora what to do maybe they will thank uncle Ted. May we get some people on the pandora corporate side who are willing to be objective when they describe a musician. Nah that would be honorable and objective.

Rock on uncle Ted and raise your gums baby.
Report as inappropriate
ed8473 has gotta be the f*g that would like that
Report as inappropriate
Uncle Ted likes a hot salty load on his chin.
Report as inappropriate
been listenin to Uncle Ted for ever... gifted guitar artist, jams are epic. LONG LIVE THE NUGE !!!!!!!!
Report as inappropriate

Report as inappropriate
Wished him & Joe Walsh could've collaborated . On something
Between catscratchfe v e r & the Confessor
Cruising in a brand"New"/$ t o l i n Bette..

Wished I
Went 2
P. R. I. C. E. L. E. S. S.
Report as inappropriate
IS 4 HIM 2 B THE H. N. I. C. !!!???ANY1
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Holly s**t! Think I got whiplashed!
Report as inappropriate
ed8473= c*m chuggin' turd burglar... go wipe your a**
Report as inappropriate
My CS TX neighbor, Uncle Ted!
Report as inappropriate
Ed. Thou shall not disparage uncle Ted!
Report as inappropriate
Uncle Ted voted for Hillary
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Uncle Ted we salute you...and even at your age I will bet you could kick ed8473 a**!
Report as inappropriate
Ted's probably bow hunt'n up here now!
Firearm season doesn't start for a few more weeks (lol)!
Report as inappropriate
Uncle Ted is a closet queen.
Report as inappropriate
Ted Nugent rocks! Both musically and in political belief!
Report as inappropriate
Can't go wrong with the Detroit City Madman.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
If the right wing had its way, his music wouldn't be out there.
Ted, smoke weed.Free your mind and your a** will follow. Stop hatin' !!!!
Report as inappropriate
Uncle Ted is a power bottom.
Report as inappropriate
Chicago. Super Bowl of Rock. Milk jugs and Ted Nugent. Life changing experience.
Report as inappropriate
The Noodge as we called him in the 70's. Classic rock and roller with the ability to piss off liberals at every turn. Sometimes the truth hurts, leaving progressives helplessly reduced to name calling and empty accusations of whatever the social topic of the day is. Go Ted!
Report as inappropriate
love his old tunes,..but, . . y e s he is a total hypocritical dickhead
Report as inappropriate
UNCLE TEDLY, Spin us a Melody
Enough Said
Report as inappropriate
Whitford St Holmes
rhythm and brews
Wapakoneta Ohio
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Gotta love the man he knows how to anger the liberal left by simply telling the truth with little more than a microphone and guitar
Report as inappropriate
67 years young and still rockin long live Terrible Ted Nugent.
Report as inappropriate
The best ever ted
Report as inappropriate
Yeah, TED put A stranglehold on me years ago and it still there!! ✌
Report as inappropriate
Hands down he is in the top 10 for greatest guitarists.
Report as inappropriate
Can't wait for Sonic Baptizm this Sunday night in The ATL!!!
Report as inappropriate
Rock on
Report as inappropriate
Ted rocks!��
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Dale your a idiot!!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Ted does it for me!!!! Trump and ted that's the ticket no political correct bullshit do what's best for this country!!!! Make us great again!!!
Report as inappropriate
mysteriousst r a n g e r s 8 6
Report as inappropriate
Dale, Over rated guitarist? Go listen to Double Live Gonzo. His guitar licks are epic. And regarding his politics.... h e is none of those. He believes in a certain code where freedom rings doesn't mean he is a bigot or racist. Please provide examples where he is anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-black. He may be anti-Islamic militant & having open borders for illegal aliens to continue to take advantage of the USA but I do not think that makes him a racist. Just common sense.
Report as inappropriate
I LOVE the fact he is conservative and marches to his own drum without concern for what is chic or politically correct all of which is horseshit anyway
Report as inappropriate
Met him with Aerosmith He walks the walk and talk the talk
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