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Talib Kweli

If skills sold, Talib Kweli would have been one of the most commercially successful rappers of his time. As it was, however, the earnest MC became one of the most critically successful rappers of his time, which dawned in the late '90s when he rapped alongside Mos Def and DJ Hi-Tek as part of the group Black Star. This trio of up-and-comers and their widely acclaimed self-titled 1998 album debut, Black Star, helped make Rawkus Records one of the premier underground rap outposts of the late '90s. Kweli and Hi-Tek then collaborated as a duo on Reflection Eternal (2000), which firmly established them apart from Mos Def, who had gone solo. For a moment there, Kweli and his Rawkus associates seemed like a full-fledged movement -- a return to the sort of hip-hop associated with the so-called golden age. However, it wasn't to be. Rawkus somehow lost its momentum, and its roster sadly dispersed, leaving Kweli on his own to carry the torch. He continued his output, beginning with a proper solo debut, Quality (2002), and though he didn't rack up towering sales numbers, he remained a critical favorite. In fact, he was one of the most admired and respected rappers on the major-label circuit during the mid-2000s, best evidenced by Jay-Z's famous Black Album rhyme: "If skills sold, truth be told/I'd probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli."

Born in Brooklyn as the eldest of two sons born to college professors, Kweli's first name, Talib, is an Arabic name meaning "the seeker or student," while his last name is a Ghanaian name meaning "of truth or knowledge." He began developing his literary gift in elementary school, when he'd write short stories, poems, and that sort of stuff. It wasn't until years later in high school that he turned to hip-hop as an outlet for his self-expression. There in high school he met a young Dante Smith, better known today as Mos Def. This fateful meeting further drew Kweli toward hip-hop, and another fateful meeting further convinced him that he had a bright future as an MC. During a 1994 trip to Cincinnati he met Tony Cottrell, aka DJ Hi-Tek, who at the time was part of a local rap group called Mood. Kweli impressed Hi-Tek during their time together, and the DJ invited the MC to guest on several tracks for Mood's 1997 album Doom. Shortly afterward, Kweli and Hi-Tek formed a partnership as Reflection Eternal and recorded "Fortified Live," which a then-fledging Rawkus label released on its first Soundbombing compilation.

A year later in 1998, the two invited Mos Def into the mix, and the Black Star album resulted. And with it came a steady downpour of critical acclaim that turned these guys into media darlings overnight. They might not have sold millions of albums, but Kweli, Hi-Tek, and Mos Def most certainly impressed a great many people, among them critics, fellow rap artists, and a lot of folks who enjoyed a good old-fashioned hip-hop album with an emphasis on beats, rhymes, and life -- not dramatized gunplay or interpolations of proven pop songs. That was the end of Black Star, however. In 1999 Mos Def released his debut solo album, Black on Both Sides, and turned away from music and toward an acting career, leaving Kweli and Hi-Tek on their own. The duo returned to their Reflection Eternal partnership and released an album of the same name in 2000. It spawned a few minor hits: "Move Somethin'" and "The Blast."

When Kweli returned with his Quality album in 2002, things had changed a bit. For one, he was truly solo. Mos Def was long gone, and Hi-Tek was off focusing on his own solo career as a for-hire producer. So Quality featured Kweli collaborating with a host of different artists, among them a young and promising yet still largely unknown producer named Kanye West. "Get By" was the fruit of Kweli's collaboration with West, and it became the rapper's biggest hit to date, aided quite a bit by a non-album remix featuring Jay-Z of all people. The remix got a lot of radio play, but still, Quality didn't put up Jay-Z numbers and Kweli remained a critical favorite, a reputation cemented all the more in late 2003 when Jigga gave him the aforementioned high-profile shoutout in "Moment of Clarity."

All of this set the stage very well for The Beautiful Struggle, which dropped in fall 2004. The expectations for the album were gargantuan because of the Jay-Z rhyme, and also because a great many hip-hop disciples felt Kweli was long overdue for a commercial breakthrough. The album was undoubtedly his most commercial effort to date, featuring a few token radio-ready hook singers like Mary J. Blige and Anthony Hamilton, not to mention a roster of hitmaking producers like the Neptunes, Just Blaze, and Kanye. It was also Kweli's most self-conscious to date, however, as it was well apparent that the commercial pressures had begun to affect his mindset. He responded by splitting from his distributor, Universal, and lying low for a while, releasing a stopgap mixtape, Right About Now (2005) via Koch.

In anticipation of his next solo album, Kweli collaborated with producer Madlib on the digital-only Liberation, which was made available as a free download during the first week of 2007 on the Stones Throw website. Finally, in August of that same year, Kweli issued the full-length album Eardrum on his own label, Blacksmith, via a partnership with Warner Bros. Debuting at number two on the Billboard 200 and selling about 60,000 copies in its first week, Eardrum was Kweli's best-selling album to date and featured beats from not only Madlib but also Hi-Tek, Kanye, Pete Rock, and, among others, and featured guests like Norah Jones, UGK, Justin Timberlake, and Strong Arm Steady. In 2010, the album Reflection Eternal: Revolutions Per Minute reunited Talib and Hi-Tek under their Reflection Eternal moniker, then that same year, the solo Gutter Rainbows was the first album to be released by Talib's Talibra imprint. His 2013 release Prisoner of Conscious balanced radio-friendly numbers with more abstract tracks and featured Nelly, Curren$y, and Kendrick Lamar. The 2014 effort Gravitas followed the same path, this time with Big K.R.I.T., Mike Posner, and writer Neil Gaiman among its guests. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Art Imitates Life (Single)


Track List: Beautiful (Single)


Track List: Come Here (Single)


ricolewisky - AGREED!
Yo who is this person
Talib is the TRUTH!
One of the last true hip hop artists for real. Kweli goes deep and spits fire.
Delm donde i like your music
robert_thoma s _ j r
I miss the old hungry Kanye !!
There's no better sound than a hungry MC spitting some real hip hop
Real music talib kwali
real hip hop homies!!!!!! we need this music dawgs!!!!
Damn I remember when I first and only time I've ever seen this guy live it was actually by accident because my friends and I were just walking around the art district downtown in Miami for this thing that they do every first Sunday of the month and call it art walk, in which you can go into all of the art galleries and sometimes they have live music and free food and drinks like whisky but then again that was when I was still able to walk around by myself instead of having to be pushed around in
Follow I'll follow back
Love this guy
F**k BET and 106&park
Say iPhone five times
Say a color
Post this on five other songs
Look under pillow
Hip hop is my fav
She is very inspiring towards young women
He was trying to be the same like the song - This WAY. That's why I can respect him making this song.
I qit
Big dog LA ya
Talib is one of THE best MC's ever. Music is still legit
Good music....
I'm listening to Fleaux Radio: http://pdora . c o / 1 n 9 M A d g
Damn I remember when I first saw this guy live I actually saw him by accident because my boys and I were just bar hopping in the art district downtown in Miami and when we got to this one place called black bird we found out that he was performing and it only cost 10 bucks to see him so of course we all coughed up the 10 bucks for the simple fact that we all love his music but then again we all were drinking all we wanted because we paid another 10 bucks because they were having some special off
Just to get by,,....,
Luv dis song!!
Good song. But your no pimp c. Thiers only one person like pimp c. And that's pimp c himself. Im from port auther Texas and I rep my land of the trill till the day I day. Pimp c is from their and reps it. So don't disrespect him. R.I.p. pimp c.
Real hiphop right here
Talib Hip Hop's Bob Dylan tru thru and thru
Talib is an inspirationa l MC I enjoy his music
Talib Kweli...ever y o n e that knows a little about him knows he is one of the best MC's ever, delivery, concept, content, lyrics and innate talent make him extra dope. Thank you for the music.
Talib is a representati o n of real Hip Hop. I'm so tired of these rappers talking about what the they have and who they having sex with. I'm miss REAL HIP HOP
Good song
Damn I remember when I first saw this guy live in Miami it was by accident a couple of friends and I were just bar hopping in the art district downtown in Miami and we were walking around the place because it was during art walk which I have to say that I truly love because I love painting so that was why we went to it because I really wanted to see some of my friends art work that they had up at a venue
Talib always been one of my fav
Talib is a beast
Too Ill!
Good stuff
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Just to get buy....
Real sheet
Name a day in the week,
If you send this to 10 people
Something good will happen or
Your crush will confess something to you.if you don't then you will have bad luck
Damn I remember when I was out one night with a bunch of friends and we were bar hoping around the art district downtown in Miami and we went into this place called blackbird and we ran into this guy out there that night f**king ruled and then we went back to our hood and smoked a fat blunt that s**t was awesome and I can't wait to be able to do some s**t like that again once I can get up and walking around again that'll be a great day for me and my family to see me walking around again
Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However if you don't post this you will die in 2 days. Now you've started reading so don't stop. This is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in 143 minutes. When done press f6 and your lover's name will come on the screen in big letters. This is so scary because it actually works.
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