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After disbanding the Police at the peak of their popularity in 1984, Sting quickly established himself as a viable solo artist, one obsessed with expanding the boundaries of pop music. Sting incorporated heavy elements of jazz, classical, and worldbeat into his music, writing lyrics that were literate and self-consciously meaningful, and he was never afraid to emphasize this fact in the press. For such unabashed ambition, he was equally loved and reviled, with supporters believing that he was at the forefront of literate, intelligent rock and his critics finding his entire body of work pompous. Either way, Sting remained one of pop's biggest superstars for the first ten years of his solo career, before his record sales began to slip.

Before the Police were officially disbanded, Sting began work on his first solo album late in 1984, rounding up a group of jazz musicians as a supporting band. Moving from bass to guitar, he recorded his solo debut, 1985's The Dream of the Blue Turtles, with Branford Marsalis, Kenny Kirkland, and Omar Hakim. The move wasn't entirely unexpected since Sting had played with jazz and progressive rock bands in his youth, but the result was considerably more mature and diverse than any Police record. The album became a hit, with "If You Love Somebody Set Them Free," "Love Is the Seventh Wave," and "Fortress Around Your Heart" reaching the American Top Ten. Sting brought the band out on an extensive tour and filmed the proceedings for a 1986 documentary called Bring on the Night, which appeared alongside a live double album of the same name. That year, Sting participated in a half-hearted Police reunion that resulted in only one new song, a re-recorded version of "Don't Stand So Close to Me."

Following the aborted Police reunion, Sting began working on the ambitious Nothing Like the Sun, which was dedicated to his recently deceased mother. Proceeding from a jazz foundation, and again collaborating with Marsalis, Sting worked with a number of different musicians on the album, including Gil Evans and former Police guitarist Andy Summers. The album received generally positive reviews upon its release in late 1987, and it generated hit singles with "We'll Be Together" and "They Dance Alone." Following its release, Sting began actively campaigning for Amnesty International and environmentalism, establishing the Rainforest Foundation, which was designed to raise awareness about preserving the Brazilian rainforest. An abridged Spanish version of Nothing Like the Sun, Nada Como el Sol, was released in 1988.

Sting took several years to deliver the follow-up to Nothing Like the Sun, during which time he appeared in a failed Broadway revival of The Threepenny Opera in 1989. His father also died, which inspired 1991's The Soul Cages, a dense, dark, and complex album. Although the album peaked at number two and spawned the Top Ten hit "All This Time," the record was less successful than its predecessor. Two years later, he delivered Ten Summoner's Tales, a light, pop-oriented record that became a hit on the strength of two Top 20 singles, "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You" and "Fields of Gold." At the end of 1993, "All for Love," a song he recorded with Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams for The Three Musketeers, became a number one hit. The single confirmed that Sting's audience had shifted from new wave/college rock fans to adult contemporary, and the 1994 compilation Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting played to that new fan base.

Three years after Ten Summoner's Tales, Sting released Mercury Falling in the spring of 1996. Although the album debuted highly, it quickly fell down the charts, stalling at platinum sales and failing to generate a hit single. Although the album failed, Sting remained a popular concert attraction, a feat that confirmed his immense popularity regardless of his chart status. Released in 1999, Brand New Day turned his commercial fortunes around in a big way, though, eventually going triple-platinum and earning two Grammy Awards. Issued in 2003, Sacred Love also did well, and Sting spent several years with the reunited Police before returning to his solo game for 2009's If on a Winter's Night.... One year later, he hit the road alongside the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, who added their own symphonic arrangements to his material. Symphonicities, a companion CD, and Live in Berlin, released in conjunction with the world tour, arrived that same year.

After several years of work, Sting completed his musical The Last Ship in 2013. Initially, he introduced the piece as a solo album released in September of 2013, but the musical -- set in a struggling shipyard in the 1980s -- was scheduled to make its Broadway debut in 2014. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Songs from the Labyrinth

Composer: John Dowland
Title: Walsingham, Song Arranged For Lute, P 67
Title: Can she excuse my wrongs, for 4 voices & lute (First Book of Songs)
Title: Letters (correspondence With Family And Friends)
Title: Flow, My Tears, Fall From Your Springs, For 2 Voices & Lute (Second Book Of Songs)
Composer: Robert (ii) Johnson
Title: Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow? For Voice & Lute
Composer: John Dowland
Title: Letters (correspondence With Family And Friends)
Title: The King Of Denmark, His Galliard, For Lute, P 40
Title: The Lowest Trees Have Tops, For 4 Voices & Lute (Third Book Of Songs)
Title: Letters (correspondence With Family And Friends)
Title: Fine Knacks For Ladies, For 4 Voices & Lute (Second Book Of Songs)
Title: Letters (correspondence With Family And Friends)
Title: Work(s)
Title: Come, Heavy Sleep, For 4 Voices & Lute (First Book Of Songs)
Title: Forlorn Hope, Fantasie For Lute, P 2
Title: Letters (correspondence With Family And Friends)
Title: Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite, For 4 Voices & Lute (First Book Of Songs)
Title: Wilt Thou Unkind Thus Reave Me Of My Heart, For 4 Voices & Lute (First Book Of Songs)
Title: Letters (correspondence With Family And Friends)
Title: Weep You No More, Sad Fountains, For 4 Voices & Lute (Third Book Of Songs)
Title: My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home, For Lute, P 66
Title: Clear Or Cloudy Sweet As Aprill Showring, For 4 Voices & Lute (Second Book Of Songs)
Title: Letters (correspondence With Family And Friends)
Title: In Darkness Let Me Dwell, For Voice, Lute & Bass Viol (A Pilgrimes Solace)

Track List: Spirits In The Material World (From The Motion Picture: Ace Ventura When Nature Calls) [CD Single]


Desert Rose. My favorite.
Fields of Gold. I love this song. This song is about my college. The Metropolitan Community College South Omaha Campus. It has fields of gold around it during the fall and it is Barley. HAHA. It's an awesome sight. Thank you Maestro.
how fragile we are,how fragile we are
Shape of My Heart. Now THIS is nice. HI. :-) I love the Maestro's music. This I miss. Thank you Pandora.
Hansom dog....
nice pic.
STING IS A HERO TO ME!!! Any of us can yap & yowl & be noisy/negati v e , but this man has put his money/time/m o u t h / h e a r t where it means something!!! This earth's ALL WE GOT, y'all. I LUV his music, but it's what he's doing for the environment that moves me to be a better caretaker of it, in my smaller way.
GOD BLESS ALL US TREE~HUGGIN` "NUTS"!!!!!! ! ! ! :-D :-D :-D
The photo in the bio. That is just....NICE . :-)
It's Probably Me. RE: The station photo. Wo. I really like that picture of you Maestro.The one right below me. Nice. M :-)
Sting is the greatest love him. The way he sings and the words he uses ...:-) just wonderful
Oh man, Sting this sounds so good!!!
The lyrics to When We Dance just get me. I hope this kind of true love and pursuit still exists. This is what women want.
Beautiful song
Peaceful music very lelaxing for me oh yes.
Recently saw The Last Ship performed on PBS - WOW - mesmerized & in love!
The bio here on Sting just misses the point in so many ways. Sting was good, then very good, then one of the great ones. If his record sales began to slip, it means nothing to his true fans and will mean nothing when the musicologist s start sorting out of the greats of this era.
How does a bio of Sting not mention Fragile, one of the most recorded pieces ever, one of the best pieces of jazz/rock in the 20th century?
dont read this because it actually works. You will get kissed on the nearest possible friday by the love of your life. tommorrow will be the best day of your life. however if you do not post this comment to at least 3 songs you will die in 2 days. now youve started reading this so dont stop. this is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in at least 143 minutes when if done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is scary cuz it actually works
dont read this because it actually works. You will get kissed on the nearest possible friday by the love of your life. tommorrow will be the best day of your life. however if you do not post this comment to at least 3 songs you will die in 2 days. now youve started reading this so dont stop. this is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in at least 143 minutes when if done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is scary cuz it actually works
He's the best!
When I need to escape, this is who I listen to!!
Dude can Rock,Chill,J a m and Jazz...Impre s a r i o , s i r
Does anyone know about a song Sting released I think in early 85 called I don't believe a word I cant seem to locate it. It was played on 92.7 wlir in New York.
harvey.dolge r
yhe police started me to listening in 1980 and up they went to be big
I love you Sting--never stop what you are doing...
You really believe Sting or any of these other artists actually peruse these sites looking for their fans. They have better things to do jeez
I'd like to hear the song he wrote about the breakup with his wife "I'm so happy I can't stop crying"
my dad loves sting... just sayin
What I don't get about Sting is disbanding the police at the height of their popularity. Getting too ambitious and starting a solo career could have been career suicide. But doesn't the phrase "quit while you're ahead" apply to that career move. How could the Police top all of their albums. I think they had depleted their talent.
Happy Birthday Sting October 2nd.
Sting and I share a birthday. Same year too. If he remains cool, I still have a chance.
I lost my faith in my fiance. Cheatin ##//#!
"I'm so happy, I can't stop crying"
good stuff, read full bio & found a lot of newer music to explore. Baby boomer for other boomers & mellow folks.
Nothing like the sun reminds me of an unrequited love dashed on the rocks. Nubia I never meant to hurt you,I am such a cad....
So talented...I love his voice :-)
Saw him 2 times in concert in houston texas.
One of my all time favorite artist. A true talent.
Amazing performance!
The Dream of the Blue Turtles, when it was released, was so diverse that that it blew me away. My Montovani listening, Andy Williams loving, President of the Jersey Shore Frank Sinatra Fan Club being father of mine even liked it. He kept saying, "Billy, son, do you hear that fantastic clarinet there? Hear it?" To which I replied, "Well now, Pop, is that whats making that kooky sound?" Then I would get smacked in the head as I laughed. Too funny.
i agree very good song tabitha
love fields of Gold. So soothing and peaceful! ;)
One of the very great artists of our time.
Brand New Day is telling my story. Love Sting. There's always a message in ;the story of his song. keep stinging me.
I applaud his creative diversity.
Top song or not he's not afraid to try...
He likes his toast done on one side...
the douchebag who wrote this profile left out a key fact regarding Sting's first solo outing.. as a bass player, Sting used Daryl Jones as his bassist. Daryl is an alumnus of the Miles Davis Group and currently plays bass for the Rolling Stones. That definitely deserves mention as this is one of Sting's choices as bandmate. His choice of musicians indicates his actual prowess as a musician/com p o s e r himself.
A true musician and artist for the ages. One my all-time favorites. Hall of Famer.
I remember this song from "The Professional " ! ! ! ! I so love favorite!!!! !
Thanks Sting, I needed to hear this song this afternoon. YOU ARE AWESOME! come back to Atlanta, so that I can get to see you. Yeah, Doug, not only does he have staying power, he is still sexy!
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