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Steve Vai

Six-string wizard Steve Vai, along with his onetime teacher Joe Satriani, set the standard for rock guitar virtuosity in the '80s. Born on June 6, 1960, and raised in Carle Place, New York, Vai became interested in the guitar via such legendary artists as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Alice Cooper as a teenager and, upon starting high school, took lessons with an older player from the school, Joe Satriani. Playing in several local bands, Vai quickly picked up on the instrument, and by the age of 18 was attending the renowned Berklee School of Music in Boston. As a student there, Vai transcribed several of Frank Zappa's most technically demanding compositions for guitar, and even sent a copy of one such transcription, "Black Page," to Zappa himself. Zappa was so impressed with the young guitarist that upon meeting him, he invited Vai to join his band.

Subsequently, Vai toured the world with Zappa (giving Vai the nicknames "Stunt Guitarist" and "Little Italian Virtuoso") and played on such albums as 1981's Tinsel Town Rebellion and You Are What You Is, 1982's Ship Arriving Too Late, 1983's Man from Utopia, plus 1984's Them or Us and Thing-Fish, before leaving to set out on his own. First off was a pair of self-financed, recorded, and released solo albums in 1984, Flex-Able and Flex-Able Leftovers, both of which showcased Vai's guitar playing and songwriting talents, yet were still heavily influenced by Zappa.

With Van Halen all the rage by the mid-'80s due to their massive hard rock/pop crossover success, Vai replaced Yngwie Malmsteen in a similarly styled outfit called Alcatrazz (which featured former Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnett), playing on their overlooked 1985 release Disturbing the Peace. The same year, Vai made a cameo appearance in the movie Crossroads (playing the Devil's guitarist and shredding away in a guitar duel with Ralph Macchio) and got an invitation from his friend/bass master Billy Sheehan to try out for the guitar spot in singer David Lee Roth's solo band (Roth had just split from Van Halen), and eventually landed the gig. The debut release from Roth and his stellar solo band, Eat 'Em and Smile, arrived in 1986 and went on to become one of the year's top hard rock releases. Both Vai and Sheehan were catapulted to superstardom due to their instrumental talents, as they took top honors in numerous guitar magazines for years afterward.

But although the quartet showed great promise, Sheehan jumped ship just after their sophomore album, Skyscraper, was issued in 1988. Although the album was more pop-based than its predecessor, it became another sizable hit -- with Vai earning a co-producing credit on the album along with Roth. The same year, Vai issued his own line of snazzy guitars, the Jem 777 series, via the Ibanez company. After the ensuing tour with Roth wrapped up in late 1988, it was Vai's turn to jump ship. In addition to working on another solo album, he was invited to join up with chart-topping pop-metallists Whitesnake, an offer he accepted. His one and only album with Whitesnake, Slip of the Tongue, was issued in 1989, as was his third solo album overall, Passion and Warfare, a year later. The largely instrumental album was based on dreams that Vai experienced as a teenager, and it became a sizable hit, earning gold certification and solidifying Vai's standing as one of the top guitarists of the day. It was also around this time that Vai created a seven-string guitar through Ibanez. Although the instrument didn't catch on initially, it would by the mid- to late '90s, when the guitarists in such metal acts as Korn and Limp Bizkit would utilize the instrument to achieve super-low tunings.

After an extended hiatus, Vai formed his first conventional rock band (called...VAI) along with newcomer Devin Townsend on vocals, T.M. Stevens on bass, and Terry Bozzio on drums -- offering their one and only album in 1993, Sex & Religion. When the album proved to be a disappointment both critically and commercially, Vai returned to all-instrumental work with the 1995 EP Alien Love Secrets. For the remainder of the decade, Vai continued to issue solo releases, including 1996's Fire Garden, 1998's Flex-Able Leftovers (a re-release of his long out of print second solo album, with added tracks), and 1999's The Ultra Zone. It was also during the late '90s that Vai and Satriani reunited for an annual co-headlining tour (with a different third artist added each year), called G3, unleashing a live album, G3: Live in Concert, in 1997.

The early 21st century saw a flurry of releases from Vai, including a compilation of instrumentals, The 7th Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies Archive, in 2000, and his first full-length live release, Alive in an Ultra World, in 2001, as well as his mammoth career-encompassing ten-disc box set The Secret Jewel Box. In 2002 he collected several pieces that he had contributed to films through the years, including the guitar duel from Crossroads and the theme to Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, and put them together in a 40-track collection called The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1. A series of compilations came next, and after a five-year hiatus from the studio, Vai returned in 2005 with Real Illusions: Reflections. A tour with the Metropole Orchestra followed and he released an ambitious double live set documenting his performances, titled Sound Theories, Vols. 1-2, in 2007. In 2010, he performed with the North Netherlands Orchestra, debuting several new compositions that fused rock music with orchestral arrangements, dubbed the "Evo Era." Vai also made several television appearances in 2010, performing on The Tonight Show and on American Idol with Mary J. Blige, Orianthi, Travis Barker, Ron Fair, Orianthi, and Randy Jackson. In 2012, eighth studio album The Story of Light arrived, continuing the new age themes first put forth on Real Illusions: Reflections, and including unexpected twists such as a rootsy blues cover backed by a full gospel choir as well as a duet with Aimee Mann. In 2015, Vai signed with Sony/Legacy; his first album for the label was Stillness in Motion: Vai Live in L.A., a recording of an October 2012 concert by the guitarist.

Over the years, Vai has guested on countless albums by other artists, including Gregg Bissonette's self-titled debut and Submarine, Alice Cooper's Hey Stoopid, Randy Coven's Funk Me Tender, Al di Meola's Infinite Desire, Public Image Ltd.'s Album, Joe Jackson's Symphony 1, and Billy Sheehan's Compression, and also releases from Mike Stern, Ozzy, and Meat Loaf. He can also be found on such additional Zappa releases as Jazz from Hell, Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar, Guitar, and on several volumes of the ongoing You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore series and the live tribute disc Zappa's Universe. As if his busy schedule weren't full enough, Vai pursued a lifelong interest when he began harvesting honey among five bee colonies in the backyard of his home. ~ Greg Prato
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Stillness In Motion: Vai Live In L.A. Disc 2

Disc 1

1. Intro / Racing The World (Live)

2. Velorum (Live)

3. Band Intros (Live)

4. Building The Church (Live)

5. Tender Surrender (Live)

6. Gravity Storm (Live)

7. Weeping China Doll (Live)

8. John The Revelator (Live)

9. The Moon And I (Live)

10. The Animal (Live)

11. Whispering A Prayer (Live)

Disc 2

1. The Audience Is Listening (Live)

2. Rescue Me Or Bury Me (Live)

3. Sisters (Live)

4. Treasure Island (Live)

5. Salamanders In The Sun (Live)

6. Pusa Road (Live)

7. Frank (Live)

8. The Ultra Zone (Live)

9. Build Me A Song L.A. (Live)

10. For The Love Of God (Live)

11. Taurus Bulba (Live)


Track List: The Story Of Light

Disc 1

1. The Story Of Light

2. Velorum

3. John The Revalator

4. Book Of The Seven Seals

5. Creamsicle Sunset

6. Gravity Storm

7. Mullach A' Tsi

8. The Moon And I

9. Weeping China Doll

10. Racing The World

11. No More Amsterdam

12. Sunshine Electric Raindrops

Disc 2

Track List: Where The Wild Things Are

1. Paint Me Your Face

2. Now We Run

3. Oooo

4. Building The Church

5. Tender Surrender

6. Band Intros

7. Firewall

8. Freak Show Excess

9. Die To Live

10. All About Eve

11. Gary 7

12. Treasure Island

13. Angel Food

15. Par Brahm


Track List: Sound Theories Vol 1 & II

Disc 1

1. Kill The Guy With The Ball (Live)

2. The God Eaters (Live)

3. The Murder Prologue (Live)

4. The Murder (Live)

5. Gentle Ways (Live)

6. Answers (Live)

7. I'm Becoming (Live)

8. Salamanders In The Sun (Live)

9. Liberty (Live)

10. The Attitude Song (Live)

11. For The Love Of God (Live)

Disc 2

1. Shadows And.... (Live)

2. Sparks (Live)

3. Frangelica Pt. I (Live)

4. Frangelica Pt. II (Live)

5. Helios And Vesta (Live)

6. Bledsoe Bluvd (Live)


Track List: Real Illusions: Reflections

1. Building The Church

2. Dying For Your Love

3. Glorious

4. K'm-Pee-Du-Wee

5. Firewall

6. Freak Show Excess

7. Lotus Feet

8. Yai Yai

9. Midway Creatures

10. I'm Your Secrets

11. Under It All


Track List: The Ultra Zone

1. The Blood & Tears

2. The Ultra Zone

3. Oooo

4. Frank

5. Jibboom

6. Voodoo Acid

7. Windows To The Soul

8. The Silent Within

9. I'll Be Around

10. Lucky Charms

11. Fever Dream

12. Here I Am

13. Asian Sky


Track List: Alien Love Secrets

1. Bad Horsie

2. Juice

3. Die To Live

4. The Boy From Seattle

5. Ya -Yo Gakk

6. Kill The Guy With The Ball

7. Tender Surrender


Track List: Sex & Religion

1. An Earth Dweller's

2. Here & Now

3. In My Dreams With You

4. Still My Bleeding Heart

5. Sex & Religion

6. Dirty Black Hole

7. Touching Tongues

8. State Of Grace

9. Survive

10. Pig

11. The Road To Mt. Calvary

12. Down Deep Into The Pain

13. Rescue Me Or Bury Me


Track List: Passion And Warfare

1. Liberty

2. Erotic Nightmares

3. The Animal

4. Answers

5. The Riddle

6. Ballerina

7. For The Love Of God

8. The Audience Is Listening

9. I Would Love To

10. Blue Powder

11. Greasy Kid's Stuff

12. Alien Water Kiss

13. Sisters

14. Love Secrets


Track List: Flex-Able (25th Anniversary Re-Master)

1. Little Green Men

2. Viv Woman

3. Lovers Are Crazy

4. Salamanders In The Sun

5. The Boy Girl Song

6. The Attitude Song

7. Call It Sleep

8. Junkie

9. Bills Private Parts

10. Next Stop Earth

11. There's Something Dead In Here


Track List: Modern Primitive / Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition)

Disc 1

1. Bop! (Feat. Mohini Dey)

2. Dark Matter

3. Mighty Messengers

4. The Lost Chord

5. Upanishads

6. Fast Note People

7. And We Are One

8. Never Forever

9. Lights Are On

10. No Pockets

11. Pink And Blows Over, Pt. 1

12. Pink And Blows Over, Pt. 2

13. Pink And Blows Over, Pt. 3

Disc 2

14. Liberty

15. Erotic Nightmares

16. The Animal

17. Answers

18. The Riddle

19. Ballerina 12/24

20. For The Love Of God

21. The Audience Is Listening

22. I Would Love To

23. Blue Powder

24. Greasy Kid's Stuff (Mixed Twelve)

25. Alien Water Kiss

26. Sisters

27. Love Secrets

28. Lovely Elixir


Track List: Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition)

1. Liberty

2. Erotic Nightmares

3. The Animal

4. Answers

5. The Riddle

6. Ballerina 12/24

7. For The Love Of God

8. The Audience Is Listening

9. I Would Love To

10. Blue Powder

11. Greasy Kid’s Stuff

12. Alien Water Kiss

13. Sisters

14. Love Secrets

15. Lovely Elixir

16. And We Are One (Alternate Solo No. 2)

17. As Above (SV Demo)

18. So Below (Niels Bye Nielsen Orchestration)


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Now working
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hey andre, check this out
Report as inappropriate
Hes so freaking slow...(NOT)
Kicks a**
Report as inappropriate
mostly better than Malmsteen, Satch, Eric Johnson ~ and many others in this genre
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Report as inappropriate
Please go e thanx 2 his 4fathers...s a t r i a n i ( t e a c h e r ) Z a p p a (start/idol) & maybe jimi...p.Gil b e r t ...
Maybe Eric johnson meets SRV...meets the ALIEN ($URFin' jo"$atchman" L O L
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Another great 7th song!!
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One hot carefree flawless song Great guatairist
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stop by:

david... radio
50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s~

Report as inappropriate
possibly the greatest instrumental song by any guitarist,an d with the live version you can remove possibly from that statement!!!
Report as inappropriate
Steve Vai;s Passion And Warfare definitely stands the test of time and sounds as new and breathtaking now as it did when it came out in the early 90s
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Angel Vivaldi
Report as inappropriate
For those who love the genius of Mr. Via get visual sound theories dvd. Your favorite Via compositions with Holland Metropole Orkest and two original orchestral pieces composed by Mr. Via
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see him with Zappa 1981 Holloween NYC
Report as inappropriate
Vai is a genius of electric guitar.
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Steve Vai is a legend, I would love to see a movie biopic about him and inspire young kids and teens to pick up an instrument. Angus Young inspired me to pick up the guitar back in middle school and I'm glad that I never quit playing.. now I'm practicing playing the piano.
Report as inappropriate
If it wasn't for frank Zappa there would be no Steve vai
Report as inappropriate
Steve Vai is one of the greatest live acts I have ever seen.
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adryanrocken b a c h
I'd like it, in the bios or sections that talk about artists, if you'd give the list the players, on each instrument, on the correspondin g album that we hear. Is this possible?
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joshmsanders o n
I'll give it to you all. The weird micro tonal stuff makes my brain hurt but he kills it in so many places. I've been a lifelong follower. One of my favorites.
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Creative.... . . . . . . . k i n d a cool.
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He did an awesome version of the Halo theme on the Halo 2 soundtrack
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irishrazorba c k
Steve Vai is my hero
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Report as inappropriate
When I went to the Whitesnake concert few years ago, I was hoping I would get to see Steve Vai. I love Steve!! He is a Genious!! I can watch him play for hours!!
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Steve is in a league all his own.
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Great album! I was 13 when it came out.
Report as inappropriate
Stevie song aliens has resemblance of Hendrixs Stroken a lady's hips Hemdrix plated after Star-Spangle d Banner at Woodstock losen to it
Report as inappropriate
I caught the first guitar pick Steve used 3 days after Frank passed away, Vai was performing at the Button South in Ft. Launder dale.
Report as inappropriate
Die To Live has to be his best. So great on every level. goose bumps. Love it.
Report as inappropriate
Brother got class ...I dig to express and play gtr...a 1/4 of his playing, ..lil jimi 2 FEATHERZ ..
Report as inappropriate
He has so much passion and color to his playing not to mention the fact that his song writing is great. Although weird at times, his stuff is always interesting. Passion and warfare a great album and it has so much color and flavor to it. Beyond his solo stuff loved him with DLR too. He's just a all round talented guy period.
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Vai you are the man
Report as inappropriate
My first introduction to Steve Vai was that movie Crossroads opposite Ralph Machio. I didn't even catch his name, but I never forgot that moment... I agree with some of you, even if you are not a Steve Vai fan or disciple, he definitely has a GIFT FOR GUITAR that is uniquely his own! I listen to his music, not because I enjoy it more than other performers, but because, as Jimi Hendrix did, he challenges me to be a better guitarist... so many awesome guitarists out there! I appreciate what Eri
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bensbadblueq u a d
Where's the album with Devin Townsend on it? Pandora fail.
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Very clean
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he has control of nano seconds in time while playing...un b e l i e v a b l e live..Satch, E r i c Johnson write more memorable songs, but live you don't think about it...
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This is more boring than st. Elmos fire
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Okay not scared .talk to me my email is bmgzoe56@gma i l . c o m . Why george is better. And so is criss oliva.,r.i.p . And thats not kid stuff .vai boring.
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What is this nonsense fancy pants noise? I started this station just to tell you george lynch is better. And does more with Less showing off. This guy is just boring. And please comment. Back. Butt you wont
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Passion and Warfare is a phenomenal album. Blue Powder is just off the hook.
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Steve never wrote a song he couldn't play, which is to give him significantl y more credit for his abilities as a player than a songwriter.
Report as inappropriate
Vai never gets old! I feel like I am listening to him for the first time when I hear a new song.
Report as inappropriate
I live your work Steve I saw you consert in Santa Fe N.M. it was great. :D
Report as inappropriate
Vai is a true savant,he is one with his instrunment! I truly love his entire works as an artist!
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