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Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth were one of the most unlikely success stories of underground American rock in the '80s. Where contemporaries R.E.M. and Hüsker Dü were fairly conventional in terms of song structure and melody, Sonic Youth began their career by abandoning any pretense of traditional rock & roll conventions. Borrowing heavily from the free-form noise experimentalism of the Velvet Underground and the Stooges, and melding it with a performance art aesthetic borrowed from the New York post-punk avant-garde, Sonic Youth redefined what noise meant within rock & roll. Sonic Youth rarely rocked, though they were inspired directly by hardcore punk, post-punk, and no wave. Instead, their dissonance, feedback, and alternate tunings created a new sonic landscape, one that redefined what rock guitar could do.

The band's trio of independent late-'80s records -- EVOL, Sister, Daydream Nation -- became touchstones for a generation of indie rockers who either replicated the noise or reinterpreted it in a more palatable setting. As their career progressed, Sonic Youth grew more palatable as well, as their more free-form songs began to feel like compositions and their shorter works began to rock harder. During the '90s, most American indie bands, and many British underground bands, displayed a heavy debt to Sonic Youth, and the group itself had become a popular cult band, with each of its albums charting in the Top 100.

Such success was unthinkable when guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo formed Sonic Youth with bassist Kim Gordon in 1981. Moore had spent his childhood in Bethel, Connecticut; Ranaldo was from Long Island. Both guitarists arrived in Manhattan during the height of the New York-based post-punk no wave movement, and began performing with the avant-garde composer Glenn Branca, whose dissonant, guitar-based music provided the basis for much of Sonic Youth's early music. Moore's girlfriend Gordon had been active in the avant and no wave scenes for some time, and the pair helped stage the Noise Festival, in which the band made its live debut during the summer of 1981. At the time, Sonic Youth also featured keyboardist Anne DeMarinis and drummer Richard Edson. DeMarinis left the band shortly afterward, and the quartet recorded its eponymous debut EP, which was released on Branca's Neutral Records the following year. During 1983, Edson left the band to pursue an acting career and he was replaced by Bob Bert, who drummed on the group's debut album, Confusion Is Sex (1983). The band supported the album with its first European tour. Later that year, the group released the EP Kill Yr Idols on the German Zensor label.

Early in 1984, Moore attempted to land the band a contract with the British indie label Doublevision, but the label rejected the demos. Paul Smith, one of the owners of Doublevision, decided to form Blast First Records in order to release Sonic Youth records. Soon, he received a distribution deal from the hip U.K. indie label Rough Trade, and the band had its first label with strong distribution. During all these record label negotiations in 1984, the cassette-only live album Sonic Death: Sonic Youth Live was released on Ecstatic Peace. Bad Moon Rising, the group's first album for Blast First, was released in 1985 to strong reviews throughout the underground music press. The album was markedly different from their earlier releases -- it was the first record they made that incorporated their dissonant, feedback-drenched experimentations within relatively straightforward pop song structures. Following the release of the Death Valley '69 EP, Bert was replaced by Steve Shelley, who became the group's permanent drummer.

Bad Moon Rising had attracted significant attention throughout the American underground, including some offers from major labels. Instead, Sonic Youth decided to sign with SST, home of Hüsker Dü and Black Flag, releasing EVOL in 1986. With EVOL, the group a became fixture on college radio, and its status grew significantly with 1987's Sister, which was heavily praised by mainstream publications like Rolling Stone. The group's profile increased further with the 1988 Ciccone Youth side project The Whitey Album, which was a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Madonna and other parts of mainstream pop culture.

The band's true breakthrough came later in 1988 with the double album Daydream Nation. Released on Enigma Records, it was a tour de force that was hailed as a masterpiece upon its fall release, and it generated a college radio hit with "Teenage Riot." Though the album was widely praised, Enigma suffered from poor distribution and eventually bankruptcy, which meant the album occasionally wasn't available in stores. These factors contributed heavily to the band's decision to move to the major label DGC in 1990.

Signing a contract that gave them complete creative control, as well as letting them function as pseudo-A&R reps for the label, Sonic Youth established a precedent for alternative bands moving to majors during the '90s, proving that it was possible to preserve indie credibility on a major label. Released in the fall of 1990, Goo, the band's first major-label album, boasted a more focused sound, yet it didn't abandon the group's noise aesthetics. The result was a college radio hit, and the group's first album to crack the Top 100. Neil Young invited Sonic Youth to open for him on his arena tour for Ragged Glory, and though they failed to win over much of the rocker's audience, it represented their first major incursion into the mainstream; it also helped make Young a cult figure within the alternative circles during the '90s.

For their second major-label album, Dirty, Sonic Youth attempted to replicate the sloppy, straightforward sound of grunge rockers Mudhoney and Nirvana. The band had been supporting those two Seattle-based groups for several years (and had released a split single with Mudhoney and brought Nirvana to DGC Records), and while the songs on Dirty were hardly grunge, it was more pop-oriented and accessible than earlier Sonic Youth records. Produced by Butch Vig, who also produced Nirvana's Nevermind, Dirty became an alternative hit upon its summer 1992 release, generating the modern rock hits "100%," "Youth Against Fascism," and "Sugar Kane." Sonic Youth quickly became hailed as one of the godfathers of the alternative rock that had become the most popular form of rock music in the U.S., and Dirty became a hit along with the exposure, eventually going gold.

Sonic Youth again worked with Vig for 1994's Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, which entered the U.S. charts at number 34 and the U.K. charts at number ten, making it their highest-charting album ever. The high chart position was proof of their popularity during the previous two years, as it received decidedly mixed reviews and quickly fell down the charts. Later in 1994, Moore and Gordon -- who had married several years before -- had their first child, a daughter named Coco Haley. Sonic Youth agreed to headline 1995's American Lollapalooza package tour, using the earnings to build a new studio. Following the completion of the tour, Sonic Youth released Washing Machine, which received their strongest reviews since Daydream Nation. After a series of experimental EPs issued on their own SYR label, they resurfaced in 1998 with the full-length A Thousand Leaves. NYC Ghosts & Flowers, which featured Jim O'Rourke as a producer and musician, followed in the spring of 2000. O'Rourke became a full member of the group, touring with the band and appearing on and producing 2002's Murray Street.

The five-piece Sonic Youth returned in 2004 with Sonic Nurse; one year later, however, O'Rourke departed the band to pursue a career as a film director. Late in 2005, the remaining bandmates issued SYR 6, a recording of a benefit concert for the Anthology Film Archives that Sonic Youth had played alongside percussionist Tim Barnes. Rather Ripped, a fusion of the mellow, sprawling feel of the band's previous two albums with a more stripped-down sound, was released in 2006. In 2008, the band resurrected the SYR series: J'Accuse Ted Hughes arrived that spring as a vinyl-only release, while Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth chronicled an improvised performance at 2005's Roskilde Festival. They also assembled a compilation album for Starbucks, Hits Are for Squares, featuring the previously unreleased track "Slow Revolution." Before the busy year concluded, Sonic Youth made additional headlines by leaving the Geffen label and signing with Matador, which prepared to issue the band's 16th album, The Eternal, during the following spring. The year 2010 was relatively quiet for the band, with members concentrating on individual projects like Shelley's Vampire Blues label; they also recorded the soundtrack to French director Fabrice Gobert's film Simon Werner a Disparu, which was released early in 2011. Moore and Gordon announced their impending divorce in the fall of 2011, creating doubt about the band's future past their year-end South American tour. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Smart Bar - Chicago 1985

1. Hallowe'en (Live)

2. Death Valley '69 (Live)

3. Intro / Brave Men Run (In My Family) (Live)

4. I Love Her All The Time (Live)

5. Ghost B**ch (Live)

6. I'm Insane (Live)

7. Kat 'N' Hat (Live)

8. Brother James (Live)

9. Kill Yr Idols (Live)

10. Secret Girl (Live)

11. Flower (Live)

12. The Burning Spear (Live)

13. Expressway To Yr Skull (Live)

14. Making The Nature Scene (Live)


Track List: Simon Werner A Disparu

2. Alice Et Simon

3. Les Anges Au Piano

4. Chez Yves (Alice Et Clara)

7. Escapades

8. La Cabane Au Zodiac

10. Jean-Baptiste Et Laetitia


Track List: The Eternal

1. Sacred Trickster

2. Anti-Orgasm

3. Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso)

4. Antenna

5. What We Know

6. Calming The Snake

7. Poison Arrow

8. Malibu Gas Station

9. Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn

10. No Way

11. Walkin Blue

12. Massage The History


Track List: Hits Are For Squares

1. Bull In The Heather

2. 100%

3. Sugar Kane

4. Kool Thing

5. Disappearer

6. Superstar

7. Stones

8. Tuff Gnarl

10. Shadow Of A Doubt

11. Rain On Tin

12. Tom Violence

13. Mary-Christ

14. World Looks Red

15. Expressway To Yr Skull


Track List: Destroyed Room: B-Sides And Rarities

2. Fauxhemians

3. Razor Blade

4. Blink

5. Campfire

6. Loop Cat

7. Kim's Chords

8. Beautiful Plateau

9. Three-Part Sectional Love Seat

10. Queen Anne Chair

11. The Diamond Sea


Track List: Rather Ripped

1. Reena

2. Incinerate

3. Do You Believe In Rapture?

4. Sleepin' Around

5. What A Waste

7. Rats

8. Turquoise Boy

9. Lights Out

10. The Neutral

11. Pink Steam

12. Or


Track List: Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisiminimui


Track List: Sonic Nurse

1. Pattern Recognition

2. Unmade Bed

3. Dripping Dream

5. Stones

6. Dude Ranch Nurse

7. New Hampshire

8. Paper Cup Exit

9. I Love You Golden Blue

10. Peace Attack


Track List: NYC Ghosts & Flowers

1. Free City Rhymes

2. Renegade Princess

3. nevermind (what was it anyway)

4. Small Flowers Crack Concrete

5. side2side

6. streamXsonik subway

7. NYC Ghosts & Flowers

8. lightnin'


Track List: A Thousand Leaves

2. Sunday

3. Female Mechanic Now On Duty

4. Wildflower Soul

5. Hoarfrost

6. French Tickler

8. Karen Koltrane

9. The Ineffable Me

10. Snare, Girl

11. Heather Angel


Track List: Washing Machine

1. Becuz

2. Junkie's Promise

3. Saucer-Like

4. Washing Machine

5. Unwind

6. Little Trouble Girl

7. No Queen Blues

8. Panty Lies

10. Skip Tracer

11. The Diamond Sea


Track List: Screaming Fields of Sonic Love

1. Teen Age Riot

2. Eric's Trip

3. Candle

6. Beauty Lies in the Eye

7. Kotton Krown

8. Shadow of a Doubt

9. Expressway to Yr Skull

10. Starpower

11. Death Valley '69

12. Halloween

13. Flower

14. Inhuman

15. Making the Nature Scene

16. Brother James

17. I Dreamed I Dream


Track List: Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star

1. Winner's Blues

2. Bull In The Heather

3. Starfield Road

4. Skink

5. Screaming Skull

6. Self-Obsessed And Sexxee

7. Bone

8. Androgynous Mind

9. Quest For The Cup

10. Waist

11. Doctor's Orders

12. Tokyo Eye

13. In The Mind Of The Bourgeois Reader

14. Sweet Shine


Track List: Dirty (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1

1. 100%

2. Swimsuit Issue

3. Theresa's Soundworld

4. Drunken Butterfly

5. Shoot

6. Wish Fulfillment

7. Sugar Kane

8. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit

9. Youth Against Fascism

10. Nic Fit

11. On The Strip

12. Chapel Hill

13. J C

14. Purr

15. Creme Brulee

16. Stalker

17. Genetic

18. Hendrix Necro

19. The Destroyed Room

Disc 2

1. Is It My Body

2. Personality Crisis

3. The End Of The End Of The Ugly

4. Tamra

5. Little Jimmy Thing

6. Lite Damage

7. Dreamfinger

8. Barracuda

9. New White Kross

10. Guido

11. Stalker

12. Moonface

13. Poet In The Pit

14. Theoretical Chaos

15. Youth Against Fascism

16. Wish Fulfillment


Track List: Goo

1. Dirty Boots

2. Tunic (Song For Karen)

3. Mary-Christ

4. Kool Thing

5. Mote

6. My Friend Goo

7. Disappearer

8. Mildred Pierce

9. Cinderella's Big Score

10. Scooter + Jinx

11. Titanium Expose


Track List: Daydream Nation

1. Teen Age Riot

2. Silver Rocket

3. The Sprawl

4. 'Cross The Breeze

5. Eric's Trip

6. Total Trash

7. Hey Joni

8. Providence

9. Candle

10. Rain King

11. Kissability

12. The Wonder


Track List: Evol

1. Tom Violence

2. Shadow Of A Doubt

3. Star Power

4. In The Kingdom #19

5. Green Light

6. Death To Our Friends

7. Secret Girl

8. Marilyn Moore

9. Expressway To Your Skull

10. Bubblegum


Track List: Murray Street

1. The Empty Page

2. Disconnection Notice

3. Rain On Tin

5. Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style

6. Plastic Sun

7. Sympathy For The Strawberry


Track List: Sister

1. Schizophrenia

2. Catholic Block

3. Beauty Lies In The Eye

4. Stereo Sanctity

5. Pipeline/Kill Time

6. Tuff Gnarl

7. Pacific Coast Highway

8. Hot Wire My Heart

9. Cotton Crown

10. White Cross

11. Master-Dik


Track List: Sonic Youth

1. The Burning Spear

2. I Dreamed I Dream

3. She Is Not Alone

4. I Don't Want To Push It

5. The Good And The Bad

6. Hard Work (Live 2-1-1981)

7. Where The Red Fern Grows (Live 2-1-1981)

8. The Burning Spear (Live 2-1-1981)

9. Cosmopolitan Girl (Live 2-1-1981)

10. Loud And Soft (Live 2-1-1981)

11. Destroyer (Live 2-1-1981)

12. She Is Not Alone (Live 2-1-1981)

13. Where The Red Fern Grows (Early Studio)


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I also saw them open for Neil on the Ragged Glory tour. I'd heard of them before but that was my first time hearing their music. I am eternally grateful to Mr. Young for introducing me to this amazing band. As a bonus, when the crowd started chanting We Want Neil, Thurston said, Yeah, f**k you too. I ate it up!
Report as inappropriate
bessolofamil y 1
@Christy: love the moo moo comment. haters gonna hate ;) Bassist Kim Gordon is my heroine. Sonic Youth is my youth. I love them.
Report as inappropriate
Moo moo's should stay in the pasture where no one can hear them
Report as inappropriate
I've listened to EVOL and Daydream Nation and even Dirty over and over for the last 25 years and will never tire of them. If only Thurston had been able to keep his junk in his pants, they might still be making noise to this day, though The Eternal was admittedly a disappointme n t
Report as inappropriate
Sonic youth.. I've listened to them since I can remember, I'm 53 , and it never gets boring... Great F**kin band.!!!!
Report as inappropriate
I saw them open for Neil Young in '90/'91..... They were incredible!
I had one or 2 of their CDs but live on stage.... Wow! What a sound
Report as inappropriate
Another CD I played to death.
Report as inappropriate
i dont think jerry garcia was smart
Report as inappropriate
Sonic youth is the grateful dead of punk rock. Pure genius on crafting beautiful music out of noise and discord
Report as inappropriate
Kim is sexy
Report as inappropriate
I like Kim
Report as inappropriate
Best show ever at Pittsburgh Arts Festival- guess? Sonic Youth. Without question. Great show
Report as inappropriate
Thanks Ms. Kim Gordon!
Report as inappropriate
i didn't start to notice Sonic Youth until the early 90's. boy what a surreal piece of noise. u could tell Kim & Thurston were influenced by the Beat Generation. their lyrics were so obtuse & unique. it was like Art being created by the new york avant garde scene. i read Girl in a Band. u should too.
Report as inappropriate
God damn I miss this band.
Report as inappropriate
that's for sure
Report as inappropriate
Sonic Youth rarely rocked- You don't know what yer talk'n about there blurb write'n person.
Report as inappropriate
Kick a**
Report as inappropriate
Theresa's sound world! Yes!!!
Report as inappropriate
Sonic Youth makes me remember good times and my dreams of being/kissin g Kim Gordon. My biggest girl crush ever! Amazing musician, fashionista, and hot mama- literally. Thurston ain't so bad either but his ego got in his way.
SYs Goo and Dirty are pure brilliance. Drunken Butterfly says it all for me at the time.
Report as inappropriate
wallace.will i a m d
I love how everyone thinks they know about why certain bands break up and why other people get divorced. Just admit that you don't know sh*t about any of it, except that you're disappointed by the fallout.
Report as inappropriate
dbenjamin318 6
Travis Jess do your homework, Kim Deal was booted from the Pixies due to Black Francis's ego. She never wanted to leave the band.
Report as inappropriate
even tho I love kim gordons dancing and acting-im glad they broke up-I wish Thurston would quit music and drive those double deckers in London-he could tell lame punk rock jokes and tell the passengers he was in a famous rock-once upon a time-and everybody would roll their eys and say- oh sure
Report as inappropriate
Love it
Report as inappropriate
Love it
Report as inappropriate
you gotta check out Thurston Moore's new band, they're called Mountains of Teenage Girl Turds
Report as inappropriate
Thurston Moore, why you gotta ruin a good thing?! :-(
Report as inappropriate
I think this song has great interest and intelligence . Anytime you get favorably compared with Lou Reed(RIP), you be doing some good stuff.
Report as inappropriate
Angel so right but sometimes the best artists are dicks. Do you want him nice then where do we get the angry reverb?
Report as inappropriate
Thurston moore is a dickhead-I blame him for the end of two great groups-sonic and twilight.
Report as inappropriate
The indie handbook volume 3 would read:
Show girls you fancy them by getting with their boyfriends.
Replace your party-loving mates with awkward greasy coy friends
who like listening to sonic youth,
you always must appear aloof.
Remember no amount of faking can make your indie band groundbreaki n g .
Report as inappropriate
I'm 13 and i love this band! I'm surprised their an 80's band haha!! But wow this band is amazing! Kim gordons voice is amazing! :D
Report as inappropriate
this album is in the top ten
Report as inappropriate
Nothing like it today. Or if there is tell me about it.
Report as inappropriate
Wait a minute, I love SY, but to say Husker Du were fairly confentional is just completely uninformed, and unenlightene d . How about actually listening to an entire Husker Du album in the context of early 80's. Zen Arcade? Warehouse? Candy Apple Grey? really any album all the way through and then you tell me they were conventional . Lumping them in with REM is just itching for a fight.
Report as inappropriate
today's indie rock owes this band credit as one of it's originators.
Report as inappropriate
Sonic Youth, the better Nirvana. And I fully stand by what i just typed.
Report as inappropriate
Thurston is great dude. And a seriously great band
Report as inappropriate
30 years relevant
Report as inappropriate
I lurv da yutes...
Report as inappropriate
Thurston is the coolest guy
Report as inappropriate
yeaaaaa.. good track :))))))
Report as inappropriate
the emperor is wearing clothes, but on inspection they're kind of boring clothes.
Report as inappropriate
Great band. A lot of the songs touch something deep inside that I can't explain. I've been a fan since the 80s and always will be.
Report as inappropriate
Bobonnit: Chapel Hil is a rock song, along with many other Sonic Youth songs. Apparently, you don't know what rock is. That's ok, I know what it is.
Report as inappropriate
Kim IS sexuality in vocals while being reserved and plain..stunn i n g
Report as inappropriate
Kim Gordon...she ' s been an influence to many male and female vocalists and never abandoned her band ie Kim deal of pixies
Report as inappropriate
This freaked me out This isn't fake. Apparently, if you copy and paste this on ten comments in the next ten minutes, you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. You will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain you will see a little dead girl in your room tonight. In the next 53 minutes someone will say I love you or I'm sorry This freaked me out This isn't fake. Apparently, if you copy and paste this on ten comments in the next ten minutes, you will have the best day of yo
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ingridvonpel t
Hmm. Kim Gordon v. Kim Deal. GO!
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greatest song ever
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