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Silverchair quickly rose to international stardom in 1995 by mining a mix of Nirvana and Pearl Jam on their debut album, Frogstomp. Buoyed by the angst-ridden single "Tomorrow," Frogstomp topped the Australian charts and cracked the Top Ten in America, making Silverchair the first Australian act since INXS to enjoy such success in the States. The three bandmates gained just as much recognition for their age; at the time Frogstomp was recorded, they were all 15 years old. Although grunge's popularity decreased as the '90s progressed, Silverchair continued to enjoy a wide audience, with both Freak Show and Neon Ballroom reaching platinum status at home and gold status abroad. By the time the group shed its post-grunge beginnings in favor of an expansive, imaginative sound (including string sections and progressive rock tendencies) in the 2000s, Silverchair had become one of Australia's most successful bands ever.

Originally called the Innocent Criminals, Silverchair were formed in 1992 in Newcastle, Australia, by three schoolmates: guitarist/vocalist Daniel Johns, bassist Chris Joannou, and drummer Ben Gillies. Two years later, their demo tape was chosen as the winner out of 800 entries in an Australian talent contest conducted by Nomad, an Australian music television show, and a local radio station, 2JJJ-FM. Included in the prize was a day in the radio station's recording studio, as well as a video for their winning song, "Tomorrow." 2JJJ-FM and Nomad began playing the video before the Innocent Criminals had signed a record contract, which helped the band earn a following of fans. It also began a bidding war among Australian record labels. By the end of the year they had a deal with Murmur, a subsidiary of Sony.

Before the release of their debut single, "Tomorrow," in September 1994, the group changed its name to Silverchair; the name was derived from Nirvana's "Sliver" (which was accidentally misspelled as "Silver") and You Am I's "Berlin Chair." "Tomorrow" became a major hit in Australia, reaching number one; it would eventually become the country's fourth-biggest-selling single ever, as well as the most played song of 1995 on U.S. modern rock radio. In January 1995, Silverchair released a second single, "Pure Massacre," which also hit number one. That same month, the band recorded its debut album, Frogstomp, in just over a week. Upon its release, Frogstomp became the first album to enter the Australian charts at number one, and it went platinum within a week; it would soon go multi-platinum and spend six weeks in a row at number one.

Silverchair's success in the United States was nearly as quick. Released in America in summer 1995, Frogstomp began climbing the U.S. charts quickly, thanks to heavy MTV exposure and modern rock airplay for "Tomorrow." Soon, the album went platinum in America as well, and by the end of 1995, "Pure Massacre" had become a radio/MTV hit in the U.S.

Silverchair toured throughout the first half of 1996, recording their second album in the second half. The band returned in early 1997 with Freak Show, a record that received better reviews than its predecessor yet failed to match its sales. The guys graduated from high school that same year, toured the world a few times, and looked ahead to their next album. Neon Ballroom followed two years later, and though songs like "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" (a track about Johns' struggle with an eating disorder) and "Anthem for the Year 2000" did moderately well on the charts, they also failed to do much for Silverchair's American sales. They toured extensively over 1999 in the U.S. and Europe before taking a year or so off to regroup. Their next album, 2002's Diorama, was a shockingly creative and impressive step forward that showed the band shedding its grunge past and adding horns, strings, and mature lyrics to its arsenal. It sold quickly in Australia and Silverchair picked up multiple ARIA Awards that year, including Best Rock Album and Best Group.

A year later, the band went on an indefinite hiatus, and Johns collaborated with Paul Mac as the Dissociatives, releasing a gold-selling album with him in 2004. Silverchair regrouped early the next year to put on a benefit concert for victims of the prior year's devastating tsunami. They soon began work on a new album, funding the recording themselves to remove the added label pressures from the past. The resulting Young Modern surfaced in early 2007 and debuted at the top of the Australian albums chart, making Silverchair the only Aussie band to enjoy five number one albums. Later that year, Silverchair set another national record when they swept the ARIA Awards, bringing their total to 19 and eclipsing John Farnham's previous record.

The band returned to writing and recording beginning in mid-2009, and announced an experimental direction for its sixth LP. By late 2010, however, the work stalled as members separated to focus on individual projects. Silverchair announced an indefinite hiatus in May 2011. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Andrew Leahey, Rovi
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Silverchair and Fat Boy - defining moments in my very interesting life set to music- and lyrics that speak volumes- fckd up as it was it was just as perfect.
Most underrated band ever! Daniel Johns needs to be recognized for his talents! Ps- the bio is wrong, the story about combining sliver (misspelled) and Berlin Chair was a made up story! Please come back and make another album and come back to NY
bobonits in to that getting butt raped by ur uncle stan everynight well his dads at the bar and his moms at the local hotel making a couple bucks type of music. haha.
Hop hop lol
Why can't u guys still play like this when u all did when ur 15 wish u did another frog stomp
Absolute talent distorted absolutely, thanks media.
Sliverchair. . . Pure gold
Great band! Suicidal dream is such a great song!
bobonnit doesn't understand 90's rock cause he's still in the spandex wearing, make up and singing like girl, jacking off on a guitar solo gay rock.
Yep the 90's were the best bob.
They were just another mid-90's era group of droning noisemakers. Hollering is not singing and putting up a wall of guitar noise is not music.
Sweet tune
I remember hearing this band in college bars back in the day. I haven't heard them in years as I lost the CD along the way. This is why I love Pandora!
Love the music genius ,. and now my 14 yr old son loves them, Gotta love good music, Pity he was, or thought he was a artist, not a musician.
Still gets the blood pumping to this day.
Frogstomp and Freak show made SilverChair. Wish they would go back to their roots
onegoldengir l
really need to pull their albums out again. Daniel Johns talent is unmatched in this genre.
so like the only drug dealer in the stinky place was a fat drug dealer?
eastharrisbu r g c e m e t e r y
I have loved Silverchair my whole life. i remember frogstomp playing on the radio... I am still a die hard fan. Their music grew much like they did into adults. Daniel Johns is a creative genius. I wish he would make more music!
it's amazing that these guys were 15 years old when they recorded frog stomp.
some music ages well, but this ages perfectly.
miss these guys...
a good sound for today.
Listening to this brings me back to my high school days.
I really like some of the tracks on Young Modern. Thank you XM for reintroducin g Silverchair to the USA
Freak Show is there best I think!!
making it as big as they have, starting at a young age, is very difficult!!!
The coolest thing about these guys was their talent at such a young age.
onegoldengir l
Diorama is by far my favorite album. Masterpiece.
Silverchair is derivative garbage.
heather.kidd o
I got to meet these guys in Boulder in '07 and that was after being a fan for 10 years (fell in love with Dan after seeing the Freak video, even though it's weird lol), it was great. Very sad to hear about the indefinite hiatus this year, but will be keeping my eyes and ears open for news and a possibility of reuniting!! Please come back guys, we love you!!
saw them in Columbus in 96' at a small venue....tha t tore that place up. Good band.
underrated! man, been addicted to all of their songs over a year now. if you like music, grunge or not, they do play great music!
why any self-respect i n g silverchair fan liked anything after neon ballroom is a mystery to me who cares about reviews and what critics and award shows think about a band their albums, songs, or lyrics or the way they are played or sung who you are is what you are and if you change that to become what others want and then disguise it as maturity then that's just sad if they don't come back with a similar attitude and sound from their first 3 albums then it's actually better for them and music
frogstomp was there best album by far
Ive loved them since 1995 when I heard Tomorrow. I've been a fan since that day. Great band. Will be always. Hands down I think that Neon Ballroom was the start of the album that defined who they were musically. The band grew as they got older. Neon Ballroom was that start and the album that is my favorite.
Honestly, I've only heard "Tomorrow". What other great songs does Silverchair have?
saw these guys in cleveland and philly on a small club tour they dd a few years ago...hope they come back soon.
This album is just ridiculous and to think they where only 15
Diorama is one of my favorite albums of all time...
You should also check out The Dissociative s cd released by Daniel Johns and Paul Mac...great catchy tunes on several tracks
I feel silly almost forgetting about these guys....they rock and construct songs quite well.
Let me start by saying i think you should listen to all the SChair you can get. However, I must address Diorama. This album changed my entire scope of what music meant to me on every level, (mental, emotional, even spiritual). Ironically I disliked SC from the start. Until 1 night in '04 my friend quietly put a CD on. In 5 min i was impressed, in 30min i was blown away, by the time the album finished I had fallen in love with DIORAMA and SILVERCHAIR! Get this album asap u won't regret it!
my favorite by far!
frogstomp is just an amazing album! what else needs to b said?
what an awesome band!!
This band just showed me what it means to be a good band
Call it what you want, these guys were the face of the Austrailian Grunge scene at the time and made a couple of really good records in the late 90's. I am very happy to see that the guy survived his battle with Anerexia and has reclaimed his health however be that as it may 'Young Modern' is one of the worst comeback albums I have heard in some time. I understand growth but thats just rediculous, they are not even close to making the same genre of music. Their sound is boring radio pop, sorry.
its pleasing to my ear...thats all i care about...keep on keepin on.
I have to say it is incredibly refreshing to know there are bands out there who can grow. They have come so far from their original sound, unlike so many others who continue to release the same sounding albums over and over and over and over and over and over.... Thank you silverchair for all the years of awesome and creative music.
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