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Sandi Patty

Known as "the Voice," Sandi Patty is one of the biggest stars in CCM and over a 15-year period (from the early '80s) has earned three platinum albums, five gold albums, 33 Dove Awards, and five Grammys. Her debut album sold 11 million copies. Known for her versatility, Patty draws from pop to ballads to modernized gospel standards. As a singer, she is noted for her powerful, flexible voice and her ability to effortlessly climb to a high C. Patty has appeared on numerous television and awards shows, and has even performed for presidents.

Born in Oklahoma City, she made her performing debut singing "Jesus Loves Me" at church when she was only two. A few years later, she and her two young brothers billed themselves as the Ron Patty Family and began singing gospel at small churches across the country. She later studied voice at San Diego State University and then majored in music at Anderson College in Indiana, earning extra cash at the latter singing commercial jingles. Before graduating from Anderson, Patty married John Helvering, who had a major influence on her career and helped her record her debut self-produced album, For My Friends. A printer's mistake changed her last name from Patty to Patti, and the name stuck until the mid-'90s, when her releases began appearing under the "Sandi Patty" moniker.

In 1979, she signed to an independent label and that year released Sandi's Song. She then began a series of musical ministry tours and realized she had found her calling. She won her first two Dove Awards in 1982 for Lift Up the Lord, and it was straight up from there. She launched her first major U.S. tour in 1984 to promote her Songs from the Heart album. In 1988, sang for a CBS special, We the People, at that year's Republican National Convention. She also managed to find time to bear four children.

At the height of her career, Patty was an inspiration and role model of a good Christian wife for millions. But by June 1992, a few cracks had begun to appear. That year she filed for divorce without stating any clear reason why. By 1995, she admitted to having had two affairs while married to Helvering, one briefly at the beginning of her marriage, and a more serious one later on. Her problems generated much controversy in the CCM business, and many radio stations pulled her material.

Despite these setbacks, Patty continued her career and expanded her musical repertoire, winning new fans and winning back the old. She remarried and put out several new recordings, including two Christmas albums (O Holy Night and It's Christmas), An American Songbook, Artist of My Soul, the Dove Award-winning Spanish-language album Libertad Me Das, Together with Kathy Troccoli, and These Days. She has continued her extensive touring schedule, with performances everywhere from small churches to large venues backed by renowned orchestras. Although she remains busy, she prides herself most on being a good mother, and she and her family currently call Indiana home. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi
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alexanderfar m
I remember hearing her sing at a concert in Omaha NE in the early 1980s. Her husband at the time, John Helvering made a comment when introduced of how blessed he was to be able to manage his wife. I remember thinking at the time that was an odd thing to say. Little did we know...
the voice fitts
I have love her voice and her spirit from the first time I heard her and have soloed on occasion a number of her renditions. I used to put her music on and got to peaceful sleep by it a while back when I was going through some troubled times. Her voice is truly a gift from God. Did anyone hear her when she sang the National Anthem at one of the football games several years ago? It was supernatural _ _ nothing like it before or since. The secular world was abuzz with its effects.
lawrencesile r 2 0 1 3
Very inspirationa l first saw her in a live concert back in the 90`s . Great woman of God
Inspirationa l ! Anointing! God has been using her to spread His Holy Name. Stay blessed Sandy.
I love Easter
I saw and met her at a Billy Graham show at Mile High Stadium over 20 years ago. Very sweet lady
Let all the people praise him, from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same...becau s e of who HE IS....I AM THAT I AM.....and don't stop praising him when the sun goes down where you are because it is rising some where else across the globe. ...HALLALUYA H ! !!!!
I've loved Sandi's music for almost thirty years. Keep singing to the glory of God.
I have loved Sandi Patty since the first time I heard her sing. She has been and will always be my favorite gospel singer! There is no one else who has her voice! God has blessed many through her. My husband first heard her sing one Sunday morning at our Church (Shadow Mountain Community Church) in El Cajon, California, and he could not believe what he heard. He was so amazed, as he should have been. May God continue to bless you, Sandi. All my love.
Sandi was the first artist I truly saw the hand of God upon. We know from the bible that God's hand was upon David even though David strayed off the path. God's grace and mercy are evident in the lives of every Christian today. Sandi will forever be a beautiful example of the wonderful gifts the Father bestows upon those that love him. Sandi, may the Lord continue to bless you with the beautiful voice and ability to share your praise for Him with all of us. I would love to meet you and trea
deannataylor 9
That bio is terrible! I pray God cover Sandi Patty with so much love that it drowns out those words!!! Praise God Jesus is available to ALL of us s called SALVATION. Grace, mercy and love...he who is without sin cast the first stone...God' s mercy extended to me and I am able to extend it because I know I needed it. Sandi Patty has an Angel's voice and her strength to stand up to such criticism is a testimony of her great faith in her Father! Blessing to her!
What an amazing gift from the Lord. It has probably been 30+ years when I first heard Via dela Rosa. It was so intense and meaningful. Fast forward to 2013, I had the experience of going to Jerusalem to walk the path of Christ. That song means so much more now that I have walked it for myself. To feel Christ's passion and love for me. It is very personal. The path is a daily measure and I'm grateful that Christ holds my hand.
I heard Sandi sing while driving home from tests I needed to take to give my brother a kidney. The song was It Is Well With My Soul...I had to pull over because I couldn't see for the tears...God spoke to me through Sandi and I have never looked back....25 years now as a pastor.....( a n d the transplant was a success). Thanks you Lord for Sandi Patty.
I did have the pleasure of meeting her. Very beautiful inside and out. I have seen her in concert EVERY time she comes to Washington state. She inspired my walk back to the Lord, listening to her music. I wish she would visit more often, never get enough of listening to her music
I want to meet her one day!!!!
Lets do lunch Sandy? Rlewis15@mar y k a y . c o m
I love Sandy Patti! Ive grew very close to the Lord back in the day and even now 20 years later! I love her Charisma and she gave me confidence to just be myself and its brought me success but Ill always know that she was and is a role model in my life. Shes not perfect but who is but Jesus Christ. I would love to meet her in person.
I first saw Sandi in Dayton at a Gaither concert. I later moved to Anderson and through a contracting business was able to be around Sandi, her church, and the Gaither's . Just suffice it to say that the above article does not do her justice when discussing her personal life. She is as good of a person as is her voice.
Sandi is human, just like me, I'm grateful she's still around. I'm 45now, I loved her music as a teenager, and the choices I've made have hurt me and others, but they are done, can't change them now, but I truly appreciate her humility to be honest with us! Thanks Sandi!!! Melanie
On one of her early live albums Sandi Patti said she grew up wanting to be Karen Carpenter & Barbara Streisand... I grew up wanting to sing like Sandi Patti!!
A true gift from God, an Angel.
It's because of Sandy Patty that I was introduced to Christian music through her song Via Dolorosa... she is a ministry unto her own... anyone that judges her needs to remember one simple line from Jesus, let he who is with out sin cast the first stone... God bless her
michaelcarls o n 1 4 6 2
music straight out of heaven!
My wife and I have loved her for a very long time. Drove from Houston to Beaumont to watch her... in a rainstorm. Was worth the effort. Cleanse Me Lord.
I love her music
Love the voice. Thank the Lord for your wonderful gift. Keep singing and ministering to millions with your voice :-)
Thank you, Sandi Patty, for doing what you were meant to do all i n g spread the word through your songs.
The clarity of Sandi's voice is absolutely amazing. When she hits the high notes she sounds like a sparrow. When I hear her sing and don't know it's her, I just have to listen a second and know that it's Sandi Patty. An absolutely amazing voice and will be a fan for life.
She is an awsome singer, love her music. love her with Larnell Harris.
Still awesome after all these years. A pleasure and blessing to listen to at any time.
I remember hearing the most beautiful voice coming from the TV on the Johnny Carson show. I watched in awe as Sandi Patty sang "Love in any Language" ~ I have been a "fan" ever since. I've had the opportunity to go to a number of her concerts through the years and even had the privilege of singing in the choir when Billy Graham came to Portland Oregon. God has richly blessed Sandi with a voice to worship him, and we have been richly blessed by her music. I can't wait to sing with her in Heaven!
I've loved her sound for many years. I try to keep my vocals refined by singing along with this angel. So thankful am I for her musical expressions of God's grace and goodness during my times. -JAG
"Viva delorosa" and duet "I've Just seen Jesus", what a blessing what a voice. Remember it is not our job to judge that job belongs only to our Lord
This lady has touched more lives by using her God given talent. I say that it is about time to forgive and let God. Non of us are without sin and will one day sit before God in judgement. It is not our job to judge. I say Go Sandi!!!! You are the best and most of all you are Forgiven.
It is too bad that she didn't respond Biblically to her sin by repenting and asking her husband to take her back and forgive her. I will never forget a comment her husband made at a concert of her's at Omaha, NB in the mid 1980's. He asked(when introduced as her manager) how many men got to manage their wives.She gave him a look that spoke volumes. Unfortunatel y Sandi like Amy Grant chose the money over doing what is right. Remember it isn't h
She is a marvelous singer, I remember when she first came out, I still love her music today, she and the Imperials have been my favorites, I believe the Imperials have long since retired.
"No other name" - my favorite song of all time.
I was driving and hear "Make His Praise Glorious" and pulled over immediately. I'm a singer and as I listened to the strength, purity and pour of this amazing voice - I knew GOD had specially touched Sandi and we all were better of for being able to hear and the messages carried. To this day, though I have heard many songs many times over, I listen in awe as if it is the first time I'm listening. Sandi - THANK YOU for sharing your amazing gift.
Thank you Sandi, the first song I ever heard you sing was We Shall Behold Him; I was awakened from sleep; I thought that I was dreaming and hearing the voice of an Angel. I proceeded to purchase every new release on audio-casset t e and carried them with me on business trips. I was also blessed to to meet you in person a couple of times. I thank God for the inspirationa l gift that He has given you. May God continue to bless you and prosper you in all your ways.
Loved your music Patty. What an amazing message, with an amazing voice singing it.
Yep. She's an opera singer...I'v e loved her stuff for ions.
daringdave20 0 4 1
Sandi Patty is and will remain (for all time) the voice of Christian Music. Despite her trials and tribulations (who doesn't have them???) with the help of the Lord, she bounced back better than ever. She has grown as an artist, a singer and as a child of God. What a class act! What a lady!
marcia.carlo c k
I wish they had The Gift Goes On available here.
ninitaissave d 3 1 6
I love you Sandi. One of my dreams came through when by surprise I heard that you were going to be at a strip mall plaza in Orlando long ago. one near the Florida Mall in a music store. You were so nice to sign one of my old cassettes of yours. Thank you. May the Lord continue to use the gift He has given you. Give Him your undevided attention in the mornings and He will give you even greater songs than you have ever sung & they will be blow even you away. trust me, I know. Thank you, Love Nina
gandalfthewh i t e 6 7
yea, it's too bad they don't have her 1993 album LeVoyage up. That is a truly good album. It's about a traveler going through life's journey at first on her own, and then realizing she needs Jesus to guide her through the perils that come to her. Is there a way for Pandora to find this album and post it?
I just love her music and all the old hymns, Geroge Beverly Shea etc.
A totally accomplished singer, she makes music mean much more than just a pleasant tune. I especially like her teamed with Larnelle Harris.
i really love this artis, she is wonderful
latinaadvoca t e
Ms. Patti has sung songs that have lifted my spirits in my worst times. Praise Our Lord and Savior for Her beautiful Voice and May God always recieve the Honor and Glory for all His has done for Patti and many others through her ministy.

Lupe Morin, San Antonio, Texas.
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