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Sammy Davis Jr.

Recognized throughout much of his career as "the world's greatest living entertainer," Sammy Davis, Jr. was a remarkably popular and versatile performer equally adept at acting, singing, dancing, and impersonations -- in short, a variety artist in the classic tradition. A member of the famed Rat Pack, he was among the very first African-American talents to find favor with audiences on both sides of the color barrier, and remains a perennial icon of cool. Born in Harlem on December 8, 1925, Davis made his stage debut at the age of three performing with Holiday in Dixieland, a black vaudeville troupe featuring his father and helmed by his de facto uncle, Will Mastin; dubbed "Silent Sam, the Dancing Midget," he proved phenomenally popular with audiences and the act was soon renamed Will Mastin's Gang Featuring Little Sammy. At the age of seven, Davis made his film debut in the legendary musical short Rufus Jones for President, and later received tap-dancing lessons courtesy of the great Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. In 1941, the Mastin Gang opened for Tommy Dorsey at Detroit's Michigan Theater; there Davis first met Dorsey vocalist Frank Sinatra -- the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

In 1943, Davis joined the U.S. Army, where he endured a constant battle with racism; upon his return from duty, the group was renamed the Will Mastin Trio. Three years later they opened for Mickey Rooney, who encouraged Davis to begin including his many impersonations in the Trio's act; where previously they had exclusively performed music, the addition of comedy brought new life to the group, and by the beginning of the next decade, they were headlining venues including New York's Capitol club and Ciro's in Hollywood. In 1952, at the invitation of Sinatra, they also played the newly integrated Copacabana. In 1954, Davis signed to Decca, topping the charts with his debut LP, Starring Sammy Davis, Jr.; that same year he lost his left eye in a much-publicized auto accident, but upon returning to the stage in early 1955 was greeted with even greater enthusiasm than before on the strength of a series of hit singles including "Something's Gotta Give," "Love Me or Leave Me," and "That Old Black Magic." A year later, Davis made his Broadway debut in the musical Mr. Wonderful, starring in the show for over 400 performances and launching a hit with the song "Too Close for Comfort."

In 1958, Davis resumed his film career after a quarter-century layoff with Anna Lucasta, followed a year later by his acclaimed turn in Porgy and Bess. Also in 1959 he became a charter member of the Rat Pack, a loose confederation of Sinatra associates (also including Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop) which began regularly performing together at the Sands casino in Las Vegas. In 1960, they made Ocean's Eleven, the first in a series of hip and highly self-referential Rat Pack films; although Davis' inclusion in the group was perceived in many quarters as an egalitarian move, many Black audiences felt he was simply a token -- the butt of subtly racist jokes -- and declared him a sell-out. His earlier conversion to Judaism had been met with considerable controversy within the African-American community as well; still, nothing compared to the public outcry over his 1960 marriage to Swedish actress May Britt, which even elicited death threats. Still, Davis remained a major star, appearing in the 1962 Rat Pack film Sergeants 3 and scoring a major hit with "What Kind of Fool Am I?" Two years later he returned to Broadway in the long-running Golden Boy, scoring a Tony nomination for his performance.

In 1964, the third Rat Pack film, Robin and the Seven Hoods, was released; two years later, in the wake of the publication of his autobiography Yes I Can, Davis was also among a number of musical luminaries, including Sinatra and Louis Armstrong, who co-starred in the jazz drama A Man Called Adam. In 1968, he and Lawford teamed as Salt and Pepper; the picture was a hit, and a sequel, One More Time, appeared in 1970. In between the two, Davis delivered one of his most memorable screen performances in Bob Fosse's 1969 musical Sweet Charity; he also appeared in a number of television features, including The Pigeon, The Trackers, and Poor Devil. In 1972, Davis topped the pop charts with "The Candy Man," from the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; from 1975 to 1977, he hosted his own syndicated variety show, Sammy and Company, and in 1978, starred in the film Sammy Stops the World. However, in the late '70s and through much of the '80s, Davis' profile diminished, and he was primarily confined to the casino circuit, with a 1988 comeback tour he mounted with Sinatra and Martin largely unsuccessful. His appearance in the 1989 film Tap was much acclaimed, but it was to be his last screen performance -- a lifelong smoker, Davis died of cancer on May 16, 1990. ~ Jason Ankeny
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Selected Discography


Track List: Something's Gotta Give

1. Something's Gotta Give

2. I Don't Care Who Knows

3. The Way You Look Tonight

4. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone

5. You Are My Lucky Star

6. I Ain't Got Nobody

7. Can't You See I've Got The Blues

8. Smile, Darn Ya, Smile

9. Azure

10. Yours Is My Heart Alone

11. Wagon Wheels

12. Here Lies Love

13. The Gypsy In My Soul

14. Hey There

15. Lonesome Road

16. Because Of You

17. September Song

18. The Birth Of The Blues

19. All Of You

20. Easy To Love

21. My Funny Valentine

22. That Old Black Magic

23. Love Me Or Leave Me

24. In A Persian Market


Track List: Sammy Davis Jr. Essential

Disc 1

3. My Funny Valentine

4. Bye Bye Blackbird

7. In The Still Of The Night

8. The Lady Is A Tramp

12. What Kind Of Fool Am I

Disc 2

1. What I've Got In Mind

2. Come Sundown

3. Mention A Mansion

4. You're Gonna Love Yourself (In The Morning)

5. Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette)

6. Oh Lonesome Me

7. We Could Have Been Closest Of Friends

8. Hey Won't You Play (Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song)

9. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends

10. The River's Too Wide


Track List: Mr. Bojangles

1. Keeping Out Of Mischief Now

2. Love Is All Around

3. That's Entertainment

4. The Birth Of The Blues

5. All The Things You Are

6. The People Tree

7. The Candy Man

8. John Shaft

9. Over The Rainbow

10. MacArthur Park

11. Mr. Bojangles


Track List: The Sammy Davis, Jr. Show With Special Guest Stars Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin

1. Hey, There

2. My Mother The Car

4. More Than One Way

5. Feeling Good

6. Paris Is At Her Best In May

7. Love At Last You Have Found Me

9. If You Want This Love Of Mine

10. No One Can Live Forever

11. This Dream

12. What Kind Of Fool Am I?


Track List: What Kind Of Fool Am I

1. What Kind of Fool Am I

2. Once In A Lifetime

3. A Lot Of Living To Do

4. Begin The Beguine

5. Can't We Be Friends

6. Something's Coming

7. Gonna Build A Mountain

8. Someone Nice Like You

9. Too Close For Comfort

10. My Romance

11. Thou Swell

12. Lost In The Stars


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Mr Bojangles at the Kennedy Center. One of the highlights of my life. Thankyou Sammy for still warming my heart with your voice.
during my lifetime.
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This is the best way for a person who is not an idiot
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Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However if you don't post this you will be injured (you won't die) in two days. Now that you have started reading this don't stop. Post this on at least five other stations/son g s in the next 143 minutes. When you're done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is so scary it actually works
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How do i get hired to write bios for Pandora? This is so quickly thrown together that it misses some great Davis highlights.
Report as inappropriate
Wish music like this was still made today, and that more people my age listened to it. It will be a sad day when there's no one to remember the rat pack. TRUE TALENT! R.I.P Mr. Davis
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Report as inappropriate
Sammy deserved more than 4 paragraphs. Jeez.
Report as inappropriate
I have underestimat e d his singing ability until I began to listen to him on Pandora. He was an incredible vocalist in my opinion.
Report as inappropriate
None better, My favorite all around entertainer. Such a lost to American entertainmen t . i was fortunate to see his last LIVE show in Lake Tahoe, he did the first half and could not finish, Toni Tenille did the last half. He went under the knife the next day, and never did another show.
soooo sad. Rest well Sammy, will see you again, in another life and place.
Report as inappropriate
I love Mr. D ... He is the best. My fav
Report as inappropriate
Never been very fond of Sammy as a singer. Blaaahhhhh.
Mike D
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Report as inappropriate
Sammy is legendary, along with the rest of the rat pack!
Report as inappropriate
whoever listed the lyrics for We Open In Venice for Pandora must have been stoned because they are very, very wrong. For example, it's the Sheriff waiting for them outside....n o t a Chef! ugh!
Report as inappropriate
Way before Micheal!!!!! - Paved the Way!!!!-LOVE HIM!!""
Report as inappropriate
...Listening to Mr. Bojangles while I study.... Can't concentrate, I wonder why?
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Report as inappropriate
always a pleasure to see Sammy Davis Jr., whether live on stage, on TV, in the movies, whatever...j u s t something about him, so cool, so debonaire, so energetic, funny, w a y s a pleasure to see Sammy
Report as inappropriate
Shout out to Smoky. One of the finest performers we'll ever know.
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I just don't he ever got the Fame He Deserved!! And most certainly not the Much Deserved Attention!!!
Report as inappropriate
I just love his Singing, Acting, Dancing, Comedy and His all around Entertainmen t ! ! They just don't make them like him anymore!! Miss you Sammy!!
Report as inappropriate
just the greatest performer of all time thats all i have to say
Report as inappropriate
The more I listen to him over time I realize what an incredible talent he had for milking the most out of a song. What phrasing, what timing, what diction! So glad we have him captured for posterity on so many recordings to enjoy over and over again!
Report as inappropriate
Saw him perform live in Tahoe. We were at the table in front of the stage. We were blown away by his talent and stamina, with a fast paced show. Judi9
Report as inappropriate
The Birth of the Blues on Something's Gotta Give is my favorite version, love the scream at the end! Sammy you where one in a million. Wish I could have seen you live in concert.
Report as inappropriate
He's amazing! I could listen and watch Mr. Davis perform all day!
Report as inappropriate
Guess I am getting older, but remember when all of the rat pack was here and loved them all. Loved to hear them sing and loved Sammy. Remember when he was married to May Brtt and what a problem it supposedly was then. A long time ago.
Report as inappropriate
just watched some Rat Pack vids on youtube...he a r t w a r m i n g , yet very sad. i miss them a lot
Report as inappropriate
He was Mr Entertainer. Wonderful sense of humor, serious performer. It was like seeing him for the first time each time. An awesome experience. You are missed.
Report as inappropriate
happy days11
Report as inappropriate
Love and Miss u Sammy
Report as inappropriate
He had a great sense of humor......s i n g , dance, he could do it all.....
Report as inappropriate
also very sad that he died(dam cigars).R.I. P . Sammy
Report as inappropriate
anyone else ever feel like you were born in the wrong time?
Report as inappropriate
just seeing a photo of this Sammy makes me smile :)
Report as inappropriate
Just gotta love the Sammy, Mister Entertainmen t .
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
An era that I wish I could have been apart of, simply amazing performances . It is a sad thing to compare their greatness to that of today's "performers" .
Report as inappropriate
The only man who could impersonate Frank Sinatra's voice perfectly! In fact this was done on T.V. when Frank had his own show.A great loss.
Report as inappropriate
Sammy does us proud!! I glad I could finally find his music..
Report as inappropriate
A great rendition by a great performer.He in fact is over the rainbow....G o d bless him.
Report as inappropriate
Sammy (and Frank,Dean,P e t e r . . . B o b b y . . . N a t . . . ) Yeah - "Those" were the years. When Sammy curled up like a fetus on his death bed the world stopped. When he died, I wept.
Report as inappropriate
he was simply the best
Report as inappropriate
Does anybody remember a album Sammy put out in the 60's with a solo Guitar player who was known by only one name starting with A.. The music was very soulful and I am looking for th name of the Guitar player.
Report as inappropriate
Dean & Frank both always said their favorite entertainer was Sammy!!
Report as inappropriate
Incredible.. . 1 0 0 % talent!!!
Report as inappropriate
That fantastic picture of Dean, Frank, and Sammy makes me laugh every time i see it. Boy they were the best! :)
Report as inappropriate
One of the greatest song interpreters and entertainers the recorded era has ever known.
Report as inappropriate
I'm only 44 but I remember watching Sammy on TV as a child. I think he was and truly is my favorite artist.
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