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Over the course of their decades-spanning career, Canadian power trio Rush emerged as one of hard rock's most highly regarded bands; although typically brushed aside by critics and rarely the recipients of mainstream pop radio airplay, Rush nonetheless won an impressive and devoted fan following, while their virtuoso performance skills solidified their standing as musicians' musicians.

Rush formed in Toronto, Ontario, in the autumn of 1968, initially comprised of guitarist Alex Lifeson (born Alexander Zivojinovich), vocalist/bassist Geddy Lee (born Gary Lee Weinrib), and drummer John Rutsey. In their primary incarnation, Rush drew a heavy influence from Cream, and honed their skills on the Toronto club circuit before issuing their debut single, a rendition of Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away," in 1973. A self-titled LP followed in 1974, at which time Rutsey exited; he was replaced by drummer Neil Peart, who also assumed the role of the band's primary songwriter, composing the cerebral lyrics (influenced by works of science fiction and fantasy) that gradually became a hallmark of the group's aesthetic.

With Peart firmly ensconced, the band returned in 1975 with a pair of LPs, Fly by Night and Caress of Steel. Their next effort, 1976's 2112, proved their breakthrough release: a futuristic concept album based on the writings of Ayn Rand, it fused the elements of the trio's sound -- Lee's high-pitched vocals, Peart's epic drumming, and Lifeson's complex guitar work -- into a unified whole. Fans loved it -- 2112 was the first in a long line of gold and platinum releases -- while critics dismissed it as overblown and pretentious; either way, it established a formula from which the band rarely deviated throughout the duration of its career.

A Farewell to Kings followed in 1977 and reached the Top 40 in both the U.S. and Britain. After 1978's Hemispheres, Rush achieved even greater popularity with 1980's Permanent Waves, a record marked by the group's dramatic shift into shorter, less sprawling compositions; the single "The Spirit of Radio" even became a major hit. With 1981's Moving Pictures, they scored another hit of sorts with "Tom Sawyer," which garnered heavy exposure on album-oriented radio and became perhaps the trio's best-known song. As the 1980s continued, Rush grew into a phenomenally popular live draw as albums like 1982's Signals (which generated the smash "New World Man"), 1984's Grace Under Pressure, and 1985's Power Windows continued to sell millions of copies.

As the decade drew to a close, the trio cut back on its touring schedule while hardcore followers complained of a sameness afflicting slicker, synth-driven efforts like 1987's Hold Your Fire and 1989's Presto. At the dawn of the '90s, however, Rush returned to the heavier sound of their early records and placed a renewed emphasis on Lifeson's guitar heroics; consequently, both 1991's Roll the Bones and 1993's Counterparts reached the Top Three on the U.S. album charts. In 1996, the band issued Test for Echo and headed out on the road the following summer. Shortly thereafter, Peart lost his daughter in an automobile accident. Tragedy struck again in 1998 when Peart's wife succumbed to cancer.

Dire times in the Rush camp did not cause the band to quit. Lee took time out for a solo stint with 2000's My Favorite Headache; however, rumors of the band playing in the studio began to circulate. It would be five years until anything surfaced from the band. Fans were reassured in early 2002 by news that Rush were recording new songs in Toronto. The fruit of those sessions led to the release of Rush's 17th studio album, Vapor Trails, later that spring. By the end of the year a concert from the supporting tour was released on DVD as Rush in Rio.

In 2004 Rush embarked on their 30th anniversary tour, documented on the DVD R30, and in 2006 they returned to the studio to begin work on a new album. The resulting Snakes & Arrows was released in May 2007, followed by the CD/DVD set Snakes & Arrows Live in early 2008. Material from the latter was combined with footage from Rush in Rio and R30 for the CD/DVD compilation Working Men, which was released in 2009. A documentary on the band assembled by Toronto's Bangor Productions called Beyond the Lighted Stage appeared in 2010, followed a year later by another Bangor video production, Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland. Rush's 19th full-length studio album, Clockwork Angels, arrived in June of 2012. While the following year wouldn't bring a new album, it did deliver the next best thing by way of Vapor Trails: Remixed, which found producer David Bottrill revisiting one of the more notable victims of the so-called loudness wars. Along with a freshly repaired album, the band also released Clockwork Angels Tour, a three-disc live album recorded during their 2012 tour. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Clockwork Angels Tour

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3

Track List: Caravan (Radio Single)


Track List: Headlong Flight (Single)


One thing I have noticed is that Geddy Lee's voice became better as he got older. It's not as screechy and seems more melodic.
Will always love this band.
the lead singer has a good voice kinda reminds me of Robert plant from led zepp
I never meant what you're thinking, that's not what I meant at all! So good!
Rush Rocks hope I get to see them one day
I wonder why the original mix of Vapor Trails is not in the discography? I actually prefer the orignal mix over the remix. Reading the posts has inspired me to listen to albums (like Hold Your Fire) that I had previously written off. (84 thru 1991 are still not their best period, but the musicianship and innovation are still obvious.
Respect your opinion Derrick.
this also applies to u2 ruth kerry u ole krusty shellback u!!!
naw M'sFather don't change a thing ! I too was grooving them in 78., on board da USS Coral Sea, in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. Huffing on 1 of dem bad boy budda sticks!!! I don't need to tell u what song was playing when one of my boyz cough sooo hard he knocked my brand spanking nu boombox off da fantail. But hey we could still hear Neil & company jamming bout dat trainride all the way too the bottom!! (sigh, yes indeed those were da daze).C u on l8ter post, gotta catch sum Vapor Trails now.
Just listened to Presto. 've come to the conclusion that most of their 80's releases would be better if they were remixed and the synths were omitted THe drumming on Presto is incredible as is the guitar work.
http://www.m e r r i a m - w e b s t e r . c o m / should just put a picture of these guys next to the definition of music
Rush has been doing it for decades,All The Worlds A Stage was there peak.Everyth i n g after sounded the same.Radio friendly but monotonous.
Rush is the all time favorite band. I like a lot of bands, but rush is bad... and I'm a drummer. So Neal is the best drummer ever.
Could be wrong but I doubt it was written by George and Ira Gershwin! Where does Pandora get these crazy references?
Good music
I'll be leaving comments on this page for a while. I was a big Rush fan at the beginning and continue to respect their work. I've created a Rush station to help expose me to the material I ignored as I got older. Kind of like getting the exposure to music like we did when there was only radio. So far, I've discovered plenty of new songs I have never heard.
First heard 2112 aboard USS Truckee (AO-147) in 1976. Me and Aardvark walked into the carpenters shop after smoking a doob. Mac was in there with the lights off listening to the most awesome rock music that I'd ever heard to that time. We listened to 2112 and it changed my Rock life. I've been a die hard fan ever since. Man, those were the days...
One of my fav songs, rush is so talented
I first knew of Rush in 1979 when I heard the song Spirit of the Radio..and I asked who is that ?...Cheap Trick?...and my friend said No!!!...that ' s RUSH!!!! ...and I have been a fan ever since. I even went on my first date to see the Moving Pictures concert in Tucson, Arizona when Golden Earring opened for them...AWESO M E ! ! ! ! !
No other band on Pandora inspires as many passionate comments as Rush. Shows their depth. Listened to All the World's a Stage yesterday. Nice flashback. Maybe I'll put on Power Windows today.
Been a fan since Hemispheres. Try playing YYZ on the drums, complex!!Bes t Drummer ever next to Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. Check out Concert for the Americas with Buddy Rich and his drum solo on YouTube. You Kidding me!! Fast.
stevemcgraw6 6
1981 Moving Pictures Tour, the best concert ever!
rush#1 dream theater #2
I like Working Man, Fly By Night, Temples of Syrinx, Closer to the Heart, Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Limelight, New World Man, The Big Money, and Something for Nothing.
Favorite song from them
RUSH....One of the most underrated bands of all time.... Canada is good for something... .
I listen to a full RUSH album every night on headphones before I go to sleep.
Grace Under Pressure tour was in 84. The birth of the green laser light show.
I hold them in the highest regard in my personal pantheon of greats. Ever tried playing bass like Geddy? Throw in singing complex lyrics AND keyboards. Are you freaking kidding me?
Saw them a few times
Signals tour '84
Few times in 90s
30th anniversary tour took my son
All incredible shows
rush and tull were the two best prog rock bands of the 70s.
Saw them last summer and they're better than ever. It just goes to show what's possible when you don't succumb to drug addiction like a lot of their 70 counterparts did.
Rush= Perfection and Professional i s m . Love this track but it is awesome when I saw it Live!
All I can say is that they're a great hard rock band and Geddy Lee is a great vocalist.
Tremenda banda pare encenderlo
Righteous as f**k
BlackSabbath is so much better
scott_mattic e
AWESOME!! BEST BAND EVER!! Best drummer ever, top five guitarist, and rated one of best bass players of all time! You do the math!
Rush fan since Signals then I got all the older albums just to appreciate how awesome they are. Moving Pictures is my favorite. Saw them live with my son in San Antonio for the first time. What an experience I won't forget. Go Rush!
2112 came out when I was in college and I have been a Rush fan ever since. Yeah, they were heavy; yeah, they synthed out; yeah, they got commercial; yeah, they disappeared for 5 years. But for 3 guys to produce such waves for over 30+ years is just wicked cool! If you have never air-guitared to these guys, you just don't know what rock is.
Ok Don't laugh, but Power Windows and Hold your Fire are two of my favorite albums. 2112 is the Masterpiece.
These guys have gotten me through so much. I love just about everything they've done, and was overjoyed to see them inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Never disappointin g to listen to.
Man this is my favorite band.
Easily my favorite band. The synth 80's stuff was a little rough at times, but they came back strong in the 90's. While I love the classic albums, Counterparts stands out to me as Rush's best all around album. From start to finish, that album is ridiculous.
No Chronicles? I guess we had some old school Greatest Hits in the 90s, talk about a power trio.
Um the lyrics for Xanadu Do not begin with well I'M gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a holler
RUSH is an institution. nobody else sounds like them. in the 90's i was discovering them for the first time, and i felt it was too proggy and soft, but i grew to realize that they are one of a kind. i didnt like the synth driven stuff as much then, but i do now. its all part of the RUSH canon.
Watch the Rush documentary Beyond the Lighted Stage. A lot of the commentators and prominent musicians said they stopped listening to Rush after Signals. Heck, even Alex Lifeson hated the synth years and said so when interviewed many times. As far as current Rush albums, Dog Years is the worst song and accompanying album they ever did.
I don't understand some of these idiotic comments here. Synth-drivel since Signals? Grace Under Pressure to Snakes and Arrows their worst work? What planet are you on? IMHO Counterparts is their magnum opus but they haven't been synth driven since Presto. Please leave the comments to people who actually listen to Rush.
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