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R.E.M. marked the point when post-punk turned into alternative rock. When their first single, "Radio Free Europe," was released in 1981, it sparked a back-to-the-garage movement in the American underground. While there were a number of hardcore and punk bands in the U.S. during the early '80s, R.E.M. brought guitar pop back into the underground lexicon. Combining ringing guitar hooks with mumbled, cryptic lyrics and a D.I.Y. aesthetic borrowed from post-punk, the band simultaneously sounded traditional and modern. Though there were no overt innovations in their music, R.E.M. had an identity and sense of purpose that transformed the American underground. Throughout the '80s, they worked relentlessly, releasing records every year and touring constantly, playing both theaters and backwoods dives. Along the way, they inspired countless bands, from the legions of jangle pop groups in the mid-'80s to scores of alternative pop groups in the '90s, who admired their slow climb to stardom.

It did take R.E.M. several years to break into the top of the charts, but they gained a cult following after the release of their debut EP, Chronic Town, in 1982. Chronic Town established the haunting folk and garage rock that became the band's signature sound, and over the next five years, they continued to expand their music with a series of critically acclaimed albums. By the late '80s, the group's fan base had grown large enough to guarantee strong sales, but the Top Ten success in 1987 of Document and "The One I Love" was unexpected, especially since R.E.M. had only altered their sound slightly. Following Document, R.E.M. slowly became one of the world's most popular bands. After an exhaustive international tour supporting 1988's Green, the band retired from touring for six years and retreated into the studio to produce their most popular records, Out of Time (1991) and Automatic for the People (1992). By the time they returned to performing with the Monster tour in 1995, the band had been acknowledged by critics and musicians as one of the forefathers of the thriving alternative rock movement, and they were rewarded with the most lucrative tour of their career. Toward the late '90s, R.E.M. was an institution, as its influence was felt in new generations of bands.

Though R.E.M. formed in Athens, Georgia, in 1980, Mike Mills (born December 17, 1958) and Bill Berry (born July 31, 1958) were the only Southerners in the group. Both had attended high school together in Macon, playing in a number of bands during their teens. Michael Stipe (born January 4, 1960) was a military brat, moving throughout the country during his childhood. By his teens, he had discovered punk rock through Patti Smith, Television, and Wire, and began playing in cover bands in St. Louis. By 1978, he had begun studying art at the University of Georgia in Athens, where he began frequenting the Wuxtry record store. Peter Buck (born December 6, 1956), a native of California, was a clerk at Wuxtry. Buck had been a fanatical record collector, consuming everything from classic rock to punk and free jazz, and was just beginning to learn how to play guitar. Discovering they had similar tastes, Buck and Stipe began working together, eventually meeting Berry and Mills through a mutual friend. In April of 1980, the band formed to play a party for their friend, rehearsing a number of garage, psychedelic bubblegum, and punk covers in an converted Episcopalian church. At the time, the group was played under the name the Twisted Kites. By the summer, the band had settled on the name R.E.M. after flipping randomly through the dictionary, and had met Jefferson Holt, who became their manager after witnessing the group's first out-of-state concert in North Carolina.

Over the next year and a half, R.E.M. toured throughout the South, playing a variety of garage rock covers and folk-rock originals. At the time, the band was still learning how to play, as Buck began to develop his distinctive, arpeggiated jangle and Stipe ironed out his cryptic lyrics. During the summer of 1981, R.E.M. recorded their first single, "Radio Free Europe," at Mitch Easter's Drive-In Studios. Released on the local indie label Hib-Tone, "Radio Free Europe" was pressed in a run of only 1,000 copies, but most of the those singles fell into the right hands. Due to strong word of mouth, the single became a hit on college radio and topped the Village Voice's year-end poll of Best Independent Singles. The single also earned the attention of larger independent labels, and by the beginning of 1982, the band had signed to I.R.S. Records, releasing the EP Chronic Town in the spring. Like the single, Chronic Town was well received, paving the way for the group's full-length debut album, 1983's Murmur. With its subdued, haunting atmosphere and understated production, Murmur was noticeably different than Chronic Town and was welcomed with enthusiastic reviews upon its spring release; Rolling Stone named it the best album of 1983, beating out Michael Jackson's Thriller and the Police's Synchronicity. Murmur also expanded the group's cult significantly, breaking into the American Top 40.

R.E.M. returned to a rougher-edged sound on 1984's Reckoning, which featured the college hit "So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)." By the time the band hit the road to support Reckoning, they had become well known in the American underground for their constant touring, aversion to videos, support of college radio, Stipe's mumbled vocals and detached stage presence, Buck's ringing guitar, and their purposely enigmatic artwork. Bands that imitated these very things ran rampant throughout the American underground, and R.E.M. threw their support toward these bands, having them open at shows and mentioning them in interviews. By 1985, the American underground was awash with R.E.M.soundalikess and bands like Game Theory and the Rain Parade, which shared similar aesthetics and sounds.

Just as the signature R.E.M. sound dominated the underground, the band entered darker territory with its third album, 1985's Fables of the Reconstruction. Recorded in London with producer Joe Boyd (Richard Thompson, Fairport Convention, Nick Drake), Fables of the Reconstruction was made at a difficult period in R.E.M.'s history, as the band was fraught with tension produced by endless touring. The album reflected the group's dark moods, as well as its obsession with the rural South, and both of these fascinations popped up on the supporting tour. Stipe, whose on-stage behavior was always slightly strange, entered his most bizarre phase, as he put on weight, dyed his hair bleached blonde, and wore countless layers of clothing. None of the new quirks in R.E.M.'s persona prevented Fables of the Reconstruction from becoming their most successful album to date, selling nearly 300,000 copies in the U.S. R.E.M. decided to record their next album with Don Gehman, who had previously worked with John Mellencamp. Gehman had the band clean up its sound and Stipe enunciate his vocals, making Lifes Rich Pageant their most accessible record to date. Upon its late summer release in 1986, Lifes Rich Pageant was greeted with the positive reviews that had become customary with each new R.E.M. album, and it outstripped the sales of its predecessor. Several months after Lifes Rich Pageant, the group released the B-sides and rarities collection Dead Letter Office in the spring of 1987.

R.E.M. had laid the groundwork for mainstream success, but they had never explicitly courted widespread success. Nevertheless, their audience had grown quite large, and it wasn't that surprising that the group's fifth album, Document, became a hit shortly after its fall 1987 release. Produced by Scott Litt -- who would produce all of their records over the course of the next decade -- Document climbed into the U.S. Top Ten and went platinum on the strength of the single "The One I Love," which also went into the Top Ten; it also became their biggest U.K. hit to date, reaching the British Top 40. The following year, the band left I.R.S. Records, signing with Warner Bros. for a reported six million dollars. The first album under the new contract was Green, which was released on election day 1988. Green continued the success of Document, going double platinum and generating the Top Ten single "Stand." R.E.M. supported Green with an exhaustive international tour, in which they played their first stadium dates in the U.S. Though they had graduated to stadiums in America, the group continued to play clubs throughout Europe.

The Green tour proved to be draining for the group, and they took an extended rest upon its completion in 1989. During the break, each member pursued side projects, and Hindu Love Gods, an album Buck, Berry, and Mills recorded with Warren Zevon in 1986, was released. R.E.M. reconvened during 1990 to record their seventh album, Out of Time, which was released in the spring of 1991. Entering the U.S. and U.K. charts at number one, Out of Time was a lush pop and folk album, boasting a wider array of sounds than the group's previous efforts; its lead single, "Losing My Religion," became the group's biggest single, reaching number four in the U.S. Since the band was exhausted from the Green tour, they chose to stay off the road. Nevertheless, Out of Time became their biggest album, selling over four million copies in the U.S. and spending two weeks at the top of the charts. R.E.M. released the dark, meditative Automatic for the People in the fall of 1992. Though the group had promised a rock album after the softer textures of Out of Time, Automatic for the People was slow, quiet, and reflective, with many songs being graced by string arrangements by Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. Like its predecessor, Automatic for the People was a quadruple platinum success, generating the Top 40 hit singles "Drive," "Man on the Moon," and "Everybody Hurts."

After piecing together two albums in the studio, R.E.M. decided to return to being a rock band with 1994's Monster. Though the record was conceived as a back-to-basics album, the recording of Monster was difficult and plagued with tension. Nevertheless, the album was a huge hit upon its fall release, entering the U.S. and U.K. charts at number one; furthermore, the album won praise from a number of old-school critics who had been reluctant to praise the band, since they didn't "rock" in conventional terms. Experiencing some of the strongest sales and reviews of their career, R.E.M. began their first tour since Green early in 1995. Two months into the tour, Bill Berry suffered a brain aneurysm while performing; he had surgery immediately and had fully recovered within a month. R.E.M. resumed their tour two months after Berry's aneurysm, but his illness was only the beginning of a series of problems that plagued the Monster tour. Mills had to undergo abdominal surgery to remove an intestinal tumor in July; a month later, Stipe had to have an emergency surgery to remove a hernia. Despite all the problems, the tour was an enormous financial success, and the group recorded the bulk of a new album. Before the record was released in the fall of 1996, R.E.M. parted ways with their long-time manager Jefferson Holt, allegedly due to sexual harassment charges levied against Holt; the group's lawyer, Bertis Downs, assumed managerial duties.

New Adventures in Hi-Fi was released in September 1996, just before it was announced that the band had re-signed with Warner Bros., reportedly for a record-breaking sum of 80 million dollars. In light of such a huge figure, the commercial failure of New Adventures in Hi-Fi was ironic. Though it received strong reviews and debuted at number two in the U.S. and number one in the U.K., the album failed to generate a hit single, and it only went platinum where its three predecessors went quadruple platinum. By early 1997, the album had already begun its descent down the charts. However, the members of R.E.M. were already pursuing new projects, as Stipe worked with his film company, Single Cell Pictures, and Buck co-wrote songs with Mark Eitzel and worked with a free jazz group, Tuatara.

In October of 1997, R.E.M. shocked fans and the media with the announcement that Berry was amicably exiting the group to retire to life on his farm; the remaining members continued on as a three-piece, soon convening in Hawaii to begin preliminary work on their next LP. Replacing Berry with a drum machine, the sessions resulted in 1998's Up, widely touted as R.E.M.'s most experimental recording in years. It was only a brief change of direction, since the band's next album, 2001's Reveal, marked a return to their classic sound. Around the Sun followed in 2004. A world-wide tour convened in 2005, which included an appearance at the London branch of Live 8. In 2007, the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and began work on their next album, Accelerate, which was released in 2008. The album sported a faster, more guitar-driven sound than Around the Sun, which had received lukewarm reviews and sold poorly, particularly in America. It earned rave reviews and topped charts around the world (although it halted at number two in America). For 2011's Collapse into Now, the band favored a more expansive sound, one that combined Accelerate's rock songs with slower ballads and moody atmospherics. Reviews were mostly positive, and it debuted in the Top Five in America. Unexpectedly, in September 2011, the band announced its amicable breakup after 31 years together. Immediately after the split, the band issued a double disc compilation entitled, Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage: 1982-2011, covering both their years at IRS and Warner. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Unplugged 1991/2001: The Complete Sessions

Disc 1

1. Half A World Away (Unplugged 1991)

2. Disturbance At The Heron House (Unplugged 1991)

3. Radio Song (Unplugged 1991)

4. Low (Unplugged 1991)

5. Perfect Circle (Unplugged 1991)

6. Fall On Me (Unplugged 1991)

7. Belong (Unplugged 1991)

8. Love Is All Around (Unplugged 1991)

9. Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (Unplugged 1991)

10. Losing My Religion (Unplugged 1991)

11. Pop Song 89 (Unplugged 1991)

12. Endgame (Unplugged 1991)

13. Fretless (Unplugged 1991)

14. Swan Swan H (Unplugged 1991)

15. Rotary 11 (Unplugged 1991)

16. Get Up (Unplugged 1991)

17. World Leader Pretend (Unplugged 1991)

Disc 2

1. All The Way To Reno (Unplugged 2001)

2. Electrolite (Unplugged 2001)

3. At My Most Beautiful (Unplugged 2001)

4. Daysleeper (Unplugged 2001)

5. So. Central Rain (Unplugged 2001)

6. Losing My Religion (Unplugged 2001)

7. Country Feedback (Unplugged 2001)

8. Cuyahoga (Unplugged 2001)

9. Imitation Of Life (Unplugged 2001)

10. Find The River (Unplugged 2001)

11. The One I Love (Unplugged 2001)

12. Disappear (Unplugged 2001)

13. Beat A Drum (Unplugged 2001)

14. I've Been High (Unplugged 2001)

15. I'll Take The Rain (Unplugged 2001)

16. Sad Professor (Unplugged 2001)


Track List: Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbage (1982-2011)

1. Gardening At Night

2. Radio Free Europe

3. Talk About The Passion

4. Sitting Still

5. So. Central Rain

6. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

7. Driver 8

8. Life And How To Live It

9. Begin The Begin

10. Fall On Me

11. Finest Worksong

12. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

13. The One I Love

14. Stand

15. Pop Song 89

16. Get Up

17. Orange Crush

18. Losing My Religion

19. Country Feedback

20. Shiny Happy People

21. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

22. Everybody Hurts

23. Man On The Moon

24. Nightswimming

25. What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

26. New Test Leper

27. Electrolite

28. At My Most Beautiful

29. The Great Beyond

30. Imitation Of Life

31. Bad Day

32. Leaving New York

33. Living Well Is The Best Revenge

34. Supernatural Superserious

35. UBerlin

36. Oh My Heart

37. Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter

38. A Month Of Saturdays

39. We All Go Back To Where We Belong

40. Hallellujah


Track List: Collapse Into Now

1. Discoverer

2. All The Best

3. Uberlin

4. Oh My Heart

5. It Happened Today

6. Every Day Is Yours To Win

7. Mine Smell Like Honey

8. Walk It Back

9. Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter

10. That Someone Is You

11. Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando And I

12. Blue


Track List: Live At The Olympia

Disc 1

1. Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Live)

2. Second Guessing (Live)

3. Letter Never Sent (Live)

4. Staring Down The Barrel Of The Middle Distance (Live)

5. Disturbance At The Heron House (Live)

6. Mr. Richards (Live)

7. Houston (Live)

8. New Test Leper (Live)

9. Cuyahoga (Live)

10. Electrolite (Live)

11. Man-Sized Wreath (Live)

12. So. Central Rain (Live)

13. On The Fly (Live)

14. Maps And Legends (Live)

15. Sitting Still (Live)

16. Driver 8 (Live)

17. Horse To Water (Live)

18. I'm Gonna Dj (Live)

19. Circus Envy (Live)

20. These Days (Live)

Disc 2

1. Drive (Live)

2. Feeling Gravity's Pull (Live)

3. Until The Day Is Done (Live)

4. Accelerate (Live)

5. Auctioneer (Live)

6. Little America (Live)

7. 1,000,000 (Live)

8. Disguised (Live)

9. The Worst Joke Ever (Live)

10. Welcome To The Occupation (Live)

11. Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars) (Live)

12. Harborcoat (Live)

13. Wolves, Lower (Live)

14. I've Been High (Live)

15. Kohoutek (Live)

16. West Of The Fields (Live)

17. Pretty Persuasion (Live)

18. Romance (Live)

19. Gardening At Night (Live)


Track List: Accelerate

1. Living Well Is The Best Revenge

2. Man-Sized Wreath

3. Supernatural Superserious

4. Hollow Man

5. Houston

6. Accelerate

7. Until The Day Is Done

8. Mr. Richards

9. Sing For The Submarine

10. Horse To Water

11. I'm Gonna Dj


Track List: Around The Sun

1. Leaving New York

2. Electron Blue

3. The Outsiders

4. Make It All Ok

5. Final Straw

6. I Wanted To Be Wrong

7. Wanderlust

8. Boy In The Well

9. Aftermath

10. High Speed Train

11. The Worst Joke Ever

12. The Ascent Of Man

13. Around The Sun


Track List: In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003

Disc 1

1. Man On The Moon

2. The Great Beyond

3. Bad Day

4. What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

5. All The Way To Reno

6. Losing My Religion

7. E-Bow The Letter

8. Orange Crush

9. Imitation Of Life

10. Daysleeper

11. Animal

12. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

13. Stand

14. Electrolite

15. All The Right Friends

16. Everybody Hurts

17. At My Most Beautiful

18. Nightswimming

Disc 2

2. Turn You Inside-Out (Live)

3. Fretless

5. It's A Free World Baby

8. Revolution

13. 2JN

14. The One I Love (Live)


Track List: Imitation Of Life (Maxi Single)


Track List: Reveal

1. The Lifting

2. I've Been High

3. All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)

4. She Just Wants To Be

5. Disappear

6. Saturn Return

7. Beat A Drum

8. Imitation Of Life

9. Summer Turns To High

10. Chorus And The Ring

11. I'll Take The Rain

12. Beachball


Track List: Up

1. Airportman

2. Lotus

3. Suspicion

4. Hope

5. At My Most Beautiful

6. The Apologist

7. Sad Professor

8. You're In The Air

9. Walk Unafraid

10. Why Not Smile

11. Daysleeper

12. Diminished

13. Parakeet

14. Falls To Climb


Track List: New Adventures In Hi-Fi

1. How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us

2. The Wake-Up Bomb

3. New Test Leper

4. Undertow

5. E-Bow The Letter

6. Leave

7. Departure

8. Bittersweet Me

9. Be Mine

10. Binky The Doormat

11. Zither

12. So Fast, So Numb

13. Low Desert

14. Electrolite


Track List: Monster

1. What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

2. Crush With Eyeliner

3. King Of Comedy

4. I Don't Sleep, I Dream

5. Star 69

6. Strange Currencies

7. Tongue

8. Bang And Blame

9. I Took Your Name

10. Let Me In

11. Circus Envy

12. You


Track List: Out Of Time

1. Radio Song

2. Losing My Religion

3. Low

4. Near Wild Heaven

5. Endgame

6. Shiny Happy People

7. Belong

8. Half A World Away

9. Texarkana

10. Country Feedback

11. Me In Honey


Track List: Green

1. Pop Song 89

2. Get Up

3. You Are The Everything

4. Stand

5. World Leader Pretend

6. The Wrong Child

7. Orange Crush

8. Turn You Inside-out

9. Hairshirt

10. I Remember California

11. Untitled


Track List: Green (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1

1. Pop Song 89

2. Get Up

3. You Are The Everything

4. Stand

5. World Leader Pretend

6. The Wrong Child

7. Orange Crush

8. Turn You Inside Out

9. Hairshirt

10. I Remember California

11. Untitled

Disc 2

1. Stand (Live)

2. The One I Love (Live)

3. Turn You Inside Out (Live)

5. Exhuming McCarthy (Live)

7. Orange Crush (Live)

11. I Believe (Live)

12. Get Up (Live)

15. Pop Song 89 (Live)

17. You Are The Everything (Live)

18. Begin The Begin (Live)

21. Perfect Circle (Live)


Track List: Document

1. Finest Worksong

2. Welcome To The Occupation

3. Exhuming McCarthy

4. Disturbance At The Heron House

5. Strange

6. It's The End Of The World As We Know It

7. The One I Love

8. Fireplace

9. Lightnin' Hopkins

10. King Of Birds

11. Oddfellows Local 151


Track List: Life's Rich Pageant / The Athens Demos

Disc 1

1. Begin The Begin

2. These Days

3. Fall On Me

4. Cuyahoga

5. Hyena

6. Underneath The Bunker

7. The Flowers Of Guatemala

8. I Believe

9. What If We Give It Away?

10. Just A Touch

11. Swan Swan H

12. Superman

Disc 2

1. Fall On Me (Athens Demo)

2. Hyena (Athens Demo)

4. These Days (Athens Demo)

5. Bad Day (Athens Demo)

6. Salsa (Underneath The Bunker) (Athens Demo)

7. Swan Swan H (Athens Demo)

8. The Flowers Of Guatemala (Athens Demo)

9. Begin The Begin (Athens Demo)

10. Cuyahoga (Athens Demo)

11. I Believe (Athens Demo)

12. Out Of Tune (Athens Demo)

14. Two Steps Onward (Athens Demo)

15. Just A Touch (Athens Demo)

16. Mystery To Me (Athens Demo)

17. Wait (Athens Demo)

18. All The Right Friends (Athens Demo)

19. Get On Their Way (What If We Give It Away?) (Athens Demo)


Track List: Lifes Rich Pageant

1. Begin The Begin

2. These Days

3. Fall On Me

4. Cuyahoga

5. Hyena

6. Underneath The Bunker

7. The Flowers Of Guatemala

8. I Believe

9. What If We Give It Away?

10. Just A Touch

11. Swan Swan H

12. Superman


Track List: Fables Of The Reconstruction

1. Feeling Gravitys Pull

2. Maps And Legends

3. Driver 8

4. Life And How To Live It

5. Old Man Kensey

6. Cant Get There From Here

7. Green Grow The Rushes

8. Kohoutek

9. Auctioneer

10. Good Advices

11. Wendell Gee


Track List: Fables Of The Reconstruction 25th Anniversary

Disc 1

1. Feeling Gravity's Pull

2. Maps And Legends

3. Driver 8

4. Life And How To Live It

5. Old Man Kensey

6. Can't Get There From Here

7. Green Grow The Rushes

8. Kohoutek

9. Auctioneer (Another Engine)

10. Good Advices

11. Wendell Gee

Disc 2

1. Auctioneer (Another Engine) (Demo Version)

2. Bandwagon (Demo Version) (Final Version Was B-Side To Can't Get There From Here)

3. Can't Get There From Here (Demo Version)

4. Driver 8 (Demo Version)

5. Feeling Gravity's Pull (Demo Version)

6. Good Advices (Demo Version)

7. Green Grow The Rushes (Demo Version)

8. Hyena (Demo Version) (Album Version Appeared On Life's Rich Pageant)

9. Kohoutek (Demo Version)

10. Life And How To Live It (Demo Version)

11. Maps And Legends (Demo Version)

12. Old Man Kensey (Demo Version)

13. Throw Those Trolls Away (Demo Version) (Previously Unreleased)

14. Wendell Gee (Demo Version)


Track List: Reckoning

1. Harborcoat

2. 7 Chinese Brothers

3. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)

4. Pretty Persuasion

5. Time After Time (Annelise)

6. Second Guessing

7. Letter Never Sent

8. Camera

9. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

10. Little America


Track List: Murmur

1. Radio Free Europe

2. Pilgrimage

3. Laughing

4. Talk About The Passion

5. Moral Kiosk

6. Perfect Circle

7. Catapult

8. Sitting Still

9. 9-9

10. Shaking Through

11. We Walk

12. West Of The Fields


Track List: Murmur (Reissue)

1. Radio Free Europe

2. Pilgrimage

3. Laughing

4. Talk About The Passion

5. Moral Kiosk

6. Perfect Circle

7. Catapult

8. Sitting Still

9. 9-9

10. Shaking Through

11. We Walk

12. West Of The Fields

13. There She Goes Again

14. 9-9 (Live)

15. Gardening At Night (Live)

16. Catapult (Live)


Track List: Automatic For The People

1. Drive

2. Try Not To Breathe

3. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

4. Everybody Hurts

5. New Orleans Instrumental No. 1

6. Sweetness Follows

7. Monty Got A Raw Deal

8. Ignoreland

9. Star Me Kitten

10. Man On The Moon

11. Nightswimming

12. Find The River


Track List: Chronic Town

1. Wolves, Lower

3. Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)

4. 1,000,000

5. Stumble


Track List: Dead Letter Office

1. Crazy

2. There She Goes Again

3. Burning Down

4. Voice Of Harold

5. Burning Hell

6. White Tornado

7. Toys In The Attic

8. Windout

9. Ages Of You

10. Pale Blue Eyes

11. Rotary Ten

12. Bandwagon

13. Femme Fatale

14. Walters Theme

15. King Of The Road

16. Wolves, Lower

17. Gardening At Night

18. Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)

19. 1,000,000

20. Stumble


Track List: Fretless 1 (Demo) (Single)


Track List: It Happened Today (Radio Single)

1. It Happened Today


Track List: Losing My Religion 2 (Demo) (Single)


Track List: Mine Smell Like Honey (Radio Single)

1. Mine Smell Like Honey


Track List: Out Of Time (25th Anniversary Edition)

Disc 1

1. Radio Song

2. Losing My Religion

3. Low

4. Near Wild Heaven

5. Endgame

6. Shiny Happy People

7. Belong

8. Half A World Away

9. Texarkana

10. Country Feedback

11. Me In Honey

Disc 2

1. Losing My Religion 1 (Demo)

2. Near Wild Heaven 1 (Demo)

3. Shiny Happy People 1 (Demo)

4. Texarkana 1 (Demo)

5. Untitled Demo 2

6. Radio - Acoustic (Radio Song 1) (Demo)

7. Near Wild Heaven 2 (Demo)

8. Shiny Happy People 2 (Demo)

9. Slow Sad Rocker (Endgame) (Demo)

10. Radio – Band (Radio Song 3) (Demo)

11. Losing My Religion 2 (Demo)

12. Belong (Demo)

13. Blackbirds (Half A World Away) (Demo)

14. Texarkana (Demo)

15. Country Feedback (Demo)

16. Me On Keyboard (Me In Honey) (Demo)

17. Low (Demo)

18. 40 Sec. (40 Second Song) (Demo)

19. Fretless 1 (Demo)


Track List: Radio - Acoustic (Radio Song 1) (Single)


Track List: Singles Collected

1. Radio Free Europe (Edit)

2. There She Goes Again

3. So. Central Rain

4. King Of The Road

5. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (Edit)

6. Catapult (Live)

7. Can't Get There From Here (Edit)

8. Bandwagon

9. Wendell Gee

10. Crazy

11. Fall On Me

12. Rotary Ten

13. Superman

14. White Tornado

15. The One I Love

18. Last Date

19. Finest Worksong (Other Mix)

20. Time After Time Etc. (Live)


Track List: Supernatural Superserious (Radio Single)

1. Supernatural Superserious


Track List: The Best Of The I.R.S. Years 1982-1987

1. Begin The Begin

2. Radio Free Europe

3. Pretty Persuasion

4. Talk About The Passion

5. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

6. Sitting Still

7. Gardening At Night

8. 7 Chinese Bros.

9. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)

10. Driver 8

11. Can't Get There From Here

12. Finest Worksong

13. Feeling Gravity's Pull

14. I Believe

15. Life And How To Live It

16. Cuyahoga

17. The One I Love

18. Welcome To The Occupation

19. Fall On Me

20. Perfect Circle


Track List: World Leader Pretend (Live) (30 Days, 30 Songs) (Single)


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sexyladies19 6 9 6 9
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I miss Andy
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one of my favorite all time songs, rips my heart everytime
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Omg awesome!��
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Could listen to this all day
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just not enough of REM k i n g for the songs!
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3,2,1,emoji check
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Wow, this site is extremely popular
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Appreciative of the lack of chain email�������

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This band creeps me out. Always have. Thumbs down depressing losers
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I love to be in R.E.M. sleep listening to them.
Report as inappropriate
I swear I love these bios'...than k you Pandora
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I think the best version was made during LIVE IN THE X LOUNGE cd
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Such a great group
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I think I know what it means. It is talking about somebody who treats him poorly even though he loves her. He says that love is strange and doesn't operate the way you would think it should.
Report as inappropriate
I'm not clear what REM is trying to say to me with the song Strange Currencies, but I love it and I could sing it back to them, knowing exactly what it means to me
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R. E. M. Is quite a talent in the rough and a truth tale master. Put it together and you have genius !!!
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sexyladies19 6 9 6 9
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Everything Document and before just owns. Green and on...not so much.
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My grandparents bought me In Time The Best Of R.E.M. for Christmas one year. Only thing is it doesn't have End Of The World on it. Nonetheless grateful I got albums for Christmas from family members.
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Great music from a fun era. Makes me want to go canoeing.
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Makin me thirsty
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Edith Gulbert: please call 911 or your local suicide hotline immediately if you have not done so. You need and deserve help for your suicidal thoughts.
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This song is interesting
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This song breaks my heart and heals it at the same time.I want only to end my meaningless existence. I've been married 52 yrs and all I want is to go to sleep and never wake up. I'm alone in the reality of my world and have balanced reality with my husbands' zichoprenia all these yrs. Now I"m old and alone and so tired. This song gives me hope so I keep on.

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michaelrocks 6 8
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Good song
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There's some bands i'd like to name check and one of them is R.E.M. Classic songs with a long history southern boys just like you and me
Report as inappropriate
This song literally saved my life today. I had the insulin pen in my hand. I really wanted to die because I am alone with a seriously ill husband of 52 yrs. Tomorrow is another day but, for now, I'm ok. Music has power. Never doubt it.
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mysteriousst r a n g e r s 8 6
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Lyrics that show for the song Strange Currency are incorrect for the song that is playing.
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juanperezara n g o
Everybody Cries...
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R.E.M. changed my life.....
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Love REM!
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I miss you Michael he sang songs of poetry and it's true everybody hurts sometime!!
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So funny that they picked their bands name randomly out of the dictionary
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Truly an awesome band that really had a successful career
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Losing my religion on saturday night live was EPIC.
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I'm one of those people for whom hearing Murmur was a revelation to my then 13 year old ears. They may have ended up a yuppie band at the end but there really was a time when they were as important to American alternative rock as Husker Du, and X.
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HOW COME THERES NOT a lot from R. E. M. here on Pandora???
they're awesome!!

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These guys owned their niche of the 80s and 90s
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R.E.M. �� enough said
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One of the greats. Not one member could be the best on their instrument per se but what a beautiful band! Honest and true forever.
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Who is better to relax to?: Tom Petty or R.E.M.?
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