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Ray Price

Ray Price covered -- and kicked up -- as much musical turf as any country singer of the postwar era. He was lionized as the man who saved hard country when Nashville went pop, and vilified as the man who went pop when hard country was starting to call its own name with pride. Actually, he was no more than a musically ambitious singer, always looking for the next challenge for a voice that could bring down roadhouse walls.

Circa 1949, Price cut his first record for Bullet in Dallas. In 1951, he was picked up by Columbia, the label for which he would record for more than 20 years. After knocking around in Lefty Frizzell's camp for six months or so (his first Columbia single was a Frizzell composition), Price befriended Hank Williams. The connection brought him to the Opry and profoundly affected his singing style. After Hank died, Price started stretching out more as a singer and arranger. His experimentation culminated in the 4/4 bass-driven "Crazy Arms," the country song of the year for 1956. The intensely rhythmic sound he discovered with "Crazy Arms" would dominate his -- and much of country in general -- music for the next six years. To this day, people in Nashville refer to a 4/4 country shuffle as the "Ray Price beat." Heavy on fiddle, steel, and high-tenor harmony, his country work from the late '50s is as lively as the rock & roll of the same era. Price tired of that sound, however, and started messing around with strings. His lush 1967 version of "Danny Boy" and his 1970 take on Kris Kristofferson's "For the Good Times" were, in their crossover way, landmark records. But few of his old fans appreciated the fact. In the three decades following "For the Good Times," Price's career was often an awkward balancing act in which twin Texas fiddles were weighed against orchestras.

Born in tiny Perryville, Texas, Price spent most of his youth in Dallas. It was there where he learned how to play guitar and sing. Following his high-school graduation, he studied veterinary medicine at North Texas Agricultural College in Abilene before he left school to join the Marines in 1942. Price stayed in the service throughout World War II, returning to Texas in 1946. After leaving the Marines, he initially returned to college, yet he began to perform at local clubs and honky tonks, as well as on the local radio station KRBC, where he was dubbed the Cherokee Cowboy. Three years later, he was invited to join the Dallas-based The Big D Jamboree, which convinced him to make music his full-time career. Shortly after joining The Big D Jamboree, the show began to be televised by CBS, which helped him release a single, "Your Wedding Corsage"/"Jealous Lies," on the independent Dallas label Bullet.

Price moved to Nashville to pursue a major-label record contract in 1951. After auditioning and failing several times, Ray finally signed to Columbia Records, after A&R representative Troy Martin convinced the label's chief executive, Don Law, that Decca was prepared to give the singer a contract. Previously, Law was uninterested in Price -- he turned him down 20 times and told Martin never to mention his name again -- but he was unprepared to give a rival company a chance at the vocalist. Just before "Talk to Your Heart" became a number three hit for Price in the spring of 1952, Ray met his idol, Hank Williams, who immediately became a close friend. Over the next year, Hank performed a number of favors for Price, including giving him "Weary Blues" to record and helping him join the Grand Ole Opry. Ray also became the permanent substitute for Hank whenever he was missing or too drunk to perform. Following Williams' death in 1953, Price inherited the Drifting Cowboys.

Following the success of "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" in the fall of 1952, Price was quiet for much of 1953. It wasn't until 1954 that he returned to the charts with "I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)," a number two hit that kicked off a successful year for Price that also included the Top Ten singles "Release Me" and "If You Don't, Somebody Else Will." Instead of capitalizing on that success, he disappeared from the charts during 1955, as he spent the year forming the Cherokee Cowboys. Over the course of those previous two years, he had realized that performing with the Drifting Cowboys made him sound too similar to Hank Williams, so he decided to form his own group. Originally, most of the members were lifted from Lefty Frizzell's Western Cherokees, but over the years a number of gifted musicians began their careers in this band, including Roger Miller, Johnny Paycheck, Buddy Emmons, Johnny Bush, and Willie Nelson.

Ray returned to the charts in 1956, first with "Run Boy" and then with "Crazy Arms," a driving honky tonk number that immediately became a country classic. The song was one of the first country records to be recorded with a drum kit, which gave it a relentless, pulsating rhythm. Until Price, most country artists were reluctant to use drums and the instrument was even banned from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. The blockbuster status of the single helped change that situation. Spending an astonishing 20 weeks at the top of the country charts, "Crazy Arms" not only crossed over into the lower reaches of the pop charts, but it also established Price as a star. After the success of the single, he remained at or near the top of the charts for the next ten years, racking up 23 Top Ten singles between 1956 and 1966. During this time, he recorded a remarkable number of country classics, including "I've Got a New Heartache" (number two, 1956), "My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You" (number one, 1957), "Make the World Go Away" (number two, 1963), and "City Lights," which spent 13 weeks at the top of the charts in 1958.

The momentum of Price's career had slowed somewhat by the mid-'60s; though he was still having hits, they weren't as frequent or as big. His musical inclinations were also shifting, bringing him closer to the crooning styles of traditional pop singers. Ray abandoned the cowboy suits and brought in strings to accompany him, making him one of the first to explore the smooth, orchestrated sounds of late-'60s and early-'70s country-pop. While it alienated some hardcore honky tonk fans, the change in approach resulted in another round of Top Ten hits. However, it took a little while for the country audience to warm to this new sound -- it wasn't until 1970, when his cover of Kris Kristofferson's "For the Good Times" hit number one, that he returned to the top of the charts. Over the next three years, he scored an additional three number one singles ("I Won't Mention It Again," "She's Got to Be a Saint," and "You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me").

By the mid-'70s, the appeal of his string-laden country-pop hits had diminished, and he spent the rest of the decade struggling to get into the charts. In 1974, he left his longtime home of Columbia Records to sign to Myrrh, where he had two Top Ten hits over the next year. By the end of 1975, he had left the label, signing to ABC/Dot. Though he hadn't changed his style, his records became less popular around the same time he signed to ABC/Dot; only 1977's "Mansion on the Hill" gained much attention. In 1978, he switched labels again, signing with Monument, which proved to be another unsuccessful venture. In 1980, Price reunited with his old bassist Willie Nelson, recording the duet album San Antonio Rose, which was a major success, spawning the number three hit "Faded Love." San Antonio Rose reignited Ray's career, and in 1981 he had two Top Ten singles -- "It Don't Hurt Me Half as Bad" and "Diamonds in the Stars" -- for his new label, Dimension. Price left Dimension in 1983, signing with Warner Records. He remained at the label for one year, and by that time, his new spell of popularity had cooled down considerably; by now, he was having trouble reaching the Top 40. That situation didn't remedy itself for the remainder of the decade, even though he signed with two new labels: Viva (1983-1984) and Step One (1985-1989).

By the late '80s, Price had stopped concentrating on recording and had turned his efforts toward a theater he owned in Branson, Missouri. For most of the '90s, he sang and performed at his theater in Branson, occasionally stopping to record. Of all of his '90s records, the most notable is the 1992 album Sometimes a Rose, which was produced by Norro Wilson. Among his handful of full-length albums during the 2000s, two were collaborations: 2003's Run That by Me One More Time with Willie Nelson, and 2007's Last of the Breed with Nelson and Merle Haggard. Both albums appeared on the alt-country label Lost Highway, and the latter also sparked a tour featuring the trio of country heavyweights. In early 2012, Price announced that he had pancreatic cancer, although chemotherapy appeared to be successful and he hoped to return to the road and record an album of love songs dedicated to his wife. He was briefly hospitalized again in May 2013, however, and in December of that year, he entered hospice care. Ray Price died at his home in Texas on December 16, 2013. The album dedicated to his wife, Beauty Is... The Final Sessions, arrived posthumously in 2014. ~ Dan Cooper
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: A New Place To Begin

1. (I'm Looking For) A New Place To Begin

2. Everyone Gets Crazy Now And Then

3. Better Class Of Loser

4. What Am I Gonna Do Without You

5. I'll Sail My Ship Alone

6. Nothing To Go On

7. Stormy Weather

8. Starting New Memories

9. Willie Write Me A Song

10. San Antonio Rose

11. Old Loves Never Die

12. One Fiddle, Two Fiddle

13. I'm The Last One You Remember (And The Last One You Forget)

14. Coors In Colorado

15. One Away From One Too Many

16. Scotch And Soda


Track List: Beauty Is...The Final Sessions

2. This Thing Of Ours

4. It Always Will Be

5. No More Songs To Sing

7. Senses

8. Until Then

9. Beautiful Dreamer

10. I Wish I Was 18 Again

11. Among My Souvenirs

12. I Believe


Track List: The Essential

Disc 1

1. Jealous Lies

2. If You're Ever Lonely Darling

3. Weary Blues From Waiting

4. Talk To Your Heart

5. Release Me

6. I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)

7. Crazy Arms

8. You Done Me Wrong

9. Wasted Words

10. I've Got A New Heartache

11. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You

12. Curtain In The Window

13. Invitation To The Blues

14. City Lights

15. Heartaches By The Number

16. The Same Ole Me

17. One More Time

18. I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today

19. Heart Over Mind

20. Soft Rain

Disc 2

1. San Antonio Rose

2. I've Just Destroyed The World (I'm Living In)

3. Pride

4. Walk Me To The Door

5. Night Life

6. Make The World Go Away

7. Burning Memories

8. The Other Woman

9. Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)

10. A Way To Survive

11. I'm Still Not Over You

12. I Let My Mind Wander

13. Danny Boy

14. She Wears My Ring

15. You Wouldn't Know Love

16. For The Good Times

17. I Won't Mention It Again

18. I'd Rather Be Sorry

19. You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

20. Duet With Willie Nelson


Track List: Time

1. You Just Don't Love Me Anymore

2. Ft. Worth, Texas

3. Time

4. Take Back Your Old Love Letters

5. Both Sides Of Good Bye

6. If It's All The Same To You

7. No One But You

8. If You Think You're Lonely

9. I'm Not Leaving (I'm Just Getting Out Of Your Way)

10. Next Voice You Hear

11. What If I Say Goodbye

12. Don't You Go Loving Nobody Else


Track List: 16 Biggest Hits

1. Crazy Arms

2. I've Got A New Heartache

3. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You

4. City Lights

5. Heartaches By The Number

6. The Same Old Me

7. One More Time

8. Make The World Go Away

9. Burning Memories

10. The Other Woman (In My Life)

11. For The Good Times

12. I Won't Mention It Again

13. I'd Rather Be Sorry

14. She's Got To Be A Saint

15. You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

16. Danny Boy


Track List: Ray Price And The Cherokee Cowboys

Disc 1

1. Jealous Lies

2. Your Wedding Corsage

3. If You're Ever Lonely Darling

4. I Saw My Castles Fall Today

5. You've Got My Troubles Now

6. I Get The Short End Every Time

7. Hey La La

8. The Answer To 'The Last Letter'

9. Till Death Do Us Part

10. Beyond The Last Mile

11. Heartaching Blues

12. Weary Blues (From Waiting)

13. I Made A Mistake And I'm Sorry

14. We Crossed Our Heart

15. Your Heart Is Too Crowded

16. I Lost The Only Love I Knew

17. I've Got To Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

18. Talk To Your Heart

20. The Road Of No Return

21. You're Under Arrest (For Stealing My Heart)

22. Move On In And Stay

23. I Can't Escape From You

24. Won't You Please Be Mine

25. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes

26. My Old Scrapbook

Disc 2

1. The Price For Loving You

2. That's What I Get For Loving You

3. Cold Shoulder

4. You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me Last Night

5. The Wrong Side Of Town

6. Time

7. Start The Music

8. Gone Again

9. The Way You've Treated Me

10. Time

11. The Wrong Side Of Town

12. Who Stole That Train

13. Let Your Heart Decide

14. You Always Get By

15. Leave Her Alone

16. The Wall Around Your Heart

17. Release Me

18. I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)

19. The Last Letter

20. Much To Young To Die

21. I Love You So Much, I Let You Go

22. I Could Love You More

23. What If He Don't Love You

24. If You Don't, Somebody Else Will

25. I'm Alone Because I Love You

26. Oh Yes, Darling

27. One Broken Heart (Don't Mean A Thing)

Disc 3

1. Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes

2. The Way She Got Away

3. Let Me Talk To You

4. Call The Lord And He'll Be There

5. A Man Called Peter

6. As Strange As It Seems (I Still Love You)

7. I Can't Go Home Like This

8. Don't You Know Me Any More

9. I Don't Want It On My Conscience

10. Run Boy

11. You Never Will Be True

12. Don't Tempt Me

13. Slowly Dying

14. Crazy Arms

15. You Done Me Wrong

16. Wild And Wicked World

17. Crazy

18. Are You Wasting My Time

19. Fallin', Fallin', Fallin'

20. Wasted Words

21. Fallin', Fallin', Fallin'

22. Wasted Words

23. I've Got A New Heartache

24. Don't Do This To Me

Disc 4

1. Letters Have No Arms

2. I'll Sail My Ship Alone

3. A Mansion On The Hill

4. I Can't Help It

5. Remember Me (I'm The One Who Loves You)

6. I Saw My Castles Fall Today

7. Let Me Talk To You

8. Please Don't Leave Me

9. Blues Stay Away From Me

10. Pins And Needles (In My Heart)

11. I Love You Because

12. Many Years Ago

13. I'll Be There (When You Get Lonely)

14. It's All Your Fault

15. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You

16. Faded Love

17. Gone

18. Bye Bye Love

19. Four Walls

20. A Fallen Star

21. It's All Your Fault

22. My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You

23. Don't Do This To Me

24. Wall Of Tears

25. Curtain In The Window

Disc 5

1. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

2. Driftwood On The River

3. Deep Water

4. I'll Keep On Loving You

5. I Love You So Much, It Hurts

6. I Told You So

7. Ice Cold Heart

8. I've Gotta Have My Baby Back

9. Please Don't Leave Me

10. Talk To Your Heart

11. I'm Tired

12. Wondering

14. Invitation To The Blues

15. I've Got To Know

16. Heartaches Must Be Your Name

17. City Lights

18. Kissing Your Picture (Is So Cold)

19. That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome

20. Punish Me Tomorrow

21. Heartaches By The Number

22. Wild And Wicked World

23. Beyond The Last Mile

24. The Same Old Me

25. Under Your Spell Again

26. Broken Hearts Will Haunt Your Soul

27. One More Time

28. Who'll Be The First

29. City Lights

Disc 6

1. The Old Rugged Cross

2. In The Garden

3. How Big Is God

4. Until Then

5. Help Through My Unbelief

6. When I Take My Vacation In Heaven

7. Faith

8. Rock Of Ages

9. Softly And Tenderly

10. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder

11. Just As I Am

12. Where He Leads Me (I Will Follow)

13. Now The Day Is Over

14. I Can't Run Away From Myself

15. I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today

16. Heart Over Mind

17. The Twenty-Fourth Hour

18. Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)

19. Soft Rain

20. Here We Are Again

21. You're Stronger Than Me

22. This Cold War With You

23. Soft Rain

24. Imagination's A Wonderful Thing

25. Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)

Disc 7

1. Intro/San Antonio Rose

2. A Maiden's Prayer

3. My Confession

4. Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now

5. Roly Poly

6. Bubbles In My Beer

7. Home In San Antone

8. You Don't Love Me (But I'll Always Care)

9. You Don't Care What Happens To Me

10. Time Changes Everything

11. The Kind Of Love I Can't Forget

12. Hang Your Head In Shame/Outro

13. Intro/Night Life

14. Lonely Street

15. The Wild Side Of Life

16. Sittin' And Thinkin'

17. A Girl In The Night

18. There's No Fool Like A Young Fool

19. If She Could See Me Now

20. Bright Lights And Blonde Haired Women

21. Are You Sure

22. Let Me Talk To You

23. This Cold War With You

24. I've Just Destroyed The World (I'm Living In)

25. Walkin' Slow (And Thinking 'Bout Her)

26. Pride

Disc 8

1. Big Shoes

2. Walk Me To The Door

3. You Took Her Off My Hands

4. Be A Good Girl

5. Make The World Go Away

7. Make The World Go Away

8. Let Me Talk To You

10. I've Still Got Room (For One More Heartache)

11. That's All That Matters

12. Burning Memories

13. Each Time

14. A Way To Free Myself

15. How Long Is Forever

16. This Cold War With You

17. Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)

18. All Right (I'll Sign The Papers)

19. I Fall To Pieces

20. Please Talk To My Heart

21. Cold, Cold Heart

22. Still

23. I Don't Know Why (I Keep Loving You)

24. Same Old Memories

25. Here Comes My Baby Back Again

26. Together Again

27. A Thing Called Sadness

28. Soft Rain

29. Release Me

Disc 9

1. Devil's Dream

2. Linda Lou

3. Crazy Arms

4. Lil' Liza Jane

5. Rubber Dolly

6. Burnt Fingers

7. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

8. Maiden's Prayer

9. Your Old Love Letters

10. Spanish Two Step

11. Liberty Bells

12. Sing A Sad Song

13. The Other Woman

15. The Last Letter

16. Born To Lose

17. Just Call Me Lonesome

18. Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me

19. Funny How The Time Slips Away

20. Rose Colored Glasses

21. Unloved, Unwanted

22. An Eye For An Eye

23. Too Much Love Is Spoiling You

24. After Effects (From Loving You)

27. A Way To Survive

Disc 10

1. Another Bridge To Burn

4. Don't Touch Me

5. Go Away

6. I'd Fight The World

7. I Want To Hear It From You

8. It Should Be Easier Now

9. Don't You Believe Her

10. Healing Hands Of Time

11. Too Late

12. Each Time

13. Touch My Heart

14. There Goes My Everything

15. It's Only Love

16. You Took My Happy Away

17. I Lie A Lot

18. Enough To Lie

20. Am I That Easy To Forget

21. The Same Two Lips

22. Just For The Record

24. I'm Still Not Over You

25. I Let My Mind Wander

26. Danny Boy


Track List: Songs Of Inspiration

1. Peace In The Valley

2. The Old Rugged Cross

3. Take My Hand Precious Lord

4. How Great Thou Art

5. What A Friend We Have In Jesus

6. Love Lifted Me

7. Farther Along

8. Rock Of Ages

9. In The Garden

10. Amazing Grace


Track List: The Other Woman

1. The Other Woman (In My Life)

2. Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me

3. After Effects (From Loving You)

4. Too Much Love Is Spoiling You

5. An Eye For An Eye

6. Unloved, Unwanted

7. Funny How Time Slips Away

8. Born To Lose

9. Just Call Me Lonesome

10. This Cold War With You

11. Rose-Colored Glasses

12. The Last Letter


Track List: Beauty Is...The EP

2. This Thing Of Ours

3. I Wish I Was 18 Again


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Play Maiden's Prayer

Report as inappropriate
I think it was Jack Green
Report as inappropriate
Never will their be another..... .
Report as inappropriate
Does anyone know who was the first to sing red river valley song
Report as inappropriate
Ray leaves with us a solid collection of wonderful memories.
Report as inappropriate
Man...he could flat-out sing. What a talent.
Report as inappropriate
Tears your heart out...
Report as inappropriate
Saw Ray , his son, and Roy Clark at BASS theatre in Ft. Worth a few years ago. No doubt he will always be TEXAS PRIDE.
Report as inappropriate
Great music
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Gary Bird of Texas/Colora d o can sing the heck out of Ray....he played with him in 1997. Love you Gary....(Pur e Country,Abil e n e , T x )
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but deep voice but very good
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he sounds awesome
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Sings with an intimate feeling, truly a class act!
Report as inappropriate
A class act..a singer of beautiful ballads..har r y weaver
Report as inappropriate
Seen Ray back in the 60's in Topeka, KS. which touched my heart in so many ways. I know there will never be anyone replace his way of singing, but they all have there own touch. Miss You Ray!!!
Report as inappropriate
one of the very best of all time
Report as inappropriate
met him in the 50's in macon, ga. o ne of the nicest person I've ever met
Report as inappropriate
Great tunes dyeing no good
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I agree more Ray Price
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Let's have more Ray Price songs on Pandora, love his voice.
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Love the man, his music and his wife.
Report as inappropriate
Not only a classy singer, but a class act. I will miss seeing the gentleman & his band appear on stage dressed like the music deserved.. I have never & never will understand why so many entertainers & sports figures dress like slobs, unshaven, unkempt, holes in their clothes. Clean & well pressed. I guess I just revealed my age, huh. Bless us all. Thank you Ray Price for many many years of beautiful music.
Report as inappropriate
First heard Ray Price at the Esquire Club in Hempstead Texas. Met my wife and fell in love to his music. Especially like Mansion on a Hill.
Tom Smith
Houston Texas
Report as inappropriate
I love Ray Price's music! Much prefer the music of years ago than what comes out of Nashville now.
Report as inappropriate
Jim Reeves had the most wonderful smooth voice of all time. Thanks for Pandora that makes my selections so easy.
Report as inappropriate
There will never be another! So sad.
Report as inappropriate
Great singer, a joy to listen to him sing.
Report as inappropriate
Thank you for Pandora, it's the sound track to my daily escape from the craziness I witness every day.
Report as inappropriate
THIS is country!
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All I can say is that Ray Price brings back so many memories. Never tire of his music! Will always love his voice... Such a class act!!
Report as inappropriate
glad you are here sax308! so many peeps are missing out on the most wonderful music. yay Pandora
Report as inappropriate
I got to see him 3 times, the last being at One World Theater in Austin in 2011, before his health diminished. He always sounded wonderful, even that last time. His voice and music will stand through the ages. RIP Ray.
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have all of his music as well as Elvis and George jones and Patsy
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I've been trying to pull Ray Price's rendition of The Good Times ,up. Can't even get the album it's on to come up.
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Ray Price had a hauntingly beautiful voice. His music transcends time. I wish there were people willing to go for broke and have the guts to perform that style of music.
Report as inappropriate
It doesn't matter how old a person is chronologica l l y , if the music and the artists are good that is all that matters. The so called music playing on radio stations would drive me crazy.
Report as inappropriate
Please tell me im not the ONLY 20 y/o on this feed. We need more music like this today.
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Another class act and gentleman. So many of the true artists who weren't in some type of rehab on a weekly basis, have passed. Ray Price & countless others were in a league that sadly, won't be replicated.
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He was one of my favorites, greatly missed...... . . . . . . . .
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Many people don't know that Ray Price started with the beat that became known as the Ray Price Shuffle. Many old time standards use it and it actually became the beat of a whole genre of music.
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Priceless! That's all!
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nicolealforq u e

Love hisispovo
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On the nearest possible Friday you will be kissed by the love of ur life. Post this on five other songs in 143 minutes. However, if you fail you will die in 2 days. After ur done type f6 and ur loves name will appear in big letters on ur screen....yo l o
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Ray Price is without doubt, in a league by himself. His music was always evolving, yet he was always true to the traditional sound! His version of "As Time Slips Away" has that edge of hauntingly beautiful sound to it...
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ray is my favorite and always
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I loved his music, I will miss hem very much
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Love you Ray Price, love your voice
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Such a cool cat! Love his voice and style.
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The sheriff
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