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Peter Green

Peter Green is regarded by some fans as the greatest white blues guitarist ever, Eric Clapton notwithstanding. Born Peter Greenbaum but calling himself Peter Green by age 15, he grew up in London's working-class East End. Green's early musical influences were Hank Marvin of the Shadows, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Freddie King, and traditional Jewish music. He originally played bass before being invited in 1966 by keyboardist Peter Bardens to play lead in the Peter B's, whose drummer was a lanky chap named Mick Fleetwood. The 19-year-old Green was with Bardens just three months before joining John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, whose rapidly shifting personnel included bassist John McVie and drummer Aynsley Dunbar. A keen fan of Clapton, Green badgered Mayall to give him a chance when the Bluesbreakers guitarist split for an indefinite vacation in Greece. Green sounded great and, as Mayall recalls, was not amused when Clapton returned after a handful of gigs, and Green was out.

When Clapton left the band for good six months later to form Cream, Mayall cajoled Green back. Fans were openly hostile because Green was not God, although they appreciated Clapton's replacement in time. Producer Mike Vernon was aghast when the Bluesbreakers showed up without Clapton to record the album A Hard Road in late 1966, but was won over by Green's playing. On many tracks you'd be hard-pressed to tell it wasn't Clapton playing. With an eerie Green instrumental called "The Supernatural," he demonstrated the beginning of his trademark fluid, haunting style so reminiscent of B.B. King.

When Green left Mayall in 1967, he took McVie and Fleetwood to found Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. Jeremy Spencer and Danny Kirwan shortly afterward gave Fleetwood Mac an unusual three-guitar front line. Green was at his peak for the albums Mr. Wonderful, English Rose, Then Play On, and a live Boston Tea Party recording. His instrumental "Albatross" was the band's first British number one single and "Black Magic Woman" was later a huge hit for Carlos Santana. But Green had been experimenting with acid and his behavior became increasingly irrational, especially after he disappeared for three days of rampant drug use in Munich. He became very religious, appearing on-stage wearing crucifixes and flowing robes. His bandmates resisted Green's suggestion to donate most of their money to charity, and he left in mid-1970 after writing a harrowing biographical tune called "The Green Manalishi."

After a bitter, rambling solo album called The End of the Game, Green saddened fans when he hung up his guitar, except for helping the Mac complete a tour when Spencer suddenly joined the Children of God in Los Angeles and quit the band. Green's chaotic odyssey of almost a decade included rumors that he was a gravedigger, a bartender in Cornwall, a hospital orderly, and a member of an Israeli commune. When an accountant sent him an unwanted royalty check, Green confronted his tormentor with a gun, although it was unloaded. Green went to jail briefly before being transferred to an asylum.

Green emerged in the late '70s and early '80s with albums In the Skies, Little Dreamer, White Sky, and Kolors, featuring at times Bardens, Robin Trower drummer Reg Isidore, and Fairport Convention drummer Dave Mattacks. He reprised the Then Play On Mac standard "Rattlesnake Shake" on Fleetwood's solo 1981 album, The Visitor. British author Martin Celmins wrote Green's biography in 1995. Psychologically troubled, on medication, and hardly playing the guitar for most of the '90s, the reclusive Green resumed sporadic recording in the second half of the decade. He surfaces unexpectedly from time to time, most prominently January 12, 1998, when Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In a rare, perfect moment, Green jammed with fellow inductee Santana on "Black Magic Woman." ~ Mark Allan, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Let's give credit were credit is do. If we are talking blues, just like in the beginning of this BIO they all started with listening to Muddy Waters, BB, Albert King, Freddie King, Otis Rush, and on and on. They all came out of the black man blues, the true originators didn't get the royalties these guys did, even copying some of their songs. And that my friend is were all these guys cut there teeth. The Blues had a Baby and they called it Rock and Roll.
hey kvons1, with all respect, this is not exercise in 'better'. It is EC is overrated. As far as who has more soul, Peter Green. With that, we disagree and i am perfectly fine with that.
thank you horseman308! you understand.
one year2005?
Peter and the splinter group with the Hammond b3, beautiful... A bunch of grey haired folk like me on a blues night... In Seattle
The man went Syd Barrett. He just flamed out. He could not handle the fame. A real shame.
It's time for the PG movie Green Manalishi
Peter Green is/was a great guitarist, probably my favorite, apart from Paul Kossoff. That said, I find all this hype about what acid did to Peter Green really aggravating. Acid is not a drug that 'does something to you'. Acid is a visionary facilitator, where you go and what you do with these visions is entirely up to you. You can, if you choose, just sit on it and go nowhere maybe get giddy,see some 'traces' and brighter colors but apart from that, it's all up to you---what you allow. There's l
tantalizing, piercing tone.
Its is sad how many great guitarist are hardly known by the general public. I respect Clapton has endured long standing success but more as a body of work, not a great guitarist like Jimmy Page, Hendrix and others.
Tom: Amen.
Why is it when the write ups mention anything about blues guitar, they have to mention Eric THE MOST OVERRATED PLAYER EVER Clapton?!?!? ! ? ! ? ! ? He could not hold a guitar pick to Peter Green. Stop typing EC is the 'blues' or the father on the modern blues - he is an overrated hack. So many great players are more talented than he ever thought of being... STOP WITH THE CLAPTON REFERENCES!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Add Jeremy Spencer to your Pandora mix. He released some solo work a couple of years ago that is quite good. I think running away to join the Children of God probably saved him from the fate that befell Green and Kirwan.
This guy truly was brilliant... t o r m e n t e d , yes...but brilliant, and especially tasty paired with Danny Kirwin.
Here is a brilliant documentary about Peter Green. Very interesting.
http://www.v e o h . c o m / w a t c h / v 2 0 3 6 5 8 2 5 F 2 B N M Y z a ? h 1 = P e t e r + G r e e n % 3 A + M a n + o f + t h e + W o r l d
good music is...good's the competitive undercurrent grounded into peoples insecurities about their own self that fuels senseless comparisons. I sooo much appreciate Peter Green AND DANNY KIRWIN. They made such great music. Still gives me goosebumps. Thank You Peter..Thank you Danny....Jer e m y . . M i c k . . . J o h n . . C h r i s t i n e
@ mitchmedina & tom1054----I ' m 63 and been around nearly as long as most of these guys. I've seen them both (and others) many times and BOTH are truly great accomplished artists. I can't understand statements from people saying---thi s one is BETTER than that one, or Led Zeppelin is BETTER than the Stones or the Stones are BETTER than the Beatles, etc. etc. etc. Makes ZERO sense! They're ALL great in their own rights--all else is mere opinion and personal taste.
Great song and venue --TOO bad recording engineer had NO concept of recording levels and overload / distortion!!
Unique and very talented better than E.C. Hands down!!
Do not use Eric 'what's his face' as a comparison to any talented player. EC is THEE most over rated guitarist ever! The only reason anyone says he is good, is because he was always SURROUNDED by great musicians.
Flash in the pan my a**. Peter Green is one of the most influential blues players around, having played with John Mayall, Mac of course, and his recent Splinter Group projects. A founding member of one of the most influential pop bands, a flash indeed! His overall contribution to the Blues and Blues-Rock.. . . i n c a l c u l a b l e .
a flash in the pan,... but alas! --a VERY bright flash! ---Good chit mon'
just brilliant
No, Eric Clapton sounds remarkably like Peter Green.
His life would be an amazing movie
Tastefully restrainted; great to hear Peter Green again!
Sounds just like Eric Clapton I had to double check.
Never heard of him and love this music. Some of the best I have ever heard. Sad he is not around anymore.
Such beautiful blues man!
of the (real) Fleetwood Mac
peter is my man when it comes to blues!! always great
toddalanmuns o n
Just shut up and don't worry about how others describe this or that... it,s good blues.what I eat don't make you s**t
arthurdesign s 1 2
Fleetwood Mac members were very pissed at the person that introduced Green to acid, whoever that was. To them, it was seen as the beginning of the end of the best period of the band so far...but that's the way things go...Try not to think of what could have been...

kvons1 Same era same area.Hands down the best artists and music ever.Guitar solos are extinct now.
Remember WBCN,The Rock of Boston.The # 1 reason to time travel.

Wish I could put life on re-wind back to these days
Late 60's & early 70's @ the Boston Tea Party-----Fl e e t w o o d Mac's home away from home.
Bad azz, Peter Green jamz the rules of 2 survival of the fittest
Do a search on YouTube for Peter Green Man of the World. It is a multi-part documentary about him that is worth watching. It's sad what LSD did to him although he's doing much better these last few years than he was for many years.
i'm with you stratkatt!! you tell right man. thanks and keep listening ; )
Listen to all of you people b**ching about grammar , race, etc. We are talking musicians and the journeys they traveled to get where they are, and how it has influenced all of us. There are no "Gods",just people. Race shouldn't be mentioned. People, playing the blues like all of these great guitarists shouldn't be compared, it's not a competition . They are all great. Robert Johnson was a person of color. The first real blues players of all. Everybody was influenced by him. So, as for race , let
Dude fried his brain and can still play!
I love Peter Green's playing. It's really simple but it really captivates.
PETER GREEN the greatest one of the greatest musicians of all TIME!
Take a look at all of his pieces Musical GENIUS Noone like him! I can identify with his problem... He was a hopeless ROMANTIC! His chords were just unreal What a beauty! I am soooooo AMAZED at his Talent..
I have every CD he ever made... he is worth your while to listen to... THE BEST! Thank-you Peter Green I LOVE YOU ETERNALLY! from a singer
from NY now Calif Boooo! I want to meet him in London Where are you Peter? XO
I was a fan of the early Fleetwood Mac, circa late 60s--I was stationed in Germany. Blues was new to many of us from small towns across America--som e of the brothers who had served in Viet Nam came there to do their last few months before exiting; they had used music as a survival tool. We listened to everything from Chicken Shack, Hendrix, Cream and then there were the other factors involved. Peter Green's Oh Well served as spiritual advice for a group of G.I.s dazed and confused.
Sounds kinda like David Gilmour. Simple clean & soulful. Master of a few notes as I like to call it. Wish I could do that. Every time I start to play it all ends up as shredding with no soul...
What an outstanding guitar player! This is when I like Pandora-when they're playing something a little more obscure, a track you haven't heard a million times.
This could be one of the greatest blues guitarists ever! I LOVE Peter Green
and sometimes I feel sorry for him If you listen to him he is really a great blues man ..What a work of art Love his lyrics and his SOUL I love his understandin g of the MUSIC and his kool kool guitar riffs... TY Peter XO
Miss having you show the world how to rock bluesy style
Peter Green YOU are unreal I love you soooooo much You are one of the greatest blues players in the universe~ You sing like a Prince and I have always loved your sweet style~ I did not like the new Fleetwood Mac They are nothing compared to what you did on your guitar! I would
love to be your wife! I would take such good care of you baby! Noone like you I live to listen to you play..You are one of the best musicians that has ever lived on the planet! You are just soooo awesome I feel your love!
oh and this song is titled 'Cool Down' not Coll down!
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