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A Perfect Circle

Formed by Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and former Tool guitar tech Billy Howerdel, A Perfect Circle is an extension of the alt-metal-fused-with-art rock style popularized by Tool in the early to mid-'90s. While similar to Tool in intensity and melancholy, A Perfect Circle is less dark and more melodic, with a theatrical, ambient quality that incorporates occasional strings and unusual instrumentation.

After the release of Ænima in 1996, Tool found themselves in the midst of an extended legal battle with former label Freeworld Entertainment. When the dust settled two years later, the band reached a 50/50 joint venture agreement for future recordings and, feeling a little burned out, decided to take some time off. It was at this point that Keenan joined up with Howerdel and Paz Lenchantin to form A Perfect Circle. Keenan had met Howerdel in 1992 when Tool opened for Fishbone. Howerdel had been Fishbone's tech at the time and had played Keenan a few of his songs. Keenan was impressed and the two talked of collaborating in the future. However, the opportunity didn't present itself until after the Freeworld settlement. With Keenan on vocals, Howerdel on guitar, and Lenchantin on bass, the trio recruited ex-Failure and Enemy member Troy Van Leeuwen on guitar and ex-Vandals and Guns N' Roses member Josh Freese on drums.

The quintet rehearsed together but didn't announce the formation of a new band until performing for the first time on August 15, 1999, at a benefit concert at the Viper Room in Los Angeles. Howerdel, who had been composing songs for years, as well as working with bands such as the Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails, became the band's chief songwriter and producer. A Perfect Circle released their debut album, Mer de Noms, in 2000. Thirteenth Step followed in 2003, and the covers album Emotive appeared in 2004.

Shortly after the release of their DVD set aMOTION, A Perfect Circle went on hiatus. During their downtime, Keenan went on to record albums with his solo project, Puscifer, while Howerdel began making albums with his new band, Ashes Divide. While rumors of the band writing songs cropped up now and again, A Perfect Circle returned (to the stage, at least) in 2010, and released their first new song, "By and Down," on their 2013 greatest-hits compilation, Three Sixty. ~ Tracy Frey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Three Sixty (Deluxe Edition) (Explicit)

Disc 1

1. The Hollow

2. Rose

3. Judith

4. Orestes

5. 3 Libras

6. The Package

7. Weak And Powerless

8. The Noose

9. The Outsider

10. Blue

Disc 2

1. Imagine

2. Passive

3. People Are People (Live)

4. Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums

5. When The Levee Breaks

6. By And Down

7. 3 Libras (Live)

8. Gravity (Live)

9. Fiddle And The Drum (Live)


Track List: Emotive

1. Annihilation

2. Imagine

3. Peace, Love And Understanding

4. What's Going On

5. Passive

6. Gimmie Gimmie Gimme

7. People Are People

8. Freedom Of Choice

9. Let's Have A War

10. Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums

11. When The Levee Breaks

12. Fiddle And The Drum


Track List: Thirteenth Step

1. The Package

2. Weak And Powerless

3. The Noose

4. Blue

5. Vanishing

6. A Stranger

7. The Outsider

8. Crimes

9. The Nurse Who Loved Me

10. Pet

11. Lullaby

12. Gravity


Track List: Mer De Noms

1. The Hollow

2. Magdalena

3. Rose

4. Judith

5. Orestes

6. 3 Libras

7. Sleeping Beauty

8. Thomas

9. Renholder

10. Thinking Of You

11. Brena

12. Over


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In a Perfect Circle interview disc Maynard states himself the song was written about his mother Judith and her blind faith. Not disputing that songs can be poetic however not in this case. Furthermore it is most definitely not written in a party point of view. This song is blatantly addressed to Christ Himself (blasphemy) for which there is forgiveness. Matthew 12:31
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You are missing it on their lyrics. Not to mention, lyrics can be written as a party point of view.....not necessarily the pov of the author every time. It makes what he does more diverse. Maynard is BY FAR, one of the greatest songwriters (poets) EVER.
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This world and its troubles are temporal. The Peace and Love God offers though Christ in forever.....
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Not talking nonsense sw7ndel. Maynard was so pissed off at God because his mother loved the Lord and held tightly to her faith until she died. He never could grasp the Peace she felt being in a such a devoted relationship with Jesus that it devastated him, hence the anger /anguished tormented soul he possess. The whole point I'm trying to make is there is a better way full of Faith, Hope, and Love and the greatest of these is Love. The Saviors Love surly heals and restores a broken soul....
Report as inappropriate
Wow. Indiana 70 times 7. Judith is about his mother who at the time had cancer. Since then has died. The last tool album 10,000 days was how long her fight was. If you have no clue about a song don't talk s**t
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I love them
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Love their music just have issues with most of their lyrics...
Report as inappropriate
Yeah your right it was re-released in 2006 on Three Sixty...
Report as inappropriate
Is this blasphemous prick still making bad music?
Report as inappropriate
"Judith is one of the last songs he has written"... What kind of idiotic comment is that? Judith came out in 2000... He's made a lot more music since then
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Then keep yourself away from his music and let those of us who have the capacity to comprehend his lyrics to listen to his music. One would think that's a simple concept but only if one possesses a brain apparently!
Report as inappropriate
Hey moron, you put this stupid asss drivel on the Tool comment page to. What the hells got you so damn sprung and obsessed over what you think Maynard does, or is thinking? That goes for any of you who supposedly don't like him and then go on to site whatever dumb asss reason/s as to why! We (especially me) fans of his music could give a shite less as to why your low iq brain can't come close to wrapping your mind around his thoughts put through in his lyrics. If you don't (supposedly) like him,
Report as inappropriate
savethissw your quote..... Maynard has clearly documented that he doesn't yell during most new songs bc that frustration is no longer inside him, bc his previous songs were 'selfishly ' therapeutic .

What are you talking about dude. Judith is one of the last songs he has written. If you don't believe their is hatred in this song than your fooling yourself man...
Report as inappropriate
What is Maynard doing nowadays? Is he still making music with Puscifer?
Report as inappropriate
MayTard needs to stick to what he knows . Making bad music and even crappier wine.
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And Matthew, you stuck your dumbass opinion in the middle of of something that started before you, so maybe that's why you're confused all the time. Haha, liberal slug, liberal agenda, f**king bill hicks wannabe... Go back to hating everyone who doesn't look or act like you.
Report as inappropriate
Mathew, please try making a point next argument? Insults are fun, but that's not helping you in any way, you know, comprehensio n wise.
Report as inappropriate
Matthew, if you're point is atheist don't have soup kitchens, I agree, athiests are trying to disprove religion, and often don't help in the process. But bc you choose to believe in an imaginary friend in the clouds, don't talk about it to me like I have to respect or believe it while you spoon me my soup, okay?
Report as inappropriate
Not an atheist either...hah a h a your being so judgmental and flat out wrong on most things you've said must be tingling down deep inside you, like the shingles virus
Report as inappropriate
I'm assuming you are texting while cradling each others balls, your tag team method is cute.
Report as inappropriate
Matty you have yet to compile a sentence of any substance... a n d if you're saying roughly 30k out of 1billion Muslims is a rational ratio to compare in the Middle East, there were 50k kkk members in Indiana alone. I don't watch cnn, or fox. Haha, you profiled wrongly, hypocrite, you accused me of the same thing already. Short term memory?
Report as inappropriate
People groups have claimed Christianity throughout history doesn't mean they believe in the Messiah. Their claims were more about Religion than the Living God. Again I don't need to defend Him. I'm just sharing the path He has provided for our Transgressio n s , for all of mankind, past ,present and future...
Report as inappropriate
Man has always been disobedient. Gods not the problem man is...
Report as inappropriate
Exactly savethissw In the name of Christianity . Think about it...
Report as inappropriate
And who cares what you believe in. Stop being intolerant of other ppls beliefs and let them be. Just like no one gives a s**t about you being an intolerant atheist.
Report as inappropriate
Btw , pretty sure it's not Christians that are the problem over in Syria , Iraq , Afghanistan, Saudi , Iran , on an on but you get my point. Kinda throws your whole tolerance point ( or no point ) in the garbage.
Report as inappropriate
Who's talking about the crusades or Muslim's? Reading comprehensio n must not be your strong suit. Stay on topic numb nuts . Typical left wing fruitcake spewing out nonsense to fit your political agenda. It's a wonder you can even catch a spark between those two brain cells of yours to think for yourself and not follow someone blindly. Turn off the tv, step away from cnn and stop following and believing everything your told.
Report as inappropriate
Choices always were a problem for you....
Report as inappropriate
Matty, next time use "" if you're going to paraphrase me, I don't want ppl thinking you came up with my words. :)
Report as inappropriate
Indiana at this point is singing song lyrics instead of using big boy thoughts of his own.
Report as inappropriate
...Ever admit.
Killed in his name.
Report as inappropriate
Matty, you opened your mouth, so to speak, so you're in this now. Question, how many wars have been started in the name of Christianity ? How many 'natives' have been killed by Christians for not being, Christian?
Islam (because Matty, muslim, is not what you call that religion) has actually been more tolerant of Christians than vice versa, I.e. Before the Christian led crusades. (There have been 9 Indiana)
But back to the question, you can't answer it because the number is higher than you'd ev
Report as inappropriate
It doesn't matter who's the biggest hypocrite. Fact is we all are. That's why we all need His Amazing Saving Grace....
Report as inappropriate
Funny how the ones that scream intolerance and bigotry and racism are they themselves the most intolerant hypocritical , racist bigot. Hypocrite much you blind sheep?
Report as inappropriate
Ha ha TRUTH....
Report as inappropriate
Haha, real time mumbo jumbo!
Report as inappropriate
Don't need to defend Christ. He stands on His own. He is the Great I Am...
Report as inappropriate
Dude you do a lot of assuming...
Report as inappropriate
*Gone robot and can't defend your own thoughts with your own words....sad l y I'm calling your last rhetoric a fail :/
But Matty! You seem unenlightene d and can openly text your dwindling thoughts...
Report as inappropriate
Indiana, does 'vacation' mean 'mission'? You came back full of the sermon! and made a friend! Thank the LORD you don't vote, one less manipulator in the system, separation of church and state ring a bell?
Hey Matty! Dips**t. Trump has been a liberal his whole life! It's why liberals love f**king with him. However your Hillary bigotry is sexist and without a firm grasping of reality, Benghazi!! Arghh!!? Emails!!! Ahhhh! Hahaha, things of the past come November.
Unfortunatel y Indiana you have gon
Report as inappropriate
Rock On Everyone...
Report as inappropriate
For all those who are searching and suffering may you find peace in Him....
Report as inappropriate
Been a fan the first time I heard Sober back in '93... Been to a few of their shows. I know the song Judith. I know about his mother a devout Christian woman. She understood the Hope that's in the Gospel message and held on to those Truths till the day she died a physical death. This is what made Maynard so angry. She knew that she would Live forever Spiritually in His Love. That's Faith... Man I pray I have that kind of faith....
Report as inappropriate
Not Preaching just sharing His Love....
Report as inappropriate
Yes Doobie...God the Father is over His Flock. We the church are the sheep. He is the Great Shepard and Christ is the Bridegroom.. . Would you like me to keep going with all the metaphors used in the Christian Faith... I'm not going to argue with you about Maynard's Hatred against the Church or even Christ Himself, that's obvious!
Report as inappropriate
This song has such a message.
Report as inappropriate
I like what he has to say. If you don't like it then don't read it you liberal slug.
Report as inappropriate
I want you it listen to the song Judith is about his mother who had suffered a stroke and was crippled from it. He sings "f@ck your god..." When asked about it he said "he was talking about the god of the sheep." God doesn't need you to defend him your church dose. I'm tired of seeing you preach on this page.
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