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Often called "the world's greatest bar band," NRBQ are that rare group that's eclectic, stylistically innovative, and creatively ambitious while also sounding thoroughly unpretentious and accessible. At its best, NRBQ's music casually mixes up barrelhouse R&B, British Invasion pop, fourth-gear rockabilly, exploratory free jazz, and dozens of other flavors while giving it all a stomp-down rhythm that makes fans want to dance and expressing a sense of joy and easy good humor that comes straight from the heart. Over the course of a career that's lasted more than 40 years, the band has barely flirted with mainstream success, but has still earned a sizable, passionate cult of fans that includes Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt, Ira Kaplan, John Sebastian, and Dave Edmunds.

NRBQ were formed in 1967 by pianist Terry Adams and guitarist Steve Ferguson, a pair of musicians from Louisville, Kentucky, and Joey Spampinato, a bassist who originally hailed from the Bronx. Adams and Ferguson were members of a group called the Mersey-Beats USA, who as the name suggests specialized in British Invasion covers, and they had relocated to Miami, Florida in search of steady gigs. In Miami, they met Spampinato (then using the stage name Jody St. Nicholas) and vocalist Frank Gadler, who were members of an R&B show band called the Seven of Us. Adams and Ferguson soon joined the Seven of Us, and after the addition of drummer Tom Staley, the revamped lineup changed its name to NRBQ (short for the New Rhythm and Blues Quintet), though the band was still a seven-piece when sax player Keith Spring and Donn Adams on trombone (Terry's brother), soon to be known as the Whole Wheat Horns, sat in. NRBQ left Florida and made their way to New Jersey, where they began playing New York City on a regular basis. The band landed a recording contract with Columbia Records, and in 1969 NRBQ released their self-titled debut; displaying a stylistic range that would become the band's hallmark, the first two tunes found them covering Eddie Cochran and Sun Ra, with numbers by Carla Bley, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, and Bruce Channel popping up elsewhere alongside a handful of group originals. The album was well reviewed but sales were spotty, and for their second LP Columbia hoped to trade on a revival of interest in first-era rock & roll by pairing the band in the studio with rockabilly pioneer Carl Perkins. Boppin' the Blues was an interesting experiment that didn't fare much better than NRBQ's debut, and they parted ways with Columbia.

In 1971, NRBQ landed a new record deal with Kama Sutra Records, and were breaking in a new guitarist; Steve Ferguson left the band, and Al Anderson, a former member of Connecticut white soul heroes the Wildweeds, took over on lead guitar for 1972's Scraps. Later the same year, Frank Gadler left the lineup, and from that point on Adams, Anderson, and Spampinato traded off on lead vocals. Released in 1973, Workshop featured a minor hit single in the topical novelty rocker "Get That Gasoline Blues," but it was also the band's last album for Kama Sutra due to disappointing sales. By the time they released another album, 1977's All Hopped Up, NRBQ had relocated to the Northeast, they were recording for their own Red Rooster label, and new drummer Tom Ardolino (a fan who impulsively hopped up on stage and sat in on the traps during an encore at a gig) had signed on, solidifying a lineup that would remain stable until 1994. One number from All Hopped Up, "Riding in My Car," attracted enough regional notice that Mercury signed the band and tacked the tune onto its next album, the marvelous NRBQ at Yankee Stadium (they didn't play there; they just sat in the stands). The Mercury signing proved to be a one-off, and Red Rooster struck up a distribution deal with the respected roots music label Rounder Records; outside of Grooves in Orbit, released by Bearsville Records in 1983 (shortly before they went out of business), Red Rooster/Rounder would be their home for the better part of 20 years as they released a steady stream of independent albums and played seemingly every club in the United States at one time or another, building a well-deserved reputation as a stellar and wildly unpredictable live act.

In 1989, NRBQ took one last chance with the major labels, signing with Virgin for the album Wild Weekend. The album fared better commercially than most of their LPs, but it was still well short of a hit, and their next disc was an archival live release for Rykodisc, 1992's Honest Dollar. In 1994, Rhino Records (who had previously compiled an excellent NRBQ anthology, Peek-A-Boo) released Message for the Mess Age, which proved to be Al Anderson's last album with NRBQ. Anderson was tired of NRBQ's busy touring schedule and left the group to work as a contract songwriter in Nashville, penning hits for Carlene Carter, Trisha Yearwood, the Mavericks, and LeAnn Rimes, among many others. (Anderson told a reporter he left NRBQ on good terms, adding "It was a great band before, and will be a great band after.") Johnny Spampinato, Joey's brother and a longtime member of the Incredible Casuals, took over as NRBQ's guitarist, and the band continued to record and tour at a steady pace. They also began popping up regularly on the popular television series The Simpsons; one of the show's top writers, Mike Scully, was a major fan, and he recruited them to record several numbers for the show, as well as appearing on the show in both animated and live-action form (they even wrote a tune specifically for The Simpsons, "Mayonnaise and Marmalade"). The band formed a new label, Edisun Records, to release 2002's Atsa My Band and 2004's Dummy, and in 2004, NRBQ staged a pair of 35th anniversary concerts in Northampton, Massachusetts, which featured appearances by every current and former member of the group.

Not long after the anniversary concerts, NRBQ quietly broke up, with Adams forming a new group, the Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet, and releasing a number of albums through his own label, Clang Records; he also recorded and toured with Steve Ferguson, and played Scandinavia with Tom Staley's band the Hot Shots. Founding member Ferguson died of cancer at his home in Louisville on October 7, 2009 at the age of 60. Adams also struggled with health problems; he was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2004, though in 2011 he announced he was free from the illness. Joey and Johnny, meanwhile, hit the road as the Spampinato Brothers and released a fine album, 2010's Pie in the Sky. In the spring of 2011, Adams announced that the Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet had been renamed NRBQ, and they released an album under their new moniker, Keep This Love Goin', in May of that year. Longtime drummer Tom Ardolino appeared on two tracks and drew the album's cover art, but health problems prevented him from touring; he died on January 6, 2012 in Springfield, Massachusetts at the age of 56. Ardolino's final recordings with the new edition of NRBQ appeared on 2012's We Travel the Spaceways, with the bandmembers once again indulging their fondness for Sun Ra on the title cut. Adams' NRBQ returned to action in 2014 with the album Brass Tacks. In 2016, NRBQ hit the road for a well received tour in tandem with masked instrumental rockers Los Straitjackets. Later that same year, Omnivore Recordings commemorated NRBQ's golden anniversary with a five-disc, career-spanning box set, High Noon: A 50-Year Retrospective. ~ Mark Deming
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: High Noon: Highlights & Rarities From 50 Years

1. Flat Foot Flewzy

2. Captain Lou

3. Do The Primal Thing

4. I Don't Think Of...

5. Down In My Heart

6. Ridin' In My Car (Live)

7. Me And The Boys

8. Mona

9. Over Your Head (Alternate Version)

10. Wacky Tobacky

11. Waitin' On My Sweetie Pie

12. Party In My Head

13. Never Take The Place Of You

14. Only You

15. RC Cola And A Moon Pie (Single Version)

16. Dummy

17. Sweet And Petite


Track List: We Travel The Spaceways

1. The One And Only

2. We Travel The Spaceways

3. Feelin' Good

4. Here I Am

5. Get A Grip

6. Outta Here

7. Snowfall

8. She's Got Everything

9. Crazy 8's

10. Yes, Yes, Yes

11. Bye Ya

12. ...Talking...

13. She Knows How To Rock Me


Track List: Keep This Love Goin'

1. Boozoo And Leona

2. Keep This Love Goin'

3. I'm Satisfied

4. Here I Am

5. Let Go

6. Gone With The Wind

7. Sweet And Petite

8. My Life With You

9. In Every Dream

10. The Animal Life

11. Talk

12. Red's Piano


Track List: Ludlow Garage 1970

1. Rocket # 9 / No Identification (Live 1970)

2. Flat Foot Flewzy (Live 1970)

3. Rip It Up (Live 1970)

4. Sitting In The Park (Live 1970)

5. Goofus (Live 1970)

6. Step Aside (Live 1970)

7. I Found A Love (Live 1970)

8. Here Comes The Whistleman (Live 1970)

9. You Move So Fast (Live 1970)

10. Red Planet (Live 1970)

11. When It's Summertime In The Wintertime (Live 1970)

12. Fergie's Prayer (Live 1970)

13. Wan-Do (Live 1970)

14. So Dance With Me (Live 1970)

15. IDA (Live 1970)

16. Finger Poppin' Time (Live 1970)

17. Kentucky Slop Song (Live 1970)

18. Someday Maybe (Live 1970)


Track List: Dummy

1. Dummy

2. One Big Parking Lot

3. Little Rug Bug

4. Call Of The Wild

5. I Need Love

6. Imaginary Radio

7. Hey Punkin Head

8. All That's Left To Say Is Goodbye

9. Do The Primal Thing

10. What You Mean To Me

11. God With A Blue Dress

12. Be My Love

13. Misguided Missiles


Track List: Live At The Wax Museum

1. Java (Live)

2. Well Oh Well (Live)

3. Made To Love (Live)

4. Tragic Magic (Live)

5. My Girl (Live)

6. Wacky Tobacky (Live)

7. Don't She Look Good (Live)

8. Daddy-O (Live)

9. Things We Like To Do (Live)

10. That's Neat That's Nice (Live)

11. The Christmas Song (Live)

12. Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind? (Live)

13. Lovin' You (Live)

14. Never Take The Place Of You (Live)

15. You Didn't Have To Be So Nice (Live)

16. Do You Believe In Magic? (Live)

17. Shake, Rattle, & Roll (Live)

18. Darlin' Be Home Soon (Live)


Track List: Atsa My Band

1. Norma

2. Come Softly To Me

3. Terry Got A Muffin

4. Party In My Head

5. Love Is Waiting

6. White Horse

7. You Were The One

8. Beautiful Sunday

9. Kingston Town

10. Goodbye

11. 21-50 To Headquarters

12. Rip It Up

13. Wand'rin Star

14. See You Soon


Track List: NRBQ

1. Ain't No Horse

2. Sail On Sail On

3. Pain

4. Housekeeping

5. Breakaway To My Dreams

6. Puddin' Truck

7. CM Pups

8. Take Me To Your Secret

9. Blame It On The World

10. Birdman

11. I Want My Mommy

12. Careful What You Ask For

13. Tired Of Your Permanent

14. Love Came To Me

15. Termites


Track List: Ridin' In My Car

1. Ridin' In My Car

2. Still In School

3. Help Me Somebody

5. It Feels Good

6. Doctor's Wind

8. Honey Hush

9. Queen Talk

10. That's Alright

12. Bonanza

14. I Got A Rocket In My Pocket

15. Ridin' In My Car


Track List: You're Nice People You Are

1. You're Nice People You Are

2. Encyclopedia

3. Always Safety First

4. The Music Lesson

5. There's A Girl, There's A Boy

6. Next Stop Brattleboro

7. Spider

8. Keep Lookin' For Tumbleweeds, Danny

9. It's St. Patrick's Day

10. We're Walking

11. Plenty Of Somethin'

12. You're Nice People You Are (Reprise)

13. Sleep


Track List: Message For The Mess Age

1. Over Your Head

2. A Little Bit Of Bad

3. Don't Bite The Head

4. Big Dumb Jukebox

5. Designated Driver

6. Ramona

7. Everybody Thinks I'm Crazy

8. Nothin' Wrong With Me

9. Spampinato

10. A Better Word For Love

11. Advice For Teenagers

12. Girl Scout Cookies

13. Everbody's Smokin'


Track List: Wild Weekend

1. It's A Wild Weekend

2. Little Floater

3. Fireworks

4. Boy's Life

5. If I Don't Have You

6. Boozoo, That's Who!

7. Poppin' Circumstance

8. The One & Only

9. Immortal For A While

10. Fraction Of Action

11. This Love Is True

12. Like A Locomotive


Track List: Uncommon Denominators

1. Me And The Boys

2. Still In School

4. Want You To Feel Good Too

5. Only You

6. Feel You Around Me

9. Miss Moses

10. Captain Lou

11. Trouble At The Henhouse

12. Don't She Look Good

13. Doctor's Wind

14. I Don't Think Of...

16. Beverly

17. It Was A Accident

18. Ridin' In My Car

19. Definition Of Love

20. Deaf, Dumb And Blind

21. Big Goodbyes


Track List: Grooves In Orbit

1. Rain At The Drive-In

2. Some Kind Of Blues

3. How Can I Make You Love Me

4. 12 Bar Blues

5. A Girl Like That

6. My Girlfriend's Pretty

7. When Things Was Cheap

8. Smackaroo

9. I Like That Girl

10. Daddy-"O" (Live)

11. Get Rhythm

12. Hit The Hay

13. Tonight You Belong To Me


Track List: Tapdancin' Bats: The Anniversary Edition

1. Captain Lou

2. I Don't Think Of...

4. You Got It

5. Rats In My Room

6. Big Goodbyes

7. Tex

9. Trouble At The Henhouse

10. Ain't It All Right

11. Pretty Thing

12. Dry Up And Blow Away

15. The Dough Got Low

16. Tapdancin' Bats


Track List: Tapdancin' Bats

1. Captain Lou

2. I Don't Think of …

3. You Got It

4. Rats in My Room

5. Big Goodbyes

6. Tex

7. Trouble at the Henhouse

8. Ain't It All Right

9. Pretty Thing

10. Dry up and Blow Away

11. The Dough Got Low

12. Tapdancin' Bats


Track List: Tiddlywinks

1. Feel You Around Me

2. Me And The Boys

3. Music Goes 'Round And Around

4. Beverly

5. That I Get Back Home

6. Roll Call

7. Want You To Feel Good Too

8. Never Take The Place Of You

9. You Can't Hide

10. Definition Of Love

11. Hobbies


Track List: Kick Me Hard

1. Wacky Tobacky

2. Don't She Look Good

3. It Was An Accident

5. All Night Long

6. Things We Like To Do

7. This Old House

13. Hot Biscuits And Sweet Marie

14. I Want To Show You

15. Electric Train

16. Don't You Know

17. Chores

18. Tenderly

20. North To Alaska


Track List: At Yankee Stadium

1. Green Lights

2. Just Ain't Fair

3. I Love Her, She Loves Me

4. Get Rhythm

5. That's Nice, That's Neat

6. Ain't No Free

7. I Want You Bad

8. The Same Old Thing

9. Yes, Yes, Yes

10. It Come To Me Naturally

11. Talk To Me

12. Shake, Rattle And Roll


Track List: All Hopped Up

1. Ridin' In My Car

2. It Feels Good

3. Cecilia

4. I Got A Rocket In My Pocket

5. Call Him Off, Rogers

6. Doctor's Wind

7. Things To You

8. Help Me Somebody

9. Still In School

10. Honey Hush

11. Queen Talk

12. Bonanza

13. That's Alright


Track List: Workshop

1. C'mon If You're Comin'

2. R C Cola And A Moon Pie

3. Blues Stay Away From Me

4. Mona

5. Just To Hold My Hand

6. Get That Gasoline Blues

7. Deaf, Dumb, And Blind

8. Miss Moses

9. I Got A Little Secret

10. Hearts Of Stone

11. Misunderstanding

12. Four Million B.C.


Track List: Scraps

2. Magnet

3. Don't Knock At My Door

4. Tragic Magic

5. Only You

6. Who Put The Garlic In The Glue?

7. Get A Grip

8. Boys In The City

9. New Tune

10. Scraps

11. It's Not So Hard

12. Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive / Things Are Getting Better

13. Do You Feel It?

14. Ain't It All Right

17. Trouble At The Henhouse


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saw them a bunch of times in various incarnations they always rocked do a great version of sink the bismarck
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Don't read! Now that you have started continue you will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the lov of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't stop, this is freaky! But if you read and ignore you will have bad luck. Put this on 15 other songs in 144 minutes and when your done press the space bar and your crushes name will appear in all caps it's creepy but works!
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Who are they
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Say your crushes name, kiss your hand, then repost this on two other songs. Look at your hand afterwards
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alabastervil l i s 0
sounds alil too much like a dirty rotten hippie band and we all should know by now that hippies are?....... come on kids we all know that hippies are street defecaters and public urine producers and evil to the core. id tell what ive done to hippies when i met them but I take the 5th
Report as inappropriate
I first saw 'the Q' in the 70's at a venue (whose name escapes me @ the moment) on lower Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NYC. For those of you who have opined that this group hardly qualifies as a 'Great Band,' I suggest that a) you either never caught them at a 'Live' show or b) are 'Deaf, Dumb, & Blind' ... I must have gone to at least 40 of their gigs over the years: most in the NE (bars, road houses, old theaters, pubs, taverns, colleges) in CT, RI, NY, NJ, MA, PA and as far away as OR & CA on th
Report as inappropriate
N othing. R adical B ut Q uent !!
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It's stupid so ah.
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michaelrocks 6 8
Well, alright... : ) : )
Report as inappropriate
They are not the best band. That's for sure. :|
Report as inappropriate
carina_corte z
RC Cola And A Moon Pie ROCK!
Report as inappropriate
It's so lame what do you think. ??
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Report as inappropriate
That song I so anoying
Report as inappropriate
I fell in love with my husband with this song....we'v e been married 35 years.
Report as inappropriate
College best of times, bopping to NRBQ at Toads Place in New Haven CT, early 1980s
Report as inappropriate
at yankee stadium my favorite Q album - these songs were always the backbone of their best shows
Report as inappropriate
great band and a lot of fun in concert (esp. w/ the whole wheat horns). . . sign up for lumosity, bonnit, and try to focus. Music critic indeed.
Report as inappropriate
Greatest Rock N' Roll band ever !!!
Report as inappropriate
Best incarnation of the band.
Report as inappropriate
They were my wedding band in 1982. We had a blast. We were family.
Report as inappropriate
I always mix up NRBQ, TSOL, TSOP, NRPS and a few other alphabet bands so I don't listen to any of them.
Report as inappropriate
see ya this summer at e www.thebeach o c o m b e r . c o m hey casuals fans!!!
Report as inappropriate
We love the Q of course, but that isn't them in the picture at the top of the page -- sorry Terry. Now go make up with Joey.....
Report as inappropriate
I worked with the Q starting when I was 14. I was doing merchandisin g and moving gear for them. They are one of the best bands of all times. Now that I'm 46, I really miss being on the road with them. We were a great little family, and I miss em.
Report as inappropriate
Definitely one of my all time favorites... . . t h e other ones? Beatles, the Band, original Allman Brothers
Report as inappropriate
Joey's wife, Kami Lyle, writes great tunes as well. Twisted humor and hot jazz key and trumpet chops.
Report as inappropriate
Johnny Spampinato ruined this band.
Report as inappropriate
NRBQ, perhaps the greatest garage band ever, their concerts are incredible, lively and leaves you exhausted, I cried when Big Al officially left the band. I hope for another album and if lucky another concert.
Report as inappropriate
'who put the garlic in the glue' a small example of what to expect from these guys. Gotta love 'em.
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ROCK/ the REAL THING !!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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I have been listening to the Q since 1969. Thus, they have been doing this thing for FOUR decades, not simply "over two decades" as this write-up states. Their first two albums were on Columbia, the first was "NRBQ"in 1969, and their second was "NRBQ with Carl Perkins" in 1970. That's right--That Carl Perkins. They are without a doubt my favorite band.
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never could squeeze a breakthrough anything HARDLUCK , BUT a LOYAL cult following, not many bands even come close to half of that. I would read about them now & then in Cream or Circus, but hell I was guilty of not giving them a fair shake, I am trying to make up for it these days. kinda like Earle with a list of bands I need to give a 2nd try, for shunning them the 1st go-around
Report as inappropriate
The greatest band no one has ever heard of, outside of The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and Mick Jagger - once said NRBQ was the greatest bar band in the world. In the summer 1979, I went to see them about 20 times at different venues in New England, and not once did they play the same show. I salute the Q withan RC Cola and a Moon Pie!
Report as inappropriate
i'm sorry to say i never heard these guys, but i'm enjoying the sound which takes me to one of my faves wet willie...lov e 'em
Report as inappropriate
Love the Q. Love Fergie! Steve Ferguson should have a station also.
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They're nice people they are. LET TOMMIE SING! Missing the official house band of the Simpsons. Come back to Chicago soon.

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