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Norma Jean

Not to be confused with the late-'70s disco diva (who sang with Chic in 1977 before going solo and scoring a hit with 1978's "Saturday") or the country singer (who enjoyed a successful run in the '60s), this Norma Jean is a Christian alternative metal/metalcore band previously known as Luti-Kriss. Norma Jean adopted a rap-metal approach during their early years; in reviews, the former Luti-Kriss was often described as the Christian equivalent of Limp Bizkit, Korn, (hed) p.e., Methods of Mayhem, or Rage Against the Machine. As the bandmates' tastes evolved, however, they turned away from rap-metal in favor of a heavier sound. The Southern band has enjoyed a small but enthusiastic cult following in the alt-metal underground, where they appeal to both Christian and non-Christian headbangers.

Norma Jean was formed in Douglasville, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta), in 1997. In the early 2000s, the band recorded two CDs as Luti-Kriss. Their first release was the 5 EP, followed in 2001 by the full-length Throwing Myself on Seattle's Solid State label, a subsidiary of Tooth and Nail Records. Often mistaken for the controversial rapper Ludacris -- who, coincidentally, is also from the Atlanta area -- the members of Luti-Kriss opted to adopt the Norma Jean name. Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child introduced this new moniker in 2002; it was also the band's heaviest, most brutal effort to date. While Norma Jean's first recordings inspired comparisons to Limp Bizkit and Korn, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child was often compared to Hatebreed. Isis and Mastodon producer Matt Bayles lent their help to 2005's O God, the Aftermath, while Korn and Limp Bizkit producer Ross Robinson helmed the epic Redeemer in 2006. Chris Raines, the drummer for Spitfire, joined the band in early 2008, and the new lineup released Antimother that summer. In 2010, they released Meridional. While the album felt like a creative high point for the band, their return to the studio would be rough one, with bassist Jake Schultz, guitarist Scottie Hickey, and drummer Chris Raines all parting ways with the band during the two-year recording process. The remaining members pressed on, though, recruiting guitarist Jeff Hickey, drummer Clayton Holyoak, and bass player John Finnegan to join their ranks. The result of their hard work, the surprisingly vital and cohesive Wrongdoers, arrived in 2013. ~ Alex Henderson, Rovi
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Everything these guys touch turns to gold. Despite all the line up changes, they are still some how still Norma Jean. It's amazing what these guys continue to do. I have always loved theses guys. They have changed my life forever.
The Human Face,Devine tho
HR Mondays!
Amazing band
my friend goose is the new drummer and he kicks a**. go wrongdoers!
Damn I remember when I first heard these guys I actually bought their CD by accident and fell in love with them ever since then and became a fan of hard core metal music since I was in 5th maybe 6th grade
I know it sounds like that but a lot of kids can't listen to it unless it has that labile because usually that means it doesn't need parental supervision on it and it is a lot more up beet and clean and is a teaching platform to what there baleafs are that's all but I see your point and some bands r proud to be called a christian band
It just pisses me off when a band touts itself as a Christian band. What does that even mean? Would a Christian band of all white members call itself a White band, too? They would not, unless they were separatists of some kind --- so don't give me the apologetics and claim, It doesn't matter, because it does - unless a Christian band is a separatist band of some sort. There's a ton of Christians out there that associate metal as devilish, of course a Xtian metal band is a means to an end.
Have guy heard of poor old lu is chirstian rock band
Chirstian rock band have guy heard of the band poor
Norma Jean is not even the original lineup....
It is the lerics any song can be Christian if the words r positive read the words if they r good than they r frome the right place if the not positive than don't listen to it I do like positive lerics about God and Jesus but it's good to here any music that lifts u up life is hard enough to be dragged down by music
I'd really like to see antimother on here!
Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However if you don't post this you will die in 2 days. Now you started reading this so don't stop. This is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in the next 143 minutes. When done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is so scary because it actually works
They need to get Antimother and Bless the Martyr, Kiss the Child on here!
Pretty sure this is the band that one of my long time, closest friends Aaron Crawford just recorded within' the passed year :^D He's a wonderful Musician himself and a long time badass at recording... ! ! He's recorded several bands (including his own passed and present bands), others from Kansas, Missouri and obviously other places over the U.S.- check him out, he's been in Krap, Weldon, Flee the Scene, and currently The Beautiful Bodies out of KC (Kansas City) just to name a few... He's a dr
If u like Norma jean check out vanna. Personally I think they're more enjoyable. Especially the songs from a new hope and also the album called the search party never came
lol. never knew they were luti-kriss. seen them open for zao long time ago. great time.
samanthajohn s t o n 0
I've been to 6 Norma jean concerts and they've said maybe 1 thing about their religion and it was before they started to play they asked the audience to please join in silence as they pray and they did it only once out of the 6 shows I've been to. plus lets be honest some of the most talented musicians are from Christian based bands such as August burns red Texas in July and in the midst of lions.

they don't claim their music style to be Christian they claim them selves as Christians not afrai
Pandora you f**ked up & missed their best album!!!!!
Dude Norma. Jean is the s**t I still got there shirt. From like 08
True that Richard.hayn e s 0 . They came, they rocked, they left.
richard.hayn e s 0
I've been to several Norma Jean shows and they have never preached anything. I call bullshit @AI the tagger
@Ai the Tagger. I have been to like 5-7 Norma Jean shows and have never heard them preach. Ever. So, yeah. Quit lying to make your point. Also, some of the best bands in this genre are Christian. Don't Christians have their own styles of music anyway--that is utterly ridiculous. Such an absurd statement that I don't even know how to respond adequately.
Lol really? who cares if there a christian band or not, they f**kin know how to jam. Thats all that matters. there is no heaven or hell, were all just here for the ride, so enjoy the music and everything else that comes in life.
Why do people get so worked up about a band's religious beliefs when the music itself is not down-your-th r o a t preachy? And why do we have to reserve certain genres for certain people? Music is a tool for expression and can be used for good and bad, much like a knife can be used for surgery or for murder. Part of the beauty of music is the ability to express yourself in non-conventi o n a l ways. Let go of your labels, enjoy the music for what it is and interpret it for yourself.
I think it's kinda hypocritical for a Christian band to adopt musical styles that served as the primary resistance to said religion. Also, don't Christians have their own styles of music anyway? Also I saw Norma Jean live once. It was good, till they started in with the whole accept Jesus into your life stuff. No offense to the Christians, but I am perfectly happy with my personal philosophy, and I don't mind if it's wrong and I'll be damned to hell for not abandoning my beliefs.
There's no religion in pure Christianity anyway. We ARE the church. We just have to follow Christ. I love Jesus and like Norma Jean.
Curtis has a a point. With most Christian metalcore bands, their beliefs are the whole reason they do what they do. :)
Norma jean is an awesome band and yes it matters if their christian or not because your religious outlook affects what you will sing about and stand for. AND THEY ARE CHRISTIAN!!! ! ! ! DUH
Christian band? Who cares what their religion is when the music rocks like this. I dont hear them preaching about Jesus, so what's the point of calling them a Christian band? I'm Christian, but my band is definetely not a Christian band... good stuff.
the best song by them by far came off their first album "memphis will be laid to rest" the breakdown is sick norma jean is one of my fav bands i have four fav bands cause i can't pick. and since everyone is saying it no religion for me either
Love this band...
some of their stuff ain't bad. hated luti kriss. didn't even know they were the same band. ha!
totally not religious but totally love this band
i efing love this band going to see them in augoust so happy cant wait:D
Going against the grain, I've always felt that The Anti Mother, Redeemer, and O God, The Aftermath were perfectly crafted and the logical direction for Norma Jean to head in. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate BTMKTC for what it is, I just think that Norma Jean has come a long way and it's all for the better. Meridional is going to be amazing! /end opinion
the whole scene died with hair in your eyes and your sisters jeans. i miss good music.
the new album is so sickkk!! great lyrics. its more than screamo and its more than hardcore, its an older more respected and more defined nj.
Their newest albums suck so hard. They died after bless the martyr and kiss the child as far as im concerned. Then again, cheesy "hardcore" died, as a whole about that same time as far as im concerned.
skaterboyo7o 2
how come it says that they only have 2 cd's
Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child is not only NJ's best record, it's one of the better metal albums of the decade.
ehhh, i liked bless the martyr more then their other stuff.
Watched them when they were Luti-Kriss and they were great then and to watch them transform into Norma Jean and see how their music has evolved and they have matured their disticnt sound and crafted some awsome albums.
I wouldn't say there early stuff was rap based at all.But If you listen to some old demos when they were called Luti-Kriss, there is some rap sound with the vocals. Almost in a early Deftones way. Their lyrics were more christian with the first singer than the new guy. Still an awesome band to anyone who appreciates and understands music. Redeemer was definitely their best work in my opinion, which is usually wrong in most peoples eyes. Every album is unique.
Norma Jean adopted a rap-metal approach during their early years

nothing i have heard from them approaches "rap", so what does this mean?
ya theyre about as christian as you can get in the hardcore scene. That doesnt effect my liking for theyre music, but you can tell they kinda toned it down from Bless The Martyr to The Antimother
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