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A savvy pop-rapper with crossover appeal, Nelly seemed like a novelty when he first debuted in 2000 with "Country Grammar (Hot...)," yet he was no one-hit wonder, consistently returning to the pop charts with smash hits like "Hot in Herre," "Grillz," and "Dilemma." His universality was partly rooted in his hometown -- the Gateway City, officially known as St. Louis, Missouri -- which set him apart from all of the prevailing rap styles of his time. He wasn't from the East or West Coast, nor was he from the South. Nelly's locale certainly informed his rapping style, which was both country and urban at the same time, as well as his dialect, which combined a Southern drawl with Midwestern twang. Plus, Nelly never shied away from a pop-rap approach, embracing a singalong vocal style that made his hooks catchier than most, thanks also in part to his standby producer, Jason "Jay E" Epperson. As a result, Nelly became a rapper capable of crossing practically all boundaries, from the Dirty South to MTV's Total Request Live and everything in between. His first hit, "Country Grammar (Hot...)," became a nationwide summer anthem in 2000, and many more smash hits followed during the remainder of the decade.

Born Cornell Haynes, Jr., on November 2, 1974, Nelly moved with his mother from downtown St. Louis to the slightly more suburban University City as a teen. There, he chiefly attended to baseball and rap, forming the St. Lunatics with a group of his peers (including Big Lee, Kyjuan, Murphy Lee, and City Spud). The St. Lunatics enjoyed a regional hit in 1996 with the self-produced single "Gimmie What You Got," but no recording deal was forthcoming. Frustrated with failed attempts to land a record deal as a group, the St. Lunatics collectively decided that Nelly would have a better chance as a solo act. The rest of the group could follow with solo albums of their own. The gamble paid off, and soon Nelly caught the attention of Universal, who signed him to a solo deal.

His debut album, Country Grammar (2000), featured contributions from the St. Lunatics as well as the Teamsters, Lil Wayne, and Cedric the Entertainer, and thanks to the widespread popularity of lead single "Country Grammar (Hot S**t)," Country Grammar debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 album chart, climbing to the top spot soon afterward. In addition to the Top Ten title track, Country Grammar spawned the hit singles "E.I.," "Ride wit Me," and "Batter Up." In the wake of Nelly's remarkable breakthrough success, he recorded a group album with the St. Lunatics, Free City (2001); released by Universal, the album charted in the Top Three and spawned a moderate hit, "Midwest Swing," which cracked the Billboard Hot 100 at number 88.

The following summer Nelly returned with his second album, Nellyville (2002), and lived up to his self-proclaimed billing as "#1" (i.e., the title of his 2001 hit from the Training Day soundtrack): Nellyville topped the Billboard album chart, while the Neptunes-produced lead single, "Hot in Herre," remained atop the singles chart. In all, Nelly impressively held the number one spot on ten different Billboard charts the week of Nellyville's release, and he remained a chart presence as he released a string of follow-up singles: "Dilemma" (a chart-topper), "Air Force Ones" (a Top Three hit), "Work It" (featuring Justin Timberlake), and "Pimp Juice" (the source of some controversy).

Even after Nellyville ran its course commercially, Nelly's hit streak continued unabated, with "Iz U" (from his stopgap remix album Derrty Versions [2003]) and "Shake Ya Tailfeather" (from the Bad Boys II [2003] soundtrack) keeping him in the spotlight while he readied his separately released double-disc Sweatsuit (2004) project (following the lead of OutKast and R. Kelly, who had both recently released very successful two-disc sets). Sweat and Suit were led by a pair of red-hot singles -- "Flap Your Wings" (a club jam) and "My Place" (a slow jam) -- and debuted at the top two spots on the Billboard 200 album chart. Follow-up singles included "Tilt Ya Head Back" (featuring Christina Aguilera), "Over and Over" (Tim McGraw), "Na-Na-Na-Na" (Jazze Pha), and "N Dey Say." Sweat and Suit were later bundled as Sweatsuit (2005), along with the new song "Grillz," itself a number one hit. The time between its release and that of Brass Knuckles (2008) was the longest Nelly went between albums to date, though he did collaborate frequently (with Ashanti, R. Kelly, and T.I., to name only a few) during the downtime. The star-studded 5.0 (2010) featured the singles "Just a Dream" (produced by Jim Jonsin) and "Move That Body" (produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin, featuring Akon and T-Pain). His 2013 effort M.O. featured numerous tracks with Pharrell plus Nicki Minaj and Nelly Furtado, as guest stars. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Hey Porsche (Single)


Track List: Party People (Radio Single) (Explicit)


Track List: Stepped On My J'z (Radio Single) (Explicit)


Track List: The Champ (Single)


Track List: Tip Drill (Radio Single)


Track List: Wadsyaname (Radio Single)


Now are you taking care self,eating, s i t down off your feet.
When i promise you to stand you i keep it ,you know i keep my promises
Hd GHhfhfrbdnbd h h d h d r d k j d n d n d n d n d n f n d j d n f
I love this song so much better now
Ayyy must be tha moneyyy
Love nelly
Nelly im your biggest fan in the world
Jushejsuehei e u d h s i w u s w o u s i s u s i s h s s h u w o s j s u s h w h e i d e e u h e i e i d j e i d u d u d u i d u d u d y h e u d u d h u d j d d j i u u d d i u d h d i e j e i e i e u e i e u d h e h s o s w o e o e o i s y s g s e h g y e i e o e i e o e o o e o e o e o e p
I Usaré This Sony at some movies
Eeehueieeoej d h e h i d o d j e u e j e u h e j e u e e j u h e j e u u e e j h e e j j e i e o e i e e j e e h e i i e j e e k w j e u e i e o e e j e i h e u h e e j e l w k l e k e d i j e k e e u e u e j e o e o e d i i e o e p p e
Shuwksjeisis j e o e k s s h u e o e h s i e l s i x h e i x j j s i s s k o s s j o s i d o e j s d j d d u e o e p e k d o s k s x u h e s j i s o s k s i s j s o s k s l s k s u s h s u s o w j s h s h s o s o s s o s k s k w s k j s i s k s o s o s o i s h w j s y s o o w o w o w j s s j i s o w
this is the song for life real talk crips 4 life annie mane
Ghysueheodwg d u h w g w o s l s e j e j d h d h e o e w i y e d i e u g e g e u w h d i e h e i o e u d g e u d o d e h g e j s k e d i y d e d o o e j d i d d h u d d i h d i e k e u e y i d o e i h d i d i d h d u d g d u e k e i d h e j d h e j w o o w p e i e j e i y e e o e p
Don't read this because it actually works you will be kissed on the nearest Friday tomorrow will be the best day of your life now that your reading this don't stop post this on five songs in 143 minutes then press F6 and your lovers name will appear in big letters this is so scary it actually works.
The just a dream song is amazing.
I love this song so much better now
Don't read this because it actually works you will be kissed on the nearest Friday tomorrow will be the best day of your life now that your reading this don't stop post this on five songs in 143 minutes then press F6 and your lovers name will appear in big letters this is so scary it actually works.
I love you nelly
All I think about is you!!
My n**ga!!
3, no one remembered 2, is not a winner I am #1
It was only just a dream
Love Nelly
manuel_andor a
Hey NELLY my name is Jayvon
Aww haven't heard this song in for evs
Love mY baby ��
All I do is think about you <3 love you baby
Get butterball butt naked fin oil you up and eat you after the holiday day snack.
IN THE top ten of MC'S,
Talented brother.
Educated thug haha
Jsiudidekjdo d j d o e j d x u r o f k d d h s u d j e o f i c j d k k h d i o d h e o f i v k e r k d o d j i d f j i e r j f j j r o r j f o d j f u d i e o e k r o d k d k i s s o s k e k d d l j d u s j f u f j d k r k d j e o e k d u h j d o g j d i d u d h f u f i j v u j d i r o f k s j w o e k e k e o e k e
2 is not a,winner 3no one remembered I am #1 yes sir
Now ik why I'm failing my classes cause I think bout nothing else bout you:* love you baby lots idk what to do if I don't have you I need you so bad baby
i like it
It was only a dream!������
All Nelly songs are good..people can relate to them...
Pretty good songs
I love nelly
I love Nelly and as hi to together
Dilemma and another couple I like from Nelly as well...but he got show on b.e.t call nellyville I watch it everday
Follow me ✊
casandrakaui h a n a . c k
Nelly bomb all the way from Hawaii
Why do you even exist?
Keep up the good work
I need David badly I miss him so much I can't stop thinking about him I know that I think about him he think about me we dated 1 time e broke up because he thought that I like some one els but I don't like any one els I can't stop thinking about him every time I close my eyes I see him
I remember me and my ex song this song to me miss u baby come back
Eric you will always be "My Boo"
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