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My Bloody Valentine

Like the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, and the Jesus and Mary Chain before them, My Bloody Valentine redefined what noise meant within the context of pop songwriting. Led by guitarist Kevin Shields, the group released several EPs in the mid-'80s before recording the era-defining Isn't Anything in 1988, a record that merged lilting, ethereal melodies of the Cocteau Twins with crushingly loud, shimmering distortion. Though My Bloody Valentine rejected rock & roll conventions, they didn't subscribe to the precious tendencies of anti-rock art-pop bands. Instead, they rode crashing waves of white noise to unpredictable conclusions, particularly since their noise wasn't paralyzing like the typical avant-garde noise rock band: it was translucent, glimmering, and beautiful. Shields was a perfectionist, especially when it came to recording, as much of My Bloody Valentine's sound was conceived within the studio itself. Nevertheless, the band was known as a formidable live act, even though they rarely moved, or even looked at the audience, while they were on-stage. Their notorious lack of movement was branded "shoegazing" by the British music press, and soon there were legions of other shoegazers -- Ride, Lush, the Boo Radleys, Chapterhouse, Slowdive -- that, along with the rolling dance-influenced Madchester scene, dominated British indie rock of the late '80s and early '90s. As shoegazing reached its peak in 1991, My Bloody Valentine released Loveless, which broke new sonic ground and was hailed as a masterpiece. Though the band was poised for a popular breakthrough, it disappeared into the studio and didn't emerge over the next five years, leaving behind a legacy that proved profoundly influential in the direction of '90s alternative rock.

Born in Queens, New York, Kevin Shields' family moved to Dublin, Ireland, when he was six years old. In his teens, he became obsessed with pop music, eventually playing in Complex with his childhood friend Colm O'Ciosoig. In 1984, Shields and O'Ciosoig formed My Bloody Valentine with vocalist Dave Conway and keyboardist Tina, taking their name from a slasher horror film. The group relocated to Berlin, where they released the Birthday Party-influenced EP This Is Your Bloody Valentine on the Tycoon label in 1985 to little notice. The following year, the band moved to London, where they added bassist Debbie Googe. By the summer, they had signed to Fever and had released the EP Geek!, which again was ignored. Later that year, the group moved to Kaleidoscope Sound, releasing The New Record by My Bloody Valentine EP, which illustrated a Jesus & Mary Chain influence. The following year, the band moved to the Primitives' Lazy Records, releasing Sunny Sundae Smile early in the year. That EP was the first My Bloody Valentine record to mesh airy melodies with grinding guitars, but the two EPs that followed in 1987 -- Strawberry Wine and Ecstasy -- were more focused and acclaimed. Conway left the band by the end of the year and was replaced by vocalist/guitarist Bilinda Butcher, whose breathy vocals fit the group's evolving sound more appropriately.

My Bloody Valentine's new sound coalesced with the group's first full-fledged album, 1988's Isn't Anything. Released on Creation Records, Isn't Anything was greeted with enthusiastic reviews in the U.K. music press and the band's following increased dramatically by the end of the year; in fact, their reputation had become large enough to attract the attention of Sire/Warner Bros. in the U.S., who became the group's American label. Two other EPs, Feed Me With Your Kiss and You Made Me Realise, were also quite popular, and by the beginning of 1989, bands that based their sound on My Bloody Valentine's droning swirl began to appear. The group retreated to the studio in 1989 to record its follow-up, which meant that only one EP, Glider, was released during that year. By the spring of 1990, it was becoming clear that the follow-up to Isn't Anything wouldn't be appearing anytime soon, and reports about Shields' growing perfectionism began to circulate in the U.K. weekly music press. Soon, it became apparent that the band's lengthy recording sessions were crippling Creation Records, but the group's audience was still passionate despite the inactivity: the Tremolo EP was released at the end of 1990 to considerable acclaim, and managed to climb into the U.K. Top 40.

When My Bloody Valentine's second album, Loveless, finally appeared in late 1991, it was greeted with uniformly excellent reviews and it became a hit within the U.K., reaching number 24 on the charts. In America, the group made significant inroads, particularly by supporting Dinosaur Jr. Despite the band's acclaim and growing audience, Loveless didn't sell in numbers to recoup its reported 500,000 dollar recording cost and Creation dropped the band from their label roster; Creation wouldn't fully recover until 1994, when they signed Oasis. My Bloody Valentine signed with Island and entered the studio at the end of 1992 to record a new album. In 1993, the group contributed a James Bond cover to a charity compilation.

And then...nothing happened.

Shields built a home studio with his Island advance and reportedly completed two separate albums, but scrapped them both. Often, the studio ran into technological problems. Between 1993 and 1997, both Googe and O'Ciosoig left the band, leaving only Shields and Butcher; after driving a cab for about a year, Googe formed Snowpony in 1996. There were signs that My Bloody Valentine were emerging from hiding in 1996, when the group contributed to the Wire tribute album Whore and Shields played on Experimental Audio Research's Beyond the Pale. In the late 2000s, the band re-formed to play several shows, including a five-night residency at London's Roundhouse venue in June 2008; that summer and autumn, they played the European festival circuit as well as major cities in North America, including the All Tomorrow's Parties festival they curated in Monticello, New York, that September. In 2009 they embarked on a smaller round of dates, with dates in the Netherlands as well as the All Tomorrow's Parties "Nightmare Before Christmas" festival that December. Late in 2012, Shields announced that My Bloody Valentine had completed a new album, but no firm release date was mentioned. The album, mbv, arrived in February 2013. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi
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claricentp91 7
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shawnnavuz71 1
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I saw them at The New Ritz in NY sometime around 93 I would guess. That was the old Studio 59 space. Notoriously terrible sound, and MBV didn't translate well there. Granted, half the crowd were clueless clubgoers.. But the volume was punishing and the harmonic quality was lost. Voice wasn't sublimely under the mix. It wasn't there at all.
It's a difficult thing to do live. I felt I knew their music inside and out back then, but I couldn't tell one song from the other.
let this follow me into the void...
Best song?? Sugar
Good write up. Map Ref is a great song. Good catalogue update too Pandora. Wish I could hear songs more than once.
Yeah they are playing tracks from MBV on Pandora now!
exquisite_so l a c e
m b v doesn't disappoint.. . Good follow up to Loveless twenty one years ago. Just bought the digital download, CD, and LP and am hoping they do a North American tour soon!
Actually, novocainstai n n n n , the word hipster dates to decades before MBV.
Awesome Bill from Dawsonville i agree with you completely!!
Oh how this makes me feel. dont let it get to me. Great artists MVB are.
MBV is retroactivel y hipster now? No. I do not accept these terms. You damn kids get off my lawn (of high school memories).
Agree, BFMV is more screamo teenage angst.
Man this is the worst Bullet for my Valentine song I've ever heard
my bloody valentine and shoegaze in general have been around long before people even started throwing the word hipster around. it's a beautiful genre of music and i genuinely feel sorry for you if you can't appreciate it because you've written it off as hipster
When you wear ripped up, worn Converse, why gaze at them? Hipsters...
guitarjay123 4 5 6 7 8 9
I think I can only think of only one my bloody valentine song thats used pure noise for only seconds in their song, I think anyone who thinks all my bloody valentine is pure noise is either too old to hear rock and roll or very assumptious. Its like saying you don't even hear a note in some of the most melodic music out there. Pure ignorance.
It never fails to amaze me how some people just don't get it and for others it's an epiphany.
Thanks for the Snowpony namecheck - I picked that up when it came out and it remains a fav.
stuff like this needs to be injected back in the mainstream, get rid of lady gaga and justin bieber, bring shoegaze, trip-hop, grunge, etc. back from the 90's and even a couple 60's revivalist neo-psychede l i a types
If you like this check out medicine.
It amazes me to this day, 20yrs later, how MBV actually pulled this distortion off. It is so murky yet has sooo much melody to it. It sound timeless as well. No wonder music critics still name this album top 20 albums of ALL time. luv it
I wonder what would have come about if Shields hadn't gone turtle. "Soon" still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
music orgy for the senses
I'd have to say that these guys are a bit better than Sonic Youth, for my money. Sonic Youth is good, but not My Bloody Valentine good.
loveless is a masterwork. pure and total mastery.
a mind adventure
Best. Live. Show. Ever.
very underrated band
just chill out music and takes my mind on a journey
not to be confused with bullet for my valentine... h o r r i b l e band. My Bloody Valentine, on the other hand, is awesome!!
kla;dkjfiwef n s d k v no words can describe the greatness of this band
annakproctor 1
Soon is my favorite song.
my bloody valentine is not music. it's an experience!
They need a new album, saw them live and I really wanted to hear something new.
in terms of creating a sound...this is truly one of the greatest bands ever...obvio u s l y loveless is a masterpiece
I love this band.
One of my all time favorite space-jam post modern bands. More reverb please?
Dying Monkeys...go t t a Love it! And gotta Love MBV, they are sublime...Pe a c e !
You Made Me Realise not being on Pandora makes me so sad, because it is my all-time favourite MBV track. Their cover of Wire's geography love song is also pure genius.
I heart this band with lustful enthusiasm.
Kevin Shields music in Lost in Translation, no?
the first time I heard this band I was in a Recording studio...... . t h e producer played me Only Shallow in the control room at about 110 Db thru a Set of Adams. It changed my life slightly and my songwriting style if that can even happen...... . . .
when my ten year old heard this song he said it sounded like dying monkeys... you have to have an ear for shoegaze... I've been a better person since I've heard My Bloody Valentine.
Perfect for a night like tonight.
wish i cld go to a show
6 thumbs up
CORPSEROT: Everything you just said is TRUE. I can say this because I live in suburbia and deal with mainstream crap everyday :)
first off why bother saying anything awkwardronal d if its going to be crap.anyways mbv's drunk/stoned guitar sound on loveless makes them pretty unique and though most the songs arent very technical the chord and riff changes are really good and also catchy.obvio u s l y mainstream america rejects the hell out of this band cause there way to different with a depressed or miserable overall expression(w h i c h is why i love it)guys shouldnt sing to this kind of music ever.check out loomer,blown a wish
mbv is loud in a way that is somehow different from any 'too loud' concert i've ever been too. mbv is loud in a way that is part of the experience without losing any of the musicality. they are also loud in a way that'll shake your pants off. with my 30db custom molded musician's ear plugs, at All Tomorrow's Parties in NY I still feared for my hearing, but was OK the next day. Well, my *hearing* was OK. I was mind-melted for DAYS if not weeks. Still in awe, really.
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