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The Christian-themed punk-pop outfit MxPx formed in 1993 in Bremerton, WA. Originally dubbed Magnified Plaid, the group launched while its three members -- vocalist/bassist Mike Herrera, drummer Yuri Ruley, and guitarist Andy Husted -- were still attending high school. The moniker was later shortened to MxPx after Ruley abbreviated the name on some show flyers; poor handwriting saw the periods being interpreted as x's instead, and the name stuck. Wielding an energetic sound that was inspired by the Descendents, NOFX, the group's own Christian faith, and California's skateboard culture, the band wasted little time attracting a local following.

By the time Ruley and his bandmates received their driver's licenses, the trio had already released several 7" singles and a debut album, Pokinatcha, for Tooth & Nail Records in 1994. It quickly became the label's best-seller and prompted the release of the band's sophomore effort, Teenage Politics, late the next year. By this time, Husted had been replaced by guitarist Tom Wisniewski, and the group quickly followed the release of Teenage Politics with a short collection of cover songs entitled On the Cover. Popular with the skate/surf community as well as the punk underground (with a snowboard sponsorship to their name), MxPx ultimately broke out of the underground in 1996 with their classic third LP, Life in General. The album included such fan favorites as "Chick Magnet" and "Move to Bremerton."

Though dubbed a Christian punk band, religious themes were never an overbearingly dominant force in the band's songs, as they usually relied on such universal themes as growing up. Furthermore, as MxPx progressed in their career, their songs gravitated toward the secular side of things even further. Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo, the band's debut for major label A&M, appeared in 1998. That fall, they also released the compilation album Let It Happen on their old Tooth & Nail label; the odds-and-sods collection contained B-sides, demos, and other stray tracks. The live recording At the Show showed MxPx's ability to re-create their spunky music in concert, and The Broken Bones EP appeared 2000 before their next full-length, The Ever Passing Moment, arrived in the spring.

Another effort, The Renaissance EP, was followed two years later with the band's first greatest-hits release, Ten Years and Running. Their next official studio effort came in the form of 2003's Before Everything & After, an album that alienated some fans with its slick, pop-oriented nature. Late 2004 saw the release of a career retrospective DVD, B-Movie, and the guys passed the following summer by returning to the Vans Warped Tour. MxPx then returned to form (and back to the indie leagues) with their seventh studio album, Panic, which surfaced in June 2005 on the Side One Dummy label. MxPx spent summer 2006 on the road with ska-punkers Reel Big Fish before dropping their next record, Let's Rock, that October. Let's Rock was comprised of previously unreleased tracks from recording sessions dating back to 2000. The next month, Tooth & Nail reissued a deluxe version of MxPx's 1998 rarities compilation Let It Happen, including a bonus DVD and several unreleased songs.

MxPx then confirmed in early 2007 that they had re-signed with Tooth & Nail with the intention of releasing their new album that summer, and release it they did, with Secret Weapon hitting stores in the middle of that year. They remained on the roster for the 2009 release of On the Cover II, another covers album that paid tribute to the band's early days while showing appreciation for the likes of the Clash, Ramones, and the Go-Go's. Late that year, MxPx issued the EP Left Coast Punk on their own label, Rock City Recording Company; for the holidays, they issued Punk Rawk Christmas digitally and in several limited-edition packages. MxPx marked their 20th anniversary with ninth studio album Plans Within Plans, which arrived in spring 2012 for the Rock City label. ~ John Bush & Corey Apar, Rovi
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I love this song i think Its a good song and I think it was the best song yet that you might have made
Very underrated band. It's sad that their popularity isn't anywhere where it should be. MxPx is a pretty unique band and they never cease to amaze me with their work. I wish good luck to the band in the future and hope that if they make another album, it'll be awesome as f**k! Haha rock on MxPx
I lived across from mike & his wife
I can't wait until they might do another album
At cornerstone one year I was watching pod play our god is a awesome god and all you could hear was McPhee playing this song then all of the sun den the power went out and the holy sprit fell in the pod tent it was pretty rad!!!
Best 90's Punk band ever and even with their newer songs that are still the best around!
Life In General is their best in my opinion. Fast and punk.
brandon_slez a k
They are clearly no longer Christians, and while I don't believe you can lose your salvation, they clearly aren't great Christian role models, Christianity isn't just something you grow up with and then forget in lieu of buddhishm, humanism or generic spirituality , you are about Jesus or not, clearly this band is more about chicks, orgasms, and f$%^ing about google pouzza fest 2013 if you don't believe me
nicknabors19 8 4
Takes me back to middle and high school Saw Mike on their anniversary tour this past winter @ Peabody's in Cleveland. We got that place rockin, great time...waiti n g for him/them to come thru the midwest again.
F**k the criston s**t there awesonw
hey. fun fact. god isnt real. hah!
Christian punk! Booya!!
Jesus is awesome!!!!
snowboarding m a n 1 2 3 4
Haha I used to go to church with these guys (when I went to church) and during Warped Tour either 02 or 03 they pulled me on stage to sing Move to Bremerton considering I lived there. Then I went and moshed up and ended up in the hospital van thing.....go o d times and great band. And who cares what religion they are its good music!
I went to school with these guys and they are absolutly & amazingly talented! I listen to them all the time and it's amazing how far they've come!
Funny how in the real world, with no spin, ATHEISTS are the more blaming whining little brats
religion is not gonna save you your relationship with god will
DANGGG....wh y do we have all these useless comments. What does religion has to do with music. God is probably saying Don't get me involved in this crap, I got better things to do!!!! To each its own, no one has the right to judge anyone. With that said, MxPx rules, I grew up listening to therm and now 31, I will see them in their 20th Anniversary Show in Anaheim
marketing458 8
D.M1389, there is only one unforgivable sin at death. Fortunately, for you God understands human kind's irrationalit y and can forgive even YOU for the things you have said.
christians take everything to a**, any of you bible thumpers have bank accounts or credit cards? (sinners) do you use synthetic compounds of anykind?(sin ) do you suck a** at life and ask a GOD to help you and give you and strength(p** s y a**). do you give worship to some hallucinatin g a**hole that claimed to be the son of god?(retards ) f**king christians are just as disgusting as republicans. . . a disease that should be erradicated with extreme prejudice and no remorse.
Dear Ben,

Leviticus 19:27 Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.
Leviticus 19:19 Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.

Do you shave or cut your hair? Do you buy clothing from stores? What an abomination you must be to God. If you actually read the Bible look at the New Testament covenants over the Old Testament covenants.
I have followed these guys for years...even followed them for a month back in the late 90's during their Make It Happen album. Awesome band!
@skonjie this band is older then sum 41
dang! these guys stink! puh-lease don't play them on my station again!
wait, i wanna amend my previous post. all pop-punk sucks. good job record labels for making music worse than it is. no wonder no one listens to the bloody radio anymore.
normally i don't comment on anything but mxpx fvcking blows. always has, always will. if u like em that's great, you just have terrible taste.
eh. cool that they don't wave the bible in your face all the time but they don't really stand out. mayb having a sound that is very safe is why they made it at all.
I knew these guys in high school. *eye roll* I liked Ben Gibbard better -- he was actually a friend of mine, these guys always struck me as the sort who had an exaggerated view of how great they were...
BARF! Another crappy wanna be punk emo band!
OMG i can't believe you guys are complaining about ethics and religion. Dude its mxpx! You guys are definitely not pxpx ers!
ildirkofdenb a r
Yeah...I'm gonna say it...tattoos aren't evil. *cringes while Bibles are thrown his way* I love you brothers and sisters who go on a band like MxPx and say, "Their tattoos make them bad so I can't listen to them!" Well, the honest truth is that I bet a lot of our worship leaders are overweight so it's the same aurgument. How a person lives is how you should figure where they stand. In end though, on a music forum, really, all that matters is to keep rocking the scene. Music is music man!
There are very few christian bands that I like, biggest reason why I don't like them is because the lyrics are cliche' (god saved me, god will save me, I know I'm loved, etc.) makes me gag, their sounds are also cliche'. Not the few songs I have heard from this band. I didn't even know they were Christin, my ears did pick up some lyrics that tipped me off but it was not in my face, cliche' or annoying. Prof that country music singers aren't the only genre that could make it with Christin music
oh yeah, and if you like heavy pop punk, A Day To Remember, and border line Red Jumpsuit Apparatus would be good to look into
lol not all pop punk is Christian. look ATL, Good Charlotte, The Click 5, Every Avenue, and many others. there does seem to be alot of Christian pop punk like Relient K and Stellar Kart, and MXPX, but most of them still aren't really in your face about it.
Seems like every punk-pop bands are christian l have to over look this ^,..,^
LOOOOOOOOOOV E E E E E E E E E E MXPX!!!!!!!! ! ! ! And if I could 'like' Shane's comment like you can 'like' stuff on Facebook, I would!
fgrant.lla38 0
In all fairness, Andy WAS the origional guitarist for the band but left after Pokinatcha and was replaced by Tom. A bio of this size should correct/spec i f y .
I don't care about religion, but when I like it I like it. I like it.
Another wanna be punk band lik sum 41 and blink 182! Lame! Boring!
ourworldfrea k
their guitarist is Tom Wisenewski, not Andy Husted
I cant even count how many MXPX shows I went to during high school. These guys with Valu Pac, Supertones and Slick Shoes made for a great show!
Proberly cause there christian. NOFX is awesome too.
trillssandta p 1 0 8
Reminds me of NOFX, except more appropriate.
One of my favorite memories will always be seeing these guys at Shadrach's in Visalia, CA when I was in college in '95. Intimate setting, good pit, and fun skating behind the venue with the guys after the concert. Very down to earth and just plain decent folks.
i love their song "everything suxs when youre gone"!
mxpx is as good as some other punk bands out there
Pretty good for punk... still, i go mor for melodic rock.
never would have guessed they were associated with cristian music. good band though
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