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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus became an overnight sensation in 2006 as the lead of the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana, but as the years went on, she established herself as a pop star in her own right. Overnight popularity wasn't a new thing for the Cyrus family; Miley's father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, went from obscurity to stardom in a few short months in 1992, when "Achy Breaky Heart" became a crossover hit. The success of "Achy Breaky Heart" was hardly the only memorable event for Billy Ray that year, though, as he and his wife welcomed their daughter Destiny Hope Cyrus into the world on November 23, 1992. Destiny's cheerful disposition as a child earned her the nickname Smiley, which stuck when it was shortened to Miley.

Miley's career as a professional actress began in 2003, when she appeared alongside her father in an episode of the television series Doc. The same year, she landed a small role in the Tim Burton film Big Fish. The budding actress had also developed an interest in writing songs and learning how to sing, and in 2005, she landed a role that allowed her to put her skills in acting and music to work. Miley was cast in the title role of Hannah Montana, in which she played a teenage girl leading a double life: by day, she's Miley Stewart, an ordinary kid dealing with school, friends, siblings, and all the other foibles of life for a 14-year-old, while at night she dons a wig and becomes Hannah Montana, a multi-platinum pop star whose career is guided by her dad, songwriter Robby Stewart. Miley's friends don't know she's also Hannah, however, and keeping this a secret is no simple matter. After debuting in March 2006, Hannah Montana became an immediate success with young viewers and led to the release of a soundtrack CD in October, featuring Miley singing eight songs from the show along with five related tracks (including a duet with her father, Billy Ray, on "I Learned from You").

That fall, Miley hit the road as the opening act for another Disney-spawned pop act, the Cheetah Girls. A reissue of the Hannah Montana album followed in March 2007, not long after the show's theme song, "The Best of Both Worlds," was released as a single. A second Hannah Montana record, Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus, was released in summer 2007. That fall, Cyrus embarked on the Best of Both Worlds tour, which stretched into early 2008 and was edited into The Best of Both Worlds Concert film, which was released that spring. By then, Cyrus was busy recording Breakout, her first full-fledged album as herself, as well as shooting Hannah Montana: The Movie, which was slated for release the following year.

Breakout arrived in summer 2008. It topped the Billboard charts and quickly went platinum, paving the way for an even more successful year in 2009. Hannah Montana: The Movie was released that March and peaked at number one, while the soundtrack's lead single -- a country-pop ballad called "The Climb" -- became one of the year's most omnipresent songs, giving Miley her first multi-platinum hit. A short album, The Time of Our Lives, arrived several months later and yielded another hit with "Party in the U.S.A.," which charted inside the Billboard Top Ten for 16 weeks. Cyrus performed the song on the "Wonder World Tour," her first international tour, and also found time to film another movie, The Last Song, which hit theaters in 2010. With acting assuming such a large role in her life, Cyrus announced her decision to take a hiatus from music -- but not before the release of her third album, Can't Be Tamed, which appeared that summer.

After making a number of television appearances and appearing in the films LOL and So Undercover, Cyrus decided to return to music, choosing to go in a more grown-up direction by enlisting a number of popular rap producers, including Pharrell Williams. The resulting effort, entitled Bangerz, combined crunky beats with synth pop, electro, and stadium rock tropes. Released in October 2013, it was promoted by Cyrus with a controversial performance at the MTV VMAs, which seemed to get the whole world talking about her. ~ Mark Deming & Andrew Leahey, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Adore You (Cedric Gervais Extended Club Remix) (Single)


Track List: G.N.O. - Girl's Night Out


Track List: I Miss You (Radio Single)


Track List: Liberty Walk (Radio Single)


Track List: Two More Lonely People (Radio Single)


Track List: Wrecking Ball (Single)


I love this miley
Seiena. Gomez.
A year. Without. Rain . Semi . Gom
I Don't Like U
You are the reason I love making music I cry when you sing good you are my saver
Happy birthday Miley Cyrus����
!!!! I love you!!!!
What happen to the good MILEY CYRUS
K, ur music's cool, and I don't listen to u alot, but u r who u r and this is her!
Hi I knew how u feel ...... People making fun of how u look like .....really people it's NOT COOL to call famous people that because all that ur doing is hating on those famous people but for me I never do that ..... Think before u do those things .......ok!!!
-Laura Retana<3
divaleesh1 gay or not
Go back u went up there to git more money and fame wiz Khalifa and so much editing on your songs I don't like them go back
I love miley
Miley you are sooooooooooo o o o o o o sexy and your boobs look sexy too
I didn't really like Hanna Montana .but now I would love her if she came back...why and how did she change??
Follow me if you agree or not!
Miley, keep staying who you are!Don't listen to other people! We love for who you are! But atleast don't do drugs! You know you better than that!
Please go back to the old u. U were better then this u ARE better then this. Ill always love ur songs though
Miley cyrus please GO BACK TO THE OLD U I HATE THIS U
I loved when Miley was danceing with the foam finger #yolo
Dhiddhdioeod j d g d h d o d i e l d o d g e u d i d h e d i k d j e o d i f h e d i d j h d i d h d i j d i u d h d i f h d i d j d i e h e j d o o d k d d i d e i i d i d h d u o d j e i d j d u d h e i d o d k e k h d i e i e u d h e d d i j d d i h d g d d i i j d d j d j i d j d i o d j d i o d j d
P loo opens lo opp police lop l.p. pollution
'll put loo
Lo opp l.p. l loo look polo look look Lolo Spell
Ieudgdudeiii c g d i d j d o d k d i c g d i f i j e o d i d h d i e i d g h d i e j d o d j o d o d j d i d g d i d j d j d d i h d o i d i d o d i d i d j i d j e i d o i d o d j d g e h d o d i d o o f u d y d g d i o d j f j d k f c j j c i d h d i d i d e i o e i d e u i d o d j e i d i f h f o f u d d
My service please be how you were like Hannah Montana from Elizabeth love Miley Cyrus
Come back please I am listening to one of ur songs " one in a million" and it made me cry I miss the old u
Old Miley
christa.lynn 2 0 0 2
I miss her so much which I mean I want old miley to come back
Never knew what happened to the old Miley. Love the climb :'(
Miley please be the way you where be for
Miley u should be better than this I loved the old miley please go back to your self I miss the old u
U have became so nasty
My favorite song is weking ball
Love your songs
Jdkekdjdjekd k d k j d k e l e m d l e k d k e j d m d d k e k d d k d k e l e j d d j d k d k e o d j d j j k e k d l e k d o d j d j o w k e o e j j d k d k e k e k e k e j d i w j e f h f n g f j h g j , b , j g k d s o e k e
i used to watch her hit show Hannah Montana and i loved it everysince she became a nasty twerker and rapper or whatever now i really refuse to watch her show and everynow and then i watch it and i cry thinkin what happened to her even her daddy is dissopointed in her
Come back MILEY SMILEY! :(
I support your change u rock
Miley your better than this!
Sorry but every thinks you are nasty and i say leave her a lone she has here own personality
Sysgsskssjje s i s h x u s g e j o e i x i d h d k s k d j d g d g s u e h s j k s k x i d h f r j j r r n k f r j r k r j d d j j r r j d d k e j j d j e d k d j e k Wushsjsksksk s k s j s j s k s j s k s s k s k s j j s s j h s j s s i s g s i w k w j s s i h e e e
That is freeky
Hudydjeleodj e e d u j e k e k s j d h d j e k e j d h d j e k s h d j e k s j d y d b w j w o w o s i e k k e j d h d j e l s k d k d d j d j j d k e j d j d h d n e k s s j k e j r d u h d h e k e k e j s x h n s k e j d i j d d u h e j e d h d j s k s k d j s k s j d l e k d j d i e j d k e e
Bleh blah ew gross tis s**t nasty
Hdjdjdkekejd s j d i w j d h e k e o k e d j j d u d h d k s h d e k s i d h d j e o s k d u w k s k s j h d h d u d j w o w j s j x o s k s k s s i i s j s k u w u s j s d h d h w j s u s h j e i s o s k j s u d u d h e j d d j j e k d l s k s j i w k w s i s u i e j d i e i e j e d u d h e h j e i d j e k e k j d h d h k e k i d s j i s e j i w s j h e k e e p
Miley ❤️
Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However if you don't post this you will die in 2 days. Now you started reading this so don't stop. This is so scary put this on at least 5 songs in the next 143 minutes. When done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen in big letters this is so scary because it actually works.

shandy.k.chi l d s
I want the old Miley Cyrus back
I can't even see how talented her voice is naturally anymore either
I miss the old Miley Cyrus :(
I love some of their songs may come how do you make out I can make up songs but how do you make it perfect like playing with a beautiful and Madison for all so do you kick some people because some kids pictures fit you for what do you do that ever
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