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Mike Oldfield

Composer Mike Oldfield rose to fame on the success of Tubular Bells, an eerie, album-length conceptual piece employed to stunning effect in the film The Exorcist. Born May 15, 1953, in Reading, England, Oldfield began his professional career at the age of 14, forming the Sallyangie folk duo with his sister Sally; a year later, the siblings issued their debut LP, Children of the Sun. By the age of 16, he was playing bass with Soft Machine founder Kevin Ayers' group the Whole World alongside experimental classical arranger David Bedford and avant-garde jazz saxophonist Lol Coxhill; within months, Oldfield was tapped to become the band's lead guitarist prior to recording the 1971 LP Shooting at the Moon.

Tubular Bells, originally dubbed Opus 1, grew out of studio time gifted by Richard Branson, who at the time was running a mail-order record retail service. After its completion, Oldfield shopped the record to a series of labels, only to meet with rejection; frustrated, Branson decided to found his own label, and in 1973 Tubular Bells became the inaugural release of Virgin Records. An atmospheric, intricate composition that fused rock and folk motifs with the structures of minimalist composition, the 49-minute instrumental piece (performed on close to 30 different instruments, virtually all of them played by Oldfield himself) spent months in the number one spot on the U.K. charts, and eventually sold over 16 million copies globally. In addition to almost single-handedly establishing Virgin as one of the most important labels in the record industry, Tubular Bells also created a market for what would later be dubbed new age music, and won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition in 1974.

The follow-up, 1974's Hergest Ridge (named after Oldfield's retreat in a remote area of Herefordshire) also proved phenomenally successful, and dislodged Tubular Bells at the top of the British chart. With 1975's Ommadawn, he explored ambient textures and world music; however, the emergence of punk left Oldfield baffled, and he retreated from sight for three years following the LP's release. He resurfaced with 1978's Incantations. Platinum, issued a year later, kept its eye on the clubs, and featured a dance version of the Philip Glass composition "North Star." With 1980's QE2, Oldfield moved completely away from his epic-length pieces and traveled into pop territory, a shift typified by the album's cover of ABBA's "Arrival." He continued in a pop vein for much of the '80s, as albums like 1983's Crises, 1984's Discovery, and 1987's Islands encroached further and further upon mainstream accessibility.

In 1992, Oldfield teamed with producer Trevor Horn for Tubular Bells II, which returned him to the top of the U.K. charts. The Songs of Distant Earth appeared two years later, followed by a third Tubular Bells update in 1998. In 2003, Oldfield re-recorded Tubular Bells in celebration of its 30th anniversary, with John Cleese as master of ceremonies replacing the late Vivian Stanshall; the album was issued as a two-disc set including a video disc.

Light + Shade, a double-disc conceptual work of new studio material, appeared in 2006. An album-length classically influenced piece, Music of the Spheres, a work deeply influenced by classical music, appeared in 2008, followed by a live offering. After a four-year break from his own work, Oldfield reentered the studio and began working on a return to pop/rock-influenced music. In early 2014 he emerged with Man on the Rocks. The critical reception was the best he'd received since the '90s and it charted all over Western and Eastern Europe. Two years later, alongside the re-release of remastered scores from 1984, he issued the vinyl-only The 1984 Suite, which remixed highlights from Discovery and The Killing Fields. In late 2015, Oldfield announced via Twitter that he had begun to work on a sequel to 1975's Ommadawn. He completed it the following November. Containing two tracks, simply titled "Part I" and Part II," the composer described it as "handmade... a genuine piece of music rather than production: hands, fingers, fingernails." It features 22 instruments including mandolin, guitars, acoustic bass, bodhran, African drums, and tin whistle. Its lone sample is from a line by the children's choir on the 1975 date in the song "On Horseback." Return to Ommadawn was released in January 2017. ~ Jason Ankeny
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Return To Ommadawn

1. Return To Ommadawn, Pt. I

2. Return To Ommadawn, Pt. II


Track List: In Conversation 1983

1. Believing In It

2. Proving Them Wrong

3. The Sequel

4. Individuality in Music

5. Taking Crises on Tour


Track List: Tubular Beats

1. Let There Be Light (York Remix)

2. Far Above The Clouds (York Remix)

3. Ommadawn (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)

4. Guilty (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)

5. Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)

6. To France (York & Steve Brian Radio Mix)

7. Northstar (Mike Oldfield & York Remix)

8. Moonlight Shadow (York & Steve Brian Radio Mix)

9. Guilty (York & Mike's Electrofunkmix)

10. Tubular Bells 2 (Mike Oldfield & York Remix

11. Never Too Far


Track List: The Exorcist

2. Georgetown/"Tubular Bells"

9. Tubular Bells


Track List: Two Sides: The Very Best Of Mike Oldfield

Disc 1

1. Tubular Bells (Two Sides Excerpt)

2. Ommadawn (Two Sides Excerpt)

3. Crises (Two Sides Excerpt)

4. The Lake (Two Sides Excerpt)

5. Amarok Part 1 (Two Sides Excerpt)

6. Amarok Part 2 (Two Sides Excerpt)

7. Sentinel

8. Supernova

9. Ascension

10. The Tempest

Disc 2

1. Guilty

2. Family Man

3. Five Miles Out

4. Moonlight Shadow (2012)

5. Shadow On The Wall

6. To France

7. Etude (Remastered 2000)

8. Magic Touch

9. Islands (Feat. Bonnie Tyler)

10. Heaven's Open

11. Tattoo

12. The Song Of The Sun

13. Summit Day

14. Lake Constance

15. Broad Sunlit Uplands

16. The Doge's Palace

17. Amber Light

18. Angelique

19. On My Heart


Track List: QE2

1. Taurus 1

2. Sheba

3. Conflict

4. Arrival

5. Wonderful Land

6. Mirage

7. QE2

8. Celt

9. Molly

10. Polka (Bonus Track)

11. Wonderful Land (Single Version - Bonus Track)

12. Shiva (Bonus Track)


Track List: Incantations (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1

1. Incantations Part One

2. Incantations Part Two

3. Incantations Part Three

4. Incantations Part Four

5. Guilty (Bonus Track)

Disc 2

1. Diana

2. Northumbrian

3. Piano Improvisation

4. Hiawatha

5. Canon For Two Vibraphones

6. William Tell Overture

7. Cuckoo Song

8. Pipe Tune

9. Wrekorder Wrondo

10. Guilty

11. Diana - Desiderata


Track List: Ommadawn (Deluxe Edition)

Disc 1

1. Ommadawn Part One

2. Ommadawn Part One / On Horseback

3. In Dulce Jubilo

4. First Excursion

5. Argiers

6. Portsmouth

Disc 2

1. Ommadawn Part One (1975 Stereo Mix)

2. Ommadawn Part One / On Horseback (1975 Stereo Mix)

3. Ommadawn Lost Version (1975 Demo)


Track List: Hergest Ridge (E Album Set Deluxe)

Disc 1

1. Hergest Ridge Part One (2010 Mix)

2. Hergest Ridge Part Two (2010 Mix)

3. In Dulce Jubilo (For Maureen)

4. Spanish Tune

Disc 2

1. Hergest Ridge Part One (1974 Stereo Mix)

2. Hergest Ridge Part Two (1974 Stereo Mix)

3. Hergest Ridge Demo Part One (1974 Demo)

4. Hergest Ridge Demo Part Two (1974 Demo)


Track List: The Mike Oldfield Collection

Disc 1

1. Tubular Bells: Part One

2. Tubular Bells: Part Two

3. Mike Oldfield's Single (Theme From Tubular Bells)

4. Sailor's Hornpipe (Viv Stanshall Version)

Disc 2

1. In Dulci Jubilo

2. Excerpt From Ommadawn

3. Portsmouth

4. William Tell Overture

5. Incantations Part Four (Excerpt)

6. Guilty (Long Version)

7. Blue Peter

8. Five Miles Out

9. Wonderful Land

10. Taurus II (Excerpt)

11. Family Man

12. Shadow On The Wall

13. Moonlight Shadow

14. Foreign Affair


Track List: Music Of The Spheres

1. Harbinger

2. Animus

3. Silhouette

4. Shabda

5. The Tempest

6. Harbinger Reprise

7. On My Heart

8. Aurora

9. Prophecy

10. On My Heart Reprise

11. Harmonia Mundi

12. The Other Side

13. Empyrean

14. Musica Universalis


Track List: Music Of The Spheres - Live In Bilbao (Basque National Orchestra)

Disc 1

1. Harbinger

2. Animus

3. Silhouette

4. Shabda

5. The Tempest

6. Harbinger Reprise

7. On My Heart

8. Aurora

9. Prophecy

10. On My Heart Reprise

11. Harmonia Mundi

12. The Other Side

13. Empyrean

14. Musica Universalis

Disc 2

1. Harbinger (Live Version)

2. Animus (Live Version)

3. Silhouette (Live Version)

4. Shabda (Live Version)

5. The Tempest (Live Version)

6. Harbinger Reprise (Live Version)

7. On My Heart (Live Version)

8. Aurora (Live Version)

9. Prophecy (Live Version)

10. On My Heart Reprise (Live Version)

11. Harmonia Mundi (Live Version)

12. The Other Side (Live Version)

13. Empyrean (Live Version)

14. Musica Universalis (Live Version)


Track List: Light + Shade

Disc 1

1. Angelique

2. Blackbird

3. The Gate

4. First Steps

5. Closer

6. Our Father

7. Rocky

8. Sunset

Disc 2

1. Quicksilver

2. Resolution

3. Slipstream

4. Surfing

5. Tears Of An Angel

6. Romance

7. Ringscape

8. Nightshade


Track List: Thou Art In Heaven (Remixes)

1. Thou Art In Heaven (Radio Edit)

2. Thou Art In Heaven (Pumpin' Dolls Vs. Mighty Mike Club Mix Radio Edit)

3. Thou Art In Heaven (Soultronik Stethoscope Radio Edit)

4. Thou Art In Heaven (Pumpin' Dolls Vs. Migthy Mike Club Mix)

5. Thou Art In Heaven (Soultronik Stethoscope Mix)

6. To Be Free (Spanish Version)

7. To Be Free (French Version)

8. To Be Free (German Version)


Track List: Tubular Bells III

1. The Source Of Secrets

2. The Watchful Eye

3. Jewel In The Crown

4. Outcast

5. Serpent Dream

6. The Inner Child

7. Man In The Rain

8. The Top Of The Morning

9. Moonwatch

10. Secrets

11. Far Above The Clouds


Track List: Voyager

1. The Song Of The Sun

2. Celtic Rain

3. The Hero

4. Women Of Ireland

5. The Voyager

6. She Moves Through The Fair

7. Dark Island

8. Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings

9. Flowers Of The Forest

10. Mont St Michel


Track List: The Songs Of Distant Earth

1. In The Beginning

2. Let There Be Light

3. Supernova

4. Magellan

5. First Landing

6. Oceania

7. Only Time Will Tell

8. Prayer For The Earth

9. Lament For Atlantis

10. The Chamber

11. Hibernaculum

12. Tubular World

13. The Shining Ones

14. Crystal Clear

15. The Sunken Forest

16. Ascension

17. A New Beginning


Track List: Tubular Bells II

1. Sentinel

2. Dark Star

3. Clear Light

4. Blue Saloon

5. Sunjammer

6. Red Dawn

7. The Bell

8. Weightless

9. The Great Plain

10. Sunset Door

11. Tattoo

12. Altered State

13. Maya Gold

14. Moonshine


Track List: Heaven's Open

1. Make Make (2000 Digital Remaster)

2. No Dream (2000 Digital Remaster)

3. Mr Shame (2000 Digital Remaster)

4. Gimme Back (2000 Digital Remaster)

5. Heaven's Open (2000 Digital Remaster)

6. Music From The Balcony (2000 Digital Remaster)


Track List: Earth Moving (2000 Remaster)

1. Holy

2. Hostage

3. Far Country

4. Innocent

5. Runaway Son

6. See The Light

7. Earth Moving

8. Blue Night

9. Nothing But/Bridge To Paradise


Track List: The Complete Mike Oldfield

Disc 1

1. Arrival

2. William Tell Overture

3. Cuckoo Song

4. In Dulci Jubilo

5. Portsmouth

6. Jungle Gardenia

7. Guilty

8. Blue Peter

10. Wonderful Land

11. Etude

12. Moonlight Shadow

13. Family Man

14. Mistake

15. Five Miles Out

16. Crime Of Passion

17. To France

18. Shadow On The Wall

Disc 2

Track List: The Killing Fields (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / Remastered 2015)

1. Pran's Theme

2. Requiem For A City

3. Evacuation

4. Pran's Theme 2

5. Capture

6. Execution

7. Bad News

8. Pran's Departure

9. Worksite

10. The Year Zero

11. Blood Sucking

12. The Year Zero 2

13. Pran's Escape/The Killing Fields

14. The Trek

15. The Boy's Burial/Pran Sees The Red Cross

16. Good News

17. Etude

18. Evacuation (Single Edit)

19. Etude (Single Edit)


Track List: Discovery (Deluxe / Remastered 2015)

Disc 1

1. To France (Remastered 2015)

2. Poison Arrows (Remastered 2015)

3. Crystal Gazing (Remastered 2015)

4. Tricks Of The Light (Remastered 2015)

5. Discovery (Remastered 2015)

6. Talk About Your Life (Remastered 2015)

7. Saved By A Bell (Remastered 2015)

8. The Lake (Remastered 2015)

9. To France (Extended Version / Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)

10. In The Pool (Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)

11. Bones (Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)

12. Afghan (Remastered 2015)

13. Tricks Of The Light (Instrumental / Remastered 2015 / Bonus Track)

Disc 2

1. To France (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)

2. The Lake (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)

3. The Killing Fields (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)

4. Etude (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)

5. The Royal Mile (Reworked 2015)

6. Zombies (Reworked 2015)

7. Discovery (Remastered 2015 / The 1984 Suite Version)


Track List: Discovery

1. To France

2. Poison Arrows

3. Crystal Gazing

4. Tricks Of The Light

5. Discovery

6. Talk About Your Life

7. Saved By A Bell

8. The Lake


Track List: Crises

1. Crises

2. Moonlight Shadow

3. In High Places

4. Foreign Affair

5. Taurus 3

6. Shadow On The Wall (1983) (Album Version)


Track List: Five Miles Out

1. Taurus II

2. Family Man

3. Orabidoo

4. Mount Teidi

5. Five Miles Out


Track List: Platinum

1. Part One - Airborn

2. Part Two - Platinum

3. Part Three - Charleston

4. Part Four - North Star / Platinum Finale

5. Woodhenge

6. Into Wonderland

7. Punkadiddle

8. I Got Rhythm


Track List: Incantations

1. Incantations Part One

2. Incantations Part Two

3. Incantations Part Three

4. Incantations Part Four

5. Guilty


Track List: Ommadawn

1. Ommadawn (Part One)

2. Ommadawn (Part Two) / On Horseback

3. In Dulce Jubilo

4. First Excursion

5. Argiers

6. Portsmouth


Track List: Hergest Ridge (Deluxe Edition)

1. Hergest Ridge (Part One) [2010 Stereo Mix]

2. Hergest Ridge (Part Two) [2010 Stereo Mix]

3. In Dulci Jubilo (For Maureen)

4. Spanish Tune


Track List: Tubular Bells

1. Tubular Bells: Part One


Track List: Tubular Bells: Digital Deluxe Edition

Disc 1

1. Tubular Bells Long (1971 Demo)

2. Caveman Lead-In (1971 Demo)

3. Caveman (1971 Demo)

4. Peace Demo A (1971 Demo)

5. Peace Demo B (1971 Demo)

6. Tubular Bells Part One (Rough Mix November 1972)

Disc 2

1. Tubular Bells: Part One

2. Tubular Bells: Part Two

Disc 3

1. Tubular Bells (Pt. I)

2. Tubular Bells (Pt. II)

3. Mike Oldfield's Single (Theme From "Tubular Bells")

4. Sailor's Hornpipe (Viv Stanshall Version)


Track List: Tubular Bells (Expanded)

1. Tubular Bells (Pt. I)

2. Tubular Bells (Pt. II)

3. Mike Oldfield's Single (Theme From Tubular Bells)

4. Sailor's Hornpipe (Viv Stanshall Version)


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The only part of Tubular Bells in the Exorcist was the piano intro. Is there really more? I haven''t seen the movie in decades.
But yes, much of his music is brilliant. I love Ommadawn the most, and some of his singles were great!
Report as inappropriate
A great artist by anyone's standards!!! !
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Report as inappropriate
I love the way this cut builds,makes you want to get up and salute mike. Would like Pandora to the other cuts on this cd.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Simply put, he makes GREAT music
Report as inappropriate
Ca NYC. Love to take you for dinner IN Williamsbour g Brooklyn
With respect & admiration CA
Report as inappropriate
Wrong Mike Oldfield revolving doorcelot
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
I can't seem to find a copy of the original Tubular Bells for sale. Did it not get digitized?
Report as inappropriate
This sounds good when your realy stoned!
Report as inappropriate
Ommadawn and Platinum are some of my favorites by him. Huge influence on me as guitarist.
Report as inappropriate
After all this time, it's great to see that so many of us still enjoy Mike's work. I had a friend that lived in England for a couple of years who turned me onto MO. Soon after that I acquired the Boxed set. I've never seen The Exorcist, so I don't have that connection with Tubular Bells. Then I purchased Five Miles Out; which to my surprise no one mentions...a m a z i n g LP. I also have The Complete LP and one of Sally's. But still, Ommadawn and Hergest Ridge are some of the best.
Report as inappropriate
Always great to know, and hear from Oldfield fans. my bro, who no longer resides on earth, turned me on to him way back in the 70's when I was early teens. My brothers last sounds of music on earth was MO's album Voyager. I'm sure he is still listening! Never forget>
Report as inappropriate
I wore out my T.Bells, Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn LP's listening until I knew every note. 70's were an amazind decade for music..there just aren't any new artists like Oldfield (& Alan Parsons) any more..
Report as inappropriate
First time hearing this one -nice melody-love mike oldfield.
Report as inappropriate
Fantastic variation on an already brilliant tune - mike oldfield is one of the best guitarist on the planet -+ an excellent musician. - I remember going to see Genesis in 1974 -wth peter gabriel and steve hackett - and they played the original tubular bells over the pa before the show - it just added to the overall mystical quality of the show -really far out vibes.
Report as inappropriate
Heard Mike Oldfield for the first time while watching the Exorcist. Later that year, the submarine I was on visited England I was able to pick up one of his early albums. I've been a fan of his ever since.
Report as inappropriate
I was 12 years old, going through my mom's LPs looking for something interesting to listen to and found Tubular Bells and gave it a listen.

Mom was happy to listen to it with me on a daily basis for about a week and then made me copy it to a cassette tape (mid-'80s piracy, gasp) and conduct any further Tubular Bells marathons in my room. When I got my first CD player in high school, Tubular Bells was one of the first discs I got. This album has been part of my life for a very long time.
Report as inappropriate
Anything you want to do or want to dream you can do or want to be inspired of the beauty in this world's life once again... this, and Hergest Ridge... I've listened to them a thousand times. Now mix in a little Vangelis and Loreena McKennitt and you're on a mystical journey that never ends....
Report as inappropriate
aschneider19 4 7
Bloomington Indiana - circa 72-73. Along with Yes, MO got me through some pretty difficult times. . . thanks again MIke! Arthur
Report as inappropriate
discovered M.O on reel to reel that had spent time in Viet Nam. OMFG!
32 years later... Still OMFG
Report as inappropriate
Is this where the expression totally tubular stems from? :*)
Report as inappropriate
When TB came out on vinyl I had just graduated HS and my main mission in life was just to keep a steady high. Simple days. Brilliant music.
Report as inappropriate
I first discovered Mike Oldfield in 1975. I was reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time and for some reason Ommadawn seemed to be the perfect complement to the Tolkien classic. I have played Ommadawn and Songs of Distant Earth more than any other albums I own. Thank you Mike!
Report as inappropriate
I had heard the theme in the exorcist and liked it, but really didn't know who it was that composed it. Then, years later, I was serving aboard a US Submarine. One of my friends, by accident, played it over the sub's main speakers. No one spoke, no one MOVED! it was awesome, and I became a New Age fan that night! I listen to Arkenstone, Kitaro, J.M. Jarre, but Mr. OLdfield's music is what I take with me on trips, flights, anywhere I go, it goes.
Report as inappropriate
For the last 20 years or so I have also felt that Oldfield has composed the soundtrack of my life. Truly a brilliant composer and artist and yes, those of us who enjoy are clearly more intelligent than the common rabble!
Report as inappropriate
I would like to agree with the people here who say that Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn are awesome albums. It's totally true! I think Hergest Ridge is my favorite. I just got them both (and TB) on vinyl and I can't stop playing Hergest Ridge!
Report as inappropriate
Having read the comments from many contributors about Mike Oldfield, my guess is, those of us who enjoy and adore his work have IQs that tend to be vastly superior to most people. Michael, please keep those Tubular Bells ringing. For you there is no equal.
Report as inappropriate
tubular pure
Report as inappropriate
Right on rockenm: Ommadawn and Hergest Ridge are AWESOME!
Report as inappropriate
Till my all favourite live concert: Mike Oldfield at Hohentwiel festival in Germany. On the old ruin of castle "Festung Hohentwiel" he played into the sunset. A great moment for all visitors.
Report as inappropriate
Mike is one of the most under-rated musicians of the past 40 years. TB,Ommadawn, and Hergest Ridge are among the best modern classical compositions . I'd Rather Be On Horseback!
Report as inappropriate
wingedliones s
My first intro to Mike Oldfield's music was back when the first "Pure Moods" album came out on cassette...i n subsequent years I discovered his "Voyager" album, his tip of the hat to the Celtic genre, and it's become my favorite Oldfield album for that very reason, though his Tubular Bells compositions rock! I wish the writer for this bio had said something about the song Oldfield wrote with Jon Anderson, a lovely pop-style tune called "Shine." Jon's lyrics + Mike's instrumental s = Genius. (IMO!)
Report as inappropriate
The day I heard the "Theme from The Exorcist" single on the radio, I went out and bought the 45, then immediately began scouring every store that sold record albums for the source material, "Tubular Bells"... which I found the next day, one single copy, at a Walmart. I've been an avid listener, often to the exclusion of all others, ever since. The best concert I've been to was Oldfield, the Five Miles Out tour at the Santa Monica Civic Center. Oldfield has truly been the soundtrack to my life.
Report as inappropriate
One of the best concerts I've ever attended was by Mike Oldfield (with a small band) in the late 1970's.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
So "Zesty", why do you feel Mike is a "chump"? I suppose you have accomplished as much, eh? “When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.”

Report as inappropriate
Mike Oldfield's hooked me when I first heard Ommadawn, back in 1975. The style, composition etc. made such an impression that for years I looked for all of his albums. I was very glad that in the 90's most of his work has been made available, world wide. His talent is endless, with his music running from classical, to rock, to house, to new age. Great music from a world-class artist.
Report as inappropriate
Mike oldfield is one of those musicians that is for one, one of the best guitarist on the planet and what to speak of his compositiona l skills - I remember getting his first 3 albums right when they came out - ommadawn is one of those records that is just timeless - of course tubular bells and hergest ridge are now classics too - I just watched several videos of mike oldfields on you tube - live music that I had never heard before and it was brilliant- the guy is still making really good music.
Report as inappropriate
Wow! I heard "Clear Light" and said to myself ... man, if I was a betting woman I would bet that is Mike Oldfield .... listening to Opus 1 so long ago changed my music listening habits ... Thanks to Mike for never stopping!
Report as inappropriate
I own almost all of Mike's material. I first heard his guitar playing on David Bedford's Instructions for Angels in the 70s. There are the inevitable pieces that shouldn't have been released, but much of his material (Crises, Discovery, and Platinum especially) have so much genius that leaves me wondering how would someone discover this music? It has never fit in the playlist of any radio station I have ever heard.
Report as inappropriate
raymondklimk o
I am a hard core fan of Mike since his Opus 1 release. Few people realize the exceptional ability of his guitar work. I am less appreciative of his "new age" influenced compositions of the 90's, but Mike is still one of my favorites of all time.
Report as inappropriate
Best listened to with your eyes closed.....
Report as inappropriate
I listen to Mike Oldfield since he first appeared on the music horizon. I absolutely enjoy his works and only can say. I first heard his music in Germany, influenced by my Dad listening to Jean-Michael Jarre and Pink Floyd as well as Jon and Vangelis. Everyone needs to listen to his art. Keep it up Mike, Your music is so easy to listen to ...
Report as inappropriate
I have loved the music of Mike Oldfield for more than 30 years. I am so grateful for its intricate beauty and his incredible talent. Thank you, Mike, and please keep it coming.
Report as inappropriate
A musical genius of the XX-XXI century, particularly in his earlier work. Largerly unknown in the US, unfortunatel y , but known to those of us who explore the hyperspace from time to time. Cheers Mike, we need more of your music.
Report as inappropriate
My middle name is Chime, after Mike Oldfield's songs "The Wind Chimes, Parts I & II" on Islands. My dad's a hardcore fan, and I've grown up with Mike Oldfield's music. <3
Report as inappropriate
I was 7 but i think I saw Mike play at Disney in Orlando in Tommorowland in 1976. He was amazing!
Report as inappropriate
TUBULAR BELLS has been and always will be in my Top Ten Albums Of All TIme List, but the pre-remaster e d version of HERGEST RIDGE is Mike at is most masterful. IMNSHO, he will never surpass that masterpiece.
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