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Mike Bloomfield / Al Kooper / Steve Stills

Famed for his work in Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills & Nash, two of pop music's most successful and enduring groups, Stephen Stills was born in Dallas, Texas, on January 3, 1945. He became fascinated by music at a young age, and by the age of 15 was playing professionally. He eventually dropped out of college to move to New York City to try his hand as a folk performer before signing on as a guitar player with the Au Go-Go Singers, where he befriended a fellow bandmate named Richie Furay.

After a tour of Canada (during which they headlined a bill with the Squires, which featured guitarist Neil Young), Stills left the Au Go-Gos in 1965 for Los Angeles, where he became enmeshed in the city's burgeoning folk-rock community. After a series of session gigs and auditions (including one for the TV series The Monkees), in the spring of 1966 Stills enlisted Young, Furay, bassist Bruce Palmer, and drummer Dewey Martin to form the Herd, later dubbed the Buffalo Springfield. A year later, the group issued their eponymous debut; its Stills-penned single "For What It's Worth," made them stars. Internal problems, ego clashes, and drugs were already tearing the band apart, however, and by the release of 1968's Last Time Around, the Springfield had already dissolved.

Stills quickly resurfaced with 1968's Super Session, recorded with fellow guitarists Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper. A jam session with ex-Byrd David Crosby and former Hollies member Graham Nash led to the formation of the vocal harmony supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash; released in 1969, their self-titled debut was hugely successful, propelled by the single "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," written by Stills for folksinger Judy Collins. Later that year, Neil Young joined the loose-knit group, and in 1970, as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, they issued Déjà Vu, another major hit.

From its inception, CSNY was designed to allow the individual performers great latitude for their solo work, and following the recording of the group's live LP Four Way Street, in late 1970 Stills released his self-titled solo debut. Sparked by the success of the hit single "Love the One You're With," the album, which featured cameos from Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, was another smash, as was his 1971 follow-up Stephen Stills 2. In 1972, Stills began performing with a new backing unit, Manassas, which featured ex-Byrd and Flying Burrito Brother Chris Hillman; both their eponymous debut and 1973's Down the Road continued Stills' long string of chart successes.

In 1975, he celebrated his signing to Columbia with Stills, followed a year later by Illegal Stills. In the summer of 1976, he planned to tour with Neil Young; however, Young was hampered with throat problems, so Stills took to the road alone, although he and Young did team for the LP Long May You Run. In 1977, Stills reunited with Crosby and Nash for CSN, which sold over four million copies; the following summer, the trio mounted an acoustic tour, and Stills issued the solo record Thoroughfare Gap. CSN continued their reunion throughout the early years of the next decade, teaming in 1980 for Replay and in 1982 for Daylight Again, which featured the hits "Southern Cross" and "Wasted on the Way."

Following 1983's live CSN effort Allies, Stills again went solo for 1984's Right by You. In 1985, Crosby was sent to prison on drug possession charges, and Stills spent much of the late '80s out of the public eye. Following Crosby's release, in 1988 the reconstituted Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young recorded American Dream, followed in 1990 by the CSN release Live It Up. In 1991, Stills issued the solo LP Stills Alone, while CSN's After the Storm appeared in 1994. Stills, Young, and Furay finally reunited as Buffalo Springfield for a pair of shows at Young's annual Bridge School Benefit in the fall of 2010. It wasn't a complete reunion, since bassist Bruce Palmer had died in 2004 and drummer Dewey Martin passed in 2009, but the three singers used drummer Joe Vitale and bassist Rick Rosas to fill in. The same configuration played six concerts in the spring of 2011 but reportedly did no studio work. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi
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While I'm at it, to further separate correct from incorrect... . t h e s e guys are not " Dylan wannabes"! That would be The Band. Kooper, Bloomfield, and Battlefield tau ght Dylan how to use electric instruments, think "Like a rolling Stone". When these three refused to become Dylan's back up band, Dylan then toured with The it?
Also, for the record (if there will be one), include the cut "Stop" to Bloomfield and kooper, not Stills. Stills and Kooper played on the other side of the vinyl, Dylan's song "It takes a lot to laugh, It takes a train to Cry" and Donovan's song "Season of the witch", not exactly Blues of amy kind!!
Can we PLEASE get the info right regarding Super Session? You credit the wrong musicians for the wrong songs!! Al Kooper was keyboards. The best blues, "Really" and "Albertson Shuffle" are Michael Bloomfield and Al Kooper. NO Stephen Stills on these cuts. Stills can tale credit for what he really did, if he wants to.
Al Kooper The greatest! That is that! What S O U L & M A G I C K he produced ! OMG!
AL KOOPER is by far the grooviest singer. producer, MUSICIAN coolest greatest understandin g
BEAUTIFUL KEYBOARD singer in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! I LOVE HIM too much soooooo
cool….and INCREDULOUS! I know my MUSICIANS >>>>> HE is the TOP! One of the very greatest in this world that no MUSICIAN can even come close to his style and every particle of his enigma..(NY) his players were always the BEST.. I am soooo glad he hated the other Blood Sweat & Tears DCT Booooooo His cues are impeccable XO
Steven Stills doesn't play a single note on this cut. It is all Michael Bloomfield on guitar with Al Kooper on keyboards..I wonder where the royalty checks go.
One of all time favorite albums, still enjoy pulling out the vinyl and putting this on the turntable. While I have always enjoyed Stills guitar work, Al Kooper has been the man both in front and behind the curtain for years. A true inside force in the music industry. Get a listen The Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper Welcome back 1969!
Listening now to the Super Session song Stop beibg credited to Stephen Stills shows me I still have work to do...
First of all, Pandora bios Steve Stills on a song that is all Bloomfield and Kooper, no Steve Stills on "Really" . Second, Al Kooper played no guitar, but keyboards, where he was a rock master. Finally, why can't Pandora write a decent biography of Michael Bloomfield?
@ Jenn Blackk---the y really weren't under-rated at all. They were some of the best of the times and everybody knew it, but today they are probably less known.
Amazing musicians but so underrated!
just can't believe the way Al Kooper plays...I N C R E D I B L E musician if there ever was.... Super Session is so forever I could never tire of listening to these guys! But Al is such a GENIUS ! He and the guys knew what MUSIC was all about! This was the greatest era I think and there were just so many greats that were around! XO
I agree with jdpatriotzfa n . These guys were the s**t. I remember the first time I saw Stills play I was blown away. I'd always thought of the CSN&Y stuff and had ignored his playing. This guy is for real. As for Al Kooper. Same. He could play and had soul. The fact that many of the black greats welcomed these guys into their community speaks volumes. There are a ton of black and white players out there today who cannot touch these musicians.
Wanna Be's? These guys were masters in their own right! Come on anthonydewar 4 2 0 , lighten up!
Junior Wells, Howling Wolf, James Cotton, Little Walter are all true greats, but I think Bloomfield, Stills & Kooper are a few miles higher than Bob Dylan wannabe's--- h i s t o r y has well proven that. Funny a** comment though!
anthonydewar 4 2 0

Absolutely horrible. Junior wells. Howling wolf. James Cotton. Little Walter. Those are greats. Not this Bob Dylan wannabe.
MB is the reason I've been a guitar player for 45 years. Thanks!
Super Session---on e of the all time best combinations of the BEST! EPIC album!!
Hell Yeah, one of the best ever. I remember listening this on 8-track, while cruising in my GTO. Time flies but this still rocks
pdsk - true indeed, that is a kick a** album. I especially love Stop. It's probably one of my all time favorites.
The Best of the Best.
To hear Super Session in 2012 is fantastic it sounds just a current now as it ever has. One of my all time favorite albums, I wore out 2 albums it was played so much. It never gets old.........
The talent in that mans' fingers was phenomenal.. . I loved him
Super Session is one of the best albums of all time. Great talent.
It was just my second live event. Paul Butterfield BB with Bloomfield on guitar at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, CA. We lost two very gifted musicians, too soon from that group.
what a shame. another loss to hard drugs and alcohol. what a talent gone to waste!
yeah, I found half of "live adventures" without a cover in a close out bin in the basement of a sears store. It cost me a buck. I was like 14 years old and I nearly wore out a pair of head phones listening to that. There has never been enough "white boy blues" but these boys knew what they were doing. I love Al Kooper too, but he has never sounded better than he did on those two session albums. (and I got really tired of explaining all through the 70's and beyond that he wasn't Alice Cooper)
I can relate to that, I was blown away by the Witch, while dating a witch in high school, no really.
Season of the witch was the best live jam I've ever heard.Our band played this tune and Matt our lead gutiar played it exactly as was recorded (mistakes and all/therewer e 2) He was an incredble talent.
I remember having a Rolling Stones Magazine where inside, there was a cardboard record featuring a cut from supersession s "Feeling Groovy" 49th street bridge song. The Hammond Organ droaning on with the whirlitzer creating that trademark vibrato of the group. There also was a short sound clip of "God bless the child, Blood sweat and tears on that piece of cardboard. Good sounds to be sure.
I used to see Michael and Al's Super Session and Friend's concerts every time they played at the old Fillmore East in NYC's East Village. The first time I saw them, they introduced Johnny Winter in an amazing performance. To me, Albert's Shuffle is quintessenti a l Bloomfield. Look on the back of most of the best vinyl from the sixties and early seventies, and you will probably find Bloomfield an Kooper's names as backup. Too bad the heroin took him. He was the real thing. R.M.
Time was on my side. Fortiously being able to attend 5 Bloomfield shows at an ethereal now defunct small lounge, "My Father's Place, Rosylyn, Long Island, New York in 1975. Observed from a vantage point never more than 15 feet. Mike Bloomfield always performed in a passionate,t r a n c e like state, hands perfectionat l y producing Wrenching Blues. 'Together Till The End of Time", Mike Bloomfield Be Well, J.P.
Thanks for reminding me just how good this albumn is - I'll have to dig it out of my vinyl stacks in the basement!
stumblebiscu i t
I was fortunate enough to see Michael Bloomfield in a movie theater that was converted into a music hall in Salinas CA in 1969. The man was an awesome guitarist. I really miss him.

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