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Little Milton

He may not be a household name, but die-hard blues fans know Little Milton as a superb all-around electric bluesman -- a soulful singer, an evocative guitarist, an accomplished songwriter, and a skillful bandleader. He's often compared to the legendary B.B. King -- as well as Bobby "Blue" Bland -- for the way his signature style combines soul, blues, and R&B, a mixture that helped make him one of the biggest-selling bluesmen of the '60s (even if he's not as well-remembered as King). As time progressed, his music grew more and more orchestrated, with strings and horns galore. He maintained a steadily active recording career all the way from his 1953 debut on Sam Phillips' legendary Sun label, with his stunning longevity including notable stints at Chess (where he found his greatest commercial success), Stax, and Malaco.

James Milton Campbell was born September 7, 1934, in the small Delta town of Inverness, MS, and grew up in Greenville. (He would later legally drop the "James" after learning of a half-brother with the same name.) His father Big Milton, a farmer, was a local blues musician, and Milton also grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry radio program. At age 12, he began playing the guitar and saved up money from odd jobs to buy his own instrument from a mail-order catalog. By 15, he was performing for pay in local clubs and bars, influenced chiefly by T-Bone Walker but also by proto-rock & roll jump blues shouters. He made a substantial impression on other area musicians, even getting a chance to back Sonny Boy Williamson II, and caught the attention of R&B great Ike Turner, who was doubling as a talent scout for Sam Phillips at Sun. Turner introduced the still-teenaged Little Milton to Phillips, who signed him to a contract in 1953. With Turner's band backing him, Milton's Sun sides tried a little bit of everything -- he hadn't developed a signature style as of yet, but he did have a boundless youthful energy that made these early recordings some of his most exciting and rewarding. Unfortunately, none of them were hits, and Milton's association with Sun was over by the end of 1954. He set about forming his own band, which waxed one single for the small Meteor label in 1957, before picking up and moving to St. Louis in 1958.

In St. Louis, Milton befriended DJ Bob Lyons, who helped him record a demo in a bid to land a deal on Mercury. The label passed, and the two set up their own label, christened Bobbin. Little Milton's Bobbin singles finally started to attract some more widespread attention, particularly "I'm a Lonely Man," which sold 60,000 copies despite being the very first release on a small label. As head of A&R, Milton brought artists like Albert King and Fontella Bass into the Bobbin fold, and with such a high roster caliber, the label soon struck a distribution arrangement with the legendary Chess Records. Milton himself switched over to the Chess subsidiary Checker in 1961, and it was there that he would settle on his trademark soul-inflected, B.B. King-influenced style. Initially a moderate success, Milton had his big breakthrough with 1965's "We're Gonna Make It," which hit number one on the R&B charts thanks to its resonance with the civil rights movement. "We're Gonna Make It" kicked off a successful string of R&B chart singles that occasionally reached the Top Ten, highlighted by "Who's Cheating Who?," "Grits Ain't Groceries," "If Walls Could Talk," "Baby I Love You," and "Feel So Bad," among others.

The death of Leonard Chess in 1969 threw his label into disarray, and Little Milton eventually left Checker in 1971 and signed with the Memphis-based soul label Stax (also the home of his former protégé Albert King). At Stax, Milton began expanding his studio sound, adding bigger horn and string sections and spotlighting his soulful vocals more than traditional blues. Further hits followed in songs like "Annie Mae's Cafe," "Little Bluebird," "That's What Love Will Make You Do," and "Walkin' the Back Streets and Cryin'," but generally not with the same magnitude of old. Stax went bankrupt in 1975, upon which point Little Milton moved to the TK/Glades label, which was better known for its funk and disco acts. His recordings there were full-blown crossover affairs, which made "Friend of Mine" a minor success, but that label soon went out of business as well. Milton spent some time in limbo; he recorded one album for MCA in 1983 called Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number, and the following year found a home with Malaco, which sustained the careers of quite a few old-school Southern soul and blues artists. During his tenure at Malaco, Milton debuted the song that would become his latter-day anthem, the bar band staple "The Blues Is Alright," which was also widely popular with European blues fans. Milton recorded frequently and steadily for Malaco, issuing 13 albums under their aegis by the end of the millennium. In 1988, he won the W.C. Handy Award for Blues Entertainer of the Year, and was also inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Little Milton Vol 1

1. Dead Love

2. Let It Be Known

3. Cross My Heart

4. My Mind Is Troubled

5. I Love My Baby

6. Oo-Wee, Wee Baby

7. If You Love Me

8. Lookin' For My Baby

9. She's My Queen

10. That Will Never Do

11. Long Distance Operator

12. I'm Tryin'

13. Hold Me Tight

14. Somebody Told Me


Track List: Little Milton Vol 2

1. My Baby Pleases Me

2. Hey Girl!

3. I'm In Love

4. Running Wild Blues

5. If Crying Would Help Me

6. Alone And Blue

7. Homesick For My Baby

8. Re-Beat

9. I'm A Lonely Man

10. I Found Me A New Love

11. Strange Dreams

12. Beggin' My Baby

13. Same Old Blues


Track List: The Very Best Of Little Milton

1. If That Ain't A Reason Enough (For Your Woman To Leave You) (Single Version)

2. I'm Living Off The Love You Give

3. That's What Love Will Make You Do

4. Before The Honeymoon

5. Walking The Backstreets And Crying

6. Eight Men, Four Women

7. I'm Gonna Cry A River

8. Let Me Down Easy

9. Rainy Day

10. Little Bluebird

11. What It Is

12. Tin Pan Alley

13. Behind Closed Doors

14. Woman Across The River

15. Let Me Back In

16. If You Talk In Your Sleep

17. Packed Up And Took My Mind


Track List: Stax Profiles - Little Milton

1. Let Me Down Easy (Live)

2. I Can't Quit You Baby (Live)

3. That's What Love Will Make You Do

4. Walking The Back Streets And Crying

5. Blind Man (Live)

6. The Thrill Is Gone

7. If That Ain't A Reason (For You Woman To Leave You)

8. Behind Closed Doors

9. If You Talk In Your Sleep

10. Tin Pan Alley

11. I'm Living Off The Love You Give

12. Blue Monday

13. Lovin' Stick

14. Little Bluebird


Track List: Guitar Man

1. Guitar Man

2. Take Time Out To Hear Me Some Blues

3. Still Some Meat Left On This Bone

4. Blues Tune-Up

5. I Could Have Saved Our Love

6. I Wish I Could Be Your Lover

7. You Were On The Right Street

8. The Juke Joint Is Calling Me

9. Mr. & Mrs. Untrue

10. Just One Moment

11. Whenever You Come Around

12. My Way


Track List: Anthology 1953-1961

1. Somebody Told Me

2. Beggin' My Baby

3. I Love My Baby

4. Running Wild Blues

5. Oo-Wee, Wee Baby

6. If Crying Would Help Me

7. If You Love Me

8. Alone And Blue

9. Lookin' For My Baby

10. Homesick For My Baby

11. She's My Queen

12. Re-Beat

13. That Will Never Do

14. I'm A Lonely Man

15. Long Distance Operator

16. I Found Me A New Love

17. I'm Tryin'

18. Strange Dreams

19. Hold Me Tight

20. Same Old Blues

21. Dead Love

22. My Baby Pleases Me

23. Let It Be Known

24. Hey Girl!

25. Cross My Heart

26. I'm In Love

27. My Mind Is Troubled


Track List: Feel It

1. A Juke Joint In My House

2. Born Yesterday

3. If You Give Me Your Heart (Feat. Dorothy Moore)

4. I Gotta Get Away From You

5. Shot From The Saddle

6. Baby Let Me Rock You

7. The Love Of A Woman

8. She Know How To Wear A Hat

9. Lovable Girl

10. You're Givin' Me The Blues

11. He's Got You

12. Lady


Track List: Welcome To Little Milton

1. When The Blues Come Knockin'

2. Right To Sing The Blues

3. Recitation

4. Mother Earth

5. Never Trust A Woman

6. Love Hurts

7. Gimme' My Broom

8. Two Loves

9. Lump On Your Stump

10. Me And My Woman

11. Some Kind Of Wonderful

12. Can't Quit You Baby


Track List: For Real

1. Big Boned Woman

2. He Saw An Opening

3. I'd Rather Be With You

4. What Our Love Needs

5. Hurts Me Too

6. A Rainy Night In Georgia

7. To Love Somebody

8. Blues For Mr. "C"

9. If That's What You Wanna' Do

10. I'd Rather Go Blind

11. Tear This House Down Tonight


Track List: Count The Days

1. I Will Survive

2. I'll Catch You On Your Way Down

3. 4:59 AM

4. Jealousy

5. You Just Can't Take My Blues

6. Penitentiary Blues

7. The End Of The Rainbow

8. Too Much Pain

9. Count The Days

10. Nobody's Sleeping In My Bed


Track List: Greatest Hits: The Chess 50th Anniversary Collection

1. We're Gonna Make It

2. So Mean To Me

3. Blind Man

4. Who's Cheating Who?

8. More And More

9. Let Me Down Easy

10. Grits Ain't Groceries

11. Just A Little Bit

14. I Play Dirty

15. Baby, I Love You

16. If Walls Could Talk


Track List: Rockin' The Blues

1. Grits Ain't Groceries (All Around The World)

2. If Walls Could Talk

3. Just A Little Bit

5. So Mean To Me

9. Blind Man

10. Baby, I Love You


Track List: Cheatin' Habit

1. Kick My Cheatin' Habits

2. How Does A Cheatin' Woman Feel

3. What Do You Do When You Love Somebody

4. This Time They Told Me The Truth

5. It's Time For The Blues

6. It's Hard To Stumble

7. I Wouldn't Take Nothing For Your Love

8. Shake, Rattle And Roll

9. I Worry About You

10. The Other Man


Track List: I'm A Gambler

1. Casino Blues

2. I've Got The Blues

3. Poke Salad Annie

4. Like A Rooster Or A Hen

5. Pledging My Love

6. Love Is A Gamble

7. That's All Right

8. Baby Please

9. You've Been Gone Too Long

10. A Man Needs A Woman

11. That's What A Good Woman Can Do


Track List: Me For You, You For Me

1. Me For You

2. Sugar Dumpling

3. Angel Of Mercy

5. Just One Step

6. My Thing Is You

7. 4:59 AM

8. Somebody Done Changed


Track List: Strugglin' Lady

1. Strugglin' Lady

2. My Dog And Me

3. Cafe Woman

4. You Were Always On My Mind

5. Let Them Talk

6. If This Ain't The Blues

7. A Nickel And A Nail

8. She Never Gets The Blues

9. I Keep Falling For You

10. Bending The Rules


Track List: Reality

1. A Right To Sing The Blues

2. That's The Way I Feel About It

3. I've Got To Remember

4. I Want My Baby Back

5. Walkin' On Thin Ice

6. I'm Jealous Of Her Husband

7. Angel

8. I'm Gonna Give It Up

9. You Better Change Your Ways

10. You Left A Goldmine For A Golddigger


Track List: Too Much Pain

1. Bad Dream

2. The Cradle Is Robbin' Me

3. Still In Love With You

4. Runaway

5. The Woman I Love

6. Your Wife Is Cheating On Us

7. Too Much Pain

8. Gonna' Start A Rumor

9. Count The Days


Track List: Back To Back

1. I Was Tryin' Not To Break Down

2. Caught In The Act (Of Gettin' It On)

3. You Can't Trust Your Neighbor

4. Penitentiary Blues

5. (I Had) Too Much Heaven Last Night

6. I Don't Believe In Ghosts

7. It's Hard To Explain

8. The End Of The Rainbow

9. Fast Young Lady

10. The Wind Beneath My Wings


Track List: Movin' To The Country

1. You Just Can't Take My Blues

2. Movin' To The Country

3. His Old Lady And My Old Lady

4. Your So Cold

5. Just Because You See Me

6. Room 244

7. Lovin' On Borrowed Time

8. A Possum In My Tree

9. At This Moment

10. Have You Ever Loved A Woman


Track List: Annie Mae's Cafe

1. I'm At The End Of My Rainbow

2. A Real Good Woman

3. Breakaway Clean

4. Copyright On Your Love

5. Cheatin' Is Risky Business

6. Annie Mae's Cafe

7. Too Hurt To Cry

8. You're My Strongest Weakness

9. Why Can't We Be Together


Track List: I Will Survive

1. I Will Survive

2. (I Wonder If You Know) How Blessed You Are

3. Jealousy

4. I Had a Talk with My Baby Last Night

5. Come to Me

6. I Ain't Gonna Tell on Myself

7. 4: 59 Am

8. It Just Goes to Show

9. We're Gonna Make It


Track List: Playing For Keeps

1. You're Gonna Have A Murder On Your Hands

2. Nobody's Sleeping In My Bed

3. Fishing In The Right Stream

4. I'll Catch You On Your Way Down

5. Come Back Kind Of Loving

6. The Blues Is Alright

7. Misty Blue

8. The Only Thing That Saved Me

9. Don't You Know

10. Good Night My Love


Track List: Walkin' The Back Streets

1. Walking The Back Streets And Crying

2. Before The Honeymoon

3. Somebody's Tears

4. Blue Monday

5. Married Woman

6. Eight Men And Four Women

7. Open The Door To Your Heart

8. Letter Full Of Tears

9. Bet You I'll Win


Track List: Friend Of Mine

1. Friend Of Mine

2. You're Gonna Make Me Cry

3. Baby It Ain't No Way

4. Mis-Using My Love

5. Don't Turn Away

6. It's All Bad News

7. Bring It On Back

8. Sundown

9. I'm In Love With My Best Friend's Wife


Track List: Tin Pan Alley

1. If That Aint A Reason(For Your Mamma To Leave You)

2. Mr. Mailman(I Don't Want To No Letter)

3. I'm Living Off The Love You Give

4. That's What Love Will Make You Do

5. I'm Gonna Cry A River

6. Rainey Day

7. Lovin' Stick

8. Tin Pan Alley

9. Let Me Back In

10. Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson

11. If You Talk In Your Sleep

12. Packed Up And Took My Mind


Track List: Blues 'N Soul

1. Woman Across The River

2. Behind Closed Doors

3. Sweet Woman Of Mine

4. Worried Dreamer

5. How Could You Do It To Me

6. You're No Good

7. Tain't Nobody's Biz-Ness If I Do

8. Hard Luck Blues


Track List: Waiting For Little Milton

1. It's Amazing

2. Who Can Handle Me Is You

3. Woman, You Don't Have To Be So Cold

4. The Thrill Is Gone

5. Monologue 1 / That's How Strong My Love Is

6. What It Is

7. Little Bluebird


Track List: What It Is - Live At Montreux

1. Spring (Live)

2. Let Me Down Easy (Live)

3. We're Gonna Make It (Live)

4. Blind Man (Live)

5. Tell Me It's Not True (Live)

6. That's What Love'll Make You Do (Live)

7. What It Is (Live)


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Tell it like it WAS Eva Dallas!. We don't have to question that SHIPMENT ������
Report as inappropriate
Who knows . What came first(in America's Music ? Blues,or Jazz?
Report as inappropriate
The blues, the only original American music. Coming out of hard work and the cotton fields.
Report as inappropriate
Such great sax work on strange dream
Report as inappropriate
Packed up and took my mind. That's deep.
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billiot.vond a
I wonder just how many did this one. ???
Report as inappropriate
My COMPANION is the Blues. Thanks Dad!!!
Report as inappropriate
The Blues is My Companion is the story of my life.
Report as inappropriate
My all time best song was walking the back streets and crying

Report as inappropriate
I was 12 when my grandfather had me listening to this type of music going fishing, he always told me son this is real music ..RIP short dog
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Real Stuff
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I was 11 when I heard him. dont' tel no one what I can hear and can't But he can tell the truth. I liked I play dirty. I can't tell you no lie that was before I knew what a club was. Learnd more about Little Milton and he used to go to my Uncle house on big Eleven Lake in KCK.
Report as inappropriate
one of the best
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Great artist
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He was my husband, he just didn't know it. He could sing me to sleep LOL
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Wake up all they blues lover blues her to stay
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Forgiven... Now time to move on
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Big deal we get the win hand
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Wasnt he the young man on Cadillac Record Movie??? I loved the movie but not how he was portrayed. .in it...He is so smooth...wis h there were more dudes around like him.....
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Report as inappropriate
he is good
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Little Milton sings for the soul. Greatest blues singer that ever lived. I can listen all day long and never get bored. You Betta Sang
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Classic blues
love the blues - just saw Buddy Guy
for the 7 th time
blues rule
Report as inappropriate
Knew him when James Cotton band came to our town. Long live the music of the blues as it slowly fades in history. May we always keep it. It's true American music no one can copy
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ronaldward31 0 5 1
Blues 4 da soul .
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I'am a Blues person
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I once knew a man named fish he couldn't swim what a b**ch
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I love his music keep going little Milton.
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L i. L. J. O. H. N. N. Y. R. I. P. L. I t t l e. M.i l.t o.n. C a m p.b e l l. J. R
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L. I. L. J. O. H. N. N. Y. R. I. P. B. r. O. T. H. E. R. L. I. T. T. L. E. M. I. L. T. O. N
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His music will live forever.Grea t song.
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L. I. L. J o h n n y. B l u e m a n
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blues man
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R p. L I t t l e m i l t o n f r o m l i t t l e j o h n n y
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R i p l i t t l e m i l t o n b l u e s l o v e m I s s y o u y o u r m u s i c s t i l l. L e a v n o n
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Dam only the blues can make a person Sad and glad . Living it daily . Keep on living and loving the blue.
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I need to find. What do you do when you love somebody and they don,t love you
Report as inappropriate
Little Milton was the Man. I still love his music
Report as inappropriate
I can say that I've had to walk the Backstreets and cry. RIP
Report as inappropriate
so glad some folks still keeping the blues alive luv me some Milton,B.B,J o h n n y Taylor Bobby Bland grew up with the blues in Memphis Tn. lets keep it going.
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RIH my Blues Man, Bobby Bland will be truly missed. I would try to see him very time he comet o town. I grew up on the downhome blues. He was one the greats, if not the greatest blues singers.
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R.I.P Mr. Bobby Blue BLand, u are a legend ,and also Lil Milton i remember grwoing up as a lil girl my grandmother, mama,and aunts loved them some bobby blue bland and lil milton..ther e was one song that stayed with me by milton i can't quit you baby the original version with just him... they would have a screaming fit everytime they played that song...Memor i e s ....classic /legendary ....cannot be duplicated often imitated.... but not quite.....
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Little Milton is one the the blues greats! I grew up listening to him and his music still sounds good to me.
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Love Mr.Bobby Bland
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He is with the best, B, B, Bobby Bland.
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Little Milton and Bobby Bland are my favorite blues artists. It never grows old and to reminisce about the times back when my parents played this kind of music is sweet magic.
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I love the blues ,it give me direction and also show me what my lover is up
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he would play the local clubs here in St. Louis. My fav story, my dad said one night he walked into the club in St. Louis with a date and Little Milton walked out with her. Check out a great book about pre-WWII blues in St. Louis by Kevin Belford called Devil at the Confluence about the great influence of music out of St. Louis
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