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Lil Wayne

A game-changing artist and celebrity, Lil Wayne began his career as a near-novelty -- a preteen delivering hardcore hip-hop -- but through years of maturation and reinventing the mixtape game, he developed into a million-selling rapper with a massive body of work, one so inventive and cunning that it makes his famous claim of being the "best rapper alive" worth considering. Born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. and raised in the infamous New Orleans neighborhood of Hollygrove, he was a straight-A student but never felt his true intelligence was expressed through any kind of report card. He found music was the best way to express himself, and after taking the name Gangsta D he began writing rhymes. Combining a strong work ethic with aggressive self-promotion, the 11-year-old convinced the Cash Money label to take him on, even if it was just for odd jobs around the office. A year later, in-house producer Mannie Fresh partnered him with the 14-year-old B.G. and dubbed the duo the B.G.'z. Although only B.G.'s name appeared on the cover, the 1995 album True Story has since been accepted as the B.G.'z debut album both by fans and the Cash Money label. The 1997 album Chopper City was supposed to be the follow-up, but when Wayne accidentally shot himself in the chest with a 9mm, it became a solo B.G. release.

That same year, he officially took the moniker Lil Wayne, dropping the "D" from his first name in order to separate himself from an absent father. He joined B.G., Juvenile, and Young Turk for another Fresh project, the teen hardcore rap group the Hot Boys, who released their debut album, Get It How U Live!, in 1997. Two years later, Cash Money would sign a distribution deal with the major label Universal. Mainstream distribution would help that year's Hot Boys album Guerrilla Warfare to reach the number one spot on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. In 1998, Lil Wayne would appear on Juvenile's hit single "Back That Thing Up," or "Back That Azz Up" as it appeared on Juvie's album 400 Degreez. Wayne would launch his solo career a year later with the album Tha Block Is Hot, featuring the hit single title track. It went double platinum but the rapper was still unknown to Middle America, since his hardcore rhymes and the rough Cash Money sound had not yet crossed over. His second album, Lights Out (2000), failed to match the success of its predecessor but it did go gold, and with an appearance on the Big Tymers' hit single "#1 Stunna," his audience was certainly growing. While Fresh was primarily responsible for launching his career, Wayne was now much closer to Fresh's fellow Big Tymer and Cash Money CEO Birdman. When Juvenile left the label, Wayne -- or "Birdman Jr." as he was calling himself -- showed his allegiance to his CEO by releasing an album with a title much hotter than Juvie's breakthrough effort. 500 Degreez landed in 2002 and while it went gold, rumors began flying about Cash Money's financial troubles and possible demise. The rest of the Hot Boys had defected and Wayne's planned 2003 album was scrapped, coming out instead as an underground mixtape called Da Drought.

Wayne became enamored with the mixtape world after Da Drought drew so much attention from the hip-hop press. He used these underground releases to drum up anticipation for his next official album, the breakthrough effort Tha Carter. Released in 2004, the album seemed familiar on one hand with Mannie Fresh's production, but the Wayne on the cover was a dreadlocked surprise, and the rhymes he laid on the tracks showed significant growth. His marketing skills had become sharper, too, and it was no mistake that the album's hit single, "Go DJ," mentioned hip-hop's greatest tastemakers right in the title. It reached number five on the singles chart, and with a guest shot on Destiny's Child's number three single, "Soldier," Wayne had officially crossed over. On the flip side, his street cred was supported by a slew of mixtapes released in 2005, including the popular titles Dedication with DJ Drama and Tha Suffix with DJ Khaled. Cash Money's future was no longer in doubt and traditional music business rules no longer seemed to apply, as tracks would be leaked onto the Internet and various DJs' mixtapes. "Get Something" was another bold move, as a Universal-funded video was made without the track ever seeing official release.

With his alternative marketing scheme working in overdrive, the 2005 landing of Tha Carter II was a major event, selling over a quarter-million copies the week of its release. "Fireman" and "Shooter" with Robin Thicke were released as singles, while the album -- which for the first time featured no Mannie Fresh productions -- went platinum. It also introduced his Young Money posse, with appearances from Currensy and Nicki Minaj, and initially came with a bonus disc featuring Wayne's greatest hits screwed and chopped by Swishahouse DJ Michael "5000" Watts. A year later he collaborated with Birdman for the Like Father, Like Son album, featuring the hit single "Stuntin' Like My Daddy." His mixtapes were still flooding the underground, including the stunning Dedication 2, which came with an iconic image of the rapper on the cover plus the much talked-about track "Georgia...Bush," a venomous response to President George W. Bush's handling of the Katrina disaster. With no official follow-up to Tha Carter II in sight, numerous collaborative tracks kept the rapper in the mainstream with "Gimme That" by Chris Brown, "Make It Rain" by Fat Joe, and "Duffle Bag Boy" by Playaz Circle becoming three of the biggest hits.

Tha Carter III was promised for 2007 but didn't arrive until a year later, setting off Wayne's infamous reputation of delayed releases. Part of the problem became unauthorized leaks of the album's tracks, something combatted by the official, downloadable EP The Leak released that same year. Preceded by the number one hit "Lollipop," Tha Carter III arrived in May of 2008, selling more than a million copies in its first week of release. An appearance on Saturday Night Live and four Grammy Awards -- including Best Rap Album -- spoke to Wayne's mainstream acceptance. He also performed at that year's Country Music Awards with Kid Rock, but rather than rap, he played guitar. The guitar playing was part of Wayne's new involvement with rock music, including his help in signing Kevin Rudolf to Cash Money plus an appearance on Rudolf's massive hit "Let It Rock." His planned rock album was previewed with the 2009 single "Prom Queen," but when the album failed to meet its promised April release, the music press began to portray the rapper as the king of missed street dates. Unconcerned, Wayne forged ahead with his Young Money crew, releasing the underground mixtape Young Money Is the Army, Better Yet the Navy, the aboveground single "Every Girl," plus the official album We Are Young Money that same year. His rock album, Rebirth, would finally appear in early 2010, which coincided with Wayne being sentenced to a nine-month prison term for criminal possession of a weapon. The rapper may have been behind bars on Riker's Island, but that didn’t stop his ten-song EP, I Am Not a Human Being, from seeing the light of day in September 2010. Tha Carter IV was finally released in 2011 along with its lead-off single "6 Foot 7 Foot." The album reached the top spot on the Billboard 200.

In 2013, unfazed by criticism received from a controversial verse he contributed to Future's "Karate Chop" -- he made a reference to Emmett Till, a black teenager gruesomely murdered in 1955 by white men, in poor taste -- Wayne released a second volume of I Am Not a Human Being. The album debuted at number two and featured the singles "No Worries" and "Love Me." A sequence of singles intended for the repeatedly delayed Tha Carter V ensued, with "Believe Me," featuring Drake, an addition to Wayne's stockpile of certified platinum singles. "Nothing But Trouble," featuring Charlie Puth, was released in 2015 as a contribution to the soundtrack for 808: The Music. ~ David Jeffries
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Tha Carter IV (Explicit)

1. Intro

2. Blunt Blowin

3. MegaMan

5. Nightmares Of The Bottom

6. She Will

10. Abortion

12. How To Love

13. President Carter

16. I Like The View

18. Two Shots


Track List: Tha Carter II (Explicit)

1. Tha Mobb

2. Fly In

3. Money On My Mind

4. Fireman

5. Mo Fire

6. On Tha Block #1

7. Best Rapper Alive

8. Lock & Load

9. Oh No

10. Grown Man

11. On Tha Block #2

12. Hit Em Up

13. Carter II

14. Hustler Musik

15. Receipt

16. Shooter

17. Weezy Baby

18. On Tha Block #3

19. I'm A DBoy

20. Feel Me

21. Get Over

22. Fly Out


Track List: Tha Carter: Screwed & Chopped (Explicit)

1. Walk In

2. Go DJ

3. I Miss My Dawgs

4. Cash Money Millionaires

5. Bring It Back (Feat Mannie Fresh)

6. Tha Heat

7. Who Wanna

8. On My Own (Feat. Reel)

9. Hoes (Feat. Mannie Fresh)

10. Earthquake

11. This Is The Carter (Feat. Mannie Fresh)

12. Snitch

13. On The Block #2

14. We Don't (Feat. Baby A.K.A. "The Birdman")

15. Bm J.R.

16. Only Way (Feat. Baby A.K.A. "The Birdman")

17. Get Down (Feat. Baby A.K.A. "The Birdman")


Track List: Tha Carter (Explicit)

1. Walk In

2. Go DJ

3. This Is The Carter

4. BM J.R.

5. On The Block #1

6. I Miss My Dawgs

7. We Don't

8. On My Own

9. Tha Heat

10. Cash Money Millionaires

11. Inside

12. Bring It Back

13. Who Wanna

14. On The Block #2

15. Get Down

16. Snitch

17. Hoes

18. Only Way

19. Earthquake

20. Ain't That A Bi**h

21. Walk Out


Track List: 500 Degreez (Explicit)

1. Fly Talkin'

2. Look At Me

3. Way Of Life

4. Big Tigger Live On The Radio

5. Gangsta And Pimps

6. Lovely

7. Gangsta S***

8. Big Tigger Live On The Radio

9. Bloodline

10. Where You At

11. Worry Me

12. 500 Degreez

13. Go Hard

14. Young'n Blues

15. Believe That

16. Rob Nice Live On The Radio

17. F*** You

18. What Does Life Mean To Me

19. Get That Dough

20. Fo Sheezy

21. Fly Talkin' Go Home


Track List: Lights Out (Explicit)

1. Watch Them People (Intro)

2. Get Off The Corner

3. On The Grind

4. Hit U Up

5. Everything

6. F**k Wit Me Now

7. Lil One

8. Break Me Off

9. Skit

10. Wish You Would

11. Grown Man

12. Shine

13. Jump Jiggy

14. Realized

15. Tha Blues

16. Let's Go

17. Biznite

18. Act A A**

19. Beef


Track List: Tha Block Is Hot

1. Intro

2. Tha Block Is Hot

3. Loud Pipes

4. Watcha Wanna Do

5. Kisha

6. High Beamin'

7. Lights Off

8. F**k The World

9. Remember Me

10. Respect Us

11. Drop It Like It's Hot

12. Young Playa

13. Enemy Turf

14. Not Like Me

15. Come On

16. Up To Me

17. You Want War


Track List: Tha Block Is Hot (Explicit)

1. Intro

2. Tha Block Is Hot

3. Loud Pipes

4. Watcha Wanna Do

5. Kisha

6. High Beamin'

7. Lights Off

8. F*** Tha World

9. Remember Me

10. Respect Us

11. Drop It Like It's Hot

12. Young Playa

13. Enemy Turf

14. Not Like Me

15. Come On

16. Up To Me

17. You Want War


Track List: Believe Me (Single) (Explicit)

1. Believe Me (Feat. Drake)


Track List: F**k Today (Radio Single)


Track List: Gotti (Single) (Explicit)

1. Gotti (Feat. The Lox)


Track List: Grindin' (Single)

1. Grindin' (Feat. Drake)


Track List: Krazy (Single)

1. Krazy


Track List: Lollipop (Remix) (Radio Single)


Track List: Love Me (Single)


Track List: On Fire (Radio Single)

1. On Fire


Track List: Pop That (Radio Single) (Explicit)

1. Pop That


Track List: Prom Queen (Radio Single)

1. Prom Queen


Track List: Rebirth

1. American Star

2. Prom Queen

3. Ground Zero

4. Da Da Da

5. Paradice

6. Get A Life

7. On Fire

8. Drop The World

9. Runnin

10. One Way Trip

11. Knockout

12. The Price Is Wrong


Track List: Start A Fire (Single)

1. Start A Fire (Feat. Christina Milian)


Track List: Tha Carter III (Explicit)

1. 3 Peat

2. Mr. Carter

3. A Milli

4. Got Money

5. Comfortable

6. Dr. Carter

7. Phone Home

8. Tie My Hands

9. Mrs. Officer

10. Let The Beat Build

11. Shoot Me Down

12. Lollipop

13. La La

14. P**sy Monster

15. You Ain't Got Nuthin

16. DontGetIt


Track List: The Leak EP

1. I'm Me

2. Gossip

3. Kush

4. Love Me Or Hate Me

5. Talkin' About It


Track List: We Be Steady Mobbin' (Radio Single)


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I love lil wayne I look up to him as a role model!
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I know this is a old song but it still good
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I don't need much
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Its your ex girlfriend rember you I want you back where you live at lnow bar
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I like u song good job man keep it up
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How to love❤
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blush you stefanie mendoza. little sneeze at the end there
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much love and respect keep it up we need chu
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much love bro
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Money talks and bullshit walls a motherf**kin g
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Love this f**kin song weezy
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Today last day w/ FAM!!:'( :-( :-<
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Wayne is FAM!!!!
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i love you futuer
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Love ur music
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I like you so much this makayla Jones
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Love your music
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Real s**t
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I hate all of your songs
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I love this song
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Ay who got dis song from vine
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u don't know
who i am
just another
one of them fans
but i gotta say
each time hear
your voice eases
some of this
whatever it is
wish i understood
but i don't
broken book
all is ever be
guess no pill
red or blue for me
no looking back
heart attack
f**k it decided
do it my way
gives a s**t
u pray i play
that's me
even tho
u don't know
who i am
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Oooh so
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Say iPhone 5 times
Pick a color
put this on 5 other songs
Look under your pillow
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Don't do lil Wayne�������
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alauraandand r e a 0 5 0 8 I agree I don't get why lil Wayne is sick he's awesome
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Don't read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't stop this is freaky! But if you read this and ignore it you will get bad luck. Put this on 15 songs in 143 minutes. When you are done press the space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen. This is so creepy
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How is he sick
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Bro you are f**king sick
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hi drake your soings are good
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Soon we shall meet
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I love you!!
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