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The Kinks

Although they weren't as boldly innovative as the Beatles or as popular as the Rolling Stones or the Who, the Kinks were one of the most influential bands of the British Invasion. Like most bands of their era, the Kinks began as an R&B/blues outfit. Within four years, the band had become the most staunchly English of all their contemporaries, drawing heavily from British music hall and traditional pop, as well as incorporating elements of country, folk, and blues.

Throughout their long, varied career, the core of the Kinks remained Ray (born June 21, 1944) and Dave Davies (born February 3, 1947), who were born and raised in Muswell Hill, London. In their teens, the brothers began playing skiffle and rock & roll. Soon, the brothers recruited a schoolmate of Ray's, Peter Quaife, to play with them; like the Davies brothers, Quaife played guitar, but he switched to bass. By the summer of 1963, the group had decided to call itself the Ravens and had recruited a new drummer, Mickey Willet. Eventually, their demo tape reached Shel Talmy, an American record producer who was under contract to Pye Records. Talmy helped the band land a contract with Pye in 1964. Before signing to the label, the Ravens replaced drummer Willet with Mick Avory.

The Ravens recorded their debut single, a cover of Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally," in January 1964. Before the single was released, the group changed their name to the Kinks. "Long Tall Sally" was released in February of 1964 and it failed to chart, as did their second single, "You Still Want Me." The band's third single, "You Really Got Me," was much noisier and dynamic, featuring a savage, fuzz-toned two-chord riff and a frenzied solo from Dave Davies. Not only was the final version the blueprint for the Kinks' early sound, but scores of groups used the heavy, power chords as a foundation. "You Really Got Me" reached number one within a month of its release; released on Reprise in the U.S., the single climbed into the Top Ten. "All Day and All of the Night," the group's fourth single, was released late in 1964 and it rose all the way to number two; in America, it hit number seven. During this time, the band also produced two full-length albums and several EPs.

Not only was the group recording at a breakneck pace, they were touring relentlessly, as well, which caused much tension within the band. At the conclusion of their summer 1965 American tour, the Kinks were banned from re-entering the United States by the American government for unspecified reasons. For four years, the Kinks were prohibited from returning to the U.S., which not only meant that the group was deprived of the world's largest music market, but that they were effectively cut off from the musical and social upheavals of the late '60s. Consequently, Ray Davies' songwriting grew more introspective and nostalgic, relying more on overtly English musical influences such as music hall, country, and English folk, than the rest of his British contemporaries. The Kinks' next album, The Kink Kontroversy, demonstrated the progression in Davies' songwriting. "Sunny Afternoon" was one of Davies' wry social satires and the song was the biggest hit of the summer of 1966 in the U.K., reaching number one. "Sunny Afternoon" was a teaser for the band's great leap forward, Face to Face, a record that featured a vast array of musical styles. In May of 1967, they returned with "Waterloo Sunset," a ballad that reached number two in the U.K. in the spring of 1967.

Released in the fall of 1967, Something Else by the Kinks continued the progressions of Face to Face. Despite the Kinks' musical growth, their chart performance was beginning to stagnate. Following the lackluster performance of Something Else, the Kinks rushed out a new single, "Autumn Almanac," which became another big U.K. hit for the band. Released in the spring of 1968, the Kinks' "Wonderboy" was the band's first single not to crack the Top Ten since "You Really Got Me." They recovered somewhat with "Days," but the band's commercial decline was evident by the lack of success of their next LP. Released in the fall of 1968, The Village Green Preservation Society was the culmination of Ray Davies' increasingly nostalgic tendencies. While the album was unsuccessful, it was well received by critics, particularly in the U.S.

Peter Quaife soon grew tired of the band's lack of success, and he left the band by the end of the year, being replaced by John Dalton. In early 1969, the American ban upon the Kinks was lifted, leaving the band free to tour the U.S. for the first time in four years. Before they began the tour, the Kinks released Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). Like its two predecessors, Arthur contained distinctly British lyrical and musical themes, but it was a modest success. As they were recording the follow-up to Arthur, the Kinks expanded their lineup to include keyboardist John Gosling. The first appearance of Gosling on a Kinks record was "Lola." Featuring a harder rock foundation than their last few singles, "Lola" was a Top Ten hit in both the U.K. and the U.S. Released in the fall of 1970, Lola vs. the Powerman and the Money-Go-Round, Part One was their most successful record since the mid-'60s in both the U.S. and U.K., helping the band become concert favorites in the U.S.

The band's contract with Pye/Reprise expired in early 1971, leaving the Kinks free to pursue a new record contract. By the end of 1971, the Kinks had secured a five-album deal with RCA Records, which brought them a million dollar advance. Released in late 1971, Muswell Hillbillies, the group's first album for RCA, marked a return to the nostalgia of the Kinks' late-'60s albums, only with more pronounced country and music hall influences. The album failed to be the commercial blockbuster RCA had hoped for. A few months after the release of Muswell Hillbillies, Reprise released a double-album compilation called The Kink Kronikles, which outsold their RCA debut. Everybody's in Showbiz (1973), a double-record set consisting of one album of studio tracks and another of live material, was a disappointment in the U.K., although the album was more successful in the U.S.

In 1973, Ray Davies composed a full-blown rock opera called Preservation. When the first installment of the opera finally appeared in late 1973, it was harshly criticized and given a cold reception from the public. Act 2 appeared in the summer of 1974; the sequel received worse treatment than its predecessor. Davies began another musical, Starmaker, for the BBC; the project eventually metamorphosed into Soap Opera, which was released in the spring of 1975. Despite poor reviews, Soap Opera was a more commercially successful record than its predecessor. In 1976, the Kinks recorded Davies' third straight rock opera, Schoolboys in Disgrace, which rocked harder than any album they released on RCA.

During 1976, the Kinks left RCA and signed with Arista Records. On Arista, the band refashioned themselves as a hard rock band. Bassist John Dalton left the group near the completion of their debut Arista album; he was replaced by Andy Pyle. Sleepwalker, the Kinks' first album for Arista, became a major hit in the U.S. As the band was completing the follow-up to Sleepwalker, Pyle left the group and was replaced by the returning Dalton. Misfits, the band's second Arista album, was also a U.S. success. After a British tour, Dalton left the band again, along with keyboardist John Gosling; bassist Jim Rodford and keyboardist Gordon Edwards filled the vacancies. Soon, the band was playing arenas in the United States. Even though punk rockers like the Jam and the Pretenders were covering Kinks songs in the late '70s, the group was becoming more blatantly commercial with each release, culminating in the heavy rock of Low Budget (1979), which became the group's biggest American success, peaking at number 11. The Kinks' next album, Give the People What They Want, appeared in late 1981; the record peaked at number 15 and went gold. For most of 1982, the band was on tour. In spring of 1983, "Come Dancing" became the group's biggest American hit since "Tired of Waiting for You," thanks to the video's repeated exposure on MTV; in the U.S., the song peaked at number six, in the U.K. it climbed to number 12. State of Confusion followed the release of "Come Dancing," and it was another success, peaking at number 12 in the U.S. For the remainder of 1983, Ray Davies worked on a film project, Return to Waterloo, which caused considerable tension between himself and his brother. Instead of breaking up, the Kinks merely reshuffled their lineup, but there was a major casualty: Mick Avory, the band's drummer for 20 years, was fired and replaced by Bob Henrit. As Ray finished post-production duties on Return to Waterloo, he wrote the next Kinks album, Word of Mouth. Released in late 1984, the album was similar in tone to the last few Kinks records, but it was a commercial disappointment and began a period of decline for the band; they never released another record that cracked the Top 40.

Word of Mouth was the last album they would record for Arista Records. In early 1986, the band signed with MCA Records in the U.S., London in the U.K. Think Visual, their first album for their new label, was released in late 1986. It was a mild success but there were no hit singles from the record. The following year, the Kinks released another live album, appropriately titled The Road, which spent a brief time on the charts. Two years later, the Kinks released their last studio record for MCA, UK Jive. During 1989, keyboardist Ian Gibbons left the band. The Kinks were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, but the induction did not help revive their career. In 1991, a compilation of their MCA records, Lost & Found (1986-1989), appeared, signalling that their contract with the label had expired. Later in the year, the band signed with Columbia Records and released an EP called Did Ya, which didn't chart. The Kinks' first album for Columbia, Phobia, arrived in 1993 to fair reviews but poor sales. By this time, only Ray and Dave Davies remained from the original lineup. In 1994, the band was dropped from Columbia Records, leaving the group to release the live To the Bone on an independent label in the U.K.; the band was left without a record label in the U.S.

Despite a lack of commercial success, the band's public profile began to rise in 1995, as the group was hailed as an influence on several of the most popular British bands of the decade, including Blur and Oasis. Ray Davies was soon on popular television shows again, acting as these band's godfather and promoting his autobiography, X-Ray, which was published in early 1995 in the U.K. Dave Davies' autobiography, Kink, was published in the spring of 1996. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: State Of Confusion

1. State Of Confusion

2. Definite Maybe

3. Labour Of Love

4. Come Dancing

5. Property

6. Don't Forget To Dance

7. Young Conservatives

8. Heart Of Gold

9. Cliches Of The World (B Movie)

10. Bernadette

13. Long Distance


Track List: Give The People What They Want

1. Around The Dial

2. Give The People What They Want

3. Killer's Eyes

4. Predictable

5. Add It Up

6. Destroyer

7. Yo-Yo

8. Back To Front

9. Art Lover

10. A Little Bit Of Abuse

11. Better Things


Track List: Low Budget

1. Attitude

2. Catch Me Now I'm Falling

3. Pressure

4. National Health

5. (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

6. Low Budget

7. In A Space

8. Little Bit Of Emotion

9. A Gallon Of Gas

10. Misery

11. Moving Pictures


Track List: Misfits

1. Misfits

2. Hay Fever

3. Black Messiah

4. A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy

5. In A Foreign Land

6. Permanent Waves

7. Live Life

8. Out Of The Wardrobe

9. Trust Your Heart

10. Get Up

11. Black Messiah

12. Father Christmas

13. A Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy

14. Live Life


Track List: Sleepwalker

1. Life On The Road

2. Mr. Big Man

3. Sleepwalker

4. Brother

5. Juke Box Music

6. Sleepless Night

7. Stormy Sky

8. Full Moon

9. Life Goes On

11. Prince Of The Punks

12. The Poseur


Track List: Schoolboys In Disgrace

1. School Days

2. Jack, The Idiot Dunce

3. Education

4. The First Time We Fall In Love

5. I'm In Disgrace

6. Headmaster

7. The Hard Way

8. The Last Assembly

9. No More Looking Back

10. Finale


Track List: Soap Opera

1. Everybody's A Star (Starmaker)

2. Ordinary People

3. Rush Hour Blues

4. Nine To Five

5. When Work Is Over

6. Have Another Drink

7. Underneath The Neon Sign

8. Holiday Romance

9. You Make It All Worthwhile

10. Ducks On The Wall

11. (A) Face In The Crowd

12. You Can't Stop The Music


Track List: The Kink Kronikles

Disc 1

1. Victoria

2. The Village Green Preservation Society

3. Berkeley Mews

4. Holiday in Waikiki

5. Willesden Green

6. This Is Where I Belong

7. Waterloo Sunset

8. David Watts

10. Shangri-La

11. Autumn Almanac

12. Sunny Afternoon

13. Get Back In Line

14. Did You See His Name?

Disc 2

1. Fancy

2. Wonderboy

3. Apeman

4. King Kong

5. Mr. Pleasant

6. God's Children

7. Death Of A Clown

8. Lola

10. Polly

11. Big Black Smoke

12. Susannah's Still Alive

13. She's Got Everything

14. Days


Track List: Percy (Soundtrack)

1. God's Children

2. Lola (Instrumental)

3. The Way Love Used To Be

4. Completely

5. Running Round Town

6. Moments

7. Animals In The Zoo

8. Just Friends

9. Whip Lady

10. Dreams

11. Helga

12. Willesden Green

13. God's Children - End


Track List: Muswell Hillbillies

1. 20th Century Man

2. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues

3. Holiday

4. Skin And Bone

5. Alcohol

6. Complicated Life

7. Here Come The People In Grey

8. Have A Cuppa Tea

9. Holloway Jail

10. Oklahoma U.S.A.

11. Uncle Son

12. Muswell Hillbilly


Track List: Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround

2. The Contenders

3. Strangers

4. Denmark Street

5. Get Back In Line

6. Lola

7. Top Of The Pops

8. The Moneygoround

9. This Time Tomorrow

10. A Long Way From Home

11. Rats

12. Apeman

13. Powerman

14. Got To Be Free


Track List: Arthur (Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire)

1. Victoria

3. Some Mother's Son

4. Drivin'

5. Brainwashed

7. Shangri-la

10. Young And Innocent Days

12. Arthur


Track List: The Village Green Preservation Society

1. The Village Green Preservation Society

2. Do You Remember Walter?

3. Picture Book

4. Johnny Thunder

6. Big Sky

8. Animal Farm

9. Village Green

10. Starstruck

11. Phenomenal Cat

13. Wicked Annabella

14. Monica

15. People Take Pictures Of Each Other


Track List: Kinda Kinks

Disc 1

1. Look For Me Baby

2. Got My Feet On The Ground

4. Naggin' Woman

5. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight

6. Tired Of Waiting For You

7. Dancing In The Street

8. Don't Ever Change

9. Come On Now

10. So Long

11. You Shouldn't Be Sad

12. Something Better Beginning

13. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy

14. Who'll Be The Next In Line

15. Set Me Free

16. I Need You

17. See My Friends

18. Never Met A Girl Like You Before

19. Wait Till Summer Comes Along

20. Such A Shame

21. A Well Respected Man

22. Don't You Fret

23. I Go To Sleep

Disc 2

Track List: Classics - The Best Of The Kinks

1. You Really Got Me

2. I Need You

3. I Gotta Move

4. Tired Of Waiting For You

5. Stop Your Sobbing

6. See My Friends

7. Till The End Of The Day

8. Sittin' On My Sofa

9. Where Have All The Good Times Gone

10. Dandy (Continental Europe Single)

11. Sunny Afternoon

12. Too Much On My Mind

13. Dead End Street

14. David Watts

15. Waterloo Sunset

16. Death Of A Clown

17. Wonderboy

18. Days

19. Picture Book

20. Drivin'

21. Victoria

22. Lola (2014 Remaster)

23. Strangers (2014 Remaster)

24. This Time Tomorrow (2014 Remaster)

25. God's Children (2014 Remaster)


Track List: Face To Face

1. Party Line

2. Rosie Won't You Please Come Home

3. Dandy

4. Too Much On My Mind

5. Session Man

6. Rainy Day In June

7. A House In The Country

8. Holiday In Waikiki

9. Most Exclusive Residence For Sale

10. Fancy

11. Little Miss Queen Of Darkness

13. Sunny Afternoon

14. I'll Remember

15. I'm Not Like Everybody Else

16. Dead End Street

17. Big Black Smoke

18. Mister Pleasant

19. This Is Where I Belong

20. Mr. Reporter


Track List: Hidden Treasures

1. Susannah's Still Alive

2. This Man He Weeps Tonight

3. Mindless Child of Motherhood

4. Hold My Hand

5. Do You Wish to Be a Man

6. Are You Ready

7. Creeping Jean

8. Crying

9. Lincoln County

10. Mr Shoemaker's Daughter

11. Mr Reporter

12. Groovy Movies

13. There's No Life Without Love

14. I Am Free

15. Death of a Clown

16. Love Me Till the Sun Shines

17. Susannah's Still Alive

18. Funny Face

19. Lincoln County

20. There's No Life Without Love

21. Hold My Hand

22. Creeping Jean

23. This Man He Weeps Tonight

24. Mindless Child of Motherhood

25. Mr Reporter

26. Hold My Hand

27. Good Luck Charm


Track List: Muswell Hillbillies (Legacy Edition)

1. 20th Century Man

2. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues

3. Holiday

4. Skin And Bone

5. Alcohol

6. Complicated Life

7. Here Come The People In Gray

8. Have A Cuppa Tea

9. Holloway Jail

10. Oklahoma U.S.A.

11. Uncle Son

12. Muswell Hillbilly

13. Lavender Lane

14. Mountain Woman

15. Have A Cuppa Tea (Alternate Version)

16. Uncle Son (Alternate Version)

17. Kentucky Moon

18. Nobody's Fool (Demo)

19. 20th Century Man (Alternate Instrumental Take)

20. Queenie (Backing Track)

21. Muswell Hillbillies Radio Spot


Track List: Something Else By The Kinks

1. David Watts

2. Death of a Clown

3. Two Sisters

4. No Return

5. Harry Rag

6. Tin Soldier Man

7. Situation Vacant

8. Love Me Till the Sun Shines

9. Lazy Old Sun

10. Afternoon Tea

11. Funny Face

12. End of the Season

13. Waterloo Sunset

14. Act Nice and Gentle

15. Autumn Almanac

16. Susannah's Still Alive

17. Wonderboy (Bonus Track) [Stereo Version]

18. Polly (Bonus Track) [Mono Version]

19. Lincoln County

20. There's No Life Without Love

21. Lazy Old Sun


Track List: The Kink Kontroversy (2004 Remaster With 4 Bonus Tracks)

1. Milk Cow Blues

2. Ring The Bells

3. Gotta Get The First Plane Home

4. When I See That Girl Of Mine

5. I Am Free

6. Till The End Of The Day

8. I'm On An Island

9. Where Have All The Good Times Gone

10. It's Too Late

11. What's In Store For Me

12. You Can't Win

13. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

14. Sittin' On My Sofa


Track List: The Ultimate Collection Kinks

Disc 1

1. You Really Got Me

2. All Day And All Of The Night

3. Tired Of Waiting For You

4. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy

5. Set Me Free

6. See My Friends

7. Till The End Of The Day

8. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

9. Sunny Afternoon

10. Dead End Street

11. Waterloo Sunset

12. Death Of A Clown

13. Autumn Almanac

14. Susannah's Still Alive

15. Wonderboy

16. Days

17. Plastic Man

18. Victoria

19. Lola

20. Apeman

21. Supersonic Rocket Ship

22. Better Things

23. Come Dancing

24. Don't Forget To Dance

Disc 2

1. David Watts

2. Stop Your Sobbing

3. Dandy

4. Mr. Pleasant

5. I Gotta Move

6. Who'll Be The Next In Line

7. I Need You

8. Where Have All The Good Times Gone

9. Sittin' On My Sofa

10. A Well Respected Man

11. I'm Not Like Everybody Else

13. She's Got Everything

14. Starstruck

15. Shangri-La

16. God's Children

18. (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

19. Do It Again

20. Living On A Thin Line


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A big fat momma trying to break meeee,,,,,oh yaaaaa
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Igzggshajajg s g h s b s b h c d . Cjj. Sj. Di bwg. H dj. Jgagvs. H sj. Sbu vakxh. Je k. Skj kkxkks xj. Sj sis. Is zi. Sisb is. Ks. Is. ud. Is. js. Id. Kd. Kd. K di. Di d. I x i sy jshsh. Is shhshshjhheh d h d h . H. Dhhsgshjjsgd h h s . Jbhshs. Usbbsbzb. Ishhzbzggqhx j j z h h x n . J dijjdjd dhsksjhs. Iwwjhshsj. Ks sjsjjsjdjdb sisjsbjd d djs did d djd xj j. Djx di. Djx. Cj djd. Js j dh. Sj. Sixz sus sisbs. Js i. Six shsis. Is. ide j b hd. Jsnd cje i i js wh js. I sj. Didix. Ug gsie cib b ii sudhdbehhh. J. S i u. Sud
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Their a good band, but the Beatles are better.
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Weren't as boldly innovative? Way more innovative than the overrated Beatles!!
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Mmmmmmmmmu7u u u j u u u u u u m m y j & y n h n m ķ n , , m n m k n , ñ , n b n , n n m m n ? m m m m m m m m ? , m m
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Hjjjkknnnjmm m n n m m m m k m m n * u u
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A special Angel has really got me!
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Such an awesome, classic kickass Jam by The Kinks. All day and all of the night. Totally rocks, and so does The Kinks. Rock on!
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I need you all the time my Mike your mimi
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I need you more ?mB on h
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you make me kninkey I got a new cell phone I can take pictures of you my Mike your mimi
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michaelrocks 6 8
I went to a club on a Saturday night,
Pounding bass sounds and blinded by strobe lights,
I gazed at the graffiti scrawled on the wall,
Remembered to keep my back to the walls
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Report as inappropriate
need you too let me know how much you need me we need each other very much and it's about time we do what we were going to do my Mike your mimi
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Why is there no mention of the song Destroyer off the album Give the People What They Want?
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john.l.thoma s
Check out the kinks choral collection.j u s t relax
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Most underrated band of all time
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alexandraabe l l a 1 7
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mysteriousst r a n g e r s 8 6
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Ray Davies is a great songwriter and truth teller, a champion of the working man. Just read the lyrics to Powerman ! As relevant today as it was in the 60's.

The kinks were so great on so many levels ! And they could ROCK ! Rocked much harder than the Beatles or the Stones in the sixties. The roots of Heavy Metal and Punk music were engendered by the Kinks music, as acknowledged by many in that scene.
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Good Job :)
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Thank you sternga5. First sentence is absurd.
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Although they weren't as boldly innovative as the Beatles or as popular as the Rolling Stones or the Who, the Kinks were..
THE BEST BAND of the British Invasion!

There...I fixed the first sentence of the bio.
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Waterloo Sunset--best EVER song about London!
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The Kinks were part of the big 5 in the British Invasion. It's a shame that they are so underrated. They deserve more recognition!
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Played the Boston Tea Party nuff said
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@johnthomas: Thanks. Cousin Brucie must have still been playing it in early '66 because I didn't drive until then. As a year, '65 was ok too but not as great for me. :)
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john.l.thoma s
To Frank wiener the year was 1965 when we'll respected man came out
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john.l.thoma s
To the bone a forgotten classic
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Go for it bcz its worth it...
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Well Respected Man. Was that 1966 or 1967? I just received my driver's license and the promise of leaving my parents' house and hometown within a year was on the horizon. A great time, and the Kinks made it even more special. Thanks, guys!
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Zep was the greatest.... . . . ' n u f f said
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Love the Kinks,....Yo u ' r e so conservative Dean Winchester
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The Kinks were as boldly innovative as anyone. Ray Davies can write anything from proto-punk to 1890's pop. Dave's probably the most underrated lead guitar player of the age and an outstanding writer as well.

If you want innovation, I challenge you to find another group who wrote about tacky duck decor!
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DEFINITELY better than the Beatles!
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Better than the Beatles!
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Girl I want to be with you all the time ��
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john.l.thoma s
The Kinks are my favorite group. There are not like any one else.
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Their great and I want some cola
C-O-L-A cola
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Lola!!! what can I say... No bitchen in this Kitchen!!!
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john.l.thoma s
To the bone a forgotten classic
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The Kinks are one of top bands to emerge from that era, along with the R'Stones, the Who, the Animals
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early 60s
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the heaviest band in the the 60s
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they were so under rated then. Time has proven their genius
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Yes , Kinks are way underrated.
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The Kinks are literally Something Else. Even though they aren't super deep, there is probably no other band that has such solid output of quality music from inception to present day.
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