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Keith Green

Green founded Last Days Ministries with his wife Melody in the late '70s. A reformer trying to purge the church of unbiblical habits, Keith's music was lyrically a mix of Jesus Movement protest and 19th-century evangelistic writings. He died in a plane crash in July 1982. ~ Bil Carpenter
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: The Live Experience


Track List: The Ultimate Collection

1. You Put This Love In My Heart

2. I Can't Believe It

3. Oh Lord, You're Beautiful

4. I Want To Be More Like Jesus

5. Your Love Broke Through

6. Make My Life A Prayer To You

7. Asleep In The Light

8. My Eyes Are Dry

9. Soften Your Heart

10. He'll Take Care Of The Rest

11. You Are The One

12. So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt

13. Run To The End Of The Highway

14. Grace By Which I Stand

15. There Is A Redeemer

16. You

17. Here Am I, Send Me

18. Rushing Wind

19. Jesus Commands Us To Go

20. Pledge My Head To Heaven


Track List: The Ministry Years 1977-1979

Disc 1

1. Because Of You

2. How Can They Live Without Jesus

3. Walk And Talk

4. Run To The End Of The Highway

5. Your Love Broke Through

6. The Victor

7. Thank You Jesus

8. The Prodigal Son Suite

9. Stained Glass

10. Go To The Hungry Ones

11. Love With Me (Melody's Song)

12. You Put This Love In My Heart

13. There Is A Redeemer

14. No One Believes In Me Anymore

15. On The Road To Jericho

16. You

17. When I Hear The Praises Start

18. Asleep In The Light

Disc 2

1. He'll Take Care Of The Rest

2. Make My Life A Prayer To You

3. Easter Song

4. When There's Love

5. The Battle Is Already Won

6. Pledge My Head To Heaven

7. My Eyes Are Dry

8. Song To My Parents (I Only Want To See You There)

9. Trials Turned To Gold

10. Dust To Dust

11. I Can't Believe It

12. To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice

13. Soften Your Heart

14. I Don't Wanna Fall Away From You

15. Here Am I, Send Me

16. I Can't Wait To Get To Heaven

17. Dear John Letter (To The Devil)

18. Rushing Wind

19. Don't You Wish You Had The Answers

20. Altar Call (Live Version)


Track List: So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt…

1. So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt

10. Grace By Which I Stand


Track List: Songs For The Shepherd

1. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

2. You Are The One!

3. How Majestic Is Thy Name (Psalm 8)

4. Draw Me

5. Glory Lord Jesus

6. There Is A Redeemer

7. The Promise Song

8. Until That Final Day

9. Jesus Is Lord Of All

10. O God Our Lord

11. I Will Give Thanks To The Lord (Psalm 9)

12. Holy, Holy, Holy


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saraheberkne r
Asleep in the Light has a very powerful message and is very well written.
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His music helped change my life
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I had the privilege of hearing Keith Green at Jesus Northwest, and multiple concerts across the US. The passion and love for his savior is never lost as each year passes since his aircraft crash. I'd recommend his music to anyone who looks for knowing the savior and making a difference in our world.
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I went to college in 1979 at a small school in North Central Washington. My next door neighbor was an on fire Christian who shared Keith's music with me. It completely changed my walk because before it was all about religion, Keith's music made it about my relationship with the Lord. His music still today at 55 years old challenges me and makes me remember what it truly important.
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I was about twenty-eight when I heard Keith Green. At the time he was home with the lords.
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So great to hear Keith Green anytime. Yes Bil Carpenter's bio is short but accurate. For more see lastdaysmini s t r i e s . o r g or even Wikipedia. But more importantly Pandora has the music of Keith Green. Thank you.
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My dad used to say only the GOOD die young. While I'm not sure this is always true, I couldn't agree more when it comes to Keith Green. I'm not sure how anyone could present the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel more clearly and compassionat e l y than he did. I never had the privilege of meeting Mr. Green but I look forward to that day when I'll get to see him face to face so I can tell him personally of the impact he had on my life during my time of struggles while on this journey we call life.
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You don't hear about carrying your cross daily. Keith sang The Word! Keith Green was an example of the believer, and his ministry lives on. I have grown and I am still growing in Jesus because of his music filled with eternal truth. Keith, in his obedience is still gaining rewards for what he has done, and is doing through his music for God's Kingdom. All Glory goes to JESUS CHRIST FOREVER!
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I accepted Christ as my Savior in late 1982. It was six months before I started to fellowship, but I was given a couple cassette tapes of Keith Green.

Music has always been a big part of my life. I didn't realize at the time; Keith Green was my teacher, through his music during those early months. Still today, he's my favorite for Christian music.
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Mr. Carpenter, respectfully , is that all you got?
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Wow, such a small little paragraph for someone who made such a huge impact on the Christian music world. I dare say his music brought more people to Christ than the average minister. Here it is 2016 and people are still being blessed over and over. He was one of a kind!
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Keith's message to the Body of Christ - to keep ourselves pure & in the Light is needed MORE today than ever! I am looking forward to meeting him in the Kingdom soon! amen!
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Few have had an impact on the church's Baby-Boomer Generation than Keith Green. He pulled 1000's lyric by lyric into an authentic relationship with Christ and His people. His music is still transformati o n a l !
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Few have had such an impact upon the Church's youth as Keith Green. He took the Baby-Boomer GEN with it's desire for truth and relationship , pulling them lyric by lyric into an authentic relation with Christ and His people. Truly a transformati o n a l artist!
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rockygiles- I totally agree! Well said. I saw Keith in concert in NJ in the late 70's. Marvelous man of God and musician. I really love his lyrics, even after all these years! Follow God, through Jesus Christ- He's the real deal. No other one to follow.
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Unfortunatel y , there are not many like Keith Green anymore. He seemed to have that combination of concern for the souls of men combined with a great desire for holiness in the body of Christ. He did it all with a genuine love for others.
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I was a 19 year old when I heard Keith singing Compromise.I let that be my testimony growing in the.Lord. When I heard Keith died I still was searching for his music. Thank Jesus that I found my quest here on Pandora.
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Melody Green and David Hazard wrote No Compromise about Keith's life. Keith deeply searched the truth about Jesus, and when he came to Christ, it was wholehearted l y and full speed ahead. Keith's music, as well as 2nd Chapter of Acts, was truly inspiring and helpful to me when I first became a Believer so long ago.
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Melody Green and David Hazard wrote the book, No Compromise about him. When Keith finally gave his life to Christ, it was because Keith truly truly believed in Him and followed Him so deeply. His music made an impact on me when I first came to know the Lord. His music and 2nd Chapter of Acts
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Reminds me of growing up, my parents loved Keith's music and passed the love of quality Godly music onto me. What a great testimony to how God can use a person's ministry even after the person is gone
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LOL.....Unbi b l i c a l Habits
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He was the best at reaching the soul
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My brother turned me on to him in the early 80's. Have not listened to him in quite a while. Man he is still great. Wonder what he would be doing if he were still around
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i love Mr. Green...
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Please do expand the Bio for Keith. His music played a huge role in my decision to follow Christ.
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I knew keith and melody - tragic loss
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agree-- wish the bio said more. Keith Green's music and ministry has touched so many.. and still takes me to the cross...
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Went to his concerts in the 70s.

Had some really good woods.God used him in a special way
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Worshipping through music is Keith's gift to us
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Considering his impact and following, it just seems Keith is deserving of a much longer and descriptive bio
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granmary.fre e
Keith Green's music is God-breathed . God inspired Keith's songs and more importantly, his life! Jesus is LORD of lords and KING of kings! Keith and Melody's ministries live on...
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Indeed, he was so a genuine lover of our Lord. His music was in my heart often thru my college years fresh out of the child of missionaries .
Report as inappropriate
Funny how Report As Inappropriat e pops up as you scroll over each comment!
Doubt anyone listening to Keith could dream up any inappropriat e comment here!!!
Keith's genuine (do not doubt me) love for God inspires me even today. Hardly a day goes by that I do not listen to his music. Keep most of his music in a folder that plays for hours. However, for variety I do put on this channel, too.
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I love this guy so much, I wish he was still around. His songs make me happy all the time
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What a great man of faith! Musically talented and full of personality.
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I've been listening to Keith Green since the late 80's. Still love listening to his music. His songs get to the heart of the matter quickly with pure conviction. Can't wait to meet him one day and sing praise to our King together.
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First heard his music in 1979 as a new christian. His teaching and ministry were even more challenging than his music. it's sad the LDM wasn't able to effectively continue without him.
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I heard this just fews days ago You cannot ask for a nation until you are ready to die for it. Are we willing to become a martyr for a cause? His blood cries for justice in heaven, Keith Green. Now we can ask for the music industry.
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Yes, this pioneer of contemporary Christian music deserves a little more on his bio for sure.
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Thank you Mr. Carpenter, Rovi, for such an extensive, heart-felt commentary.
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Gone 2 soon, But those who love YHWH with all there heart, might and soul who have been recieved by Yshua as one of his and have his seal on there heart's will see him again when we get home, amen? Be encouraged. Shalom
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Keith's biography was a good read. It's called No Compromise. I dare you to find it and read it.
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Keith green taught me through music.
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His music always meant so much to me.
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To me your only holy.
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I remembered his song about the sheep and the goats. I remembered someone saying that he had died in a plane crash and thinking what a shame. I would have loved listening to more. As a songwriter I see why my heart is pulled back to his music. We have such a kindred spirit of writing deep lyrics that make people think. Kudos to Keith and to the Great God who inspired him.
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He was the first Christian that never contridicted what the Bible offered to we mortals in living a glorious, selfless life. Always walked about a foot off the ground after listening to his songs!
Report as inappropriate
In a wonderful concert at U of Idaho I realized what was a "fervent, effectual prayer..." in Keith's songs.
Report as inappropriate
M ichael j. of all the music I Lesten to Keith green music is the most spiritual Bar none.
Report as inappropriate
I was blessed to see Keith Green in one of his last concerts when I was just a little girl, and I will never forget it! He is my most favorite ministers and his music is my personal favorite! I look forward to sharing with him and thanking him for leaving his legacy as a personal strength for me!
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