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Keith Green

Green founded Last Days Ministries with his wife Melody in the late '70s. A reformer trying to purge the church of unbiblical habits, Keith's music was lyrically a mix of Jesus Movement protest and 19th-century evangelistic writings. He died in a plane crash in July 1982. ~ Bil Carpenter, Rovi
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Selected Discography


What a great man of faith! Musically talented and full of personality.
I've been listening to Keith Green since the late 80's. Still love listening to his music. His songs get to the heart of the matter quickly with pure conviction. Can't wait to meet him one day and sing praise to our King together.
First heard his music in 1979 as a new christian. His teaching and ministry were even more challenging than his music. it's sad the LDM wasn't able to effectively continue without him.
I heard this just fews days ago You cannot ask for a nation until you are ready to die for it. Are we willing to become a martyr for a cause? His blood cries for justice in heaven, Keith Green. Now we can ask for the music industry.
Yes, this pioneer of contemporary Christian music deserves a little more on his bio for sure.
Thank you Mr. Carpenter, Rovi, for such an extensive, heart-felt commentary.
Gone 2 soon, But those who love YHWH with all there heart, might and soul who have been recieved by Yshua as one of his and have his seal on there heart's will see him again when we get home, amen? Be encouraged. Shalom
Keith's biography was a good read. It's called No Compromise. I dare you to find it and read it.
Keith green taught me through music.
His music always meant so much to me.
To me your only holy.
I remembered his song about the sheep and the goats. I remembered someone saying that he had died in a plane crash and thinking what a shame. I would have loved listening to more. As a songwriter I see why my heart is pulled back to his music. We have such a kindred spirit of writing deep lyrics that make people think. Kudos to Keith and to the Great God who inspired him.
He was the first Christian that never contridicted what the Bible offered to we mortals in living a glorious, selfless life. Always walked about a foot off the ground after listening to his songs!
In a wonderful concert at U of Idaho I realized what was a "fervent, effectual prayer..." in Keith's songs.
M ichael j. of all the music I Lesten to Keith green music is the most spiritual Bar none.
I was blessed to see Keith Green in one of his last concerts when I was just a little girl, and I will never forget it! He is my most favorite ministers and his music is my personal favorite! I look forward to sharing with him and thanking him for leaving his legacy as a personal strength for me!
Lesley, I would loved to have been there. I didn't get saved til '93. But as a new babe, my now ex-husband used to listen to him all the time in the beginning of our relationship , so Keith is strong in my heart, and I too wish there were more singers that skipped all the lights and glimmer and just got back to God, the way He was intended to be worshipped.
"Victorious" was the way I first described to my friends about the music he made. Then I heard "The Prodigal Son" and added "Broken" and "Gratefully Redeeming" to the list of emotional descriptors. Thank you Lord for Keith's abilities and for the choices he made to use those abilities in service to You!
Keith's music is so convicting and thought provoking. We need more artist like Keith.
Keith Green's testimony and music is still powerful today. Never forget attending his very last concert in South Carolina. We arrived at a venue with nothing but a piano on the stage. No fancy backdrop. Just Keith, his piano and the Lord's anointing. Can't imagine and artist today performing like that.
Loved this mans music. As many have testified it convicted and uplifted. What I don't understand is why since then no one has even come close to the depth of truth, the anointing, and the creativity that was his music. He was the real deal.
Christina Schlieter WOW! I discovered him when I was 16 and he was already in Heaven. I can't wait to be in his audience for his concerts in heaven. You were truly blessed!
The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.
He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness. Isaiah 57:1,2
I and my sisters all loved his music and cried & cried when he died, even though we know he went to heaven. h l i e t e r
Blessed to have been in the audience for many if his performances .
Yes, Lord, and as Keith asks here, remind ME never to seek a crown (or a crowd) since my job, like John the Baptist's, is to bring glory to Jesus...
Keith Green's music had a huge impact on my teen years, probably more than any other artist. Such powerful, convicting messages in each song that helped form my world view. Thanks Keith for your legacy in Jesus!
Jesus our Lord, thank You for sending Keith to help us see You more clearly. His music spoke the groaning of our hearts to be nearer to You. We are brought into true worship. I was challenged every time I heard his music. It's funny how truth set to music can sound so good.
I had received one of Keiths albums as a gift on my birthday from my sister. I was about 15. I loved one of his longs long before I knew who he was (Love Break Through). I have to admit that my sister gave me one of his albums that at first i was like.. sis this is not my type of music.. but as I listen and found many other songs that I loved it was such a blessing. After reading his story (he died when I was 12) it was such an awaking of my spirit. I became such a fan and his music inspires me
Keith Green was heavily influenced by Charles Finney and Leonard Ravenhill.
don;t read this because it actually works. You will be kissed on the nearest Friday by the love of your life. tomorrow will be the best day of your life. however if you don't post this you will die in 2 days. Now you've started reading don't stop. This is so scary put this on atleast 5 songs in 143 minutes. When done press f6 and your lovers name will come out the screen in big letters. this is so scary because it actually works
I had not been a Christ follower for a long time but had been a lover of music long before I became a believer. When I first came to Christ, I was told that there was this thing known as CCM or contemporary Christian music... so with great enthusiasm I began to listen to what was popular back in the 80's... I found so much of the music to be musically bland and lyrically shallow. Then someone from my youth group played a Keith Green album & it changed me profoundly and still does, thx Keith!
I just found Keith Green today! Oh my Lord WOW! Awesome! So filled with the Holy Spirit!
This is his Full Testimony from Being born as a baby to death. He impacted the world so much in his 28 years of life! Amazing!
It has never been so clear to me how much a person is still ALIVE after their earthly death! Can't wait to meet Keith Green in heaven!
All Honor, Praise and Glory goes to you Father God, Jesus Christ an Holy Spirit! http://www.y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = f X O h S S c V M U s
If the lord doesn't build the house, then laborer labors in vain
Saw him in San Diego in concert and in Tyler Texas at his ranch, 30 to 33 years later his music calls me to worship!! An incredible man of God.
I got saved in 1980, & Keith's music really helped establish me in the Lord. These songs never get old.
unbelievable what KG achieved and did for the Lord God in the short amount of time he ministered. Love this man, his family and music. Can't wait to see him again! :)
I was introduced to KG's music in the early nineties. I absolutely fell in love w/his music. Stryper and those guys were great, but I'd rather hear "I Don't Want To Fall Away..." Any time of day. Thank you Jesus!
i love this song!!!
God really used this man even today his music is still bringing people to him one of my favorite artist of all time!!! Went to soon
I think it's wonderful to have all of these positive comments about life-changin g times through Keith's music, and they are current and recent posts. Thanks for the encouragemen t , folks. :)
I became a Christian at 3 and a half. I remember praying as a Child as I listened to his music and through the hard times in my life. I pray I will get an opportunity to minister to others as he has and does. I believe in both speaking and living the Gopel for others to see it is not enough to be kind and it is not enough to pray or sing without action and walking the walk through the power of the Holy Spirit. We are living in a culture of death and debt. America is not Gods chosen nation but pe
Keith Green brought me to Jesus at one of his concerts at Bradley University in Peoria Illinois. He was a wonderful singer as well as evangelist. Im sure he is leading the angels in heaven in songs.
I want to be more like Jesus...I love this song. Over thirty years ago I went to several of his concerts, and I really prefer listening to him live without back up music. He was truly prophetic. What a man of God he was, and he still ministers through the messages in his songs. I am looking forward to one day see him again : )
I can confirm what so many others are saying here--long after Keith's death, God used his music to minister to me as a new Christian. I remember the first time I heard Keith's version of The Prodigal Son parable. It brought it alive to me, and I was broken.
Love Keith ......
Its good to kno that if we make it over there we might get to see him or should i say we will get to see him and say hey and give him a big hug
His songs inspire and touch my heart and brings me back to my early days as a growing Christian .
Love his music...what inspirationa l music from his heart and the Word!
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