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Joshua Redman

Every few years it seems as if the jazz media go out of their way to hype one young artist, overpraising him to such an extent that it is easy to tear him down when the next season arrives. In the early '90s, Joshua Redman briefly became a media darling, but in his case, he largely deserved the attention. A talented bop-based tenor man, Redman (who will probably never be an innovator) is a throwback to the styles of Red Holloway and Gene Ammons, but also has an inquisitive spirit and can play intriguing music when inspired.

The son of the great tenor saxophonist Dewey Redman, Joshua graduated from Harvard and after debating whether to become a doctor, he seemed headed toward studying law at Yale. However, he came in first place at the 1991 Thelonious Monk competition, landed a recording contract with Warner Bros., and was soon on the cover of most jazz magazines. Pat Metheny was a guest on one of his albums (the Redman-Metheny interplay during their engagements was quite memorable), and although Redman has had success constantly touring with his own group, it is a pity that his apprenticeship period as a sideman was so brief.

In 1996, Joshua Redman recorded and briefly toured with Chick Corea's "Tribute to Bud Powell" sextet; the solo Timeless Tales (For Changing Times) followed in 1998, and in 2000 he returned with Beyond. Passage of Time appeared in early 2001 and was followed by a lengthy tour of the U.S. The next year, Elastic appeared in stores with an uncharacteristically humorous sight gag adorning the cover. That also reflected on the music, which was more adventurous and playful than in the past, owing a debt to his electronica and experimental rock influences. In 2005, Redman made the move to Nonesuch and released Momentum. Back East followed in 2007, with Compass arriving early in 2009. Two years later, Redman appeared on the debut album from the jazz quartet James Farm, and in 2013, he delivered the orchestral album Walking Shadows. In 2014, he returned with the concert album Trios Live, featuring tracks from two separate performances; one at N.Y.C.'s Jazz Standard and the other at Washington's Blues Alley. ~ Scott Yanow, Rovi
full bio

Selected Discography


Joshua Redman,...a man to be respected & appreciated. An innovator, writer & artist in his time, able to express what jazz is, means & feels like from his own prospective, . . . l i k e all who have & will play. The critic did what he thought was his job. Just proves that we the listener have to always be aware of what is real to us, not just because someone said so but; because we feel Joshua's message, individualis t i c style & respect him for the work. Well done, my brother.
How can this bio say that he is not an innovator. The mere attribute that he pays attention to the rules of old school jazz and as a younger player, that makes him an innovator, but he also puts his own style on it are just a few of his innovations. He has solid talent
sound like a good man,who knew how to play that sax,love jazz.
Love Joshua more now that I know he passed on being a doctor and on law school wow great musician
This bio is terrible. Also, Scott seems to thing that only men can be musicians?
Saw him live and loved it. No tricks, just good music.
Saw him live and listen to his CD's
His old school respect and he's innovative sound is well balance
To any real jazz listener
I like this Brother.. Nice stuff.. ;-)
So nice hearing Wish while reviewing beer brewing articles ... takes me back to hearing Redman live in Davis, California in the early 90's. Great then and great now! One of the best modern tenors to my ear ... does Pandora ever change a crappy bio?
As a jazz saxophonist myself, I've been deeply influenced by Redman. I love his soulful bebop approach to jazz. No matter the review... Redman can groove and deliver great music. Keep Jammin' ya'll!
Where the heck does Pandora get their bios?
Joshua Redman's Live at the Vanguard is the best live jazz album I've ever heard. There's something new there every time I play it - which is often. He's a boss tenor man!
Can Scott Yanow point us to any albums or music he has made? Maybe he is an innovator. if you do not like Redman's music, why don't you go and play your own? Has Scott listened to Redman's Swing Moods? Pandora should take down this bio.
well to get first is something Yanow.
it does seem like the reviewer has an ax to grind
byron.marsha l l 0
My critic of Scott Yanov is he has to be HATER of Redman. I remember when I first heard this guy, I was hooked! He lived up to the hype... along with Roy Hargroves, Christian McBride etc. Play on Brother ; D
It is clear Yanow's comments are quite harsh. I don't like them myself. Certainly, Redman is a uniquely expressive and gifted interpreter of music on his saxophone, but he is not quite the same innovative force musically that Coltrane or Coleman were in their generation. Let's be honest, folks... I truly enjoy his playing for the fine craft it is, but while quite expressive and heartfelt, Yanow is correct in stating that it really does not cover much new ground. Everyone is right here.
Who is Scott Yanow and what does he have against Josh Redman? That bio is no more than a mean put-down, and has nothing positive to say about one of the best tenor players around...
Correction, the album was called Elastic. Highly recommended for anyone looking to hear an educated jazzman's take on fusion-based grooves...
Never an innovator? Interesting. . . Elasticity is quite innovative.
I play tenor and alto and it's obvious Redman is slick but after listening to him I never take anything away with me . It all just sort of blurs together . I have heard a lot of players like that ,dazzling but only on a superficial level . Like Yeah but so what?
I see so many people unhappy about the negatively criticized bio posted here. Redman, a potentially multi-talent e d / g i f t e d individual in many fields, who decided to choose his career as a musician, should receive nothing but praises, and we all should feel lucky to have the opportunity to listen to his music. A more complete and factual bio is as follows: http://en.wi k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / J o s h u a _ R e d m a n
the tune suspended emanations is subtle n tasty with fine band play. as it is subtle it does cook like a pot of stew . the flame is on low but the stew is SMOKIN HOT
this bio is a bunch of crap... Joshua Redman is one of my favorite saxophonists of all time! screw this guy!!!
Redman is certainly more 'innovative' than whoever wrote this hypercritica l bio.... Yanow seems to have lost the ability to look past his judgements and really feel the music.
As I read through some of the comments regarding Joshua Redman, I too agree that the bio was somewhat critical. If I were to base my opinion on what the critic had to say, I would have overlooked this young artist.....H i s music sounds wonderful. I concur, the purpose of the bio is to be informative and objective... . . . . .
jamaalsawyer d
Take this bio down... Who the hell is this guy talking all this trash?
This bio is really negative, bordering inappropriat e to serve its purpose (educating interested potential fans on the artist). Pretty disappointed at the snarky tone. He was clearly attempting to discount Redman but instead just revealed himself to be a jerk. I've seen Redman live several times. He is great!
passion in the Jazz mansion your BIO is Crashin!
Maybe if the critic who wrote this bio used less speculation (and consequently a few less words), perhaps there would be something left to write bios for many other artists appearing on this site who have no bio whatsoever. A run-on sentence you say: correct indeed, used for dramatic effect to parallel this bio's speculative fluff. All I know is this cat played some good jazz that I enjoyed listening to--'nuff said.
Pandora should just state facts, discography etc-the info is always ridiculous and inaccurate.
He definitely went to Berklee on top of Harvard... Crazy bio!!!
Pandora, The focus of a bio is to introduce an unfamiliar ear to the person behind the music. Scott Yanow's bio of Josh is absolutely ridiculous. To address a few points, Josh graduated with highest honors from Harvard, is a major influence on sax players today, and when he won the Monk competition- he beat out Eric Alexander and Chris Potter- who is regarded by most as one of the best living tenor o n g with Josh. Mr. Yanow needs to pick up a horn and show me he can hang with Josh.
Is this is a bio or an attack? Silly for me thinking bio only stated facts about a person... Pandora needs to find another bio for this artist.
I know, Redman (who will probably never be an innovator). Ouch... It's probably just cause he's a Harvard child.
Bio is kinda rough, ya think.
welllllll... . . . . . . t h o s e who cant become critics
People I NEED to, know who this drummer is. Sounds like Dennis Chambers, but I can't be sure. Anyway, Whoever it is it's funky
Jazz is the only purely American art form to come from the United States. Jazz was invented in the USA. Having said that, let us continue on by giving Joshua Redman his due, which MUST be positive in order to be fair. This kid is bursting with talent.If you love jazz, then you cannot wallow in the negative. This kid and his talent is a gift. A gift from the Man above and to ALL of us, to be savored, digested and enjoyed by music lovers all over our green and fertile planet.
What an awful bio. Shame on Pandora for allowing such filth to be put on their site. I completely disagree that Redman is a throwback to Ammons and Holloway. Bad choice of words, Scotty.
I like the 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' tune in A Life?
From this day forward Scott Yanow's opinions on any aspect of life are NULL AND VOID.

Also who is "Rovi"? Why is the "biography" signed "Scott Yanow, Rovi"?

And 'agharta5' (commented below) I doubt you are an "old friend" of Joshua Redman. You sound like bitter, jealous, sour-grapes trying to be subtle.
Do me a favor, Scott Yanow......S h u t up and listen to music without being stupid and judgmental, Will ya?
Worst.. bio... ever. Seriously, better bio on wikipedia.
Who is this critic? He absolutely knows nothing. Joshua will never be an innovator? It sounds as though this critic has some sort of personal bias against Josh. Josh Is the s**t and his music is solely responsible for introducing me to jazz and discovering his influences etc... I would never have gotten into jazz had it not been for this musician. F**k this critic you suck.
Definetley a great sax man but my fav will always be Stan Getz
Great sax player, bad opinionated bio.
Leonard Bernstein said, and I paraphrase loosely but with quotes, "In all my years and travels, I have never once seen a statue or a monument erected to a critic." If you want the complete, correct quote, read Leonard Bernstein's biography.
I think Yanow must have smoked too much crack to know anything about jazz. Go suck some more..... Joshua Redman is the real deal. WTF does yanow know? He writes to see his crap in print. Use the newspaper for its intended use....wipin g your behind.
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