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John Stewart

John Stewart first gained recognition as a songwriter when his songs were recorded by the Kingston Trio. In 1960, he formed the Cumberland Three, which recorded three albums for Roulette. The following year, he joined the Kingston Trio, replacing Dave Guard, and stayed with them until 1967. His song "Daydream Believer" was a number one hit for the Monkees at the end of that year. Stewart traveled with Senator Robert Kennedy on his 1968 presidential campaign, an experience that affected him deeply. In 1969, he released his classic album California Bloodlines, the first of seven solo albums to reach the charts through 1980.

Stewart found his biggest commercial success with the Top Ten album Bombs Away Dream Babies and its single "Gold" in 1979. He released several of his albums and albums by others on his own Homecoming label starting in the 1980s. Airdream Believer appeared on Shanachie in 1995, followed by The American Folk Song Anthology on Delta in 1996. Rough Sketches and the live Bandera were released in 1997 and 1998, respectively, by Folk Era. Stewart signed with Appleseed Recordings in 2000, and his next three albums, Wires from the Bunker (2000), Havana (2003), and The Day the River Sang (2006), all appeared on the Appleseed imprint. Following Stewart's death on January 19, 2008, in San Diego, CA, Folk Era released a previously unheard live set (recorded at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ, on November 30, 1973) as Bite My Foot in 2009. ~ William Ruhlmann, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Mid-late stuff is underplayed and underrated. Try Bullets in the Hourglass or Punch the Big Guy. The songwriting is ok on The Day the River Sang but his voice was just shot by then. Still, you can recognize the production in a second.
Awesome! Had me up on my feet and dancing !:)
Thanks KDKB and Toad Hall listening at Asu in 72 freshman year.
Bill of Temecula - i cried the day he died and my son called to give me the news. Laid on the floor in my apt. in Manhattan Beach in the 70s listening for hours.
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First heard JS live at the Ice House in Pasadena & Glendale, Ca, back in the mid 60's....Hear d the songs of Calif Bloodlines live, before the album came out. Not long after Robert Kennedy was shot, he did his song about travelling with Kennedy, and then 'shoot all the wild horses'... and there was not a dry eye in the house.. including JS. then he did 'But you Can't Look Back... and pulled us all out of a funk/sad place. He was a great musician, great storyteller- and powerful performer...
My husband took me to see JS; I was the first date he ever took with him to see JS. I was an instant FAN. MISS THOSE DATES been married 18 yrs now. Miss u so much JS.
We saw John for several nights in East Lansing in 1970. God how I miss him.
Driving my '66 Mustang, with my elbow hanging out the window, my hair blowing in the breeze (back when I had hair!) and "Gold" blasting on the radio. Feeling as though life couldn't get any better! That was in back 1979. Listening to "Gold" today resonates much in the same way, minus my hair of course. Great memories.
Saw Stewart at Phx Concerts in 73, to this day one of the greatest concerts I have been privileged to attend. My dates always loved seeing JS, if you know what I mean.
Johnny Stew follower since first hearing Mother Country in '72. Highlights I was lucky enuf to hear and see: Lindsey Buckingham suddenly running up on stage at the Palomino Club to play alongside John about '80 or '81; My wife leaving for the gals room. Stewart notices, says he'll wait. Easy for him. He was a great storyteller long before the show. That was in Nevada City mid 80's; Many years later at the old Palms, quietly, tearfully, thanking Stewartistas for wife's eye operation.
emilyhall184 1
Love this song
Been a big John Stewart fan for 10 years now. I discovered him relatively late in life, but all the better for me as so much music that I loved as a child has now grown stale! But my goodness what a song writer is John! He was a poetic lyricist that had an awesome ability to conjure up gritty images of Americana that may be all but lost now. Pandora, please do your best to get some of John's less popified music into your collection. He is a folk legend that deserves to be heard!
Yes Randy, it is Stevie Nicks you are hearing on Gold. This song sounds like a Fleetwood Mac tune for sure even without Stevie being on it.
Is that Stevie Nicks singing background? Probably an obvious yes but was always curious and I didn't see anything here one way or another.
I agree with a couple of the other posters: Phoenix Concerts live was a huge influence on a group of us hanging tight and hanging on in Eastern Oregon back in the mid 70s. Wonderful, soulful songs.
One of my favorite albums of all time. Greatly influenced me. Was trilled to find it again
Like so many who have left comments here about John, the man and his music were a huge influence on my life and my own music. I saw him often enough that he knew me by sight and name, and would always take the time to say hello. When he died, I couldn't believe I would never hear him play again, stayed up all night and wrote a song for him. Bless you, John, and thank you for the gifts you gave us.
my older brother was in college in the 60's and of course brought home trio albums/ had the pleasure of seeing them with him in the mid 60's. i was drafted in 69 and to this day credit calif.bloodl i n e s with getting me thru that mess. don't have a fav song or album. they're ALL great in my opinion. God bless you john and Buffy also you are greatly missed ricardo
The California Bloodlines album cover you see here was a compilation of 2 albums that was all of California Bloodlines and Willard minus 2 songs. California Bloodlines had another black and white cover. He wrote songs for Dolly, Kingston Trio, Monkeys and so many more. His better music was was the less electronical l y aided. I hope Pandora can dig up more obscure tunes for his station, because I get too much Guthrie. Lonesome Picker Rides Again in a great album. Fine man, John Stewart was.
new to pandora here, why is john's 'dream babies go to hollywood' so overlooked? got an old cassette that drags so bad it cant be copied.....c o m e on pandora!
John music has been a huge infulence on my life ever since his Kingston Trio days. I wish Pandora would list more of John's albums such as BLONDES and PUNCH THE BIG GUY. Both of these are underrated and two of John's best, I feel. John you are greatly missed! God bless!
One of my all time favorites. I was introduced to him through his classic live album The Phoenix Concerts. Completely underrated and unappreciate d .
John Stewart is one of the great American song writers. He had the ability to capture the spirit of the Country and its people in song. Mr Stewart never got the degree of recognition he deserved but he clearly loved what he did and he stayed true to himself and his craft. His music has been a touchstone for so many years.... always fresh, always rewarding, always insightful and always grounded. God Bless you John... and thank you for the wonderful gifts you left to us.
I knew John and we were friends. There were countless nights that we'd sit over drinks or coffee in some westside restaurant until the early morning hours. We talked, and laughed and mostly enjoyed the moment. It's been a while and I miss him still.
elderlymanri v e r
Thanks to campbell3459 for the reminder about early 70s Phoenix radio - KDKB used to play a great variety of rock (such as John Stewart) and somehow managed *not* to run the good songs into the ground. John Stewart was like a really talented family member who never stayed away too long. Thanks
why does this guy look and sound like Johhny Cash?
From the first moment that a friend told me that John has released his solo album, Signals Through The Glass, I was hooked. Calfiornia Bloodlines remains one of my top albums of all time. I saw him perform innumerable times from the 60's through the 90's. He never got the recognition he deserved, but I have to believe that his life was both rich and filled with challenges. I continue to play his will live on for generations.
John left a lifetime of great impressions on me. Rest in Peace, John. Your heart was in your music and your music is in my heart. Check out Mother Country I Do Love You. One of the greatest American Songs ever written
KDKB in Phoenix used to play him all the time in the 70s. His music was pure and made you smile.
There will never be another singer/songw r i t e r like JS!! We miss ya John. For those who don't know - ya would not even have Americana genera had it not been for John.
Didn't he do a duet with Stevie Nicks called "Gold"? I love that song.
I was captivated by KT3 and other folk artists in the early 60's and regret that I never had the chance to see John perform with KT3. Went to several new KT3 in the 80's and 90's and saw John perform at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica. First stand alone John Stewart song I heard was 'July, You're a Woman' on the way to Yosemite from Ft. Ord spring of 1976. John had a wonderful way of singing his ballads to touch the soul of his followers. His music lives on..........
This is one of those songs that I heard on once or twice on commercial radio back in 1979 -- probably 3 or 4 am on a tiny fm receiver.

I never knew the artist, or even song title. But the song has stayed with me all this time.

Thank you Pandora!
Hey Bret! John Stewart's album TALL BLONDES is a classic!! I worn out the record, the cassette and the CD is always on top of the stack! QUEEN OF HOLLYWOOD HIGH is a winner on this album!
i had the John Stewart album which i believe was called Tall Blondes that had several great songs on it, including Queen of Hollywood High, Virginia, and some others, but i do not even see that album mentioned anywhere. Does anyone else have/remembe r that one?
I have been a fan since 1961 (College Concert). Can't even choose among his early solo albums - Signals, Bloodlines, Willard, Angels, Cannons, Lonesome Picker, ... all outstanding. The Phoenix Concerts is still one of the top few live albums ever (that version of Bloodlines is the best IMO). He will be missed.
1969, California Bloodlines was special. (Thanks, Frank; didn't know Rolling Stone listed it.) I saw John several times in Flagstaff, AZ, and once in Scottsdale. I regret missing the sessions that became the Phoenix Concerts (why no mention, Pandora?) As others have said, the man wrote and played music that touched us deeply. Thanks, John
I saw John Stewart at the Ice House in Pasadena when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I still have the California Bloodlines Album that I purchased from Tower Records in the very early 70's. Lonesome Picker Rides again is a great release as well. This man affected me musically from that point of time onward.
Glenn Limina
Chino Hills, CA
I saw John perform many times in the late 60's and early 70's at The Troubador, The Four Muses in San Clemente, at Santa Monica Civic etc. To say that his music had an imprint on the rest of my life would be an understateme n t .
Bob Warren
Eugene, Oregon
John's solo album "CALIFORNIA BLOODLINES" made Rolling Stone's Best all time 100 albums! Small wonder Lindsey Buckingham learned to play off John's old Kingston Trio records as well!!!! John was a treasure and will be greatly missed by all who loved his music. Thanks for the good times and music John!
First listened on 8 track. Still listen to this day albeit from my 33 1/3 coverted to mp3. Forget the Monkees best song. Influences evident in Fleetwood Mac, Lindsay Buckingham. Ballads with soul. Give a listen to Oden -Spirit of the water, if you can find it. Pandora is showing its scope in maintaing the ability to listen to great songwriters and composers. Beats the rest.
John Stewart was a great singer-song writer,sure wrote some wonderful songs in his days,good performer..d i d n t know he was with the Kingston Trio however,Than k s Pandora
Hand Your Heart To The Wind is worth more than just a listen / this song has a SOUL
Great to hear John's work in this format - although focuses a little too heavily on the early stuff. Still, the classics on Willard, California Bloodlines cannot be beat! Truly an artist who brought music, lyrics, voice and instruments together in a complete (and completely undervalued by the commercial establishmen t ) w a y .
Wow!! What a wonderful song!!!!! I was totally unaware of John Stewart until today...what a great voice he had!!!! I missed out on one hell of a performer!!! God bless you Mr. Stewart!
One of the BEST albums of all time, period!!
There will be another artist/singe r / s o n g w r i t e r with the depth and character of John Stewart. Although a very undervalued and unappreciate d musician, John always maintained the quest to remain the consummate professional artist. Note: John Stewart died in San Diego 1/19/2008, passing away in the same hospital in which he was born. Rest in peace, Lonesome Picker
As many members of "Bloodlines" , the John Stewart fan mailing list, have said, John sings the soundtrack of my life. Certainly everyone I know was, at one time or another, a "Pirate of Stone County Road". Many of us still are, thanks in part to John's inspiration and insights. I saw you often, but never enough, John. Thanks for the great evenings with you, and the endless times with your recordings. An American Original? You betcha! There's a big hole on the stage...
Stewart is arguably--wi t h Dylan and Joni Mitchell--on e of the greatest American songwriters of the 20th century. I hope that he'll find an appropriate measure of recognition after his passing that he never quite got during his lifetime. Nearly 40 years after seeing him at the Troubadour in L.A., his songs still move me to tears and laughter.
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