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John Cafferty And The Beaver Brown band

What you think when you hear the name "John Cafferty" has a lot to do with where you're from. If you hail from Rhode Island or the nearby states on the Eastern Seaboard, you know Cafferty as the leader of the Beaver Brown Band, a hard-working combo who've been rocking venues both small and large since the mid-'70s with their tough but passionate blue-collar sound. If you're from anywhere else, you know Cafferty as the voice of Eddie Wilson, the doomed rock & roll star played by Michael Pare in the hit movie Eddie and the Cruisers. Born and raised in North Providence, Cafferty got his start in music when he was in junior high, forming a teenaged garage band called the Nightcrawlers with some friends in 1965. The Nightcrawlers evolved into the East-West Blues Band, who played a steady stream of gigs at school dances and teen clubs around the state until high school graduation broke up the band. While attending Rhode Island College, Cafferty ran into an old friend, drummer Kenny Jo Silva, who was playing in a band called the Luvin' Kynd; Silva's group had just lost their lead singer, and he invited Cafferty to become their new vocalist. By 1972, the Luvin' Kynd had broken up, and Cafferty and Silva opted to form a new group. Influenced by the hard-edged, soulful sound of the J. Geils Band, the rhythms of classic R&B, and the swaggering style of vintage rock & roll, Cafferty and Silva assembled a band from some of the best players on the Rhode Island club scene, including Gary "Guitar" Gramolini, bassist Pat Lupo, Bobby Cotoia on keyboards, and sax player Paul Jackson. Taking their name from a can of paint, Beaver Brown holed up in a makeshift rehearsal space in Providence for close to a year, honing their sound before playing their first show in the spring of 1973. They were soon gigging full-time, earning a reputation as one of the tightest and most crowd-pleasing acts in Rhode Island, and in 1977, Paul Jackson left the group, while Michael "Tunes" Antunes, a veteran of New England rock and R&B bands since the early '60s, came aboard on sax.

With Beaver Brown's definitive lineup in place, the group's following began to spread across the East Coast and into the Midwest, and in 1980 the group recorded their first single, "Wild Summer Nights" b/w "Tender Years." The self-released 45 received steady airplay in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Cleveland, and ended up selling over 10,000 copies. Despite the success of the single and the band's impressive live draw, Beaver Brown had little luck scoring a record deal, in part because of their stylistic similarity to Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, a matter of shared influences and Cafferty's natural vocal resemblance to Springsteen more than anything else. In 1982, producer Kenny Vance was hired to coordinate the music for a film adaptation of P.F. Kluge's rock & roll novel Eddie and the Cruisers, and he hired Beaver Brown to provide the sound of the fictive band. Cafferty and Beaver Brown re-recorded both sides of their single and a number of their best original tunes for the film, as well as a handful of rock & roll oldies, and Antunes was given a small role as the band's saxophone player.

When Eddie and the Cruisers was released to theaters in 1983, it was a box-office dud, but the soundtrack album sold well with Beaver Brown's East Coast fans, and after the film began playing on HBO, it re-launched the album. With the group credited as John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, the Eddie and the Cruisers soundtrack went triple platinum on the strength of the hit singles "On the Dark Side" and "Tender Years," and Scotti Brothers, the Sony-distributed label that released the soundtrack, quickly signed Cafferty and Beaver Brown to a record deal. The first proper album from John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, Tough All Over, was released in 1985, and it spawned a pair of Top 40 singles, "C-I-T-Y" and "Tough All Over." However, Cafferty and Beaver Brown released their second LP, Roadhouse, in 1988, which failed to click with radio and sold poorly, and in 1989, they once again impersonated Eddie and the Cruisers for the soundtrack of Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives. The movie and the soundtrack album both sank like a stone in the marketplace, and before long, Scotti Brothers dropped the band. Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band would continue to contribute songs to hit films, including Rocky IV, Cobra, Jersey Girl, and There's Something About Mary, but the band failed to score a new record deal, and to add insult to injury, in the '90s, Scotti Brothers reissued Tough All Over and Roadhouse as Eddie and the Cruisers albums, as well as bringing out an album of unreleased live material without the group's input.

However, while the group's fortunes had soured as recording artists, they remained a strong live act, and continued to perform and tour regularly. Career and health concerns brought many changes to the lineup (sadly, Bobby Cotoia succumbed to liver disease in 2004), but Cafferty, Gramolini, and Antunes still anchor the current lineup, and they headline regularly in New England and throughout the country. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
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rock on and rock heavy !!
Eddie and the Crusers is a classic I even liked the last movie
Why don't they have the Eddie Lives Soundtrack? It has some awesome songs on it like; Maria, Garden of Eden, Just a Matter of time, and so many more!
Seen them live @sbnl after the movie came out and many great live shows @ the sun casino wife and I think their great
everyone who loves eddie and the cruisers has ti follow the first official page on instagram! follow guitarbeats_ w i t h e d d i e
leilanilouis e
Love it
This soundtrack is one of my favorites. I have owned it on cassette, lp, cd, and it now holds top billing on my iPod.
Very nice and I LOVE the band to
I lived in montreal when they filmed Eddie and The Cruisers 2 Morin Heights Quebec also both. Movies rocked
shaunanthony l u c a s
words and music i love the caesura in tender years
shaunanthony l u c a s
in the movie Eddie wanted to make something different, something that no one ever heard before. i think they made a good chose in picking John Cafferty and the beaver brown band for the two movies. i love these guys music!
In the early 80's I made sure I was at Toad's Place in New Haven whenever Beaver Brown (as they were known prior to the movie) was playing. They rocked the place!
Love John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band! Can't wait til they get close enough to make a trip to see them :)
I wish I could find more albums by these guys.
One of the Best bands I've ever seen live! I've seen them live at the Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ.
Probably the best act (maybe tied with NRBQ) to regularly play world famous Toad's Place in New Haven in the early 80's. Outstanding live show.
I grew up watching Eddie in the cruisers. My mom played it for my brother and I constantly. One of the best movies I have seen. My 3 and 2 year old love the music.
these guy are the best
My wife and I saw them at a club called Night Town in Destin, FL back in '84 or '85 when we were stationed at Eglin AFB. I remember John introducing Tunes as the star of stage, screen and HBO! Outrageously good live band.
I love the movies by Eddie & the crusiers
mikeytorranc e
They played in Mahnomen MINNESOTA a few years ago!!!! They put on one if not the best concert I have ever been to!!! ABOUT 100 of them!!! I am Roxy from North Dakota!!!!! (gf)
Eddie Wilson Lives
I lived inSyracuseN. Y . having just come from europe after 10 tears in the brother and I went to this totally wacked band called the Brown band---playi n g in this bar---Eddie lives!
more from Wikipedia:
The group's 1985 follow-up album Tough All Over made the top 50. The title track became their second number-one single on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and C-0I-T-Y also received a fair amount of airplay.

- Another song Voice of America's Sons was the featured theme song on Sylvester Stallone's movie Cobra (and on the soundtrack).

Fair to say the boys had a bit of a career after the movie faded from memory.

Get your facts straight next time!

- The movie did not do well in theaters ... in fact it BOMBED.
- The album was the released as the soundtrack to the movie. It didn't sell at first because NOBODY saw the movie in the theaters. Sales picked up when the movie made it's way to CableTV. People ran out to by the record once they heard the music in the movie.
No doubt any reviewer can formulate their own opinion and critique.

My problem here is that the facts aren't even correct.

- As pointed out already a couple of times below, the missing
tapes were A Season in Hell not The Dark Side
- The Beaver Brown Bank was not a hack bar band. Before the movie, they were considered in many circles as the best unsigned band around. The feeling at the time was that they were passed over because they sounded a bit like Springsteen.

This is so smiler to Springsteen, its scary, feels like an unreleased single of his
Eddie Lives! (and John Dougan, the author of this review, is an idiot). Everyone I show these movies to go nuts for them and the music.
I agree with infantrydad9 . . . s o u n d s like some 20's something did this review. This band was popular long before the movie came along.
treated my kids to Eddie I and II over valentines day - they are still talking about it and love the music
Whoever wrote this review is a idiot
I love this band. I fell in love w/ Eddie & the Cruisers in the 80's along w/ everyone else. My mom would play the movie at least 3 times a week. When she passed I inheritited her VHS copy of it & completely wore it out! I now have it on DVD & have had to buy a copy for my 10 yr old nephew who is just as in love w/ it as I was at his age! GREAT MUSIC!
personaly i love the songs they sang all of them i wish they would do more i really love johns voice he deserved to be more sussessful. the movies eddie lives and eddie and the cruisers are really 2 of my favorite moves. mainly the sound track .and micheal pare played the part really good. he has dreamy eyes. i play eddie lives every day watch the best shots of micheal pare, but mostly just do my house work. my tv has a surround sound conected that will rock the block
I don't know about his other music, but On the Dark Side sounds like he used the same background music and rhythm as a a few Springsteen songs, and considering it came out a few years past the first Springsteen albums, it sounds like a complete rip-off. It sounds so good because its just a copy of a Springsteen song.
They really need add the Tough All Over album to the mix - it's better than the first soundtrack. I've seen the band several times between 1984 and 2011, always a solid show. Always thought they were trying to sound more like Bon Jovi than the Boss, but that never stopped reviewers from playing the easy Bruce Lite card.
I completely agree...
Some of the music from that movie manages to transcend time...
carowolfnonn a
Loved them then... Still love them now... John, Tunes, and Gary can still rock it.....
we ain't great, we're just some guys from Jersey
On The Dardk Side of course.
Love singing this sound. It get everyone going!
I totally enjoyed both Part 1 & Part 2 of the movies and all of the music. Unless you really knew what to look for, you'd sware that The Cruisers are actually performing the music. The most pivotal character from both movies was the sax player. The stories actually centered around his death even though he never spoke a word. He is the actual sax player from The Beaver Brown Band! His nickname is "Tunes".
We need more Cafferty! His music made the Movies real! I have all the Cafferty I can find and Both movies...My Wife and I watch them all the time!
I saw Cafferty in concert, he was awesome. He high 5'd me, then held his hand out to me to pull him out into the audience to body surf. This was during the playing of "The Dark Side". Very memorable night.
Gee, I don't think that Dougan ever saw the movie! The name of the missing
tapes was "A Season in Hell" not "The Dark Side"!! If you're gonna review,
get your FACTS STRAIGHT! OH, and Don't forget "EDDIE LIVES"!!
What a sequel! Great Music in BOTH movies courtesy of John Cafferty and
the Beaver Brown Band!!
checked out at club bene in NJ. GOOD SHow.the old lady was shocked She was expecting eddie and the cruisers
I love John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band and personally prefer them over Springsteen (though he is very good). I don't think they sound very similar at all (as in I would never confuse the two or think of the other while listening to either of them).
Dougan your opinion sucks azz! Loved the movie and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band and still do!
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