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John Barry

John Barry was one of the best-known composers of soundtrack music of the late 20th and early 21st centuries, but his career carried him through a multitude of music genres and styles. He was best-known in film in connection with his work on the James Bond pictures, but Barry was also the holder of five Academy Awards, none of them for the Bond movies. Born Free (for which he won Oscars for Best Score and Best Song), The Lion in Winter, Out of Africa, and Dances with Wolves are hardly unknown films or scores. Additionally, from 1957 until the early '60s as leader of the John Barry Seven, Barry was one of the best-known figures in popular music and early rock & roll in England. Born in York, England, on November 3, 1933, John Barry was the son of a small movie theater chain owner and a former concert pianist. He showed an avid interest in music as a boy and initially studied piano, although he switched to the trumpet in his teens. After spending much of his boyhood steeped in classical music, he discovered jazz -- his idol was Harry James and his favorite music was made by Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Woody Herman, and the Dorsey Brothers.

Barry studied piano and composition with the music master of York Minster Cathedral, Dr. Francis Jackson, and had a deep interest in arranging. Growing up around his father's movie theater business, Barry was always cognizant of the power and influence of the cinema, but it was a specific film, A Song to Remember, dealing with the life of Frédéric Chopin, that first demonstrated to him the power of music in movies and got him interested in the field. He also credits Max Steiner's score for The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and Anton Karas' music for The Third Man as favorite film scores from his early life. Barry played with a local jazz band in his mid-teens, and was lucky enough to get himself assigned to a musical unit in the British Army when he was called up for National Service at age 18. During his two years of Army service, he tried his hand at arranging, and he later enhanced his skills by taking a correspondence course offered by Bill Russo, one of Stan Kenton's arrangers. Once he was back in civilian life, Barry offered his arrangements to some of the top bandleaders in England, among them Ted Heath, Jack Parnell, and Johnny Dankworth. Dankworth actually used two of them, and at Parnell's suggestion, Barry started his own band. The result was John Barry & the Seven, later known as the John Barry Seven. He moved the group to London in 1957 and approached Jack Good, the producer of British television's top music showcase The Six-Five Special, but was turned down for the show. After a few weeks and some successful live engagements including a gig as the backing band for Tommy Steele, the show's producers changed their minds and the John Barry Seven made it onto The Six-Five Special. The group became immensely popular from their appearances on the program, and Barry was the star, not only playing trumpet but also handling the vocal chores. By this time, the rock & roll boom was going full swing, and his singing frequently required Barry to do his best Elvis- or Carl Perkins-style vocalizing.

It was out of their appearances on the program that they were signed to EMI's Parlophone Records label. The group's next big gig was as one of the resident house bands for Good's new program, Oh Boy!, which was a showcase for many of the most dynamic young rock & roll singers coming up in England, including Cliff Richard. It was from there that Barry moved on to become music director for Drum Beat, a dramatic program starring a young singer/actor named Adam Faith. From 1959 until 1962, he and Faith were an unbeatable combination, both onscreen and in the recording studio, releasing a string of major British hits through the Parlophone label. During this period, Barry also arranged and led the accompaniment for numerous other EMI recording artists, including Desmond Lane, the England Sisters, and Bill and Bret Landis. The John Barry Seven also enjoyed hits of their own, including "Hit or Miss" and a version of the Ventures' "Walk Don't Run." They were known for their unusual sound, owing to their bold yet precise playing and their heavy use of electric piano and other relatively uncommon instruments (this in a time when the electric bass was barely tolerated). They were among the star instrumental acts of the day and, surprisingly, cut albums for EMI's Columbia Records, which was already the home of the Shadows, the group's biggest rivals.

In 1960, Barry was also invited to write his first film score, for the juvenile delinquency drama Beat Girl starring Adam Faith. The results were an impressive mix of brass, heavy electric guitar (courtesy of John Barry Seven guitarist Vic Flick), and orchestra. Barry also later devised an entire album, Stringbeat, in which he juxtaposed the group's sound with that of a string orchestra. Barry was involved with numerous projects of all kinds during this period. Although it seems hard to believe in retrospect, at that point, the John Barry Seven were the major rivals to the Shadows, Cliff Richard's backing group, who were known for their instrumental singles. The group started the year with a release called The Cool Mikado, an update of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, but there were far more important milestones in his career that year. Barry was engaged by the producers of a film called Dr. No to write and arrange a finished score from work begun by composer Monty Norman. The film itself was a hit and Barry's work sufficiently impressed the producers, Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli, to get him the gig writing the full score for the next movie, and for more than two decades' worth of subsequent James Bond movies up through 1985's A View to a Kill. Several of these featured songs that Barry had co-written, including "Goldfinger," "Thunderball," and "You Only Live Twice," became hits of varying proportions and longevity in their own right for artists such as Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, and Nancy Sinatra. The best of his James Bond songs may be the most unusual, "We Have All the Time in the World" from On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which was sung by Louis Armstrong. If Beat Girl had established Barry's British film credentials, Dr. No and the next two movies in the James Bond series, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger, made Barry's name international.

It was with Born Free, however, that he moved into the front ranks of popular film composers, with the score and the Oscar-winning title song. From then on, he was in a position to score some of the biggest and most daring films being made in England or Hollywood, ranging from the hourlong experimental film Dutchman to high-profile dramas like The Lion in Winter (for which he won his third Oscar). In 1962, the same year he composed the music for the first James Bond movie, Barry also left EMI to join the independent Ember Records label. In addition to doing his own recordings, Barry produced and arranged the music for dozens of Ember artists, including Chad & Jeremy, and also produced such best-selling comedy albums as Fool Britannia, Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse's savage satire of the Profumo scandal that had nearly toppled the British government.

In the midst of his burgeoning film work, Barry found time to make albums of his own on occasion, usually featuring re-recordings of his best movie-related music. In 1999, he also released an album of his classical instrumental-style compositions, The Beyondness of Things. Barry suffered a life-threatening injury at the end of the '80s from which his recovery seemed problematic. He survived with help from a very good physician and one of the first results of this new lease on life was Barry's music for Dances with Wolves, which was one of his most ambitious soundtrack creations ever, filled with complex orchestral parts and sweeping, almost Mahler-like melodic arcs and textures, earning his fifth Oscar in the process. In 1992, he was nominated for a sixth Oscar for his music for Chaplin. In 2001 Barry composed the score for Enigma, in addition to recording a new album of non-soundtrack material, Eternal Echoes. Among Barry's last work was a co-composing credit (with lyricist Don Black) for the song "Our Time Is Now," sung by Shirley Bassey on her 2009 comeback album, The Performance. John Barry died of a heart attack in Glen Cove, NY on January 30, 2011, and although his work in the 21st century had been comparatively sporadic, his wide-ranging career, both critically acclaimed and popular, secured his position as one of the most respected musical figures of the latter half of the 20th century. ~ Bruce Eder
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Great Movie Sounds Of John Barry

1. Thunderball ((From The United Artists Motion Picture, "Thunderball"))

2. 007 ((From The United Artists Motion Picture, "From Russia With Love"))

3. Goldfinger ((From The United Artists Motion Picture, "Goldfinger"))

4. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ((From The United Artists Motion Picture, "Thunderball"))

5. From Russia With Love ((From The United Artists Motion Picture, "From Russia With Love"))

6. The James Bond Theme ((From The United Artists Motion Picture, "Dr. No"))

7. The Chase ((From The Columbia Pictures Motion Picture, "The Chase"))

8. Theme From King Rat ((From The Columbia Pictures Motion Picture, "King Rat"))

9. The Knack ((From The United Artists Motion Picture, "The Knack"))

10. Seance On A Wet Afternoon ((From The Motion Picture, "Seance On A Wet Afternoon"))

11. Ipcress File ((From The Universal Motion Picture, "Ipcress File"))

12. Theme From Born Free ((From The Columbia Pictures Motion Picture, "Born Free"))


Track List: Sophia Loren In Rome

1. Secrets Of Rome

2. The Ballet

3. Sophia (Small Orchestra)

4. Marcello

5. Secrets Of Rome (Small Orchestra)

6. Arm In Arm

7. Secrets Of Rome (Sung By Sophia Loren)

8. Sophia

9. Arm In Arm (Small Orchestra)

10. The Agressors

11. Marcello (Small Orchestra)

12. Secrets Of Rome - Waltz


Track List: High Road To China (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. Main Title/A Nasty Headache (From The Original Score To "High Road To China")

2. The Flying Lesson (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China")

3. Look Out Charlie/A Hurried Exit (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

4. On To Waziri/Khan (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China")

5. Escape From Waziri/Eve & Struts (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

6. On To India/Arrival In Katmandu/Struts Approaches (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

7. The Dogfight/Journey To China/Anymore Surprises/The General's Cannon (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China")

8. You'll Get Your Money/One Eye Open (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

9. Raid On Wong's Camp/Finale & End Credits (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China")

10. Mohamet's Dance (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China)

11. Waziri Dance (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

12. Salon Source (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

13. Charleston (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

14. Love Me Tender (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

15. When The Saints Come Marching In (From The 0riginal Score To To "High Road To China")

16. Jeanie (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China")

17. Mill Stream (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China)

18. Revelry (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China")

19. Swinging At The Riverside (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China")

20. Allemande From The Bach French Suite Number 5 In G Major (From The 0riginal Score To"High Road To China")

21. Suite From "High Road To China" (From The 0riginal Score To "High Road To China")


Track List: Starcrash - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. Main Title (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

2. Escape Into Hyperspace (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

3. Captured (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

4. Launch Adrift (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

5. Beach Landing (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

6. The Ice Planet / Heading For Zarkon (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

7. The Emperor's Speech (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

8. Strange Planet / The Troggs Attack (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

9. Akton Battles The Robots (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

10. Network Ball Attack (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

11. Space War (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

12. Goodbye Akton (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

13. End Title (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")

14. Starcrash Suite (From Original Motion Picture Soundtrack For "Starcrash")


Track List: Stringbeat (Expanded Edition)

1. It Doesn't Matter Anymore

2. Sweet Talk

3. Moody River

4. There's Life In The Old Boy Yet

5. A Handful Of Songs

6. Like Waltz

7. Rodeo

8. Donna's Theme

9. Starfire

10. Baubles, Bangles And Beads

11. Zapata

12. Rum Dee Dum Dee Dah

13. Spanish Harlem

14. Man From Madrid

15. The Challenge

16. Zip Zip (Bonus Track)

17. Long John (Bonus Track)

18. The Magnificent Seven (Bonus Track)

19. Big Guitar (Bonus Track)

20. Hit & Miss (Bonus Track)


Track List: Starcrash: Suite From The Original Soundtrack (Single)

1. Starcrash_suite


Track List: The EMI Years - Volume 2 (1961)

1. The Magnificent Seven (1993 Remastered Version)

2. Skid Row

3. Dark Rider

4. Iron Horse

5. The Menace (1993 Remastered Version)

6. A Matter Of Who

7. Rocco's Theme

8. Spinneree (1993 Remastered Version)

9. It Doesn't Matter Anymore (1993 Remastered Version)

10. Sweet Talk (1993 Remastered Version)

11. Moody River (1993 Remastered Version)

12. There's Life In The Old Boy Yet (1993 Remastered Version)

13. A Handful Of Songs (1993 Remastered Version)

14. Like Waltz (1993 Remastered Version)

15. Rodeo (1961 Version;1993 Remastered Version)

16. Donna's Theme (1993 Remastered Version)

17. Starfire (1993 Remastered Version)

18. Baubles Bangles And Beads (1993 Remastered Version)

19. Zapata (1993 Remastered Version)

20. Rum-Dee-Dum-Dee-Dah (1993 Remastered Version)

21. Spanish Harlem (1993 Remastered Version)

22. Man From Madrid (1993 Remastered Version)

23. The Challenge (1993 Remastered Version)

24. Watch Your Step

25. Twist It (1993 Remastered Version)

26. Watch Your Step (1993 Remastered Version)

27. Satin Smooth

28. The Agressor


Track List: The EMI Years - Volume 3 (1962-1964)

1. The James Bond Theme (1995 Remastered Version)

2. The Blacksmith Blues (1995 Remastered Version)

3. Cutty Sark (1995 Remastered Version)

4. Lost Patrol

5. Theme From 'Roman Spring Of Mrs Stone'

6. Tears (Edit; 1995 Remastered Version)

7. Blueberry Hill (1995 Remastered Version)

8. Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (1995 Remastered Version)

9. Smokey Joe

10. Unchained Melody

11. The Party's Over

12. The Lolly Theme

13. March Of The Mandarins

14. The Human Jungle (Alternate Version)

15. The Big Safari (1995 Remastered Version)

16. Mouse On The Moon (1995 Remastered Version)

17. Twangin' Cheek

18. I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time (1995 Remastered Version)

19. Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) (1995 Remastered Version)

20. The Human Jungle (1995 Remastered Version)

21. Onward Christian Spacemen

22. Seven Faces (1995 Remastered Version)

23. Twenty-Four Hours Ago (1995 Remastered Version)

24. Theme From 'A Jolly Bad Fellow' (1995 Remastered Version)

25. Oublie Ca (1995 Remastered Version)

26. Theme From 'Seance On A Wet Afternoon' (1995 Remastered Version)

27. That Fatal Kiss (1995 Remastered Version)


Track List: Follow Me!

1. Follow, Follow - Main Title

2. The Meeting

3. The Man On A Scooter - Follow, Follow

4. Another Chance

5. This Is How You Dance

6. Off Again - Follow, Follow

7. Follow, Follow

8. Streets And Parks And Lanes

9. Some Party

10. Closer And Closer

11. The Tickle Of Original Feeling

12. Follow, Follow - End Title


Track List: The Dove

1. The Dove

2. Sail The Summer Winds

3. Hitch-Hike To Darwin

4. Patty And The Robin

5. Here There Be Dragons

6. Mozambique

7. The Motorbike And The Dove

8. Xing'Mombila

9. Alone On The Wide, Wide Sea

10. Porpoise Escort

11. After The Fire

12. Sail The Summer Winds

13. The Dove (End Title)


Track List: The Wrong Box

1. Main Title

2. Montage Of Deaths

3. Yes, Who Is That?

4. Strangler

5. Responsible For Bringing Us Together

6. God Save Us / Pedantic, Boring, Old

7. Morris Visits Dr. Pratt

8. Morris Hides As He Sees Handcart

9. Tontine Box Is Put On Hearse

10. A Bird In A Gilded Cage

11. Michael And Julia On Hearse

12. Hackett Funeral And Fight

13. Bournemouth Strangler


Track List: My Life: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. Main Title

2. A Childhood Wish

3. Pictures From The Past

4. I'm Still In The Game

5. My Life: Love Theme

6. The Old Neighborhood

7. I Used To Hide In There

8. You're A Believer

9. My Last Trip Home

10. Moments

11. D-Day

12. Child's Play

13. The Circus

14. Nice To Meet You Brian

15. The Roller Coaster

16. End Title


Track List: The Specialist Original Motion Picture Score

1. Main Title

2. Bogota 1984

3. The Specialist In Miami

4. May And Ray At The Cemetery

5. May Dances With Tomas-"Did You Call Me"

6. Ray Covers May-"Did You Call Me"

7. After Tomas

8. The First Bomb-Ray's Place

9. Explosive Trent

10. The Parking Lot Bomb

11. Don't Touch Me Ned-Bomb For Tomas

12. The Death Of Tomas

13. May's Room-"Did You Call Me"

14. Ray Meets May At Her Funeral

15. Let's See That Beautiful Face-"Did You Call Me"

16. Closing In On Ray

17. There Goes The Hotel Room-The Fight

18. May Meets Joe-I'm Not A Woman You Can Trust

19. You Go In And Get Him-"Did You Call Me"

20. The Whole Place Is Wired-She's Hot Ray

21. Get To Hell Out Of Here

22. You B**tard-How Do You Feel?-Better!-"Did You Call Me" End Title


Track List: Across The Sea Of Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. The Wonder Of America

2. Into New York

3. Ellis Island

4. Never Have I Felt So Free

5. The Lower East Side

6. The Automobile, The Telephone, The Skyscraper

7. The Subway

8. The Subway Ride

9. Coney Island

10. Up To The Sky

11. Flight Over New York

12. Central Park

13. Times Square And Broadway

14. Scary Night In The Park

15. A New Day Will Come

16. Searching

17. Welcome To America, Welcome To New York

18. Across The Sea Of Time


Track List: Thunderball

1. Thunderball (From Thunderball) (Main Title)

2. Chateau Flight

3. The Spa

4. Switching The Body

5. The Bomb

6. Cafe Martinique

7. Thunderball

8. Death Of Fiona

9. Bond Below Disco Volante

10. Search For The Vulcan

11. 007

12. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

13. Gunbarrel / Traction Table / Gassing The Plane / Car Chase

14. Bond Meets Domino / Shark Tank / Lights Out For Paula / For King And Country

15. Street Chase

16. Finding The Plane / Underwater Ballet / Bond With SPECTRE Frogmen / Leiter To The Rescue / Bond Joins Underwater Battle

17. Underwater Mayhem / Death Of Largo / End Titles

18. Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Track List: Boom

1. Boom!

2. Urgentissimo - Like Everything This Summer

3. Of A Year Unknown

4. Pain Gone Until Tomorrow

5. Have I Changed Very Much Since You Last Saw Me?

6. You've Got More Things Going For You Than Teeth Baby

7. Mister Death Angel Flanders

8. Through Cavens Measureless To Man

9. Capito

10. Which Way To The Sun

11. A Mobile Called "Boom"

12. The Shock Of Each Moment Of Still Being Alive

13. Hideaway


Track List: John Barry Revisited (Part 3): Four In The Morning

1. Four In The Morning (Version 1)

2. River Walk

3. Coffee Talk (Ann And Brian)

4. Lover's Clasp

5. Norman's Return

6. Cupboard Love (Norman, Joe And Judi)

7. River Ride

8. Four In The Morning (Version 2)

9. Lover's Tension

10. Declaration And Rejection (Ann And Brian)

11. First Reconciliation

12. Norman Leaves

13. The Dawn Discussion (Judi And Norman)

14. Moment Of Decision

15. Judi Comes Back

16. Four In The Morning (Version 1, Stereo)

17. River Walk (Stereo)

18. Lover's Clasp (Stereo)

19. Norman's Return (Stereo)

20. River Ride (Stereo)

21. Four In The Morning (Version 2, Stereo)

22. Lover's Tension (Stereo)

23. First Reconciliation (Stereo)

24. Norman Leaves (Stereo)

25. Moment Of Decision (Stereo)

26. Judi Comes Back (Stereo)


Track List: Four In The Morning (Original Soundtrack)

1. Moment Of Decision

2. First Reconciliation

3. Lover's Clasp

4. Four In The Morning

5. Norman's Return

6. River Ride

7. Judi Comes Homes

8. Lover's Tension

9. Norman Leaves

10. Riverwalk

11. Four In The Morning (Version 2)


Track List: Mercury Rising

1. The Story Begins...

2. Simon's Theme

3. The Puzzle

4. Barrell Kills Parent

5. Looking For Simon

6. Meeting With Kudrow

7. The Train Search / Art & Simon

8. Simon Is Going Home

9. Rooftop Arrival

10. Simon On The Edge / Death Of Kudrow

11. I'm A Friend Of Simon's

12. The Story Ends...


Track List: Body Heat

Title: Body Heat, Film Score

1. Body Heat, Film Score: Main Theme

2. Body Heat, Film Score: Ned

3. Body Heat, Film Score: Matty's Place

4. Body Heat, Film Score: I'm Weak

5. Body Heat, Film Score: I'm Burning Up

6. Body Heat, Film Score: Chapeau Gratis

7. Body Heat, Film Score: Heather

8. Body Heat, Film Score: Kill For P**sy

9. Body Heat, Film Score: I'm Frightened

10. Body Heat, Film Score: Surprise And Explosion

11. Body Heat, Film Score: Heather And Roz

12. Body Heat, Film Score: Gus And Oscar

13. Body Heat, Film Score: Glasses

14. Body Heat, Film Score: Better Get Him

15. Body Heat, Film Score: Matty Was Mary Ann


Track List: Moviola II: Action And Adventure

1. Goldfinger

2. The James Bond Theme

4. Thunderball

5. 007

6. You Only Live Twice

7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service

8. Diamonds Are Forever

9. All Time High (From "Octopussy")

10. Until September

11. King Kong

12. Zulu

14. Kicking Bird's Gift

16. Two Socks - The Wolf Theme

18. Did You Call Me From "The Specialist"

19. The Specialist


Track List: Dances With Wolves (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Title: Dances With Wolves, Film Score

2. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The John Dunbar Theme

3. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Journey To Fort Sedgewick

4. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Ride To Fort Hays

5. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Death Of Timmons

7. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Pawnee Attack

8. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Kicking Bird's Gift

9. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Journey To The Buffalo Killing Ground

10. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Buffalo Hunt

11. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Stands With A Fist Remembers

12. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Love Theme

13. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The John Dunbar Theme

14. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: II. Socks At Play

15. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Death Of Cisco

16. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Rescue Of Dances With Wolves

17. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: The Loss Of The Journal And The Return To Winter Camp

18. Dances With Wolves, Film Score: Farewell And End Title


Track List: The Film Music Of John Barry

1. The James Bond Theme

2. Born Free

3. Fun City

4. The Lion In The Winter

5. We Have All The Time In The World

6. Wednesday's Child

7. From Russia With Love

8. Space March

9. The Wrong Box

10. The Ipcress File

11. Thunderball

12. The Chase Bomb Theme

13. The Knack And How To Get It

14. The Whisperers

15. Theme From 'King Rat'

16. Next Time

17. Goldfinger


Track List: Out Of Africa (Soundtrack)

3. Have You Got A Story For Me?

5. Safari

6. Karen's Journey/Siyawe

7. Flying Over Africa

8. I Had A Compass From Denys (Karen's Theme II)

9. Alone On The Farm

10. Let The Rest Of The World Go By

11. If I Know A Song Of Africa (Karen's Theme III)

12. End Title (You Are Karen)


Track List: Out Of Africa (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. I Had A Farm (Main Title)

2. Alone On The Farm

3. Karen And Denys

4. Have You Got A Story For Me

5. I'm Better At Hello

6. Mozart: Clarinet Concerto In A Major, K622 (Adagio)

7. Karen's Journey Starts

8. Karen's Journey Ends

9. Karen's Return From Border

10. Karen Builds A School

11. Harvest

12. Safari

13. Flight Over Africa

14. Beach At Night

15. You'll Keep Me Then

16. If I Knew A Song Of Africa

17. You Are Karen M'Sabu

18. Out Of Africa (End Credits)


Track List: Stringbeat

1. It Doesn't Matter Any More

2. Sweet Talk

3. Moody River

4. There's Life In The Old Boy Yet

5. A Handful Of Songs

6. Like Waltz

7. Rodeo

8. Donna's Theme

9. Starfire

10. Baubles, Bangles And Beads

11. Zapata

12. Rum-Dee-Dum-Dee-Dah

13. Spanish Harlem

14. Man From Madrid

15. The Challenge

16. Tenerife

17. String Gloves


Track List: Somewhere In Time

1. Somewhere In Time

2. Old Woman

3. Grand Hotel

4. Nineteen Twelve

5. Thanks

6. June 27th

7. Room 417

8. The Attic

9. Near The Lake

10. Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini

11. Is He The One?

12. A Day Together

13. Rowing

14. The Man Of My Dreams

15. Razor

16. Total Dismay

17. Coin

18. Whimper

19. Somewhere In Time (End Credits)


Track List: The Music Of John Barry

2. Born Free

3. Goldfinger

4. The Whisperers

9. Thunderball

10. Dutchman

11. The Wrong Box

12. The James Bond Theme

13. 007

14. Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

16. Theme From 'King Rat'

17. The Knack

18. Seance On A Wet Afternoon

19. The Ipcress File

22. On Her Majesty's Secret Service

23. Theme From "The Appointment"

24. The Lion In Winter


Track List: King Kong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. The Opening

2. Maybe My Luck Has Changed

3. Arrival On The Island

4. Sacrifice-Hail To The King

5. Arthusa

6. Full Moon Domain-Beauty Is A Beast

7. Breakout To Captivity

8. Incomprehensible Captivity

9. Kong Hits The Big Apple

10. Blackout In New York-How About Buying Me A Drink

11. Climb To Skull Island

12. The End Is At Hand

13. The End


Track List: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2003 Digital Remaster)

1. We Have All The Time In The World (Feat. Louis Armstrong)

2. This Never Happened To The Other Fella

3. Try

4. Ski Chase

5. Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown (Feat. Nina)

6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Main Theme)

7. Journey To Blofeld's Hideaway

8. We Have All The Time In The World

9. Over & Out

10. Battle At Piz Gloria

11. We Have All The Time In The World (James Bond Theme)

12. Journey To Draco's Hideaway

13. Bond And Draco

14. Gumbold's Safe

15. Bond Settles In

16. Bond Meets The Girls

17. Dusk At Piz Gloria

18. Sir Hillary's Night Out (Who Will Buy My Yesterdays?)

19. Blofeld's Plot

20. Escape From Piz Gloria

21. Bobsled Chase


Track List: The Chase

1. Main Title: The Chase

2. The Chase Is On (Album Version)

3. Saturday Night Philosopher (Album Version)

4. What Did I Do Wrong? (Album Version)

5. Call That Dancin'? (Album Version)

6. Stop Talking Foolish - Stop Talking Anything (Album Version)

7. Look Around (Album Version)

8. The Beating (Album Version)

9. And You've Got One! (Album Version)

10. I Came To The End Of Me! (Album Version)

11. Blues For Bubber (Album Version)

12. The Junkyard (Album Version)

13. I'll Drink To That (Album Version)

14. The Killing - Next Morning (Album Version)

15. Main Title: The Chase (Alternate Version)

16. The Chase (Album Version)


Track List: Born Free [Original Motion Picture Score]

Title: Born Free, Film Score

2. Born Free, Film Score: II. The Hunt

3. Born Free, Film Score: III. Elsa At Play

4. Born Free, Film Score: IV. The Death Of Pati

5. Born Free, Film Score: V. Waiting For Joy

6. Born Free, Film Score: VI. Killing At Kiunga

8. Born Free, Film Score: VIII. Holiday With Elsa

9. Born Free, Film Score: IX. Flirtation

11. Born Free, Film Score: XI. Fight Of The Lioness


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John you are gone, but as long as people love good music "You will be remembered" I hope that your spirit will have some "new talent" pick up where you left off!
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Love all the James Bond Movies and the instrumental music.
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I love the score to Out of Africa, the feeling of soaring, the emotion of viewing the African Panorama, and the emotion of love. Great Score.
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Wonderful Music. Look for Lost Cinema Channel and listen to and watch Love Among the Ruins with Hepburn and Olivier. Lucy
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geraldmaclen n o n
Take a Richard Matheson book, add Jane Seymour, a film musical soundtrack composed by John Barry, and you have, in my opinion, one of the most romantic and tragic stories to ever grace the silver screen, I never tire of watching the movie or listening to the music of Barry and Sergei Rachmaninoff .
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This is a beautiful theme. It is much better than the movie, as I recall.
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I love John Barry. Discovered him through Somewhere In Time. The most romantic film ever. Rachmaninov & John Barry both brought tears to my eyes every time I watched Christopher Reeve reach into his best pocket. No spoilers. What a wonderful station we all have discovered. I knew he wrote many scorers but what an amazing collection. Rest In Peace John Barry. You are missed. With love. jk
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This track is from Somewhere is Time, isn't it?
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was this music in Out of Africa with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford?
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geraldmaclen n o n
John Barry will indeed rank among the best of the 20th century in league with Prokofiev, Vaughn Williams, Rachmaninoff .
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geraldmaclen n o n
John Barry will rank among the best of 20th century composer in league with Ralph Vaughn Williams, Rachmaninoff & Prokofiev.
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Surely one of the greatest. Dances with Wolves would not be the epic it is without his stirring music.
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geraldmaclen n o n
The main theme for Out of Africa was one of his very best. Exquisitely better than the movie for which it was written. Fortunately, he applied a similar melodic augmentation to the vastly popular Dances with Wolves film score. Building a complimentar y score around Rachmaninov' s romantic concerto provided just the right depth of emotion to Somewhere in Time. A brilliant composer who deserves more hometown symphony performances than he gets... Why should Williams have all the gloy?
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If you love John Barry, you have to listen to his Hanover Street (Harrison Ford and Leslie Ann Down) soundtrack. Best score ever.
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Love those bond music thats is so 60s spy greats
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He also wrote the score for a little known movie from 1972, The Public Eye, starring Topol, Mia Farrow and Michael Jayston. I love the music, but can't find the film on DVD.
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It makes me a better person--list e n i n g to this.
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Isn't there one piece by John Barry that is in Out of Africa and Dances with Wolves? I swear they sound so similar.
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John Barry - was a musical genius! His music will continue forever. Dances With Wolves is his hallmark!
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Spectacular! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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This was probably the best thing about that awful movie.
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I have loved so many of John Barry's film scores for so long. Dances With Wolves being my favorite, but the list goes on and on. It seems like anything he worked on is worth the listen. It was sad to hear of his passing, but fortunately for all of us his music still lives on.
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Dances With Wolves is a must-watch :)
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John Barry's theme from Somewhere in Time is the most romantic soundtrack I have ever heard. As an aspiring writer, it constantly gives me inspiration.
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John Barry will remain a gifted genius of sound for the ages.
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Out of Africa is my favorite- just beautiful and haunting.
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"John Barry,Gone but not forgotten" today is thanksgiving let those who love music be thankful for Mr.Barry's contribution to the world,known as a labor of love.van jay 11/27/2014
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John Barry was awesome so awesome that he found a place on my jazz show, when I hosted two shows on wrvr 106.7 f.m. Jazz by request and the in sound of jazz with van jay.we also pulled from diamonds are forever,for one of the talk shows all of john Barry "gone but not forgotten.p. s . l e t us not forget the movie " the chase"with Marlon Brando,Rober t redford, E.G.marshal, J a n e Fonda and Angie m a r k a b l e film,remarka b l e arrangements by john Barry.van jay,n.y.c formerly of the now defunct WRV
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johnjaysimps o n
All great music but the soundtrack for Body Heat is by far my favorite. Although it seems to me that he played sax on that one.
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123456789ten t h o u s a n d
where is The Black Hole film theme? D:
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Oh dear! Where have I been??! I was unaware that John Barry had passed. He made such a generous contribution to the soundtrack world. Dances With Wolves is one of the most amazing soundtracks and got me through some hard times.
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Great Song!
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I loved the music in Somewhere In Time! Thats how i came across this radio! If only teens of my generation could appreciate beautiful music like me and my friends!
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calvinbarnes j r 7 6
Isn't listening to movie scores all day amazing?
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my favorite score was High Road to China, closing credits with a plane doing lazy loops in the air to his music is worth watching ( the movie starred tom Selleck and wasn't a bad movie either
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John left his mark in the music world. Those who follow will enjoy his works through the ages!
The Dances with Wolves is one of my favorite disc! Let's hope his spirit comes back in some future music sole and carries on his style of creation! We miss you John Barry!
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thank you John Barry also for 'Hanover Street' and 'Robin and Marian'...Yo u r music will always be my favorite...w h a t a gift...
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What a great bio of a great legacy.
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Thank you Maestro Barry for your legacy. Oh that we could have had you a little longer.
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To pbinman1: hope your surgery went well and, reading your comment and those below, I like knowing I am in such good company. We all love John Barry and know it's a gift from God.
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I am neither vocalist nor musician yet I am a lover of great music. Over the years I had loved many of John Barry's scores without having known they had 2 things in common: They touched my soul deeply, made my spirit soar AND were all his. As one soon facing spinal surgery to relieve cord pressure, I am sensitive to the fact that we might nearly have lost the genius of John Barry. I don't know if he ever loved God, but I do know He gave John amazing gifts. Thankfully for us, John shared those.
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Love ALL of John Barry's stuff. thx
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In the 'Dances With Wolves' score you can really get a sense of movement and the wide open plains. It was a great unifier with the imagery of the movie.
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markclagrang e
One day, ... one day, ... I would cherish hearing Dances With Wolves played live by an orchestra! I can hear those bold violins, horns, ... and the power of the west calling!
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Love John Barry Pendergast 1933, York, England..Joh n Barry Seven.
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John Barry left footprints in the sands of time that not be eraced by the passage of time!! Thank
you for your creations and insight! May you spirit come and influence some other compose!
Rest in peace John ! Job well done!!
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One of the greatest for sure!
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Thank you so much from .PUERTO RICO
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Thanx Jonathan.... .
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