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Jimmie Spheeris

The poetic singer/songwriter Jimmie Spheeris was born November 5, 1949. His debut LP, Isle of View, was issued on Columbia in 1971 and made him the subject of a rabid cult following, a fan base boosted with the 1973 release of The Original Tap-Dancing Kid. In tandem with producer Henry Lewy, Spheeris resurfaced in 1975 with The Dragon Is Dancing, but after The Ports of the Heart appeared a year later, he found himself without a recording contract, and excepting a 1980 single, "Hold Tight," he released no new music for close to a decade. Finally, in 1984, Spheeris returned to the studio to begin work on his comeback LP; tragically, he was killed by a drunk driver on the morning of July 4, 1984, just hours after the record's completion. The album, simply titled Spheeris, was privately issued later that same year. ~ Jason Ankeny
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Ports Of The Heart

1. Child From Nowhere

2. Emerald And The Dream Dance

3. It's You They're Dreaming Of

4. Captain Comes Cold

5. Bayou Eyes

6. It's All In The Game

7. Hill In My Head

8. Whirlpool

9. Sweet Separation

10. So Darkly Fall The Shadows

11. Nightingale Come Sail

12. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry


Track List: The Dragon Is Dancing

1. The Dragon Is Dancing

2. Sighs In A Shell

3. Tequila Moonlite

4. Snake Man

5. Love's In Vain

6. Lost In The Midway

7. Eternity Spin

8. Sunken Skies

9. Summer Salt

10. In The Misty Woods

11. Blown Out

12. Blue Streets


Track List: The Orginal Tap Dance Kid

1. Beautiful News

2. Shirtful Of Apples

3. Open Up

4. Streets Of The Harbour

5. The Orginal Tap Dance Kid

6. Sweet Wahini Mama

7. Keeper Of The Canyon

8. Soul Tumbleweed

9. Long Way From China

10. Village Vapors

11. Moon On The Water


Track List: Isle Of View

1. The Nest

2. For Roach

3. Monte Luna

4. Seeds Of Spring

5. I Am The Mercury

6. Long Way Down

7. Let It Flow

8. Seven Virgins

9. Come Back

10. Esmaria


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I was at Kansas brother was there in late 60's and 70's and saw him too....i sure loved his music.....he a r d ay ku while visiting my s t e n e d to it while they went to The Hatter for Thurs nite ladies nite
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Beautiful song
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I was a freshman at Kansas University in 71 when Jimmie Spheeris performed at Hoch Auditorium. I was on the stage crew and he offered me a glass of wine before the concert. He was a friendly guy and I've been hooked on his music ever since
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Wake me take me ... Love this song
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I saw Jimmie at the Red Dog Inn in Lawrence KS when I was a student at KU in the mid 70s. I remember him stopping mid-song to tell bartender to stop using the blender. Everyone roared and I was so happy he called them out. He touched my heart and now my 23 year old daughter and son are touched by his albums. Such a huge huge loss.
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Spheeris captivated and resonated in the hearts of Florida students early in 1971. Air waves in Gainesville Florida belonged to Jimmie as he soothed a war weary broken spirit and cajoled us to again celebrate the joy of our youth with his rapid ascent as our wordsmith. He was our homegrown legend and like all legends left us better... God Bless you and Happy Easter, �� K
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Such great memories and such a great talent and loss
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It still hurts to think about loosing Jimmie
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Such a loss of poetic and musical genius. The first time I heard isle of view on vinyl I listened to nothing else all summer in the woods of Appalachia. His lines eclipsed the genres at that time capturing a cult following and I followed. His lyrics embedded in mind fosters beautiful moments of solitude and elevated thoughts past and present. Rip Jimmie. Isle of view: I love you.
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Can't wait for Ports of the Heart to hit my rotation!!
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He was a musical genius and his mother was a great lady and bartender and his sister is a talented producer
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foleygovtaff a i r s
No other voice carried as well. Talented writer of dreamy lyrics. Ashamed radio rarely carried his work in the earlier days. Maybe new radio will. How does one obtain the album Spheeris just finished the nite before he was run over in traffic?
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I saw two of his concerts in Dallas in the 70's. One concert was just him. I went to a Moody Blues concert and was surprised that he was the opening act. My two favorite performers in one night. It was great.
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I am a vocal musician. I was very young with so much talent! About fifteen years ago I found my man. Oh, how he moves my soul. The thing that kills me is I had no idea that he passed!! I was so pissed at him for no new music. For his fans how said to know he died. He still moves me and I pray for his spirit every day. " I am the mercury light of the morning....
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Someone please help get Jimmie's music out again! Rain Records tried years ago but it got tangled up in some legal BS.
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anyone out there happen to have been at Rosie's in the garden district of New Orleans, in say, '78. one of the best performances I can remember. just a man and his piano & lot's of soul.
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Saw two concerts, in Midwest. I remember in between songs you could hear a pin drop. I gave away so many albums of his to friends who heard him for the first time. Isle of view is my favorite, i would love to have Spheeris.
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I have been a big Spheeris fan since the early 70's. I have all of his released albums. He left us far too early. His music is so sublime, it always takes me away to another peaceful place and time.Thank God we had him for the time that we did. Rest In Peace JS!
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newdirection s . p e g g y h
He is still fabulous!
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My husband and I came across Jimmie's album "The Dragon is Dancing" in '75. We were mesmerized by the complex versatility of his vocal abilities and the often haunting lyrical phrasing in his music. He was SO ahead of the time musically. What a horrible loss.
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nicolaimorga n
my late uncle played flute and some guitar on this album!
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too bad they don't have his best album 'the dragon is dancing'
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I saw Jimmie in the late 70s in a small concert on my birthday. What a wonderful birthday...I have always been mesmerized by his music.
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Sometimes I think Pandora has some magic power to read my mind... I just posted about this album less than an hour ago, and now here it comes on my feed. And, one of my favorite Spheeris songs! Pandora, you are wonderful!
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I saw Jimmie twice, and was mesmerized both times. I sure wish Pandora had more of his work on the site, especially some of Isle of View and The Dragon is Dancing albums. Most of his fans consider these to be much better than Tap Dancing Kid. And if anyone has a copy of the posthumous album, I'd love to get a copy.
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I first heard the album Isle of view 1973 living with my wife to be. It was awesome than & it's even better 40yrs later. By the the drummer on that album buddy salzman was a neighbor in New York back in the sixties and early seventies
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Whirlpool from his Ports of the Heart CD is one of the best Love songs ever written. It dares to go where we have all been...and quietly whispers what we have all felt...Beaut i f u l !
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Saw him at the Bue ot in Boulder CO mny moons ago magnificent few perform live with the presece of his one. Into the light Jimmie cheers.
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the first time i heard Jimmie Spheeris was in the early morning hours while trying to fall asleep one summer evening. WPLR ,in Ct, played I Am The Mercury and I knew then that I had to find out who that singer was and get his album. Isle of View is one of the best pieces of music out there. My 22 year old requests we listen to it when we are driving together. Doesn't leave my cd wallet.
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dragon is dancing is da-bomb
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I saw this guy on the University of Florida campus for a free concert in 1973. It was just him and his piano yet he mesmorized the crowd. I Am The Mercury from Isle Of View is magnificent!
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pro music for people who love music and people
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I totally loved this guy's music; i loved his sound and his songwriting. I saw him live once for my birthday probably in 1976 or 1977. It was an intimate setting and I was truly mesmerized. I am so sorry his life was cut short.
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I first heard JP on a collection album called The Music People. The song was The Nest and was in the early 70s. I'm never without his music and have several copies of each album in vinyl and CD. I wish the world could hear him. I tell as many as I can about him.
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Saw him for the first time at the Zoo Festival in Arlington, Texas around 1975. It was sponsored by KZEW radio station at the time. Saw him on the stage from quite a distance, but his music and his beautiful movements with the music just absolutely captivated me! Was so sad when l looked him up online and saw that he was no longer with us. Would love to hear his last album!
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His live shows were some of my best memories from the '70s. the stories he told before each song set a time and place for the inspiration for writting the song and then the songs performance would take you to that time and place. A great great song writer and performer.
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Saw Jimmie live twice, what great music!
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that last album is availble altho' hard to find - there is also a live cd worth having, but know that the recording quality was low tech
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Isle of View is SUCH an amazing album, and I also love Dragon is Dancing - I hear Jimmie had JUST finished an album right before his tragic passing - but it was never released??? Anyone know about this??? It kills me to think there is music of his we may never hear - and WHY doesn't Pandora play more of his music?
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voodoochile_ 6 9
Pandora is missing some of the best music ever by not having or playing "Ports of the Heart", "Dragon is Dancing" or "Isle of View". All are available by download or disc from Amazon. Find one and treat yourself to some of finest timeless music out there.
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Yes, Isle of View is one of the best ever. I'm on my second copy.
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Isle of View by Jimmie Spheeris is, to me the best albums of the era. Anybody that likes any form of Rock should take a long listen to it.
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Where is Isle of View?
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Jimmie Spheeris is one of the greatest artists that ever lived. If you haven't heard Isle of View or Dragon is Dancing then do yourself a favor and buy them. Put your headphones on and float on the mystical music.
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Isle of View was a true masterpiece. . . .
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'Isle of View'....wha t a 'true gem' of imagery in music !!
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Saw in concert in Lawrence, KS at Red Dog Inn
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buffalo springfield was the most underated band of all times! the people who came out of that band! peace j.p.
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I bought isle of veiw when I was 21 ,for a buck brand new in the bargain ben on a navy base in 1976 in cal. since then I always dug him!
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