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Israel Vibration

A living lesson in fortitude, the vocal trio of Cecil "Skeleton" Spence, Albert "Apple Gabriel" Craig, and Lascelle "Wiss" Bulgin overcame adversity, illness, and poverty to become one of the finest roots groups in Jamaica's history. All three had been afflicted by polio and first became acquainted, albeit briefly, at Kingston's Mona Rehabilitation Clinic.

Of the trio, Bulgin appeared least likely to emerge a singing sensation. He spent much of his childhood at a variety of rehabilitation centers and in his teens began working for a tailor. Craig, in contrast, initially did seem destined for a musical career and for a while attended the famed Alpha Cottage School. This illustrious institution, founded in 1880 and run by Catholic nuns, is renowned for its musical training. Many of the island's greatest stars passed through its doors, including members of the Skatalites and drummer Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace. However, Craig found the tough discipline and rigid atmosphere oppressive and ran away at 14 into a life of homelessness and poverty. After an equally bright start, Spence's life also took a severe downturn. As a preteen, he played xylophone in a youth band, with whom he appeared on national television. Although physically disabled, he was a gifted athlete and in his teens he was selected for the Jamaican Wheelchair Basketball team. But his conversion to Rastafarianism put an end to all that in 1969; he was dropped from the team and returned to Kingston. It was serendipity that he bumped into Craig soon after, and fate intervened again, to bring the pair back into touch with Bulgin.

The three teens had individually all previously converted to rastafarianism, now their shared faith and childhood experiences helped forge a strong friendship. Leaving behind their old lives, the trio now spent their time hanging out together and busking for money around Kingston. They spent the next six years singing for their suppers and by 1975, Israel Vibration was a vocal force to be reckoned with. However, their initial attempt at recording was abortive as the one track they did cut, the Ernest Hookim-produced "Bad Intention," never saw release. The following year, an answer to their prayers arrived when members of the Rastafarian religious group the Twelve Tribes of Israel agreed to finance a single by the trio.

Israel Vibration went into Treasure Isle studio with producer U- Booth and recorded the single "Why Worry" and a new version of "Bad Intention" for its flip. The group's exquisite dread sound and militant cultural themes made an instant impression and the trio now found themselves on-stage opening for the likes of Bob Marley and Dennis Brown. In 1977, Israel Vibration began work on their follow-up, "The Same Song," with producer Tommy Cowan. By the time they were done, the group had another hit song and a debut album of stunning proportions, which was titled after the single. A de rigueur dub version, Israel Tafari, accompanied the full-length and was equally powerful. On the strength of these, the trio was signed to the British EMI subsidiary Harvest, who released Same Song in Britain. 1979 brought the Unconquering People album, and another popular single, "Crisis." And even if this set was not quite as dread as its predecessor, tracks like "Mr. Taxman" and "We a de Rasta" remain classics of cultural roots. Not surprisingly, Israel Vibration went down a storm at that year's Reggae Sunsplash.

The trio's deeply devotional songs, cultural themes, inspirational lyrics, and original take on the roots style had struck a chord with reggae fans around the world. Thus, it was a surprising decision that Israel Vibration recorded their next album, 1981's Why You So Craven, with legendary dancehall producer Junjo Lawes. In many ways, it was a failed venture and the trio was so dissatisfied, they walked out before the sessions were complete. Bringing in the vocal trio the Tamlins, Lawes carried on without them and the resulting album, while not a total disaster, certainly lacked the spirit of its predecessors. Even an avid response at 1982's Reggae Sunsplash could not convince the trio that their future lay in a Jamaica where dancehall now reigned supreme (Live at Reggae Sunsplash, a split album from Israel Vibrations and the Gladiators, bears witness to their performance). Thus they relocated to New York City, perhaps believing that the large immigrant community could sustain them, or that America was now ready to embrace roots. They were wrong on both counts. A few occasional live appearances aside, the group swiftly disappeared from view. All three attempted solo careers, but only Bulgin made it on to record; his Mr. Sunshine album paired him with the Freedom Fighters Band.

In 1987, the trio decided it was stronger together than apart, re-formed, and approached the RAS label. Although labelhead Doctor Dread had shown no interest in their solo efforts, he was enthusiastic about a reunion and quickly signed them to RAS. Strength of My Life appeared the following year, and aided by the Roots Radics, it found Israel Vibration as vibrant as ever.

The trio now settled down for the long haul, and although their sound was no longer on the scene's cutting edge, they continued putting out strong sets. 1990 brought three albums, Praises, its dub companion Dub Vibration, and Israel Dub, drawn from the Strength of My Life set. The next year's Forever found the trio in a surprisingly comic mood, taking aim at themselves, dancehall, as well as contemporary issues. In 1992, a taste of the Vibrations' live power was delivered up on Vibes Alive, which was recorded at a show in Santa Cruz the previous October. Besides showcasing the trio's unique vocal styling, the album captures the Roots Radics at their fiercest. 1993's IV, and its dub companion IV Dub, gave heart to all those who believed that roots was fast becoming little more than a world lovefest. The album's militancy, notably on "Naw Give Up the Fight," proved the trio's own passionate cultural concerns and dread roots were not fading. The equally powerful On the Rock followed two years later and was also accompanied by a dub set.

Then, in 1996, the group released their first single in years, the infectious "Feeling Irie," taken from their new album, Free to Move. This attempt to push the band's profile higher into the mainstream came to naught, the trio had already built up a loyal fan base and remained a successful live act, as 1997's Live Again proved. Unlike its live predecessor, this time around Israel Vibrations packed the album with crowd-pleasing favorites.

It was nine years since the trio had re-formed and signed to RAS; they'd been recording and performing steadily since, but Craig was no onger happy with their current path.

In 1997, he left the trio to again pursue a solo career. His debut album, Another Moses, featured his own backing band, the Zionists. Continuing on as a duo, Spence and Bulgin reappeared in 1999 with a new studio album, Pay the Piper, and proved that Israel Vibrations would not be defeated by this defection. Jericho following hot on Piper's heels in the new year, while 2000 also saw the release of the limited-edition Power of the Trinity three-CD box set; Dub Combo appeared in summer 2001. Acknowledging Craig's longtime contribution to the group, the set is evenly divided between the trio, with each disc devoted to one individual member's greatest compositions. Israel Vibrations's career shows no signs of slowing, and the group has firmly carved a secure niche out of what once seemed an impenetrable surface. Their popularity seems assured, and they remain a vibrant live act and an always intriguing studio group. ~ Jo-Ann Greene
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Reggae Knights

1. My Master's Will

2. Dig Up The Ground

3. Take It Slow

4. If You Do Bad

5. Haile-I

6. Walla Walla

7. New York City

8. Poor And Humble

9. Bad Intention

10. Whole Town

11. Rip And Run Off

12. Cantankerous

13. Slammer

14. Original Gangster


Track List: This Is Crucial Reggae

1. Get Up And Go

2. We A De Rasta

3. Jericho

4. Mud Up

5. Cool And Calm

6. Run But You Can't Hide

7. Poor Man Cry

8. Rudeboy Shufflin'

9. New Wave

10. The Same Song

11. Unseen Bullet


Track List: The Same Song

1. The Same Song

2. Weep & Mourn

3. Walk The Streets Of Glory

4. Ball Of Fire

5. I'll Go Through

6. Why Worry

7. Lift Up Your Conscience

8. Prophet Has Arise

9. Jah Time Has Come

10. Licks And Kicks


Track List: Cool And Calm

1. Cool And Calm

3. New Wave

7. Poor Man Cry


Track List: Forever

1. Poor Man Cry

5. Reggae On The River


Track List: Free To Move

2. Mud Up


Track List: Israel Vibration On The Strength Of The Trinity Live 95

1. Intro (Live 95)

2. Strength Of My Life (Live 95)

3. Vulture (Live 95)

4. There Is No End (Live 95)

5. Never Gonna Hurt (Live 95)

6. Greedy Dog (Live 95)

7. Rudeboy Shufflin' (Live 95)

8. On The Rock (Live 95)

9. Jailhouse Rocking (Live 95)

10. War/No More Trouble (Live 95)

11. Red Eyes (Live 95)

12. Same Song / Licks And Kicks / New Wave (Live 95)


Track List: Jericho

4. Jericho


Track List: Live Again!


Track List: Pay The Piper

9. Get Up And Go


Track List: Survive

10. We a De Rasta


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soniaortiz67 4 7 8
That was a blessing how these tastes who tells it knows it
Report as inappropriate
This group should have been called 'Earth, Wind & Fire', but 'Israel Vibration' is a very fitting name for these extraordinar y Israelite brothers. Selah.
Report as inappropriate
Get apple bacl but still love vibes one love Selassie I not forget
Report as inappropriate
these musicians carry so much love, devotion, and Rasta soul, THANK You Israel Vibration.. can not wait foe you to come back here to Bend Oregon...... . . .
Report as inappropriate
Wake and bake music!
Report as inappropriate
I vibe love from Huntington Beach Cali
Report as inappropriate
Yeah thats reggae music one love
Report as inappropriate
Rude boy shuffling my favorite. I salute you my favorite group
Report as inappropriate
I'm loving this !!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Nice song from Israel Vibration, I man like this song, ONE LOVE to you all ,!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Pure Kings. JAH!
Report as inappropriate
Respect... Big up.....
Report as inappropriate
Al the way from me Hart much love azteca
Report as inappropriate
good music well arrange music
Report as inappropriate
If you herb ganjah, leave a comment!!!!
Report as inappropriate
One of the greatest groups ever... Stay irie.. 808 love
Report as inappropriate
Such good music. One of my favorites!
Report as inappropriate
Cha... Roots mon
Report as inappropriate
Big respect for this stellar group. The group and the individuals hiving it there all to forward the reggae vibe. Had great joy and honor producing some of apples solo shows. In the late 90's into 00's. One love and respect
Report as inappropriate
Were a jamin the same song Rastafaria
Report as inappropriate
Living Legends Much Love and RASPECT
Report as inappropriate
Walla Walla!!!
Report as inappropriate
love them music.yes praise JAH.
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
muy buena banda
Report as inappropriate
Can't wait to see IV again next month at the Tribute to the Reggae Legends show here in San Diego. One of the most amazing reggae acts you will EVER see.
Report as inappropriate
Israel Vibration will always be a vibrant group.
Report as inappropriate
Saw them in the '80s, still have the true sound of Reggae! .... respect from TheWeedMan.. . .
Report as inappropriate
suck it
Report as inappropriate
There is no metniton of the biggest hit made by the 3 as a group RUDE BWOY SHUFFLING' was the biggest hit to date song for song..
Report as inappropriate
Albums: free to move and pay the piper are Mandatory.
Report as inappropriate
Selahhhhhh. I have seen this band many times and every time I get the chills. But they have to reunite. That is for sure!
Report as inappropriate
saw themive at ucsb in the 90's they are bad asses
Report as inappropriate
anything..Is r e a l viberation put on always good sounds..
Report as inappropriate
Greetings in the Name of JAH RASTAFARI! Big ups to all of you with the previous comments! InI in MUCH agreement! InI have loved & been inspired by Israel Vibration from ever sensi. To 'tred 32': InI also saw them live (for the 1st time) in Morrison, Colorado at Reggae on da Rocks & felt such JOY it brought tears. InI had waited many years to see dem. If de i would have passed away at dat time, de i would have went VERY happy! JAH BLESS, GUIDE & PROTECT DEM FOR IVER! BLESS ALL!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Jah walks with Isreal Vibe! Jaaaah! rastafarI
Report as inappropriate
I got to see them at longbeach yesterday and I was enlightened. They brought Jah with them to jam with us! To jam with ME!
Report as inappropriate
some of the best ROOTS u will ever hear!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
These cats have some kind of story. Now these brothers are major pillars within the world of reggae music. I'm so glad.
Report as inappropriate
ya!mon - true to the roots with class. somewhat underated outside the inna circle. sweet harmonies. great shows. "spread the vibe". the "I Vibe". . .
Report as inappropriate
One of my favorite roots reggae groups. The story of how they came together is truly inspirationa l . It's strange though to read about them and see no mention of the hit Rudeboy Shufflin. Truly a massive tune along with all the other hits.
Report as inappropriate
Twelve Tribe Rasta music...yea mon..JAH Bless
Report as inappropriate
best trio ever period!
Report as inappropriate
Strictly Roots Rock Reggae to the max, Irie vibes
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
true rasta music..JAH KNOW!
Report as inappropriate
good vibes when u equate food good chiken n ribs an' ckiken an' chips an the most of jamaican ketchup? what oh no! th' ketchap?! IRIE! AHA! U KNO?
Report as inappropriate
strictly roots .
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