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Impending Doom

Creating a style of music that allows them to worship God through gore music (self-described as "gorship"), Impending Doom are a Christian death metal band who use extreme music as a means to explore their beliefs. Formed in Riverside, CA, in 2005 by founders Manny Contreras (guitar), Brook Reeves (vocals), Chris Forno (guitar), Isaac Bueno (drums), and Greg Pewthers (guitar), the band formed and quickly self-released the EP The Sin and Doom of Godless Men. In the time after the EP, Forno, Pewthers, and Bueno left the band and were replaced by Cory Johnson, Chad Blackwell, and David Sittig. With a new lineup, the band signed to Facedown Records in 2007 and released its full-length debut, Nailed. Dead. Risen, featuring re-recorded versions of some of the songs from the debut EP. In early 2009, the group released The Serpent Servant, also on Facedown. ~ Gregory Heaney
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Death Will Reign

1. Ravenous Disease

2. Death Will Reign

3. Beyond The Grave

4. My Own Maker

5. Doomsday

6. Rip, Tear, And Burn

7. Hellhole

8. My Blood

9. Endless

10. Live Or Die

11. The Great Divine


Track List: Baptized In Filth

1. Murderer

2. For The Wicked

3. Chaos: Reborn

4. Deceiver

5. Falling Away

6. Absolute Horror

7. Angry Letters To God

8. Baptized In Filth

9. My Light Unseen

10. Death. Ascension. Resurrection


Track List: There Will Be Violence

1. Hell Breaks Loose

2. There Will Be Violence

3. Orphans

4. Peace Illusion

5. The Great Fear

6. Walking Through Fire

7. Love Has Risen

8. The Son Is Mine

9. Children Of Wrath

10. Sweating Blood


Track List: The Serpent Servant

1. When Waters Run Deep

2. The Serpent Servant

3. Anything Goes

4. Storming The Gates Of Hell

5. Welcome To Forever

6. More Than Conquerors

7. Revival: America

8. In The House Of Mourning

9. When I Speak

10. City Of Refuge

11. Beginnings


Track List: Nailed. Dead. Risen.

1. Left Behind

3. In Reverence Of

4. The Mark Of The Faithful

5. Nailed. Dead. Risen.

6. Condemned

7. At The Churches' End

8. Silence The Oppressors

9. For All Have Sinned

10. Feeding The Decomposing

11. He's Coming Back


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So excited about there new album coming out this year or next year
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feer me
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Probably the best Christian death metal band 10/10
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To all the non Christians hear I can promise u there will be violence
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I often think one of the biggest reasons impending doom is what it is, gorship, is singing to a group of people contempory songs normally don't get across. when impending doom says its a gorship band, its appealing to the music style of metal, but with a christian message. likewise you have some contemporary music that has no christian values/messa g e . and consider this. our job as christians is to spread the seed. our one job IS to proclaim the gospel. to witness. to talk about it. preachy ha.
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Spoken like a true 26 year old who lives in his moms basement.
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F**k your god and f**k that book of lies but your music is dope
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I love this band I'm not a Christian but I some times go to church some times I listen to bands with cussing in them but it's what I like
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Great band... ��
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nice music
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Oh how about this have you ever heard of choas metal and doom metal
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People you what some mess up s**t watch ghost bc and in to the abyss
Report as inappropriate
This band is an amazing band my 2nd cousins husband is the drummer for this band it's awesome
Report as inappropriate
Amen if people want to get real personal then I will show you grindcore and ungodly now that is some messed up s**t just don't look at the music video please don't you'll never be the same ever again
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It is only hypocrites who believe a certain way and don't live like it.
For example, if I believe in hell and don't warn anyone, I am a hypocrite.

Proverbs 28:23 He that rebuketh a man afterwards shall find more favour than he that flattereth with the tongue.
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That's what makes the world go round. It's the choices that make us who we are. Impending Doom is an amazing band leading the revolution.. . . . . . . . . h e will return soon and we will be ready....... . . h e l l wasn't made for us.
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4 things should not be spoken of. race, politics, money and religion... everyone believes differently. everyone lives differently. as humans we are the same, but how we handle our beliefs and problems are what make us different. just be happy that there are ppl in this world that stick up for what they believe in, but i more importantly stand up for what they dont believe in.. if we thought the same nothing would be different. music, food, school... nothing would be so awesome like it is now.
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He loves us all the same
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Just remember there is no condemnation in Christ grace grace grace he is a loving and patient God we r all the least of Thees and we need to remember that we didn't save ourselves and there there is nothing on our own Marit to do so being a christian is a proses and he said he will finish his work and that is a promos
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Most times, those that claim to be a Christian, yet will cuss out those that know not the savior, are worse off then the worst sinner. They don't see the urgency for change because they already think they have the truth, and are saved, while they couldn't be further from it. I pray for each of you, that you get a revelation, and turn from the evil that is running rampant in your lives.
Report as inappropriate
Going to church on just a Wednesday and a Sunday doesn't make you a Christian. Living for, and doing the work we were sent here to do makes you a Christian. It takes devotion, and a made up mind. It takes a passion to search and save the lost souls that can't navigate the darkness of this life on their own. Sometimes I would like to just sit down with those that believe, yet go against everything God says in order to try and shame those that know not the good word.
Report as inappropriate
There are many forms of Christianity , and while many claim to be doing the right thing, unless they have repented, been baptized, and filled with the holy spirit, they are living in the darkness, much like the unbeliever. And you are funny Chasenpanthe r , Christians have to have a made up mind to serve the lord, for we fight against the urges of the world like any other man. There is still anger, there is still frustration, but neither of those trumps urgency to be saved. See you at church bro
Report as inappropriate
Sometimes wen we feel like someone is judging us it is a conviction
Report as inappropriate
They r hoping someone wakes up
Report as inappropriate
In there eyes and there faith there not judging u there telling u that they don't need to judge u they r trying to keep u Frome being judge by there God they love u not hate u man they want u to look beyond this world and if that is with fear of what is to come fore all of us they r afraid for u man
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I like their music but not their judgement. Just because I'm not a man of god does not mean I should be...
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I pray for there soles time is to short
Report as inappropriate
you cant say one thing about jesus, and then go pick a fight with someone about it because we are all told by christ himself to be gentle and humble
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i honestly think its pretty funny that a lot of Christians on here are getting mad and are trying to start fights with others even tho the root core of Christianity is supposed to be love, i mean Jesus literally calls us to love our enemies and atheism is one of those enemies, so we cant pick fights with them, we can only love them and through that hope that they get more than just time around a nice person, but maybe get Christ through someones love
Report as inappropriate
Putting someone down for believing in God is just as bad as putting one down for not believing. Christians and Atheist both try to force their beliefs on others. People should not try to force their beliefs on others. Humans are the root of most of the problems in the world. Blaming God and always blaming the devil is a cop out. I don't like Christianity , but I am still not against all Christians,p e o p l e should separate religion.
Report as inappropriate
Cursing and screaming at "atheist scum" is exactly what you as a christian should not be doing. You lead by example good sir, and as of your comment.. well, you're setting a bad one on the behalf of the lord and his children
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Report as inappropriate
jrfeliciano. a
alot of you people complain so much if you have a problem with their views or whatever the helln dont listen, no s**t sherlock it isnt rocket f**king science
Report as inappropriate
ryansmith312 1 5
Purifiedbyfi r e u are a f**king hypocrite go f**k yourself with a crucifixion bitchmadepus s y . . . . U and your god
Report as inappropriate
Killing floor /m\
Report as inappropriate
I know herring about a God that loves us is killing people
Report as inappropriate
One more person complaining about Christianity putt ware they think it doesn't belong I think it should be putt every ware and it was but so many people complain that it is now almost no ware in this society well look ware it's gotten us just listen to the music or not
Report as inappropriate
This freaked me out. This isn't fake. Apparently if you copy and paste this on ten comments you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. You will either fey kissed or asked out. If you break the chain you will see a dead girl in your room to night. In the next 53 minutes someone will say I love you or I'm sorry
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I wether live then die but I understand what this song is talking about its talking about fight back or die but I'm fighting to live so this song talks about my life
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In regards to Impending Doom, their music is good quality, but I have one criticism about this. I find their music to focus more on the darker part of Christianity , sin, people's downfalls, etc. I think there's a place for all that, but I have learned that where I put my focus affects how I feel. In turn, I prefer the writings of bands such as Saving Grace and For Today who focus more on God Himself, His actions, and redemption. Impending Doom still has some good listens, though!
Report as inappropriate
If bands can include their godless beliefs in their lyrics (some even overtly defacing anything related to Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus)), then why can't other bands include their beliefs in the Lord in their songs? There seems to be a great distaste for those who write about God's sovereignty and their experiences with Him, but when songs talk about ripping out people's guts and how much humans are scum, it's all gravy.
Report as inappropriate
The point of this band is so f**king stupid I mean seriously but they can make pretty good music. I wish they didn't preach, I wouldn't have a problem if they were Christian just in a metal band they're just trying to put Christianity where it shouldn't be but in terms of sounds that Deathgrind inhales do3.....
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Heck Yeahh!!!
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liberatedbyg r a c e 9
Gorship? Now that's tight!
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That's right. We go hard for God!!
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wicked song
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Wow iam listening to them now
Report as inappropriate
newyorktwinm o m 1
Christianity and gore metal don't mix, unless you're Impending Doom.
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Found these listening to Whitechapel, pretty god damn good.
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