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Hilary Weeks

Singer/songwriter Hilary Weeks is a breath of fresh air amidst a field of singers who sometimes stray closer to mainstream CCM. Always focused squarely on Christ, her music exudes a quiet but powerful testimony. Her most well-known song is a frequently performed piece in the Latter Day Saints' circles that first appeared on Kenneth Cope's concept album Women at the Well entitled "He Came for Me." Longtime producer Kenny Hodges remarked in an interview that he felt blessed to be among the first to discover her talent, and compared her favorably to CCM crooner Twila Paris. Not bad for a woman whose solo career wasn't launched until 1996 with He Hears Me. It received the LDS Booksellers Award for Best Album by a Female Artist and went on to win the inaugural FCMA PEARL Award for Best Inspirational Album of the Year in 1998. Both were well-deserved honors. It was hard to imagine how she'd top her debut, but her sophomore effort, Lead Me Home was even more phenomenal. With her quiet grace and her strong testimony of the Savior, Weeks is poised to be an on-going presence in the inspirational music scene. She resides with husband Tim in Northglenn, CO and their two daughters. ~ Dacia A. Blodgett-Williams
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Say Love

1. Say Love

2. Another Second Chance

3. It's A Good Day

4. Brave

5. I Found Me

6. Hero

7. Tell Me

8. Where I Am

9. Better Promises

10. Even When


Track List: Every Step

1. That's Who I Am

2. Find Me

3. Right Here

4. Beautiful Heartbreak

5. Living Proof

6. Stand Still

7. I Will

8. This Is Not Your Home

9. Dancing In The Rain

10. Past The Point

11. All My Days


Track List: The Collection

1. Faithful

2. He Hears Me

3. I'll Sing

4. Lead Me Home

5. He'll Carry You

6. He Came For Me

7. Prove Me

8. When He Calls My Name

9. He Is

10. Not Too Far From Here

11. Be Still

12. Through His Name

13. Never Alone

14. Who You Are

15. Still Believe

16. He Will

17. All My Days


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I am a Mormon and I love Hilary weeks so much and I love her song just let me cry and I will
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douglaspoose r s o n n t a g
Hilary Weeks is amazing! Even though her music seems to be geared more toward women, I as a man love listening to the messages shared through her music. I was blessed to win a CD of hers, and love to hear it regularly while I'm working, even allowing her music to sometimes bring me to tears. Thank you, Hilary, for sharing such a sweet spirit with us :)
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You have the most beautiful voice. I love being LDS
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hey! im not evil.
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Love you Hilary! Your music moves me to tears and helps me through life being a twelve year old mormon in this evil world today.
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Not Mormon but love of Christ has no denomination ! Her song "Still Believe " moves me to tears! Love all her songs I've listened to.
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I am morman, and I love Hilary Weeks. I also recommend Mercy Rivers.
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Proud to be a LDS and love the many talented individuals that come from our generations.
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im a mormon and hilary weeks is a good singer :D
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I am a Mormon and hillary weeks is awesome I love her song dancing in the rain
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im a mormon and i think that hillary weeks sings beautifuly
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pa_lee2 - i kindly ask you to remove your comment, as i understand well enough to know you are attempting to make the cliche argument that works have no place in heaven. However, if you open your eyes, you will infact realize everything we do here on earth is recorded in heaven and we will, infact, be judged according to just that- our works here on earth. that is why you cannot excuse yourself knowing that Christ died so you can strive to be perfect like Him. Thank you. Good day sir
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Play I will by her alot!!!! It is amazing!!! She us amazing!!
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Hilary Weeks is just plain amazing!! Whenever I listen to her, I am uplifted. I love her music!! Thank you Hilary!!
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emailsamanth a l e e
We sing this song in young women's
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Hilary's music is powerful and VERY uplifting! Thank you Hilary for sharing your inspiring heartfelt testimony through song!! I would LOVE to hear more of her music on Pandora!
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I know there's a lot of evangelical prejudice against the Mormons, but Hilary weeks sings beautifully and lifts up the name of Jesus, not the Mormon church, so don't criticize her!!! :-) PS I am not a Mormon! I believe that there are people within every denomination that don't have personal relationship s with Christ and there are some that do...
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I'm a missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints right now and Hillary Weeks is awesome to listen to on the long car rides!
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Okay i love her songs join Awesome ducks on clash of clans we have 3 peeps. Anyway she is amazing and makes me feel good
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Please don't be fooled. If any man is preaching to you a gospel contrary to what you received, he is to be accursed!--G a l . 1.9 He Himself bore our sins in His body on the His wounds you were healed.--1 Peter 2.24...1 John 5:13 says that those who believe will KNOW that they have eternal life!
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Good twist of I'm a child of god
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Hillary reaches a place deep down in my soul that no other LDS artist has touched? Just touching !!!WOW
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She sounds like Celtic woman
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I just........ . . . . . . . . . w a a a a a a a a a a a a ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i m c r y i n g
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Hilary reaches a place deep down in my soul that no other LDS artist has touched. I especially appreciate her music that ministers to me as a mother, woman, and child of God. I've shared her CD, If I Only Had Today, with several friends and neighbors. I also use it in my massage ministry. Thank you Hilary, for bringing Christ to me in times of utter despair and sorrow. I will praise your music and the Lord FOREVER!!
Report as inappropriate
Awesome! I love hearing inspirationa l and uplifting music. I feel the Spirit of God regardless of the singer's religious beliefs. May God continue to bless His children through voices of singers like you.
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I am so happy when i hear this song
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This song made me cry :'( comforting, yet sad.
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Hilary Weeks is amazing, every one of her songs radiates her belief in Heavenly Father and Jesus. I love listening to her music, they always remind me of His love for me! She's so inspirationa l and she has a gorgeous voice, thank you Hilary for making such beautiful music!!
Report as inappropriate
Thank you Hilary! Thank you for giving me my strength in the form of music, my most assuring way to feel the spirit of my lord Jesus Christ. My older brother is leaving to serve his mission for the LDS church next year and your music reminds me of the people he will help and of the lives he will touch. Love you Hilary.
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Let everything (and everyone) that hath breath praise the Lord. It's the message sung that's important- not religious affiliation.
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Hilary Weeks is SO amazing! I LOVE her really brings the Spirit into my home!
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I love all christian music and I love Hillary Weeks. I am a firm believer that if it is meant to worship the one true God and his son and my Savior Jesus Christ it is worth my time to listen to. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I love being a christian and the surety that I know God lives and love me and everyone no matter who they are or what they have done.
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jaredthemorm o n
Hilary Weeks' music and testimony has touched the lives of so many that I know. Her song Be still was one of the few things that helped my mother during some very difficult times, to feel the peace and love that comes only from faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful that Hilary Weeks has sacrificed to give of her God given talents (both music and testimony).
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I am so thankful that we are taught not to judge. God loves us all and the Spirit of God shines through Hilary's music. Thankful her Christianity is heard so wonderfully through her songs.
Report as inappropriate
I found Hilary Weeks on my LDS Mission. I love her voice, her music and her testimony. Always brought the spirit into our travels especially after a trying day in the mission field.
Report as inappropriate
@Kurt, I can teach every LDS Doctrine from the bible including the need for prophets, the divine nature of man, temple worship, etc. Even Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon are foretold in the bible. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and that he stands at the head of the church. Instead of taking your minister or my word, why don't you attend an LDS meeting or read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. If you ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ he will man
Report as inappropriate
@jetsled --Yes, I think they do too. Christ asked all of his disciples to work hard. Didn't he? When Christ said, Do you love me? <...> -Feed my sheep. There is nothing more relaxing, comforting, and reassuring than reaping the rewards of labor in His vineyard.
Report as inappropriate
I'm a firm follower of Christ, reading the Bible on my bed, where I soon will rest, my life here over. I find Hilary Weeks comforting, assuring me Christ is not too far from me. And being Mormon has made peace for me in this my final earth-chapte r a constant gift and life purposeful and beautiful.
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I'm a Mormon and I love God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Can you work too hard at being a Christian? Isn't learning to be more like Jesus the whole reason we are here?
I wish I could write a song telling how grateful I am to Jesus for his gift of washing away our sins and weaknesses and making us clean.
Thank goodness for these talented songwriters who capture those feelings of gratitude and wonder at the love God shows us.
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the mormons that I have known seem to work real hard to be christian... t o o hard...never really able to relax in the presence of God and to enjoy the gift of His son
Report as inappropriate
Kurt, this year the LDS churchwide Sunday School program studied the New Testament King James Version. Is this not Christian doctrine? Every year we switch our study between the Book of Mormon, Old Testament, New Testament, and the Doctrine and Covenants. Yes the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants are not your 'Christian' doctrine but those books have direct and indirect links and foot notes to the KJV Bible. We believe in grace, we beleive in works, we believe in all things. But most imp
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Her voice has a haunting quality that touches my heart. Her lyrics touch my soul.
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Great song!
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Kurt your a dip; s**t!!
Report as inappropriate
Regardless of what your take is on her beliefs please remember that Christians whatever their denomination are not called to judge one another
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a_looney_mil l e r
Love this song
Report as inappropriate
I have really enjoyed listening Hilary Weeks album,she is truly an amazing talent
Report as inappropriate
She sings some of the most inspirationa l music I have ever heard. I would love to hear more of her songs. I feel His spirit in my home as she sings.
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