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Henry Mancini

If the recognition of one's peers is the true measure of success, then few men are as successful as composer, arranger, and conductor Henry Mancini. In a career that spanned 40 years, writing for film and television, Mancini won four Oscars and twenty Grammys, the all-time record for a pop artist. For 1961's Breakfast at Tiffany's alone, Mancini won five Grammys and two Oscars. Breakfast at Tiffany's includes the classic "Moon River" (lyrics by Johnny Mercer), arguably one of the finest pop songs of the last 50 years. At last count, there were over 1,000 recordings of it. His other notable songs include "Dear Heart," "Days of Wine and Roses" (one Oscar, two Grammys), and "Charade," the last two with lyrics by Mercer. He also had a number one record and won a Grammy for Nino Rota's "Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet." Among his other notable film scores are The Pink Panther (three Grammys), Hatari! (one Grammy), Victor/Victoria (an Oscar), Two for the Road, Wait Until Dark, and 10. His television themes include "Peter Gunn" (two Grammys, recorded by many rock artists), "Mr. Lucky" (two Grammys), "Newhart," "Remington Steele," and The Thorn Birds television mini-series.

As a child, Mancini learned how to play a variety of musical instruments and as a teenager, he became enamored with jazz and big bands. He began to write arrangements and sent a few to Benny Goodman, who wrote the teenager back, encouraging him to pursue a career in music. Mancini enrolled in the Julliard School of Music in 1942, but his studies were cut short when he served in the military during World War II. After the war, he was hired by Tex Beneke, the leader of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, as a pianist and arranger. In the late '40s, he began writing scores for record and film studios, first for a recording session by the Mel-Tones, which featured his wife Ginny O'Connor, and then the Abbot & Costello film Lost in Alaska, the first movie he scored.

Lost in Alaska led to more film scores, in particular 1954's The Glenn Miller Story and 1956's The Benny Goodman Story, which both showcased his big band roots. Soon, he was working on a large number of films and television, including Orson Welles' Touch of Evil and the TV show Peter Gunn. Mancini's scores frequently straddled the line between jazz and Hollywood dramatics, making his music both distinctive and influential.

Mancini's heyday was the early '60s, when his score for Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) yielded the Oscar-winning hit single "Moon River," which instantly became a pop standard. The following year, he wrote the music for Days of Wine and Roses, which also won an Oscar for its title song. Throughout the next three decades, he continued to be one of the most successful film composers in the world, as well as a popular concert conductor. He continued working until his death in 1994; just prior to his demise, he was writing the score for the musical adaption of Victor/Victoria.

What kept Mancini's work fresh was his ability to write in almost any style imaginable and his successful experimentations with unusual sounds and instruments. In his 1989 memoir Did They Mention the Music?, Mancini's co-author Gene Lees wrote that "More than any other person, he Americanized film scoring, and in time even European film composers followed in his path," and that Mancini wrote scores that "contained almost as many fully developed song melodies as a Broadway musical." Had he not remained true to his first love, film scoring, Mancini would have more than likely made as large an impact on the Broadway stage as he made on the silver screen. ~ Kenneth M. Cassidy & Stephen Thomas Erlewine
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe? (Original Score)

1. Theme From Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe?

2. Well Done Louis

3. Pesce!

4. Bombe Richelieu

5. Italian Soup

6. They Hang Chefs, Don't They?

7. Bombes Away / Natasha In Venice (Natasha's Theme)

8. Natasha's Theme

9. The Movable Feast

10. Late Night Call / The Gathering

11. Fiery Finale

12. The Final Feast / The Confession

13. Natasha's Theme (End Title)


Track List: The Cop Show Themes

1. Mystery Movie Theme

2. The Streets Of San Francisco

3. Bumper's Theme

4. Kojak / S.W.A.T.

5. Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow)

6. The Rockford Files

7. Hawaii Five-O

8. Police Woman


Track List: Dear Heart And Other Songs About Love

1. Dear Heart

2. The Girl From Ipanema

3. Mr. Lucky (Vocal)

4. Solider In The Rain

5. (I Love You And) Don't You Forget It

6. Song About Love

7. How Soon

8. The New "Frankie And Johnnie" Song

9. Mostly For Lovers

10. Man's Favorite Sport

11. Can't Buy Me Love

12. Dream


Track List: Me, Natalie

1. Natalie

2. Free!

3. Sequence For Uncle Harold

4. A Groovy Mood

5. Off-Ramp To Nowhere

6. Theme For Losers

7. We

8. W.A. Mozart, I Love You

9. In And Out Of Love Montage

10. Bench Warmer

11. Dear David


Track List: Sunflower (Original Soundtrack)

1. Love Theme From "Sunflower"

2. Masha's Theme

3. Giovanna

4. The Search

5. Love In The Sand

6. New Home In Moscow

7. Two Girls

8. The Retreat

9. The Invitation

10. Masha Finds Antonio

11. The Parting In Milan


Track List: Hatari! & High Time Original Motion Picture Soundtracks (Bonus Edition)

1. Theme From Hatari!

2. Baby Elephant Walk

3. Just For Tonight

4. Your Father's Feathers

5. Night Side

6. Big Band Bwana

7. The Sounds Of Hatari

8. The Soft Touch

9. Crocodile, Go Home!

10. High Time

11. Moon Talk

12. So Neat

13. The Old College Try Cha-Cha

14. The Nutty Professor

15. Frish Frosh

16. The Second Time Around

17. A Mild Blast

18. Harv's Blues

19. New Blood

20. The Dean Speaks

21. Tiger!


Track List: High Time (Music From The Motion Picture Score)

1. High Time

2. Moon Talk

3. So Neat

4. The Old College Try Cha-Cha

5. The Nuty Professor

6. Frish Frosh

7. The Second Time Around

8. A Mild Blast

9. Harv's Blues

10. New Blood

11. The Dean Speaks

12. Tiger!


Track List: Hatari! (Original Soundtrack)

1. Theme From Hatari

2. Baby Elephant Walk

3. Just For Tonight

4. Your Father's Feathers

5. Night Side

6. Big Band Bwana

7. The Sounds Of Hatari

8. The Soft Touch

9. Crocodile, Go Home!


Track List: Experiment In Terror (Original Soundtrack)

2. Tooty Twist

3. Kelly's Tune

4. Golden Gate Twist

5. The Good Old Days

6. Experiment In Terror (Twist)

7. Experiment In Terror

8. Nancy

9. Down By The Wharf

10. Teen-Age Hostage

11. White On White

12. Final Out At Candlestick Park


Track List: Touch Of Evil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. Main Title

2. Borderline Montuna

3. Strollin' Blues

4. Orson Around

5. Reflection

6. Tanas Theme

7. Flashing Nuisance

8. Something For Susan

9. The Boss

10. Rock Me To Sleep

11. The Big Drag

12. Ku Ku

13. Son Of Raunchy

14. Lease Breaker

15. Background For Murder

16. Barroom Rock

17. Pigeon Caged

18. Blue Pianola

19. The Chase


Track List: Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation (Main Title)

2. A Month Off

3. Cream Puff

4. Up His Nose

5. Early To Rise

6. Roger And Peggy

7. Boompa / Night Night

8. Something For Lauri

9. Honest Joe / The Quiet Side

10. Rudders And Sails

11. All Clear / Red Cap

12. Barn Swallow

13. About Last Night

14. Farewell To Vacation

15. Cast And End Title


Track List: The Theme Scene

1. Theme From Battlestar Galactica

2. The Children Of Sanchez

6. Theme From Fantasy Island

7. The Cheap Detective

8. Three's Company

9. The Little House


Track List: Mancini's Angels

1. Theme From Charlie's Angels

2. Evergreen

3. Car Wash

4. The Inspector Clouseau Theme (From The Film "The Pink Panther Strikes Again")

5. Silver Streak

6. What's Happening!!

7. The Moneychangers

8. Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)

9. Music From "Roots"


Track List: Breakfast At Tiffany's (50th Anniversary Edition)

1. Moon River

2. Something For Cat

3. Sally's Tomato

4. Mr. Yunioshi

5. The Big Blowout

6. Moon River (Vocal Audrey Hepburn)

7. Hub Caps And Tail Lights

8. Breakfast At Tiffany's

9. Lain Golightly

10. Holly

11. Loose Caboose

12. The Big Heist

13. Moon River Cha Cha

14. Moon River (Choral Version)


Track List: The Essential Henry Mancini

Disc 1

1. The Pink Panther Theme

2. Mr. Lucky

3. Dear Heart

4. Charade (Main Title)

5. Baby Elephant Walk

6. Days Of Wine And Roses

7. Experiment In Terror

8. Peter Gunn

9. In The Arms Of Love

10. Natasha's Theme

11. Darling Lili

12. "The Thorn Birds" Theme

13. Two For The Road

14. Candlelight On Crystal

15. The Sweetheart Tree (Vocal)

16. Theme From "Cade's County"

17. Oklahoma Crude

18. It Had Better Be Tonight (From The Pink Panther)

Disc 2

1. Moon River

2. High Time

3. One Eyed Cat

4. A Shot In The Dark

5. Ludmilla's Theme

6. Dreamsville

7. Rain Drops In Rio

8. Mystery Movie Theme

9. Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet

10. Happy Barefoot Boy (From "Two For The Road")

11. The Great Waldo Pepper March (From "The Great Waldo Pepper")

12. A Quiet Happening

13. Natalie (From The Film "Me, Natalie")

14. A Powdered Wig

15. The Hills Of Yesterday (Love Theme From "The Molly Maguires")

16. Nothing To Lose

17. The Inspector Clouseau Theme (From The Film "The Pink Panther Strikes Again")

18. Pie-In-The-Face Polka


Track List: Arabesque (Original Score)

1. Arabesque

2. We've Loved Before (Yasmin's Theme) (Instrumental)

3. Ascot

4. Dream Street

5. Facade

6. Something For Sophia

7. We've Loved Before (Yasmin's Theme)

8. Shower Of Paradise

9. The Zoo Chase

10. Bagdad On Thames


Track List: Uniquely Manicini

1. Green Onions

2. Stairway To The Stars

3. Night Train

4. Lullaby Of Birdland

5. Chelsea Bridge

6. C Jam Blues

7. Banzai Pipeline

8. Rhapsody In Blue

9. Cheers!

10. Lonesome

11. The Hot Canary

12. Moonlight Serenade


Track List: Big Screen, Little Screen

9. Mystery Movie Theme


Track List: Brass, Ivory & Strings


Track List: Henry Mancini Conducting The Warner Bros. Military Band: Sousa In Hi-Fi

1. Semper Fidelis

2. National Fencibles March

3. The Thunderer

4. The Gladiator

5. El Capitan

6. Stars And Stripes Forever

7. Washington Post March

8. U.S. Field Artillary March

9. The Invincible Eagle March

10. King Cotton

11. Manhattan Beach March

12. Hands Across The Sea


Track List: The Versatile Henry Mancini

1. Poinciana

2. Bali Hai

3. Flamingo

4. The Whispering Sea

5. Return To Paradise

6. The Naked Sea

7. The Breeze & I

8. Driftwood And Dreams

9. Moon Of Manakoora

10. Sleepy Lagoon

11. Ebb Tide

12. Off Shore


Track List: Ultimate Mancini

1. The Pink Panther Theme (feat. Plas Johnson & Joey DeFrancesco)

2. Charade

3. Two for the Road

4. Moon River (feat. Stevie Wonder & Take 6)

5. Moment To Moment

6. Days Of Wine & Roses

7. Peter Gunn Theme (feat. Tom Scott)

8. Dreamsville (feat. Kenny Rankin)

9. Dear Heart

10. The Thorn Birds Theme

11. Anywhere The Heart Goes (Meggie's Theme)

12. Mr. Lucky (feat. Joey DeFrancesco)

13. Whistling Away The Dark

14. Life In A Looking Glass

15. Crazy World

16. It's Easy To Say

17. Music On The Way


Track List: Breakfast At Tiffany's


Track List: Henry Mancini Greatest Hits

Composer: Henry Mancini
Title: Peter Gunn, Television Score

2. Peter Gunn, Television Score: A Profound Gass

Title: Mr. Lucky, Television Soundtrack
Title: The Great Impostor, Film Score
Title: Breakfast At Tiffany's, Film Score

6. Breakfast At Tiffany's, Film Score: Moon River

Title: Experiment In Terror, Film Score
Title: Hatari!, Film Score

10. Hatari!, Film Score: Baby Elephant Walk

Composer: Hoagy Carmichael
Title: Just For Tonight

11. Just For Tonight: Just For Tonight

Composer: Henry Mancini
Title: Days Of Wine And Roses (for The Film The Days Of Wine And Roses)

12. Days Of Wine And Roses (for The Film The Days Of Wine And Roses): Days Of Wine And Roses

Title: Charade, Film Score
Title: The Pink Panther, Film Score

14. The Pink Panther, Film Score: Main Theme

Title: Dear Heart, Film Score
Title: The Richard Boone Show, Television Score
Title: A Shot In The Dark, Film Score
Title: The Sweetheart Tree

18. The Sweetheart Tree: The Sweetheart Tree

Title: Two For The Road, Film Score

19. Two For The Road, Film Score: Two For The Road

Composer: Nino Rota
Title: Romeo And Juliet, Film Score
Composer: Henry Mancini
Title: Whistling Away The Dark

21. Whistling Away The Dark: Whistling Away The Dark

Title: What's Happening!!, Television Theme

Track List: The Days Of Wine And Roses

Disc 1

1. Peter Gunn

2. Dreamsville

3. Slow And Easy

4. A Profound Gass

5. Walkin' Bass

6. My Manne Shelly

7. Blues For Mother's

8. Snowfall

9. Big Noise From Winnetka

10. Sing, Sing, Sing

11. Mr. Lucky

12. One Eyed Cat

13. Blue Satin

14. A Powdered Wig

15. High Time

16. The Second Time Around

17. Theme From "The Great Impostor"

18. Rain Drops In Rio

19. Blue Mantilla

20. Moon River

21. Breakfast At Tiffany's

22. Holly

23. Experiment In Terror

24. Fluters' Ball

25. White On White

Disc 2

1. Theme From "Hatari"

2. Baby Elephant Walk

3. Just For Tonight (Vocal)

4. Days Of Wine And Roses (Vocal)

5. Too Little Time

6. Bachelor In Paradise

7. Charade (Vocal)

8. Latin Snowfall

9. The Pink Panther Theme

10. Royal Blue

11. It Had Better Be Tonight (Vocal)

12. Piano And Strings

13. Dear Heart

14. Soldier In The Rain (Vocal)

15. How Soon (Vocal)

16. A Shot In The Dark

17. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars

18. Come To The Mardi Gras

19. The Sweetheart Tree (Vocal)

20. The Great Race March (A Patriotic Medley)

21. Moment To Moment

22. Something For Sophia

23. We've Loved Before (Vocal)

24. The Swing March

25. In The Arms Of Love

26. Cherokee (Indian Love Song)

27. Autumn Nocturne

Disc 3

1. The Shadow Of Your Smile

2. Blue Hawaii

3. Two For The Road

4. Something For Audrey

5. French Provincial

6. A Quiet Happening

7. I Like The Look (Vocal)

8. Wait Until Dark

9. Nothing To Lose

10. Love Theme From "Romeo And Juliet"

11. Theme From "The Molly Maguires"

12. As Time Goes By

13. Whistling Away The Dark

14. Loss Of Love

15. Theme From "Love Story"

16. All His Children

17. Mystery Movie Theme

18. Theme From "The Mancini Generation"

19. Theme From "The Thief Who Came To Dinner"

20. Can't Get Started (Feat. Doc Severinsen)

21. Ludmilla's Theme

22. Oklahoma Crude

23. Send A Little Love My Way (Vocal)

24. Theme From "The Girl From Petrovka"

25. Theme From "The White Dawn"

26. Bumper's Theme

27. What's Happening!!

28. Silver Streak


Track List: Themes From The Godfather, Romeo & Juliet, Jaws, Earthquake, Love Story, Summer Of '42

1. Music By Nino Rota

2. Symphonic Suite (From The White Dawn)

3. The Disaster Movie Suite

4. The French Collection

5. The Great Waldo Pepper March

7. Strings On Fire!

9. Drummers' Delight

11. Speedy Gonzales


Track List: The Best Of Mancini

1. Peter Gunn

2. Timothy

3. Lujon

4. March Of The Cue Balls

5. Fallout

6. Mr. Lucky

7. Moon River

8. Experiment In Terror

9. Baby Elephant Walk

10. Days Of Wine And Roses

11. Theme From Hatari

12. Charade (Vocal)


Track List: The Adventures Of The Great Mouse Detective (Original Soundtrack)

1. Main Title

2. Dawson Finds Olivia

3. Enter Basil

4. Enter Ratigan

5. Crushed Box

6. "The World's Greatest Criminal Mind"

7. Unusual Foot Prints

8. Here's Toby!

9. Check Mate

10. Reunion

11. "Let Me Be Good To You"

12. Ratigan's Plan

13. "Goodbye So Soon"

14. Cat Nip

15. Big Ben Chase

16. Wrap-Up

17. End Title / "Goodbye So Soon"


Track List: As Time Goes By

1. As Time Goes By

2. One For My Baby

3. Everything I Do (I Do It For You)

4. Stella By Starlight

5. Windmills Of Your Mind

6. Crazy World

7. That Old Black Magic

8. Unchained Melody

9. Mona Lisa

10. Call Me Irresponsible/The Second Time Around

11. Two For The Road

12. It's All There (Song From Switch)

13. The Summer Knows (From "Summer Of '42")

14. Tender Is The Night

15. Charade (1992)


Track List: All Time Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

1. Mr. Lucky

2. Moon River

3. Baby Elephant Walk

4. Experiment In Terror (Remastered - 1988)

5. Days Of Wine And Roses

6. Charade (Main Title)

7. The Pink Panther Theme

8. The Sweetheart Tree

9. Theme From The Great Imposter

10. A Shot In The Dark

11. Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet

12. Two For The Road (Instrumental) (Remastered)

13. Theme From "Z"

14. Theme From Love Story

15. Peter Gunn (1988 Remastered)


Track List: The Pink Panther And Other Hits

1. The Pink Panther Theme

2. Royal Blue (From The PInk Panther)

3. Champagne And Quail (From The Pink Panther)

4. The Lonely Princess (From The Pink Panther)

5. It Had Better Be Tonight (From The Pink Panther)

6. Charade (From Charade)

7. Megeve (From Charade)

8. Latin Snowfall (From Charade)

9. Bateau Mouche (From Charade)

10. Bistro (From Charade)

11. Theme From "Hatari"

12. Baby Elephant Walk (From Hatari)

13. Night Side (From Hatari)

14. Your Father's Feathers (From Hatari)

15. The Sounds Of Hatari (From Hatari)

16. Breakfast At Tiffany's

17. Something For Cat (From Breakfast At Tiffany's)

18. Sally's Tomato (From Breakfast At Tiffany's)

19. Holly (From Breakfast At Tiffany's)

20. Latin Golightly (From Breakfast At Tiffany's)

21. Moon River (From "Breakfast At Tiffany's")


Track List: The Thorn Birds (Original Television Soundtrack)

1. Main Title

2. Go!

3. Drogheda

4. Young Meggie

5. Ralph, Meggie And Mary

6. Stuie Grows Up

7. Paddy And Fiona

8. Passion Play

9. The Story Of The Thorn Birds

10. Meggie Grows Up

11. Baby Hal Dies

12. The Rams And The Ewes

13. Parting

14. The Thorn Birds Theme

15. Fire On Drogheda

16. Search For Paddy

17. Father Ralph Returns And Funeral Procession

18. Meggie's Heartbreak

19. It's Shearing You're Hearing

20. Luke And Meggie

21. Marry Me, Meggin

22. Arrival At The Vatican

23. The Announcement

24. Meggie Leaves Drogheda

25. Arrival At Queensland

26. Beginning Of The End

27. Welcome To Himmelhock

28. New Kid In Town

29. Matlock Island

30. Beach Walk

31. Forbidden Love

32. Ralph And Meggie

33. Paradise Lost

34. Vacation's End

35. Meggie Leaves The Himmelhocks

36. Meggie Goes Home

37. Photographs

38. Together

39. Good-Bye, Dane

40. Justine Visits Drogheda

41. The Greek Tragedy

42. Bye Bye Dane

43. Loss Of A Son

44. Meggie Reveals The Truth

45. Be Happy

46. Ralph Dies

47. End Title

48. Anywhere The Heart Goes


Track List: A Legendary Performer

1. Three by Mancini: Days Of Wine And Roses; Charade; Moon River

2. Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet

3. Two For The Road

4. Moment To Moment

5. Dear Heart

6. Peter Gunn (New Version)

7. Mr. Lucky

8. The Pink Panther Theme

9. Baby Elephant Walk

10. Theme From Hatari

11. Rhapsody In Blue


Track List: The Trail Of The Pink Panther: Music From The Motion Picture

1. Trail Of The Pink Panther (Main Theme)

2. The Greatest Gift

3. Hong Kong Fireworks

4. A Shot In The Dark

5. Simone

6. It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Stasera)

7. The Easy Life In Paris

8. Come To Me

9. Bier Fest Polka

10. After The Shower

11. The Inspector Clouseau Theme

12. Return Of The Pink Panther (Parts I & 2)


Track List: "10"

2. He Pleases Me

3. Keyboard Harmony

5. Something For Jenny

7. Get It On

9. The Hot Sand Mexican Band

10. I Have An Ear For Love

11. It's Easy To Say (Instrumental)


Track List: Revenge Of The Pink Panther (Original Soundtrack)

1. (Main Title) The Pink Panther Theme ('78)

2. Simone

3. Give Me Some Mo'!

4. Thar She Blows!

5. Balls' Caprice

6. Move 'Em Out! (Feat. Lon Satton)

7. A Touch Of Red

8. After The Shower

9. Hong Kong Fireworks

10. Almond Eyes

11. The Pink Panther Theme - Reprise

12. Thank Heaven For Little Girls


Track List: W.C. Fields And Me (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1. (Main Title) Welcome To Hollywood (Feat. Valerie Perrine)

2. Carlotta's Theme

3. Move In!

4. Dissertation On S.O.B.'s / A Long Way From Philadelphia! / Welcome To Hollywood (Feat. Valerie Perrine)

5. Pen Pals

6. The Joke's On Me

7. Dialogue On Chaplin (Feat. Valerie Perrine & Rod Steiger)

8. Long Lost Son

9. The I.R.S. Incident (Feat. Rod Steiger)

10. Why Doesn't It Rain?

11. (End Sequence) Welcome To Hollywood (Feat. Valerie Perrine)


Track List: The Pink Panther

1. The Pink Panther Theme

2. It Had Better Be Tonight (Instrumental)

3. Royal Blue

4. Champagne And Quail

5. The Village Inn

6. The Tiber Twist

7. It Had Better Be Tonight (Vocal)

8. Cortina

9. The Lonely Princess

10. Something For Sellers

11. Piano And Strings

12. Shades Of Sennett


Track List: Brass On Ivory

1. Brass On Ivory

2. Dreamsville

3. Never My Love

4. If

5. Willow Weep For Me

6. Sometimes

7. Poor Butterfly

8. Misty

9. Brian's Song (Theme From The Screen Gems TV Production "Brian's Song")

10. We've Only Just Begun

11. Soldier In The Rain


Track List: Mancini Country

1. Let It Be Me

2. Last Date

3. Almost Persuaded

4. Take Me To Your World

5. Release Me

6. You Don't Know Me

7. Phone Call To The Past

8. I Can't Stop Loving You

9. Make The World Go Away

10. Stand By Your Man

11. The End Of The World


Track List: Charade

1. Charade (Main Title)

2. Bistro

3. Bateau Mouche

4. Megeve

5. Bye Bye Charlie

6. The Happy Carousel

7. Charade (Vocal)

8. Orange Tamoure

9. Latin Snowfall

10. The Drip-Dry Waltz

11. Mambo Parisienne

12. Punch & Judy

13. Charade Carousel


Track List: Mancini Marches

1. National Emblem

2. Entry Of The Gladiators

3. The Caissons Go Rolling Along

4. The Billboard March

5. The U.S. Air Force

6. American Patrol

7. Our Director

8. The Marine's Hymn

9. Under The Double Eagle

10. Colonel Bogey

11. On The Mall

12. Anchors Aweigh


Track List: Mr. Lucky Goes Latin

1. Mr Lucky (Goes Latin)

2. Lujon (2009)

3. Timpanola

4. Rain Drops In Rio

5. Siesta

6. The Dancing Cat

7. Cow Bells And Coffee Beans

8. The Sound Of Silver

9. Tango Americano

10. No Cal Sugar Loaf

11. Blue Mantilla

12. Speedy Gonzales


Track List: Mr. Lucky & Mr. Lucky Goes Latin

1. Mr. Lucky

2. My Friend Andamo

3. Softly

4. March Of The Cue Balls

5. Lightly Latin

6. Tipsy

7. Floating Pad

8. One Eyed Cat

9. Night Flower

10. Chime Time

11. Blue Satin

12. That's It (And That's All)


Track List: Mr Lucky

1. Mr Lucky

2. My Friend Andamo

3. Softly

4. March Of The Cue Balls

5. Lightly Latin

6. Tipsy

7. Floating Pad

8. One Eyed Cat

9. Night Flower

10. Chime Time

11. Blue Satin

12. That's It And That's All


Track List: Combo!

1. Moanin'

2. Sidewalks Of Cuba

3. Dream Of You

4. Swing Lightly

5. Castle Rock

6. A Powdered Wig

7. Playboy's Theme

8. Tequila

9. Far East Blues

10. Charleston Alley

11. Scandinavian Shuffle

12. Everybody Blow!


Track List: The Blues And The Beat

1. The Blues

2. Smoke Rings

3. Misty

4. Blue Flame

6. Mood Indigo

7. The Beat

8. Big Noise From Winnetka

9. Alright, Okay, You Win

10. Tippin' In

11. How Could You Do A Thing Like That To Me

12. Sing, Sing, Sing


Track List: The Music From Peter Gunn

1. Peter Gunn

2. Sorta Blue

3. The Brothers Go To Mother's

4. Dreamsville

5. Session At Pete's Pad

6. Soft Sounds

7. Fallout!

8. The Floater

9. Slow And Easy

10. A Profound Gass

11. Brief And Breezy

12. Not From Dixie

13. Walkin' Bass

14. Blue Steel

15. Spook!

16. Blues For Mother's


Track List: The Mancini Touch

1. That's All

2. Mostly For Lovers

3. Free And Easy

4. Trav'lin Light

5. Like Young

6. A Cool Shade Of Blue

7. Bijou

8. My One And Only Love

9. Let's Walk

10. Snowfall

11. Robin's Nest

12. Politely


Track List: Touch Of Evil

1. Main Title

2. Borderline Montuna

3. Strollin' Blues

4. Orson Around

5. Reflection

6. Tana's Theme

7. Flashing Nuisance

8. The Boss

9. Pidgeon Caged

10. Rock Me To Sleep

11. The Big Drag

12. Ku Ku

13. Susan

14. Son Of Raunchy

15. Lease Breaker

16. Background To Murder

17. Bar Room Rock

18. Blue Pianola

19. Something For Susan

20. The Chase


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Peter Gun. I remember that show.
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dragonlady60 8 8
I loved Peter Seller as the pink e y don't make movies like that anymore JUST A SHAME
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Beautiful heavenly
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He goes down as the best.
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I have always loved the sly humor of the Pink Panther Theme...the sax, oh yea cool sax, very playboy like r the 1960's cool..
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Saw him in a local concert around 83. Very engaging with the audience. Liked him and his music.
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He gets your blood a moving!
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Henry Mancini was a great musical talent. He was a giant in all aspects of his musical career - films, television, big band, etc. There will never be another person as talented as Henry Mancini!
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dragonlady60 8 8
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dragonlady60 8 8
I have loved this songs for many moons...stil l do
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Holly off his Breakfast at Tiffany's set - love his moody middle of the night stuff.
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Brilliant estupendo,ma r a v i l l o s o , a i que locura
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dragonlady60 8 8
I loved Peter Sellers
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Mr. Lucky is My Favorite
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Mr.m Lucky is Y Favorite
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MWatkins...M r . Lucky is myb favorite
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He was one of the best....too many to list........ w h a t great memories...
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I was 14 when I saw this movie. I cried & cried. I didn't bring a tissue so I used my sister's long hair to dry my tears on. Seriously. At 14 you have to look tough & I wasn't.
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dragonlady60 8 8
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dragonlady60 8 8
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I miss you! It breaks my heart to know we'll always be apart.
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John Williams has won 5 Oscars and 22 Grammys.
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My parents enjoyed Mancini, Montavoni, and Percy Faith. These artists were are major part of our lives growing up! Our entire family listened to these masters. Now that my parents have passed on, I yearn for this music because it was especially so meaningful to them. Thank you!
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One of the great greats!
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Mancini is the best relaxation mood music!!$$
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A legend...a musical great. Trmendous!
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Henry Mancini was very hip
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mybirthdayem a i l 2 0 1 4
So soothing! Love it!
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Cadillac of composers! Henry Mancini
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What an all time great American composer, the likes of which we may never see again in this genre. Back then, movies hired musicians to develop their own original scores ... not done as much anymore. These were classy decades, decency and beauty reigned.
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Thank you Henry Mancini!
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zambranoj196 8
Megustan todas estas melodias y cansiones por que me transportan a los anos de mi juventud cuando yo estudiaba en la secundaria 18 de marzo en los reyes michoacan
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dragonlady60 8 8
Henry...u r great...Mr.L u c k y Wow
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Lujon - Henry Mancini: Brilliant & moody: Middle of the night, the lights out and you're gazing out the window but seeing nothing but your own thoughts. The cigarette smoke's curling up, she's on your mind.
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I never ever get tired of this man. He was in class by himself. Sheer class and very hip.
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I bought LPs in the 60's still have them and dvd and all still!!!$$$ good music always around....
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Mancini was the finest writer in the jazz/pop fields, able to organize simple notes into gorgeous melodies. Through my acquaintance with the late Al Cobine, who contracted the sidemen for most of the Mancini concert tours and played tenor in the orchestra, including the famous solo in The Pink Panther, I was able to provide buses for a number of the tours during the 60's, usually driving the bus myself. Got to see many of the concerts that way. Still listen to Henry Mancini on a daily basis
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Moon River ....a view of water and seductive moonlight... . i n the dark of a beach with lovers...
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Holly - Henry Mancini: obviously not one of his important songs yet it still has that sophisticati o n of which Henry was the master.
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I treasure all of his music and am proud to say that I have LPs and CDs of all of his recorded music. I was very fortunate to hear and meet Mancini and Johnny Mathis on tour with their Hollywood Music show in Dallas, Texas
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I have many of his albums on vinyl :)
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I went to an outstanding tribute to Mancini in January.It featured his daughter and his namesake orchestra.It was at the new performing arts center in Orlando, Fl. Simply AMAZING TALENT !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mr. Lucky is Mr. Fabulous!
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Pink panther is the best
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Love all his music but my favorite song of any is Mr. Mancini's "Moment To moment" & the lyrics are are the way I feel about someone very special I lost almost 4 yrs ago.
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I love pink panther
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