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Alongside Switzerland's Celtic Frost and Sweden's Bathory, Germany's Helloween were possibly the most influential heavy metal band to come out of Europe during the 1980s. By taking the hard-riffing and minor-key melodies handed down from metal masters like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, then infusing them with the speed and energy introduced by the burgeoning thrash metal movement, Helloween crystallized the sonic ingredients of what is now known as power metal. Sadly, just as they were on the verge of breaking to a wider audience -- even flirting with American success -- the band's meteoric rise was rudely interrupted by internal strife and a string of bad business decisions. These blunders kept them from ever regaining their original momentum, but Helloween took their hard-knock lessons in stride and continued to prosper in the international metal arena on their own terms. More importantly, they remained the benchmark by which most every power metal band is still measured.

Helloween were formed in Hamburg, Germany, by guitarists Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath, bassist Markus Grosskopf, and drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg. Originally named Second Hell and then Iron Fist before morphing into Helloween in 1982, they signed with Germany's own fledgling Noise International two years later. With Hansen also handling vocals and the bulk of songwriting duties, the quartet recorded its self-titled debut mini-album in early 1985. The full-length Walls of Jericho and the Judas maxi-single followed the year after, and the media were soon buzzing over the band's thrash-fueled interpretation of classic heavy metal. Countless fans across Continental Europe were also fast converting to the band's cause, but Hansen remained dissatisfied with his singing ability, and felt Helloween needed a proper frontman in order to achieve their full potential. Enter teenage vocalist Michael Kiske, whose high-pitched delivery followed in the footsteps of previous heavy metal banshees like Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson.

The new chemistry proved as explosive on-stage as it did in the studio, and with their classic lineup now intact, Helloween were ready for the big time. Returning to the studio in early 1987, the band emerged in May with Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 1, a landmark recording that remains arguably the single most influential power metal album to date. Its volatile combination of power and melody would inspire an entire generation of metal bands, and transformed Helloween into bona fide superstars all over Europe and the U.K., even making tentative inroads into America at the time. The band toured relentlessly for the rest of the year and into 1988 (including a lengthy opening stint with Iron Maiden), but despite this manic work schedule, Helloween still found time to record the aptly titled Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 2. Released in September 1988, the record was another blockbuster that crashed the U.K. Top 30, but its uneven songwriting (especially from longtime leader Kai Hansen) revealed the beginnings of a major band crisis.

Helloween's watershed performance at that year's Donington Monsters of Rock Festival proved to be their crowning glory, but for Hansen, his dream come true also represented the culmination of his ambitions for the group. Shockingly, the guitarist soon announced his departure from the band he had helmed to the top, claiming that Helloween were now too big a beast for him to control. (He would soon make a fresh start with a new outfit called Gamma Ray, which, to no one's surprise, sounded remarkably like Helloween.) But the remaining members of Helloween weren't about to let their shot at stardom slip away, and after drafting former Rampage guitarist Roland Grapow, they got right back to work with a sold-out tour of the U.K. Impressed by the band's momentum, giant EMI stepped in and offered to sign Helloween away from the ever troubled Noise Records, but in doing so, wound up igniting a legal dispute that would sideline the group for nearly two years. Several live albums (Live in the U.K. for Europe, Keepers Live for Japan, and I Want Out: Live for the U.S.) were released to distract the fans during this hiatus, and the band obtained added support from the mighty Sanctuary management team (Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P., etc.) to boot.

Confident that they'd accumulated little if any rust from their extended layoff, Helloween finally returned to action with the oddly titled Pink Bubbles Go Ape in 1991. But no amount of EMI or Sanctuary muscle could compensate for the scattered, unfocused songwriting that dominated the album. Furthermore, the band's quirky attempts at humor had grown so forced that fans weren't sure what to make of furious metal anthems with names like the title track and "Heavy Metal Hamsters." The record bombed in no uncertain terms, as did its even more schizophrenic follow-up, Chameleon. Recorded in 1993 by an obviously shell-shocked band, its poor showing only exacerbated growing internal dissension, which culminated with the ousting of both Kiske (off to launch a solo career) and Schwichtenberg due to drug-related physical and mental health issues. Fair-weather friends EMI and Sanctuary also decided to cut their losses at this time, leaving the shattered remnants of Helloween to fend for themselves. Attempting to regroup as fast as possible, Helloween brought in new singer Andi Deris and drummer Uli Kusch to record 1994's Master of the Rings, a small but determined step in the right direction. Then tragedy struck, when former drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg -- a diagnosed manic depressive whose worsening condition had been partly to blame for his dismissal -- took his own life, throwing himself in front of a train near his native Hamburg.

Shaken to the core but as driven as ever, Helloween dedicated 1996's The Time of the Oath to their fallen friend, and, coincidentally, the album turned out to be the strongest since their glory years, doing much to resurrect their career. The ensuing tour spawned the double-disc set High Live and confirmed the band's return to form as major players in the international metal arena (in Europe and Japan, they were arguably bigger than ever). Helloween continued to prosper with 1998's Better Than Raw, 1999's celebratory Metal Jukebox covers album, and 2000's The Dark Ride, and not even the departure of longtime members Grapow and Kusch could slow them for long. Now regarded as elder statesmen of Euro-metal, Helloween celebrated their achievements with 2002's Treasure Chest greatest-hits set. This was followed by 2003's Rabbit Don't Come Easy, which introduced new guitarist Sascha Gerstner and featured Motörhead's Mikkey Dee guesting on drums until a permanent replacement could be found in Stefan Schwarzmann (ex-U.D.O., Running Wild, and many more). Schwarzmann left the group in 2005 and was replaced by Rawhead Rex drummer Dani Löble, who appeared on that year's critically acclaimed Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy. Gambling with the Devil arrived in 2007, and was followed by 7 Sinners in 2010. Their 14th album, Straight Out of Hell, arrived on The End Records in early 2013, followed by the Nuclear Blast-issued My God-Given Right in May 2015. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Ride The Sky: The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1985 - 1998

1. Murderer

2. Ride The Sky

3. I'm Alive

4. Future World

5. Halloween (Video Edit)

6. Eagle Fly Free

7. Dr. Stein

8. I Want Out

9. Kids Of The Century

10. Why?

11. Steel Tormentor

12. Power

13. I Can


Track List: My God-Given Right

1. Heroes

2. Battle's Won

3. My God-Given Right

4. Stay Crazy

5. Lost In America

6. Russian Roulé

7. The Swing Of A Fallen World

8. Like Everybody Else

9. Creatures In Heaven

10. If God Loves Rock 'N' Roll

11. Living On The Edge

12. Claws

13. You, Still Of War

14. I Wish I Were There

15. Wicked Game

16. Free World


Track List: Straight Out Of Hell

1. Nabataea

2. World Of War

3. Live Now!

4. Far From The Stars

5. Burning Sun

6. Waiting For The Thunder

7. Hold Me In Your Arms

8. Wanna Be God

9. Straight Out Of Hell

10. A**hole

11. Years

12. Make Fire Catch The Fly

13. Church Breaks Down


Track List: 7 Sinners

1. Where The Sinners Go

2. Are You Metal?

3. Who Is Mr. Madman?

4. Raise The Noise

5. World Of Fantasy

6. Long Live The King

7. The Smile Of The Sun

8. You Stupid Mankind

9. If A Mountain Could Talk

10. The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner

11. My Sacrifice

12. Not Yet Today

13. Far In The Future


Track List: Unarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary

1. Dr. Stein (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

2. Future World (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

3. If I Could Fly (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

4. Where The Rain Grows (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

5. The Keeper's Trilogy (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

6. Eagle Fly Free (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

7. Perfect Gentleman (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

8. Forever & One (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

9. I Want Out (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

10. Fallen To Pieces (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

11. A Tale That Wasn't Right (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)

12. Why (Acoustic/Symphonic Version)


Track List: Gambling With The Devil

1. Crack The Ridle

2. Kill It

3. The Saints

4. As Long As I Fall

5. Paint A New World

6. Final Fortune

7. The Bells Of The 7 Hells

8. Fallen To Pieces

9. I.M.E.

10. Can Do It

11. Dreambound

12. Heaven Tells No Lies


Track List: Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy - World Tour 05/06 - Live In Sao Paulo

Disc 1

1. Intro

2. The King For A 1000 Years

3. Eagle Fly Free

4. Hell Was Made In Heaven

5. Keeper Of The Seven Keys

6. A Tale That Wasn't Right

7. Mr. Torture

8. If I Could Fly (World Tour)

9. Power

Disc 2

1. Future World

2. The Invisible Man

3. Mrs. God

4. I Want Out (World Tour)

5. Dr. Stein

6. Occasion Avenue

7. Halloween


Track List: Kids Of The Century

Disc 1

1. Starlight

2. Murderer

3. Warrior

4. Victim Of Fate

5. Cry For Freedom

Disc 2

1. Judas

3. Guardians (Live)

Disc 3

1. Future World

Disc 4

1. Dr. Stein

2. Savage

3. Livin' Ain't No Crime

4. Victim Of Fate

Disc 5

2. Save Us

3. Don't Run For Cover

Disc 6

1. Kids Of The Century

2. Blue Suede Shoes

3. S**t And Lobster

Disc 7

1. Number One

2. Les Hambourgeois Walkways

3. You Run With The Pack


Track List: Rabbit Don't Come Easy

1. Just A Little Sign

2. Open Your Life

3. The Tune

4. Never Be A Star

5. Liar

6. Sun 4 The World

7. Don't Stop Being Crazy

8. Do You Feel Good

9. Hell Was Made In Heaven

10. Back Against The Wall

11. Listen To The Flies

12. Nothing To Say


Track List: Treasure Chest

Disc 1

1. Mr. Torture

2. I Can

3. Power

4. Where The Rain Grows

5. Eagle Fly Free

6. Future World

7. Metal Invaders

8. Murderer (Remix)

9. Starlight (Remix)

10. How Many Tears

11. Ride The Sky (Remix)

12. Halloween

13. A Little Time

14. A Tale That Wasn't Right

15. I Want Out

Disc 2

1. Keeper Of The Seven Keys

2. Dr. Stein

3. The Chance

4. Windmill

5. Sole Survivor

6. Perfect Gentleman

8. Kings Will Be Kings

9. Time Of The Oath

10. Forever & One

11. Midnight Sun

12. Mr Ego

13. Immortal

14. Mirror, Mirror


Track List: The Dark Ride

1. Beyond The Portal

2. Mr. Torture

3. All Over The Nations

4. Escalation 666

5. Mirror Mirror

6. If I Could Fly

7. Salvation

8. The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)

9. I Live For Your Pain

10. We Damn The Night

11. Immortal

12. The Dark Ride


Track List: Metal Jukebox

1. He's a Woman She's a Man

2. Locomotive Breath

3. Lay All Your Love On Me

4. Space Oddity

5. From Out of Nowhere

6. All My Loving

7. Hocus Pocus

8. Faith Healer

9. Juggernaut

10. The White Room

11. Mexican


Track List: High Live

Disc 1

1. We Burn (live)

2. Wake Up The Mountain

3. Sole Survivor

4. The Chance

5. Why (live)

6. Eagle Fly, Free

7. The Time Of The Oath

8. Future World

9. Dr. Stein

Disc 2

1. Before The War

2. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)

3. Power

4. Where The Rain Grows

5. In The Middle Of A Heartbeat (live)

6. Perfect Gentleman (live)

7. Steel Tormentor


Track List: The Time Of The Oath

Disc 1

1. We Burn

2. Steel Tormentor

3. Wake Up The Mountain

4. Power

5. Forever And One (Neverland)

6. Before The War

7. A Million To One

8. Anything My Mama Don't Like

9. Kings Will Be Kings

10. Mission Motherland

11. If I Knew

12. The Time Of The Oath

Disc 2

1. Still I Don't Know

2. Take It To The Limit

3. Electric Eye

4. Magnetic Fields

5. Rain

6. Walk Your Way

7. Light In The Sky

8. Time Goes By


Track List: Master Of The Rings

Disc 1

1. Irritation

2. Sole Survivor

3. Where The Rain Grows

4. Why?

5. Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)

6. Perfect Gentleman

7. The Game Is On

8. Secret Alibi

9. Take Me Home

10. In The Middle Of A Heartbeat

11. Still We Go

Disc 2

1. Can't Fight Your Desire

2. Star Invasion

3. Cold Sweat

4. Silicon Dreams

5. Grapowski's Malmsuite 1001

6. I Stole Your Love

7. Closer To Home


Track List: Chameleon

Disc 1

1. First Time

2. When The Sinner

3. I Don't Wanna Cry No More

4. Crazy Cat

5. Giants

6. Windmill

7. Revolution Now

8. In The Night

9. Music

10. Step Out Of Hell

11. I Believe

12. Longing

Disc 2

1. I Don't Care You Don't Care

2. Oriental Journey

3. Cut In The Middle

4. Introduction

5. Get Me Out Of Here

6. Red Socks And The Smell Of Trees

7. Ain't Got Nothin' Better

8. Windmill (Demo)


Track List: Pink Bubbles Go Ape (Expanded Edition)

1. Pink Bubbles Go Ape

2. Kids Of The Century

3. Back On The Streets

4. Number One

5. Heavy Metal Hamsters

6. Goin' Home

7. Someone's Crying

8. Mankind

9. I'm Doin Fine, Crazy Man

10. The Chance

11. Your Turn

12. Blue Suede Shoes

13. S**t And Lobster

14. Les Hambourgeois Walkways

15. You Run With The Pack


Track List: Pink Bubbles Go Ape

1. Pink Bubbles Go Ape

2. Kids Of The Century

3. Back On The Streets

4. Number One

5. Heavy Metal Hamsters

6. Goin' Home

7. Someone's Crying

8. Mankind

9. I'm Doin' Fine, Crazy Man

10. The Chance

11. Your Turn


Track List: The Best - The Rest - The Rare

1. I Want Out (The Rare)

2. Dr. Stein

3. Future World

4. Judas

5. Walls Of Jericho

6. Ride The Sky

7. Halloween

8. Livin' Ain't No Crime

9. Save Us

10. Victim Of Fate

11. Savage

12. Don't Run For Cover

13. Keeper Of The Seven Keys


Track List: Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II

Disc 1

1. Invitation

2. Eagle Fly Free

3. You Always Walk Alone

4. Rise And Fall

5. Dr. Stein

6. We Got The Right

7. March Of Time

9. Keeper Of The Seven Keys

10. Save Us

Disc 2

1. Savage

2. Livin' Ain't No Crime

3. Don't Run For Cover


Track List: Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I

1. Initiation

2. I'm Alive

3. A Little Time

4. Twilight Of The Gods

5. A Tale That Wasn't Right

6. Future World

7. Halloween

8. Follow The Sign


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U can't frigging beat helloween 4 great old chomps
Report as inappropriate
March of Time
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Oh yeah...keepe r of the 7 keys rocks. .
The entire thing rocks...alwa y s wanted 2 c them.& anthrax opening 4 maiden ...
Of course...I'l l also take a huge side of PANTERA/ALIC E N CHAINS(just get my buddies to arise from the grave. . .& we'll b n bizznezz...y a Digg ...(laugh like Morris Day...0f theTIME)
THE BIG 5...maybe replace helloween w/ megadeath/te s t a m e n t /Amored saint
Report as inappropriate
Always always remind me of Headbangers ball Maybe 88-89 when did Adam Curry's hair ever grow
Report as inappropriate
Seen ''87( A R C A D I A ...DALLAS, TX HALLOWEEN NIGHT w/ARMORED SAINT / GRIMM REAPER)...HE L L ON WHEELS TOUR. .even got a cassette (given 2 me earlier in the day...when they were doin' a record-$igni n g @ a record store ...yes...REC O R D S . . . I SAID IT) ...EXCELLENT SHOW.
Report as inappropriate
I agree w/ everything commented from 3-6 years ago...MAIDEN /HELLOWEEN.. . L O N G - L I V E METAL (esp.PWR)... I ' l l have 2 √ out UNISONIC...G O D S P E E D LEMMY
Report as inappropriate
Great band
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another great germen rock band
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great song
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I wonder what their new album sounds like maybe they should put it on here because I yet to hear anything from it
Report as inappropriate
Amazing live'87
Report as inappropriate
Helloween kick a**!!
Report as inappropriate
Love these guys they made my heavy metal life. These bands can never capture his amazing voice
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Me too!
Helloweeeeee n !
Report as inappropriate
I liked them better when michael kiske was with them but ..I will always be a HELLOWEEN fan
Report as inappropriate
Where is time of the oath?

And isnt this the greatest band or at least the first three albums were and isnt weagle fly freecthe greatest sing ever.
Report as inappropriate
Helloween is a worldwide standard for most up and coming power metal bands, I love Halloween.
Report as inappropriate
I haven't heard too much from them, but I like what I've heard so far. ^_^
Report as inappropriate
Great chirstian rock band
Report as inappropriate
My favorite band. This is the first band I ever heard.
Report as inappropriate
Helloween is the first band that introduced me to Metal music. I started understandin g the rock and metal music after listening to them. They are like my first love in the Metal world.
Report as inappropriate
I love helloween music
Report as inappropriate
I don't have anything against Helloween. I like the Keepers albums and all, but it bugs me that they get a HUGE bio, and a band like mighty Overkill gets a few lines of incorrect info. Insulting.
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The most rock & metal stations on Pandora Radio!
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Pandora needs to get Chameleon!
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i bought walls of jerico when it first came out as well as keeper's, 1 and 2 and still listen to all three to this day. on a side note try to find the band 5th angel, they had 1 album it might be hard to find but it ill be worth it
Report as inappropriate
dang these guys have been active for a long time
Report as inappropriate
Yep, Nirvana was sooo overrated. I admit to thinking they were alright when Nevermind came out (at that point I had already heard Bleach) but I was already into Helloween then too. Nowadays, I'm really into power metal bands even moreso and I laugh at the Nirvana albums. I think though, that's typical. Nirvana was part a short-lived trend, while Helloween and thrash/power metal bands of the like are still out there and new bands are constantly being spawned. Metal never dies!
Report as inappropriate
My favorite band.
Report as inappropriate
Search for April's Pseudo Hardcore Fiefdom to tune into my first and favorite station, deep roots and an ecclectic mix of blow your doors off music!
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My favorite band
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Im 1 fan of this band and iron maiden
Report as inappropriate
Saw helloween with ozzy and some other bands in finland in 2011

Two of my favorite bands=
Awesome show
Report as inappropriate
Such an amazing and melodic song

Eagle fly free is still the best

Go Helloween!!
Report as inappropriate
Anyone who likes Helloween check out the new band called Unisonic. Kiske on vocals and Hansen playing lead. Awesome to hear those guys back together again.
Report as inappropriate
Michael Kiske can sing extremely well! but the former lead singer of queenssryche , G e o f f Tate,is better
Report as inappropriate
I agree Nirvana f*cked it all up. Sick of hearing how awesome they were. I liked them when they came out but they were not the greatest thing ever
Report as inappropriate
Wow, after listening to a lot of Avantasia and going to this I can really hear the influence of Helloween. Tobias Sammett sounds just like this.
Report as inappropriate
@Ian Foard: I believe they mean Europe not including the UK. The music reviewers tend to leave the UK out of Europe.
Report as inappropriate
I blame the recording industries that force mediocre music into the mainstream. Music like Helloween, Maiden, Epica, Symphony X, Hibria (sp), and most power metal is complex which makes it tough to sell to the masses that are conditioned to think they like what is mainstream; simple, uninspiring, non-threaten i n g , uniform. Are the songs on the radio what the people like or do the people like what is on the radio? Reminds me of 1984. Oh, and I blame Nirvana as well. ;)
Report as inappropriate
What happened to all the influential bands and great modern minds of the world?

"They no longer exist, and I blame Nirvana."
Report as inappropriate
Helloween is a staple in metal.
Report as inappropriate
"Alongside Switzerland' s Celtic Frost and Sweden's Bathory, Germany's Helloween were possibly the most influential heavy metal band to come out of Europe during the 1980s"..... seriously? Iron Maiden anyone?
Report as inappropriate
Helloween has been one of my most favorite bands since i first heard them on headbangers ball back in 88. Great vocals,lyric s and music.
Report as inappropriate
V LOLLLLL!!! So true!
Report as inappropriate
Is Godsmack and the other 25 bands that sound like them even worth slamming? Oops, i guess I just did too.
Report as inappropriate
wiki willow go f**k yourself!!! godsmack f**kin sucks a**!! go listed to your emo records you f**kin queer!!!
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Awesome band, a good collection of songs that are over 10 mins each on my playlist, totally kick a**!
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"Gambling with the Devil" is sadly missing from Pandora.
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