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Hannah Montana

A popular Disney Channel series starring Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley, Hannah Montana chronicled the adventures of a teenage girl who moves from Nashville, TN, to Malibu -- and also lives a double life as pop star Hannah Montana to boot. Miley Cyrus starred as Miley Stewart and Hannah, while her dad played her father and manager on the show, Robbie Stewart. Cyrus got the acting bug while on the set of her dad's show Doc, earning her first role playing a character named Kylie. She also appeared on another of her father's shows, Country Colgate Showdown, and in music videos such as Rhonda Vincent's "If Heartaches Have Wings" and movies such as Big Fish. She won the lead role in Hannah Montana, and after the show began airing in 2006 and became a hit, she began performing live as Hannah Montana, first at Walt Disney World and then as the opening act for the Cheetah Girls' tour in fall 2006. At that time, the Hannah Montana soundtrack was released. Miley Cyrus also had a record deal with Hollywood Records in the works.

The second season of Hannah Montana began in spring 2007, and Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus, which featured a disc of new Hannah songs and a disc of Miley songs, arrived that summer. Late that year, Cyrus embarked on the Best of Both Worlds tour, which spawned the Best of Both Worlds concert film and album in spring 2008. The year 2009 was just as busy, with the theatrical release of Hannah Montana: The Movie and its accompanying soundtrack, as well as the third volume of music from the TV show. Hannah Montana filmed its final season in 2010, and Hannah Montana Forever followed. ~ Heather Phares, Rovi
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Let's Get Crazy (Radio Single)


Track List: Life's What You Make It (Radio Single)


Track List: Make Some Noise (Radio Single)


Track List: Nobody's Perfect (Radio Single)


Track List: Whereve I Go (Radio Single)


jdlcpohlhaus d d s
Kiss your hand 5times then post this on two other songs and look under ur pillow
Nfllekdodkdk k d j c o e k d v j k e o e l d j c u j k d l l d l c c j u d j d m f k l e d l o u d j k e e k u f j k e l l e k c k d j j d l e l m h h m d l l e o d j j e l e l l d d o e k k e l e k k d u m n d h o l e l e k d i k d l e o e k d k d k d l d j c j d j c i e n e k d d j u e k l e k j d o j d
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I have always loved Miley... And I always will... Even though she may dress differently or do different things that I would never do... It didn't change who she is... It changed what people thought of her... She is still awesome and I love her music... She is just expressing herself... So she doesn't have to care what other people think
I haded a doll of you
She was so awesome back then. She could have still done the sexy act now but I wish she did it more classy than a trashy way.
wow she is good but I like her this way then what she has become now
love this son!
I could watch and listing to both singes everyday all day non-stop my fave is old blue jeans and pumpin up the party
I love. Old. Miley
Gdjwkkhdjwks l k x j h s b w i i k s n e k w l w , k x j d k l e k d j h j j d i s n s k s k s l w k d j x h n e k e o s o s l k h x h k k s k s l w l j h j s k w l w l w k j d j s n s j k w k s k j d h w h w k w l x n h i o o r j u n n r k e o e o r o o f k f k e k d j h d h e j e k j d o e j e j d j k d
I love her when she was the old miley please grow back we all miss you right guys
I cried so hard in this episode
Miley, listen to all of your songs and think of how your fans feel. They miss u and u should miss them, I especially miss u. You should know that I was your #1 fan, but not anymore. U will get me back when you grow your hair back and when u go back to the old Miley Cyrus!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !
Hwkwkjgdkejd e l j d o n k y d b e k e l o k d l e k j d k j w j w k o d c j k e j f i e n f o f l r k r k k k d h r k k f i r k e l d j j e k e l k f l f j d n k d k d k f j n k e l e n k e k w k k e l d k j e k i h e j e k g h e k k d n e k k d j k k d j d k d j d d j d h g d k s k s h s
I love your song and i am a big fan

Hannah montana
Hi I love you as a sing I miss u on Tevet as a so
Don't read this actually works you will be kissed by your truelove tomorrow will be the best day of your life however if you don't post this on up in 143 minutes if you don't you will die in two days so scary good luck
Love her no matter what
I love Hannah Montana not regular miley twerk cyrus
Love Hannah monanta
I hate miley srroy
I miss the old Hannah but it is her life she could be whatever she wants to be :)
I Miss Hannah Montana I love your show please go back please please please please please please please i want you back to see in Hannah Montana you show was amazing I know you gave up your secret but really why you still have time to come back and change I know you like chopped her hair off and stuff but it would be like really cool for all of your number one fan but I'm like your biggest biggest fan its so not fair why you quit
I'm your number one fan and I love Hannah Montana so much my room is covered in your picture please go back to her I really don't like the new you
Fwjwiwishlwl h s k h w k w k i s n w k w j j s l s n i s h w k w l w l k s j k w n w u j k s l w k s s h k w l w j s k w j s h w h w j w o o w n s k l w k k w k j o s w j l w j s h s j w i w j w o w l w l w i s w i j s o w l w k s l s k s k s j u w j k s l w j w h o o w j w j s
I miss the old Miley when she was Hannah Montana...wh a t happened to you Miley?
Do your #1 fan a favor and turn your life around and start being Hannah Montaina please. I miss your shows and songs. We care for you Miley ray cyrus.
I hate Miley : ( but I love Hanna Montana : )
Jasllwnkslks k e j k d k s j x p l k s k s k d j s j s l s l k s j s k s l n s k s p s l l s l m e d k j d j e l e l d k d m d k d l d k d j n s k w l w l k o m e k l s i d j d j s k s k j k s k j s j s k s o s j l k s k s i j k s l l s k s k d l s s sllslskslsks k s k d i j s l w j k w l w s k
jdlcpohlhaus d d s
Be your old self
Hi I love you as a sing r
Hsowknskwlks o h i s l l k d j w u e j k w l e k d l e j s o i s k j s j w k i j p s p s k i s n l w l w o s p o w j j h s o w l w k s l j s j w j w l w l s k s k w j w l w l k s l w k w s k j s j b o w l w o k s o w k s l w k i j k s w p l s p s k s j s u w h n w o s p w k s i w j s l s w l w
She is amazing no matter what the haters say
iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone pink
I wish just like everybody else
Bwlwkspwksjz b s k s k k s l w m s l w k w l s k s l w m s l s k s k w n k w p w k s k l w k s j s n w k w l s k w l s j k s p w k s j h b w j m k w k s m s o q j w l j s q p w p w k s j w b w k w p w k s j h
Love u�����������
Priettey song iiiiii love uuu
I love your songs
redsallthewa y
Don't read this it actually works you will be kissed by your true love tomorrow will be the best day of your life however if you don't post this in 143 minutes if you don't you will die in 2 days so scary good luck
U hannah montanna are perfectly forever
I love this song!
This are perfect song that my favrite song
BTW, I love all of your Hannah Montana songs
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