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Gary Moore

One of rock's most underrated guitarists (both from a technical and compositional point of view), Gary Moore remains relatively unknown in the U.S., while his solo work has brought him substantial acclaim and commercial success in most other parts of the world -- especially in Europe. Born on April 4, 1952, in Belfast, Ireland, Moore became interested in guitar during the '60s, upon discovering such blues-rock masters as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and perhaps his biggest influence of all, Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green. After relocating to Dublin later in the decade, Moore joined a local rock group called Skid Row, which featured a young singer by the name of Phil Lynott, who would soon after leave the group to double up on bass and form Thin Lizzy. Skid Row persevered, however, eventually opening a show for Moore's heroes, Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac, and making such an impression on the veteran group that Green personally requested their manager help secure Skid Row a recording contract with CBS (in addition, Green sold Moore one of his most-used guitars, a maple 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, which would become Moore's primary instrument).

Skid Row would go on to issue several singles and albums (including 1970's Skid and 1971's 34 Hours), and although the group mounted a few tours of Europe and the U.S., it failed to obtain breakthrough commercial success, leading to Moore's exit from the group in 1972. Moore then formed his own outfit, the Gary Moore Band (along with members drummer Pearse Kelly and bassist John Curtis), for which the guitarist also served as vocalist. But after the trio's debut album, 1973's Grinding Stone, sunk without a trace, Moore hooked up once more with ex-bandmate Lynott in Thin Lizzy. Moore's initial tenure in Lizzy proved to be short-lived, however, as his fiery playing was featured on only a handful of tracks. Moore then set his sights on studio work (appearing on Eddie Howell's 1975 release, Gramaphone Record), before joining up with a prog rock/fusion outfit, Colosseum II. But once more, Moore's tenure in his latest outfit was fleeting; he appeared on only three recordings (1976's Strange New Flesh, plus a pair in 1977, Electric Savage and War Dance), as Moore accepted an invitation by his old buddy Lynott to fill in for a Thin Lizzy U.S. tour, playing arenas opening for Queen.

Moore proved to be quite busy in 1978, as the guitarist appeared on three other artists' recordings -- Andrew Lloyd Webber's Variations, Rod Argent's Moving Home, and Gary Boyle's Electric Glide. The same year, Moore issued his second solo release (almost five years after his solo debut), Back on the Streets, which spawned a surprise Top Ten U.K. hit in May of 1979, the bluesy ballad "Parisienne Walkways," and featured vocal contributions by Lynott. Moore joined forces with his Lizzy mates once more in 1979, appearing on arguably the finest studio album of their career, Black Rose, which proved to be a huge hit in the U.K. (for a fine example of Moore's exceptional guitar skills, check out the album's epic title track). But predictably, Moore ultimately exited the group once more (this time right in the middle of a U.S. tour), as a rift had developed between Moore and Lynott. Undeterred, Moore lent some guitar work to drummer Cozy Powell's solo release, Over the Top, in addition to forming a new outfit, G Force, which would only remain together for a lone self-titled release in 1980.

During the early '80s, Moore united with former ELP guitarist/bassist/singer Greg Lake, appearing on a pair of Lake solo releases (1981's self-titled release and 1983's Manoeuvres), in addition to guesting on another Cozy Powell solo release, Octopuss. But it was also during the '80s that Moore finally got serious with his solo career -- issuing such heavy metal-based works as 1982's Corridors of Power, 1983's Victims of the Future, 1984's Dirty Fingers and the in-concert set We Want Moore!, 1985's Run for Cover, 1987's Wild Frontier, plus 1989's After the War -- establishing a large following in Europe, despite remaining virtually unknown stateside. The decade wasn't all rosy for Moore, however -- although he was able to patch up his friendship with Phil Lynott (appearing with Lizzy for several tracks on Life/Live, and teaming with Lynott for a pair of tracks in 1985, "Military Man" and "Out in the Fields," the latter a U.K. hit), years of hard living finally caught up with Lynott, leading to his passing in January of 1986. Moore would subsequently dedicate "Wild Frontier" to Lynott, and honored Thin Lizzy's former frontman on the track "Blood of Emeralds" (from After the War).

Fed up with the pressure to pen hit singles and tired of his metallic musical direction, Moore returned to his blues roots for 1990's Still Got the Blues, the most renowned and best-selling release of his career, as the album featured such special guests as Albert Collins, Albert King, and George Harrison. Moore continued in his newly rediscovered blues style on such subsequent releases as 1992's After Hours and 1993's Blues Alive, before forming the short-lived supergroup BBM along with Cream's former rhythm section -- bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker -- which lasted for a single album, 1994's Around the Next Dream. Up next for Moore was a tribute album for Peter Green, 1995's Blues for Greeny, which saw him put his own personal stamp on 11 tracks either penned or performed at some point by Green. Moore experimented with different musical styles on his next two solo releases, 1997's Dark Days in Paradise and 1999's A Different Beat, before embracing the blues once more on his first release of the 21st century, 2001's Back to the Blues.

Over the years, Gary Moore has been the subject of countless compilations, the best of the bunch being 1998's metal-oriented Collection and 2002's blues-based Best of the Blues, as well as Out in the Fields: The Very Best of Gary Moore, which was split 50/50 between his metal and blues excursions. Teaming with Skunk Anansie bassist Cass Lewis and Primal Fear drummer Darrin Mooney, Moore started work on much harder and alternative-influenced rock in the spring of 2002 and released the results as Scars. The powerful Live at Monsters of Rock from 2003 proudly declared "no overdubs used" while 2004's raw Power of the Blues featured nothing but the blues, as did 2006's Old New Ballads Blues on Eagle Records, 2007's Close As You Get (which featured some drum contributions from his old Thin Lizzy friend Brian Downey), and 2008's Bad for You Baby. This turned out to be Moore's final studio album, as he unexpectedly passed away of a suspected heart attack in the early morning hours of February 6, 2011, while vacationing in Spain. ~ Greg Prato
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Blues For Jimi

1. Purple Haze

2. Manic Depression

3. Foxey Lady

4. The Wind Cries Mary

5. I Don't Live Today

6. My Angel

7. Angel

8. Fire

12. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)


Track List: Live At Montreux 2010

1. Over The Hills And Far Away

2. Military Man

3. Days Of Heros

4. Where Are You Now?

5. So Far Away/Empty Rooms

6. Oh Wild One

7. Blood Of Emeralds

8. Out In The Fields

9. Walking By Myself

10. Johnny Boy

11. Parisienne Walkways


Track List: Bad for You Baby

1. Bad For You Baby

2. Down The Line

3. Umbrella Man

4. Holding On

5. Walking Thru The Park

6. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

7. Mojo Boogie

8. Someday Baby

9. Did You Ever Feel Lonely?

10. Preacher Man Blues

11. Trouble Ain't Far Behind


Track List: Close As You Get

1. If The Devil Made Whisky

2. Trouble At Home

3. Thirty Days

4. Hard Times

5. Have You Heard

6. Eyesight To The Blind

7. Evenin'

8. Nowhere Fast

9. Checkin' Up On My Baby

10. I Had A Dream

11. Sundown


Track List: Power Of The Blues

1. Power Of The Blues

2. There's A Hole

3. Tell Me Woman

4. I Can't Quit You Baby

5. That's Why I Play The Blues

6. Evil

7. Getaway Blues

8. Memory Pain

9. Can't Find My Baby

10. Torn Inside


Track List: Out In The Fields - The Very Best Of

1. Out In The Fields

2. Over The Hills And Far Away

3. Run For Cover

5. Empty Rooms

6. The Loner

7. Military Man

8. After The War

9. Cold Day In Hell

10. Wild Frontier

11. Still In Love With You

12. Wishing Well

13. Friday On My Mind

14. Still Got The Blues

15. Ready For Love


Track List: Ballads & Blues 1982 - 1994

1. Always Gonna Love You

2. Still Got The Blues

3. Empty Rooms

4. Parisienne Walkways (Live)

5. One Day

6. Separate Ways

7. Story Of The Blues

8. Crying In The Shadows

9. With Love (Remember)

10. Midnight Blues

11. Falling In Love With You

12. Jumpin' At Shadows

13. Blues For Narada

14. Johnny Boy


Track List: Still Got The Blues

1. Moving On

2. Oh Pretty Woman

3. Walking By My Self

4. Still Got The Blues

5. Texas Strut

6. Too Tired

7. King Of The Blues

8. As The Years Go Passing By

9. Midnight Blues

10. That Kind Of Woman

11. All Your Love

12. Stop Messin' Around


Track List: 5 Album Set (Remastered)

3. Speak For Yourself

4. Livin' On Dreams

5. Led Clones

6. The Messiah Will Come Again

7. Running From The Storm

8. This Thing Called Love

10. Blood Of Emeralds

12. Emerald

13. Over The Hills And Far Away (Live)

15. Wild Frontier (Live)


Track List: After The War

2. After The War

3. Speak For Yourself

4. Livin' On Dreams

5. Led Clones

6. The Messiah Will Come Again

7. Running From The Storm

8. This Thing Called Love

9. Ready For Love

10. Blood Of Emeralds

12. Emerald

13. Over The Hills And Far Away (Live)

14. Military Man (Live)

15. Wild Frontier (Live)


Track List: Blues Alive

2. Walking By Myself (Live)

6. Too Tired (Live)

7. Still Got The Blues (Live)


Track List: Definitive Montreux

9. Parisienne Walkways


Track List: Live At Bush Hall 2007 (Live)

1. If The Devil Made Whiskey (Live)

2. Thirty Days (Live)

3. Trouble At Home (Live)

4. Hard Times (Live)

5. Eyesight To The Blind (Live)

6. I Had A Dream (Live)

7. Too Tired (Live)

8. Gary's Blues 1 (Live)

9. Don't Believe A Word (Live)

10. Still Got The Blues (Live)

11. Walking By Myself (Live)

12. The Blues Is Alright (Live)

13. Sundown (Live)


Track List: Old New Ballads Blues

1. Done Somebody Wrong

2. You Know My Love

3. Midnight Blues (2006)

4. Ain't Nobody

5. Gonna Rain Today

6. All Your Love (2006)

7. Flesh And Blood

8. Cut It Out

9. No Reason To Cry

10. I'll Play The Blues For You


Track List: The Blues Collection

2. Walking By Myself


Track List: The Platinum Collection

2. Military Man (Live)

5. Out In The Fields (Live)


Track List: Wild Frontier

1. Over The Hills And Far Away

2. Wild Frontier

3. Take A Little Time

4. The Loner

5. Friday On My Mind

6. Strangers In The Darkness

7. Thunder Rising

8. Johnny Boy

9. Over The Hills And Far Away (12" Version)

10. Wild Frontier (12" Version)

11. Crying In The Shadows

14. Out In The Fields (Live)


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I agree one of the best blues players God bless his soul
Report as inappropriate
Totally awesome amazing Jam by Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child, (silent return). This Jam kicks f****** a**!' & its originally written & played by Jimi Hendrix. But this version is played by Gary Moore, & is totally awesome! Its one of my favorite jams by Jimi Hendrix. Rest in peace Jimi Hendrix, your music shall live on in the annals of rock and roll forever! But Gary Moore totally rocks A** also on version. He does An Awesome remake of this classic Hendrix Jam, Voodoo Child. Gary Moore shreds hes gu
Report as inappropriate
What?? Idk ...peanut butter? Haha!
Unleash it Gary!! So sweet!
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bluenote0547 8
jams and ?
Report as inappropriate
Ohhhh.... maaaaannn!!
Gary always lays down the sweetest jams!!
Report as inappropriate
58 les paul such a sweet tone :-) :-)
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Oh my gosh. He is/was and will be phenomenal. Oh thank you Pandora once again for introducing me to some such wonderful music. San Fran had a 24 hour jazz station when I lived there in the best of times-Oaklan d 1969-1975. And it was heaven, concerts, art, open minded young people. Wish i'd known about Gary Moore.
Report as inappropriate
Nothing like the blues on a rainy day.....
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The blues ain't worth a damn and less you give them to somebody
Report as inappropriate
Gary Moore, definitely one of my favorites definitely!!
Still jamming to his tunes after all these years.
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randy rhoads and gary moore -2 great guitarists -very great !
Report as inappropriate
Lost one of the great blues men! RIP
Report as inappropriate
When I cross over I am going to have this playing
Report as inappropriate
O my getting better and better. Wow that is all I can say
Report as inappropriate
Such an amazing guitar player, we need more like him...
Report as inappropriate
He can bring a tear...
Report as inappropriate
So much power in his playing
Report as inappropriate
One of the best. Period!
Report as inappropriate
Saw him in 77 with Thin Lizzy, Live and Dangerous Tour in Boston at the Paradise. Tiny venue and they scorched the paint off the walls !! Will miss both him and Phil.
Report as inappropriate
Amazing blues songs that came out of his great soul!! Still got the blues for you!!
Report as inappropriate
Man o man,what a great man! Imagine him and Stevie trading licks. Guess we can only wonder.....
Report as inappropriate
Fantastic deep emotional feelings! He's was an angel in disguise! God Bless his soul!
Report as inappropriate
Long live Gary Moore and his music....sim p l y awesome guitarist. Sadly missed...
Report as inappropriate
He could play anything - has very few equals. Epic guitar playing. I sure wish I could have seen him one time. His technical ability and tone are one of the best of all time. Top five guitarist ever. We all miss you Gary.
Report as inappropriate
Amazing... Still, surprised no mention of Carlos Santana comparison. Both from 60's-70's... Wow
Report as inappropriate
wow sorry I missed him. His fingers are wailing out this tune.
Report as inappropriate
Play them strings.....
Report as inappropriate
Bad a** axe man. Sadly missed
Report as inappropriate
A great player. It seems all the really good musicians leave us entirely too early. The problem today is that too many serious guitarists are overly technical and too concerned with playing fast. Play really fast , the emotiveness and feeling gets lost. It's not how many notes you hit , it's how you hit the notes. We also need to stop segmenting Blues from Rock music. Blues is the essential foundation (along with Bluegrass and Gospel) of Rock Music.
Report as inappropriate
His music is awesome
Report as inappropriate
His rock guitar work in the Irish Skid Row is amazing. What a talent he was.
Report as inappropriate
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He can make a guitar sing, lots of soul felt in his music! Miss those kind of licks, not many left, one of a kind!
Report as inappropriate
I agree 100% man! This guy is one of the greatest blues guitarists ever!
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
I had a dream that you were my queen and I was your king in the shadows of love!! Nice, Gary!!!!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
When I discover someone like Gary Moore on Pandora it makes me wish it had existed back in the day. I'm old and have a lot of catching up to do.
Report as inappropriate
"Do you think I want my loved one gone.". Tortured lyrics.
Report as inappropriate
To Mr. Gary Moore: Thank You for your MUSIC and STYLE of GUTIARIST in my time.
Report as inappropriate
I'm saying look at the company. He's with. PEACE!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Some times U just don't pick up a guitar & become part of the damn thing!!!!! But I've seen some in my days of festivals. & concerts in general. U listeners understand!! ! ! !
Report as inappropriate
bufordfonten o t
Still got the Blues for his music! Made that axe sing and cry! Awesome! R.I.P
Report as inappropriate
Commercial radio will loose many many more talented artists! Thank you Pandora!
Report as inappropriate
R.I.P...GARY . . M O O R E . . . A C E . BX CYPRESS141.. S T . . D A BLUES. BABY...
Report as inappropriate
Plaintive guitar licks....
Report as inappropriate
Wow what a trail blazer
Report as inappropriate
lukemorton18 0
R. I. P Gary

R. I.P Gary ....gob
Report as inappropriate
words can only say so much when you sit here and listen to a legend at work you think Dam that's real music I would give anything in the world to be able to see my man BB King Greg Moore on stage one last time I just wish my son would have been able to not to just here but to feel what real music is and always will be just remember legends are lost but never forgotten RIP
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Day's of hero's
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