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Though they often took a back seat to their sister group Parliament, Funkadelic furthered the notions of black rock begun by Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone, blending elements of '60s psychedelia and blues plus the deep groove of soul and funk. The band pursued album statements of social/political commentary while Parliament stayed in the funk singles format, but Funkadelic nevertheless paralleled the more commercial group's success, especially in the late '70s when the interplay between bands moved the Funkadelic sound closer to a unified P-Funk style.

In the grand soul tradition of a backing band playing support before the star takes the stage, Funkadelic began life supporting George Clinton's doo wop group, the Parliaments. After having performed for almost ten years, the Parliaments had added a rhythm section in 1964 -- for tours and background work -- consisting of guitarist Frankie Boyce, his brother Richard on bass, and drummer Langston Booth; two years later, the trio enlisted in the Army. By mid-1967, Clinton had recruited a new backing band, including his old friend Billy "Bass" Nelson (born January 28, 1951, Plainfield, New Jersey) and guitarist Eddie Hazel (born April 10, 1950, Brooklyn, New York). After several temporary replacements on drums and keyboards, the addition of rhythm guitarist Lucius "Tawl" Ross (born October 5, 1948, Wagram, North Carolina) and drummer Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood (born May 23, 1944, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) completed the lineup.

The Parliaments recorded several hits during 1967, but trouble with the Revilot label backed Clinton into a corner. He hit upon the idea of deserting the Parliaments' name and instead recording their backing group, with the added vocal "contributions" of the former Parliaments -- same band, different name. Billy Nelson suggested the title Funkadelic, to reflect the members' increased inspiration from LSD and psychedelic culture. Clinton formed the Funkadelic label in mid-1968 but then signed the group to Detroit's Westbound label several months later.

Released in 1970, Funkadelic's self-titled debut album listed only producer Clinton and the five members of Funkadelic -- Hazel, Nelson, Fulwood, and Ross plus organist Mickey Atkins -- but also included all the former Parliaments plus several Motown sessionmen and Rare Earth's Ray Monette. Keyboard player Bernie Worrell also appeared on the album uncredited, even though his picture was included on the inner sleeve with the rest of the band.

Worrell (born April 19, 1944, Long Beach, New Jersey) was finally credited on the second Funkadelic album (1970's Free Your Mind...and Your A** Will Follow). He and Clinton had known each other since the early '60s, and Worrell soon became the most crucial cog in the P-Funk machine, working on arrangements and production for most later Parliament/Funkadelic releases. His strict upbringing and classical training (at the New England Conservatory and Juilliard), as well as the boom in synthesizer technology during the early '70s, gave him the tools to create the horn arrangements and jazz fusion-inspired synth runs that later trademarked the P-Funk sound. Just after the release of their third album, Maggot Brain, P-Funk added yet another big contributor, Bootsy Collins. The throbbing bassline of Collins (born October 26, 1951, Cincinnati, Ohio) had previously been featured in James Brown's backing band, the J.B.'s (along with his brother, guitarist Catfish Collins). Bootsy and Catfish were playing in a Detroit band in 1972 when George Clinton saw and hired them.

The Clinton/Worrell/Collins lineup premiered on 1972's America Eats Its Young, but soon after its release several original members left the camp. Eddie Hazel spent a year in jail after a combination drug possession/assault conviction, Tawl Ross left the band for medical reasons relating to an overdose of LSD and speed, and Bill Nelson quit after more financial quarrels with Clinton. Funkadelic hired teenaged guitar sensation Michael Hampton as a replacement, but both Hazel and Nelson would return for several later P-Funk releases.

Funkadelic moved to Warner Bros. in 1975 and delivered its major-label debut, Hardcore Jollies, one year later to lackluster sales and reviews. The same year, Westbound raided its vaults and countered with Tales of Kidd Funkadelic. Ironically, the album did better than Hardcore Jollies and included an R&B Top 30 single, "Undisco Kidd." In 1977, Westbound released The Best of the Early Years while Funkadelic recorded what became its masterpiece (and arguably the best P-Funk release ever), 1978's One Nation Under a Groove.

During the most successful year in Parliament/Funkadelic history, Parliament hit the charts first with "Flash Light," P-Funk's first R&B number one. "Aqua Boogie" would hit number one as well late in the year, but Funkadelic's title track to One Nation Under a Groove spent six weeks at the top spot on the R&B charts during the summer. The album, which reflected a growing consistency in styles between Parliament and Funkadelic, became the first Funkadelic LP to reach platinum (the same year that Parliament's Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome did the same). In 1979, Funkadelic's "(Not Just) Knee Deep" hit number one as well, and its album (Uncle Jam Wants You) reached gold status.

At just the point that Funkadelic appeared to be at the top of their powers, the band began to unravel. As is sometimes the case, commercial success began to dissolve several old friendships. In 1977, original Parliaments members Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas had left the P-Funk organization to record on their own. In early 1981, they hit the R&B charts with a single called "Connections and Disconnections," recorded as Funkadelic. To confuse matters more, the original Funkadelic appeared on the charts at the same time, with the title track to The Electric Spanking of War Babies.

During 1980, Clinton began to be weighed down by legal difficulties arising from Polygram's acquisition of Parliament's label, Casablanca. Jettisoning both the Parliament and Funkadelic names (but not the musicians), Clinton began his solo career with 1982's Computer Games. He and many former Parliament/Funkadelic members continued to tour and record throughout the '80s as the P-Funk All Stars, but the decade's disdain of everything to do with the '70s resulted in critical and commercial neglect for the world's biggest funk band, especially one that, in part, had spawned the sound of disco. During the early '90s, the rise of funk-inspired rap (courtesy of Digital Underground, Dr. Dre, and Warren G.) and funk rock (Primus and Red Hot Chili Peppers) reestablished the status of Clinton and company, one of the most important forces in the recent history of black music. While they continued to perform in permutations, there were occasional archival releases, such as By Way of the Drum (a shelved 1989 recording; 2007) and Toys (previously unissued Westbound-era sessions; 2008). In 2014, they released the all-new First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate, which clocked in at a whopping 200 minutes -- roughly the same length as the sum of the band's first five albums. ~ John Bush
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Single) (Explicit)

1. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Ice Cube) (We Ain’t Neva Gonna Stop Remix)


Track List: First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate (Explicit)

1. Baby Like Fonkin' It Up

2. First Ya Gotta Shake The Gate

3. Catchin' Boogie Fever

4. Get Low

5. Roller Rink

6. The Naz

7. If I Didn't Love You

8. Jolene

9. Talking To The Wall

10. F**ked Up

12. Where Would I Go?

13. Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You?

15. Yesterdejavu

16. I Mo B Yodog Fo Eva

17. You Can't Unring The Bell

18. Zip It

19. In Da Kar

20. Old Fool

21. The Wall

22. Radio Friendly

23. Pole Power

24. Snot N' Booger

25. Mathematics Of Love

26. Boom There We Go Again

27. Yellow Light

28. Creases

29. As In

30. Dipety Dipety Doo Stop The Violence

31. Not Your Average Rapper

32. Bernadette

33. Meow Meow


Track List: The Naz (Single)

1. The Naz

2. Nuclear Dog


Track List: Who's A Funkadelic?

1. Phunklords

2. You'll Like It Too

3. The Witch

4. Connections And Disconnections

5. Come Back

6. Call The Doctor

7. Who's A Funkadelic?


Track List: By Way Of The Drum

1. Nose Bleed

2. Sunshine Of Your Love

3. Freaks Bearing Gifts

4. Yadadada

5. By Way Of The Drum (Radio Edit)

6. Jugular

7. Some Fresh Delic

8. Primal Instinct

9. By Way Of The Drum (Extended Version)

10. By Way Of The Drum (Dub)

11. By Way Of The Drum (Basstrumental)

12. By Way Of The Drum (A Capella)


Track List: Finest

1. I'll Bet You

2. I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing

3. Funky Dollar Bill

4. I Wanna Know If It's Good To You

5. Hit It And Quit It

6. You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks

7. A Joyful Process

8. Loose Booty

9. You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure

10. Cosmic Slop

11. Red Hot Momma

12. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

13. Let's Take It To The Stage

14. Get Off Your A** And Jam

15. Undisco Kidd

16. Maggot Brain (Live)


Track List: Toys

1. Heart Trouble A.K.A. You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure

2. The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

3. Vampy Funky Bernie (3rd Tune Olympic)

4. Talk About Jesus

5. Slide On In (2nd Tune Olympic)

6. Stink Finger

7. Magnififunk

8. Wars Of Armageddon (Karaoke Version)

9. 2 Dollars & 2 Dimes


Track List: Live: Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan – 12th September 1971

1. Alice In My Fantasies (Live)

2. Maggot Brain (Live)

3. I Call My Baby Pussycat (Fast Version) (Live)

4. I Call My Baby Pussycat (Live)

5. Good Old Music (Live)

6. I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing (Live)

7. All Your Goodies Are Gone (The Loser's Seat) (Live)

8. I'll Bet You (Live)

9. You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks (Live)

10. Free Your Mind And Your A** Will Follow (Instrumental) (Live)


Track List: Uncle Jam Wants You

1. Freak Of The Week

2. (Not Just) Knee Deep

3. Uncle Jam

4. Field Maneuvers

5. Holly Wants To Go To California

6. Foot Soldiers (Star-Spangled Funky)


Track List: One Nation Under A Groove


Track List: Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic

1. Butt To Buttresucitation

2. Let's Take It To The People

3. Undisco Kidd

4. Take Your Dead A** Home

5. I'm Never Gonna Tell It

6. Tales Of A Kidd Funkadelic

7. How Do Yeaw View You?

8. Undisco Kidd (Single Version)


Track List: Hardcore Jollies

1. Comin' Round The Mountain

2. Smokey

3. If You Got Funk, You Got Style

4. Hardcore Jollies

5. Soul Mate

6. Cosmic Slop

7. You Scared The Lovin' Outta Me

8. Adolescent Funk


Track List: Let's Take It To The Stage

1. Good To Your Earhole

2. Better By The Pound

3. Be My Beach

4. No Head No Backstage Pass

5. Let's Take It To The Stage

6. Get Off Your A** And Jam

7. Baby I Owe You Something Good

8. Stuffs & Things

9. The Song Is Familiar

10. Atmosphere

11. Baby I Owe You Something Good (Us Music With Funkadelic)


Track List: Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

1. Red Hot Mamma

2. Alice In My Fantasies

3. I'll Stay

4. Sexy Ways

5. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

6. Jimmy's Got A Little Bit Of B**ch In Him

7. Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts

8. Vital Juices

9. Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On (Single Edit)


Track List: Cosmic Slop

1. Nappy Dugout

2. You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure

3. March To The Witch's Castle

4. Let's Make It Last

5. Cosmic Slop

6. No Compute

7. This Broken Heart

8. Trash A Go Go

9. Can't Stand The Strain

10. Cosmic Slop (Single Edit)


Track List: Maggot Brain

1. Maggot Brain

2. Can You Get To That

3. Hit It And Quit It

4. You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks

5. Super Stupid

6. Back In Our Minds

7. Wars Of Armageddon


Track List: Funkadelic

1. Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?

3. Music For My Mother

4. I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing

5. Good Old Music

6. Qualify & Satisfy

7. What Is Soul


Track List: Free Your Mind...

1. Free Your Mind And Your A** Will Follow

2. Friday Night, August 14th

3. Funky Dollar Bill

4. I Wanna Know If It's Good To You

5. Some More

6. Eulogy And Light

7. Fish, Chips And Sweat

8. Free Your Mind Radio Advert

9. I Wanna Know If It's Good To You


Track List: Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard On You? (Remixes)

1. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (Louie Vega Remix)

2. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Louie Vega Remix Instrumental)

3. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Vega's Trumpet Dub)

4. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Louie Vega Nu-Dub)

5. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Louie Vega Nu-Dub Fred Wesley & Peewee Super Horns Mix)

6. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Louie Vega Nu-Dub Househeads Mix)

7. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) (Louie Vega Radio Mix)

8. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? (Louie Vega Radio Mix Instrumental)

9. Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You?  (Louie Vega Mix)


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Hell ya
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Hit ya on the one!
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Wow really bringing back sweet memories
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Ole sh:t - straight basement kick- got damn- Funkadelic - George Clinton - Bootsy- Not Just - Knee Deep. Party hard and smile. Got damn, still.......
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I've been watching you my s**t
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CC Gffggdd DC
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The funk is ready to roll
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❤️❤️❤️❤️️ I got rid of pandora ads/skip limit on www.dankprom o . x y z ❤❤️❤️️❤️
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❤️❤️️ I got rid of pandora ads/skip limit on www.dankprom o . x y z ❤️❤️
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Shoot Got darn get off your booty and Jarn
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I want the 12 inch single version
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One of my all time favorite funk jamz!! Just love this!!
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One Nation Under A Groove will always have me grooving hard and being all extra on the dance floor, lol.
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Got damn, basement parties was the best especially during the summer time, turn off the lights, put the speakers in the corners, let the windows up and party hard. Funkadelic was the music. Thanks.
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Damn, 13 minutes of pure funk. This song turned the basement parties out and we loved it. Funkadelic is simply one of the best funk groups and the world knows it.
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NJ order of u h to tryout Inc uiy bt to n to n to n i
.y to 7ngb to be
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My feet fail me now no mo funk
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latriceharri s o n 4 0
Ohh I remember the parties off this one. The Bomb!!
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G funk warren g def jam music gangter s**t
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17 minits of pure p funk yall, dont quit in me now big tym!! Lets take it to da stage suka !! Everybody put ur p funk signs up !!
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YESS. JIMI HENDRIX + SLY+ JAMES BROWN = FUNKEDELIC. Throw some AHHH SID in the formula with excellent musicians.
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"Now I lay me down to sleep." After this dance and jam. Woohoo. Dance Sucka! ;)
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now тнιѕ ιѕ wнaт ι'м тalĸιng aвoυт!... lυv нow ѕoмeтнιng ѕo ѕιмple can вrιng yoυ вacĸ тo lιғe¡ ι��ғυnĸ
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There is something-so m e t h i n g about....... . . , T H I S -MIX!!!!!!!! ! ! A CREATIVE MOVE OF TOGETHERNESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,
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aahynesphoto g r a p h y
0iogn hu i pij bg ki hb bg u ovoj bn;oinub;h8 ih uggin ih j žig ki f
Uži bg i m kg u ki bg njim tog mujo ih
Ihn kg in hu g nu iju gfhh jul jul nd ih bb ih im ku in i jugu hgoifnjgobib u iii bg mu gfhm 8th ih om bhhv i iii bu uhbvb i bu ih njim unnhu uz ih bu in ih jul b uh b iii n uz iii jug i iii nn ih iii bg uunhu iii nih ihmn uz iz ju u iii niuibn kupovne iii nju iii bg fnkoig ih ližu bb jug u iii bg 8th ih iigbb uh ign mhz oni b ih iuhnig kujnu: ifmik ih n ih luiz fmminn iii no iii vngmi ki
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The is funk is ready to roll!
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One Nation Under A Groove...... . . . j u n i o r high school remember this jam. It was funky then and still very much FUNKEDified! lol
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Funk.......A d e l i c . . . . .
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These was sho nough the good ole Days.....
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U hi j7 u 87 nu u 97 u 7 u ih7y7yur tty 77hiy7 i7 yy yy guy 7U uu yh777jhh h he 7U the u
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Sir nose
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dwanjohnson9 2 9
Funk, the ever mending story.
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Feet dont fail me now!
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Love it!!!my teenage years...
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Funk has it was meant to be!..One nation under a funk groove!...I can dig it!
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Love it
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Great stuff
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Got to see them in Lexington, Ky at Rupp Arena. Damn good show.
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Living for the funk. Happy music changes you all the way.
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Went to all the concerts back in the day smoking anything passed to me if they knew how old I was everyone would have Went to jail ��
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I grew up on all this glorious music!
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His name i
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My brother has the 45
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4 Hour live concerts!The best group in music!!
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