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Faron Young

Originally known as "the Hillbilly Heartthrob" and "the Singing Sheriff," Faron Young had one of the longest-running and most popular careers in country music history. Emerging in the early '50s, Young was one of the most popular honky tonkers to appear in the wake of Hank Williams' death, partially because he was able to smooth out some of the grittiest elements of his music. At first, he balanced honky tonk with pop vocal phrasing and flourishes. This combination of grit and polish resulted in a streak of Top Ten hits -- including "If You Ain't Lovin'," "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young," "Sweet Dreams," "Alone With You," and "Country Girl" -- that ran throughout the '50s. During the '60s, Young gave himself over to country-pop, and while the hits weren't quite as big, they didn't stop coming until the early '80s. Through that time, he was a staple at the Grand Ole Opry and various television shows, including Nashville Now, and he also founded the major country music magazine, Music City News. Most importantly, he continued to seek out new songwriters -- including Don Gibson, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson -- thereby cultivating a new generation of talent.

Faron Young was born and raised outside of Shreveport, LA. While he was growing up on his father's dairy farm, he was given a guitar, and by the time he entered high school, he had begun singing in a country band. Following high school, he briefly attended college, before he left school to join the Louisiana Hayride as a regular performer. While on the Hayride, he met Webb Pierce and in a short time, the pair were touring throughout the South, singing as a duo in various nightclubs and honky tonks. In 1951, he recorded "Have I Waited Too Long" and "Tattle Tale Tears" for the independent label Gotham. After hearing the singles, Capitol Records decided to buy Young's contract away from Gotham in 1952. That same year, he was invited to perform regularly on the Grand Ole Opry.

Just as his career was taking off, Young was drafted into the Army to serve in the Korean War. Assigned to the Special Service division, he sang for the troops in Asia and appeared on recruitment shows; while on leave, he recorded his debut on Capitol, "Goin' Steady." Upon its early 1953 release, it climbed to number two on the country charts and it was followed in the summer by "I Can't Wait (For the Sun to Go Down)," which hit number five. Young was discharged from the Army in November of 1954, releasing "If You Ain't Lovin," his biggest hit, shortly after he returned. The single was quickly followed in the spring of 1955 by "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young," which became his first number one hit, and the number two single, "All Right."

As soon as he returned to the States, Faron Young began turning out singles at a very rapid pace, and most of them charted in the Top Ten. In addition to recording, he began appearing in films, starting with 1955's Hidden Guns. Over the next few years, he was in no less than ten films -- including Daniel Boone, Road to Nashville, Stampede, A Gun and a Gavel, That's Country, and Raiders of Old California -- and was featured in many television shows. Upon his first film appearance, Faron earned the nickname "the Young Sheriff," which eventually metamorphasized into "the Singing Sheriff." Young's career truly began to hit its stride in 1956, as "I've Got Five Dollars and It's Saturday Night" and "You're Still Mine" reached number four and three, respectively, during the spring, followed by the number two "Sweet Dreams" later that summer. "Sweet Dreams" was not only his biggest hit since "All Right," but it gave songwriter Don Gibson his first significant exposure. Soon, Young developed a reputation for finding promising new songwriters, bringing Roy Drusky's "Alone With You" to the top of the charts in the summer of 1958 and taking Willie Nelson's "Hello Walls" to number one in 1961; Young was one of the first artists to record a Nelson song.

Young continued to record for Capitol through 1962, when he switched labels and signed with Mercury. In general, Young's Mercury recordings were more pop-oriented than his Capitol work, possibly because "Hello Walls," his last number one for Capitol, reached number 12 on the pop charts. Throughout the early and mid-'60s, Young's music became more polished and produced, yet his audience didn't decline dramatically; he may not have been hitting every top of the charts with the same frequency as he was during the '50s, but he was still a consistent hitmaker, and singles like "You'll Drive Me Back (Into Her Arms Again)," "Keeping Up With the Joneses," and "Walk Tall" climbed into the Top Ten.

Faron left the Grand Ole Opry in 1965, deciding that it was more profitable for him to tour as a solo artist instead of being restricted to the Opry. Following his departure, Young began to explore a number of different business ventures, including a Nashville-based racetrack and helping to run the country music publication Music City News, which he co-founded with Preston Temple in 1963. By the end of the decade, he began to return to honky tonk, most notably with the hit "Wine Me Up," which reached number two upon its summer 1969 release. For nearly five years, Young continued to reach the Top Ten with regularity, including such hits as "Your Time's Comin'," "If I Ever Fall in Love (With a Honky Tonk Girl)," "Step Aside," and "It's Four in the Morning." During this time, Young continued to appear on television shows and he made the occasional appearance on the Grand Ole Opry. During the late '70s, his hits gradually began to fade away. In 1979, he left Mercury for MCA, but none of his singles for the new label reached the Top 40.

For most of the '80s, Young performed concerts, maintained his business interests, and appeared on television; in short, he was acting like the country music statesman he was. In 1988, he briefly returned to recording, signing with the small label Step One, and had two minor hits on the label. After that brief burst of activity, he retreated to semi-retirement, occasionally making concert appearances.

During the '90s, Young was stricken with a debilitating emphysema. Depressed by his poor health, he shot himself on December 9, 1996, and passed away the next day. Though he was underappreciated toward the end of his career, Faron Young was a groundbreaking vocalist during the '50s, and he remains one of the finest honky tonkers of his time. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Selected Discography


Track List: Hillbilly Heartthrob

1. Hello Walls

2. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

3. Sweet Dreams

4. Alone With You

5. All Right

6. Country Girl

7. I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)

8. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')

9. It's Four In The Morning

10. Wine Me Up


Track List: An Introduction To Faron Young

1. Hello Walls

2. Apartment #9

3. Sweet Dreams

4. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

5. Goin' Steady

6. Alone With You

7. Country Girl

8. Wine Me Up

9. Face To The Wall

10. Riverboat

11. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')

12. Your Cheatin' Heart

13. Congratulations

14. It's Four In The Morning

15. Three Days

16. I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)


Track List: Walk Tall: The Mercury Hit Singles 1963-1975

1. The Yellow Bandana

2. Nightmare

3. We've Got Something In Common

4. You'll Drive Me Back (Into Her Arms Again)

5. Keeping Up With The Joneses

6. My Friend On The Right

7. Walk Tall

8. My Dreams

9. Unmitigated Gall

11. She Went A Little Bit Farther

12. I Just Came To Get My Baby

13. Wine Me Up

14. Your Time's Comin'

15. Occasional Wife

16. If I Ever Fall In Love (With A Honky Tonk Girl)

17. Goin' Steady

18. Step Aside

19. Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye

20. It's Four In The Morning

21. This Little Girl Of Mine

22. Just What I Had In Mind

23. Some Kind Of A Woman

24. Here I Am In Dallas


Track List: The Complete Capitol Hits Of Faron Young

Disc 1

1. Goin' Steady

2. I Can't Wait (For The Sun To Go Down)

3. A Place For Girls Like You

4. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')

5. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

6. Forgive Me, Dear

7. All Right

8. Go Back You Fool

9. It's A Great Life (If You Don't Weaken)

10. For The Love Of A Woman Like You

11. You're Still Mine

12. I've Got Five Dollars And It's Saturday Night

13. Sweet Dreams

14. Until I Met You

15. Turn Her Down

16. I'll Be Satisfied With Love

17. I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)

18. I'm Gonna Live Some Before I Die

19. The Shrine Of St. Cecilia

20. Love Has Finally Come My Way

21. Alone With You

Disc 2

1. Everytime I'm Kissing You

2. That's The Way I Feel

3. I Hate Myself (For Falling In Love With You)

4. A Long Time Ago

5. Last Night At The Party

6. That's The Way It's Gotta Be

7. Country Girl

8. I Hear You Talkin'

9. Riverboat

10. Face To The Wall

11. Your Old Used To Be

12. There's Not Any Like You Left

13. Forget The Past

14. A World So Full Of Love

15. Hello Walls

16. Congratulations

17. Backtrack

18. Three Days

19. The Comeback

20. Down By The River


Track List: It's Four In The Morning

1. It's Four In The Morning

4. Invisible Tears

6. Sweet Dreams

7. Is It Really Over?

8. Tip Of My Fingers

9. Crying Time


Track List: All-Time Greatest Hits

1. Hello Walls

2. Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young

3. Sweet Dreams

4. Goin' Steady

5. Country Girl

6. Alone With You

7. I Miss You Already (And You're Not Even Gone)

8. Riverboat

9. The Comeback

10. Your Old Used To Be


Track List: 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of Faron Young

1. Keeping Up With The Joneses

4. I Just Came To Get My Baby

6. Your Time's Comin'

7. If I Ever Fall In Love (With A Honky Tonk Girl)

9. Step Aside

10. Leavin' And Sayin' Goodbye

12. This Little Girl Of Mine


Track List: Crying Time

2. Crying Time

8. Apartment #9

14. Unmitigated Gall


Track List: Golden Hits

3. Step Aside

4. Keeping Up With The Joneses

5. I Just Came To Get My Baby

6. Your Time's Comin'

7. Occasional Wife

8. The Yellow Bandana

10. If I Ever Fall In Love (With A Honky Tonk Girl)

11. Leavin And Sayin' Goodbye

12. Unmitigated Gall

13. This Little Girl Of Mine


Track List: You Don't Know Me

4. She Went A Little Bit Farther


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Glad to see my uncle play on pandora
Report as inappropriate
Alicecox337 cont..Got my first real bedroom set (30 yrs) later when my husband & I moved to TN. Would I do it over? You bet I would. I still love Faron and look forward to seeing him in eternity!!!�
Report as inappropriate
As a highschool student in the late 50s Faron was my one true love!! Went to a concert in salut ste Marie, Michigan. Talked with him after the concert����� n o paper so he wrote his name on my forearm. I thought I would die and planned to never wash my arm. However, I was in a very conservative family. My stepfather ordered me to wash it off. Of course, I refused to....that refusal cost me a new bedroom set. Had always had second hand beds up to that time, so it continued. Got my first real bedro
Report as inappropriate
Always loved to listen to Faron Young sing. Wonderful!
Report as inappropriate
,Faron was the best
Report as inappropriate
When I first heard Alright I immediately learned the song and have been singing it every since. I am now 78.
Report as inappropriate
Was one of the great country singers of all time.
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Love wine me up
Report as inappropriate
I could listen to Faron Youngs music all day... my husband loved him. I can still hear him sing its four in the morning....
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I heard him on Hee Haw sing He was There That song proved he could handle any style except opera. My favorite singer!.
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Hello Walls, may have been written & performed by Willie Nelson but that song belongs to Faron Young. I hope that he has found peace and his death is a situation anyone who has a serious illness might contemplate. Ask yourself what would you do???
Report as inappropriate
At 4 am many think of his music.
Report as inappropriate
Faron Young was an absolutely great country artist. I am so sorry that things ended for him in such a tragic manner -however, we did not walk in his shoes. No judgment from me...
Report as inappropriate
Great sound.
Report as inappropriate
great music I love it What we hear today is not ,music how do I listen to Pandora on my car radio
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Faron Young's great talent will live on forever
Report as inappropriate
lindawinton7 0
Report as inappropriate
Four Walls is my #1 country hit of all time and Faron Young did it best!
Report as inappropriate
Faron was GREAT!!! I miss him! I hate the so called country artist of today...its not country music! He one of of the best!!!!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
Faron Young knew how to really sing a true country song. One of the best country singers that we were lucky to have enjoyed .
Report as inappropriate
Now this is country
Report as inappropriate
Faron young was one of the very best!
Report as inappropriate
Would you please play selections from Faron's Rivetboat album
Report as inappropriate
i love hymns but please other music too
Report as inappropriate
Does anyone have faron's "RIVERBOAT" ALBUM? I would gladly pay for a copy. I think it was his best ever. Please respond to fdjdagttt@gm a i l . c o m
Report as inappropriate
i love Faron Young onway Twitty Ray Price Ferlin Huskey and others like these please play these great singers and not the grap
Report as inappropriate
i love this station but i just wished you did not play the stupid songs that you play please olay good classic music not crao
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nbillingsley 6
very great singer and entertainer sorely missed
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Faron was depressed over health problems.He shot himself in the head Dec 9,1996 such a sad ending for such a great singer.
Report as inappropriate
Probably not a lot of Faron Young listeners didn't know he commited suicide in Tampa,FL.a few years ago. he was named an honorary sheriff in Nashville,Te n n . W a s one of the great ones.
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nisonca go where you might be appreciated I would guess it would be a rap stn. You have no business listening to good music
Report as inappropriate
This is great country music.
Report as inappropriate
no greater singer then Faron Young he's gone but will never be forgotten by his fans he had a very smooth voice
Report as inappropriate
i was born in NYC NY have always been a honkey tonker and will be till I die.
Report as inappropriate
I am 61yrs old when I was a kid my Dad would take me to a Beer Joint with him. He would buy me a Coke and give a 50 cents are so. I could get ten plays on the Juke Box. I would play Faron, Patsy and Ray Price ETC, that was a big treat for me. I am a guitarist and bass player here in Austin. Today's country can't compare with the story's and compassion of the singers and Musicians back then. There is just something about that pedal steel in the back ground.
Report as inappropriate
hey rascal flatts- this is REAL country. you're a boy band. faron rules and you suck dick!
Report as inappropriate
Faron Young was great. So sorry he is gone. But his music is so good and still with us. Thanks Faron.
Report as inappropriate
Faron Young was a super intertainer. . . t o o bad he is not with us anymore''all the excellent singers are gonebut at least they left us there beautiful musik..thank s ,Pandora for playing their songs..
Report as inappropriate
Faron Young is Unknown Hinson's one & only true favorite Country/West e r n Artist! He was pretty smooth!
Report as inappropriate
It is not generally knnwn that Faron recorded the first true Soul music which didwell but was not a smash.
Report as inappropriate
I grew up in Australia and always liked Faron. I was about 6 when 'A Place for Girls like You' came out on the back side 'Chapel in the Moonlight' and always remembered the words of the song.
When he came to Houston in the mid 80's I met him at the show and he invited me up on stage to sing it with him. What a treat.
Report as inappropriate
was he really a sherriff ?
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
faron young was the best ever
Report as inappropriate
faron young was in the army with my daddy,i grew up with faron on my old time record player.
Report as inappropriate
Grew up in New Mexico in the 50's & 60's. Faron Young was always a favorite.
Report as inappropriate
beaandlavern e w e n t w o r t h
When Faron came to Stoneboro, Pennsylvania & paly at the Kish Hotel, Brother we had us some fun. We becamefriend s & he never made it up this way that I wasn't there to greet him. This worlds loss was HEAVENS GAIN. Because HEAVENS CHOIR certainly became a whole lot SWEETER sounding the day he joined it. Love ya' Faron & SURE DO MISS YOU.
Report as inappropriate
He was my all time favorite. I saw him four times in Dallas in the late 80's, and he was always fun, funny, and gracious. He invited us onto his bus, before a show, and regaled us with funny stores. He told me about "Honkytonk Girl, a song picked for song of the year in early 70's. Tom T. Hall wrote it for him. After that they had a falling out, I believe he said Tom ran off with Faron's secretary, and after that Faron refused to sing the song again. It was a favorite of mine, so he told me "you
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one of the best
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