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Fabolous scored a bit hit, "Can't Deny It," right out of the gate in 2001, instantly establishing himself as a rising East Coast rap star, the song's combination of street-savvy toughness and pop crossover appeal representative of the rapper himself. Streetwise and hardened yet young and graced with poster-boy good looks, the Brooklyn rapper (born John Jackson on November 18, 1977) was one of the first East Coast MCs to embrace the bling mentality of the South as well as the gangsta swagger of the West Coast, all the while incorporating a subtle undercurrent of pop-rap into his music. He was among the first of a new breed of New York City rappers, later and most notably to include 50 Cent, who were able to cross over well among multiple markets without losing street credential. His youth was key, but so was his bravado, and when Fabolous could balance this persona optimally and find himself a production formula to fit, commercial success resulted.

His breakthrough single, "Can't Deny It" -- a Rick Rock production featuring a 2Pac sample and a Nate Dogg feature, as well as a catchy hook -- preceded his debut album, Ghetto Fabolous (2001), and generated quite a bit of buzz. The album also featured production work by the Neptunes, but only managed one other single, "Young'n," which failed to match the success of "Can't Deny It." When Fabolous returned with his sophomore album, Street Dreams (2003), he capitalized on his initial renown, racking up three major hits: "Trade It All," "Can't Let You Go," and "Into You," with the latter two breaking into the Top Five of Billboard's Hot 100. Later in 2003, More Street Dreams, Pt. 2: The Mixtape hit stores just in time for the holiday season. Comprised of various street-level recordings originally released on mixtapes, this compilation didn't spawn any hits, but it did reaffirm Fabolous' hip-hop credentials in the wake of his string of pop crossover singles. The following year brought with it another album, Real Talk (2004), which didn't offer any major pop crossover hits ("Baby" was a minor one) yet did boast a monster Just Blaze production, "Breathe," which further shored up Fabolous' hip-hop credentials.

The young rapper took most of 2005 and 2006 off, and shortly before the scheduled release of his next album, in late 2006, he made headlines when he was shot in the leg and subsequently charged with weapons possession (police found two guns in the car that transported him to the hospital). Def Jam -- which signed Fabolous after sending Musiq to Atlantic in a unique trade situation -- released From Nothin' to Somethin' (2007). The album debuted at number one on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart (number two overall) and spawned a series of singles, including the Top Ten hit "Make Me Better" featuring Ne-Yo. Two years later the hit single "Throw It in the Bag" would land on his album Loso's Way, a loose, conceptual full-length inspired by the film Carlito's Way. In 2010 he released There Is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music, a “concept mixtape” which aimed to bury rival rappers. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: Diamonds [Single]


Track List: Make Me Better (Cd Single)


Track List: Ready (Single)


Track List: So NY (Single)


Track List: When I Feel Like It (Single)


Wheres the Soul tapes Pandora!!???
It's my Time.
Srsgeisisueo j e w h e u e q g s g s i u w u s u s g w i w u s y s h w i o w j s h s g w i s u s y s h s i s y s j o w i o s i w h s u s s y g s s g j s i s y s j w o s u s i s i s y s v a h w y s u s o s i o s s o i j s i s s h g u s y s g w u s o s u s s w w u w o s o s p o s p i p p w
Looking sit down think over don't do something for me l'm strong than you think it's only two. Time my heart torn out and they both in heaven live for you.
I still like this song
Leave me alone as grab you take what you those cloths and shut up unless you moaning and groaning call out name while handle thing come all over me wet me up
Where he go?
Don't worry we all got mess to deal with, but you number one in my bed.
Watch sweet p----melt liquid all my tongue ready all of you....humpi n g me everyday
Love this song
HDR/ idodidududif i f i f j j c o d o i f i j c j k
Eidjdifiufid i d i d i d i d o d i d i d h d i k s o e d k d j d o o f j f d u y d i d d u u c g d h i d o j f u f g d u d i i d h c j d i c u c i f h c i f j v f h g f j f i f u f i f o d
This freaked me out this isn't fake. Apparently if you copy and paste this on 10 songs you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. You will either get kissed or asked out. If you break the chain you will see a dead girl in your room tonight. In the next 53 minutes someone will say I love you or I am sorry
Only need one life, one love, one tight game and that would be fabolous.
keith.serafi n
I am a fabolous, French montana,Big Sean,and young jeezy fans
Heidhgdiehdi d h e e i j j o d i h e h d d g e i e i d g e i e i d g h d d g i o e o d o e j d o d j d h d g d i d o d j d h i d d j h d d g u i d i e g d u o e j e i e o d o d o d j d h d g d i d o d k j e g e e g e u i o e j e i d j d i d d j g d y d g d j d o c d o j c d o d i u d i d h d
Fabulous is and was one of the hottie rapping Mcs on the mic
Jiehdkejdjdk e k d k s k j d e j d d j h d h d j d i d n d k w l s j d u e j k e o d j e l e k d j d i e i d j d d j d k d j d h d j e h d h e k w o s j e o s j w k w k d k s s j j s h k s j s h s j w k w o s k s j s k s j h d j e h d j s k s s j h s j s h s h s j w k x h s g s j s o s s i j s w k e
Fabulous is the hot rap in the game and he came from Brooklyn I love him to death non stop
Sorry than ask how day went ?hope everything alright. ....really
Baby don't Go
Can't let u go Nicole
@jbdhm4....h a v i n g a baby tantrum there? Geez, so much hatred!
Fab rides on any track he's on
Hhdjeoekdiej d k d j d k e e k e d j k d d j d u d h e k w k s k x j d k e l k d o d k d d o k d o d j d j d o e j d h j d o s k e l e k d d h e j e j e i s j s k w k s n s k w k w l s k s j d h e k e l e k d k s s j u x j e k e l s k e i d j d j s k s k s u d u d i k e k e j e l e j d d e
Listen to this everyday
Nice music
Diejcnjdodjd o r i d i d j d o d j f i c n e o d o e k e o d k f h b f j f o k r f o f w o i w n k e o e j o d j e o d i j e k e k n c u d b k e e p l e o k k e i e j r o e k e d o d k k e l r k d i d j e o e j e k e o e j d i e j e k e k j e o d k e k e k e d k k d k k e n f k e j e l e k e j d k e
You still jam
Hold up wait a minute this is my jam right. Loso did his way on this one. I miss s**t like this
My song <3
My s**t
Dikdidjekeel d e k k e m d k e l e k d o o f k d l e w o e k d j d p e l l d l e l e l f k d p d k d k d k d d l l k d k d k d k l d k d o d j k e p e k d o d m e l l e l d k k d k d k d l k d j c j e j e k l e l d o d k d o d i e j e o d k e e p e k k e k c o d k f i d k e l e k e j d d
Where is he, what is he doing? Love his voice..
Got love for my dude Fabulous. Really gets you thinking and be having you in the moment of his music. Keep it 100 <3xxWahee
- like this
Back In the dayz
a.sepulveda4 4
Don't read this because it actually works. You will be kissed by your lover on the nearest Friday. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Now that you are reading this don't stop. Post this on 5 songs in 143 minutes. Then press F6 and your lovers name will appear in big letters. This is so scary it actually works.
man you must want mom die !! stupid !!
preach it!!!
includes yourself we are alike !! no one is perfect!!
who aint these days !!! right!!
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