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Elmore James

No two ways about it, the most influential slide guitarist of the postwar period was Elmore James, hands down. Although his early demise from heart failure kept him from enjoying the fruits of the '60s blues revival as his contemporaries Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf did, James left a wide influential trail behind him. And that influence continues to the present time -- in approach, attitude and tone -- in just about every guitar player who puts a slide on his finger and wails the blues. As a guitarist, he wrote the book, his slide style influencing the likes of Hound Dog Taylor, Joe Carter, his cousin Homesick James and J.B. Hutto, while his seldom-heard single-string work had an equally profound effect on B.B. King and Chuck Berry. His signature lick -- an electric updating of Robert Johnson's "I Believe I'll Dust My Broom" and one that Elmore recorded in infinite variations from day one to his last session -- is so much a part of the essential blues fabric of guitar licks that no one attempting to play slide guitar can do it without being compared to Elmore James. Others may have had more technique -- Robert Nighthawk and Earl Hooker immediately come to mind -- but Elmore had the sound and all the feeling.

A radio repairman by trade, Elmore reworked his guitar amplifiers in his spare time, getting them to produce raw, distorted sounds that wouldn't resurface until the advent of heavy rock amplification in the late '60s. This amp-on-11-approach was hot-wired to one of the strongest emotional approaches to the blues ever recorded. There is never a time when you're listening to one of his records that you feel -- no matter how familiar the structure -- that he's phoning it in just to grab a quick session check. Elmore James always gave it everything he had, everything he could emotionally invest in a number. This commitment of spirit is something that shows up time and again when listening to multiple takes from his session masters. The sheer repetitiveness of the recording process would dim almost anyone's creative fires, but Elmore always seemed to give it 100 percent every time the red light went on. Few blues singers had a voice that could compete with James'; it was loud, forceful, prone to "catch" or break up in the high registers, almost sounding on the verge of hysteria at certain moments. Evidently the times back in the mid-'30s when Elmore had first-hand absorption of Robert Johnson as a playing companion had a deep influence on him, not only in his choice of material, but also in his presentation of it.

Backing the twin torrents of Elmore's guitar and voice was one of the greatest -- and earliest -- Chicago blues bands. Named after James' big hit, the Broomdusters featured Little Johnny Jones on piano, J.T. Brown on tenor sax and Elmore's cousin, Homesick James on rhythm guitar. This talented nucleus was often augmented by a second saxophone on occasion while the drumming stool changed frequently. But this was the band that could go toe to toe in a battle of the blues against the bands of Muddy Waters or Howlin' Wolf and always hold their own, if not walk with the show. Utilizing a stomping beat, Elmore's slashing guitar, Jones' two-fisted piano delivery, Homesick's rudimentary boogie bass rhythm and Brown's braying nanny-goat sax leads, the Broomdusters were as loud and powerful and popular as any blues band the Windy City had to offer.

But as urban as their sound was, it all had roots in Elmore's hometown of Canton, MS. He was born there on January 27, 1918, the illegitimate son of Leola Brooks and later given the surname of his stepfather, Joe Willie James. He adapted to music at an early age, learning to play bottleneck on a homemade instrument fashioned out of a broom handle and a lard can. By the age of 14, he was already a weekend musician, working the various country suppers and juke joints in the area under the names "Cleanhead" or Joe' Willie James." Although he confined himself to a home base area around Belzoni, he would join up and work with traveling players coming through like Robert Johnson, Howlin' Wolf and Sonny Boy Williamson. By the late '30s he had formed his first band and was working the Southern state area with Sonny Boy until the second world war broke out, spending three years stationed with the Navy in Guam. When he was discharged, he picked off where he left off, moving for a while to Memphis, working in clubs with Eddie Taylor and his cousin Homesick James. Elmore was also one of the first "guest stars" on the popular King Biscuit Time radio show on KFFA in Helena, AL, also doing stints on the Talaho Syrup show on Yazoo City's WAZF and the Hadacol show on KWEM in West Memphis.

Nervous and unsure of his abilities as a recording artist, Elmore was surreptitiously recorded by Lillian McMurray of Trumpet Records at the tail end of a Sonny Boy session doing his now-signature tune, "Dust My Broom." Legend has it that James didn't even stay around long enough to hear the playback, much less record a second side. McMurray stuck a local singer (BoBo "Slim" Thomas) on the flip side and the record became the surprise R&B hit of 1951, making the Top Ten and conversely making a recording star out of Elmore. With a few months left on his Trumpet contract, Elmore was recorded by the Bihari Brothers for their Modern label subsidiaries, Flair and Meteor, but the results were left in the can until James' contract ran out. In the meantime, Elmore had moved to Chicago and cut a quick session for Chess, which resulted in one single being issued and just as quickly yanked off the market as the Bihari Brothers swooped in to protect their investment. This period of activity found Elmore assembling the nucleus of his great band the Broomdusters and several fine recordings were issued over the next few years on a plethora of the Bihari Brothers'owned labels with several of them charting and most all of them becoming certified blues classics.

By this time James had established a beach-head in the clubs of Chicago as one of the most popular live acts and regularly broadcasting over WPOA under the aegis of disc jockey Big Bill Hill. In 1957, with his contract with the Bihari Brothers at an end, he recorded several successful sides for Mel London's Chief label, all of them later being issued on the larger Vee-Jay label. His health -- always in a fragile state due to a recurring heart condition -- would send him back home to Jackson, MS, where he temporarily set aside his playing for work as a disc jockey or radio repair man. He came back to Chicago to record a session for Chess, then just as quickly broke contract to sign with Bobby Robinson's Fire label, producing the classic "The Sky Is Crying" and numerous others. Running afoul with the Chicago musician's union, he returned back to Mississippi, doing sessions in New York and New Orleans waiting for Big Bill Hill to sort things out. In May of 1963, Elmore returned to Chicago, ready to resume his on-again off-again playing career -- his records were still being regularly issued and reissued on a variety of labels -- when he suffered his final heart attack. His wake was attended by over 400 blues luminaries before his body was shipped back to Mississippi. He was elected to the Blues Foundation's Hall of Fame in 1980 and was later elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a seminal influence. Elmore James may not have lived to reap the rewards of the blues revival, but his music and influence continues to resonate. ~ Cub Kodak
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Red Hot Blues (Digitally Remastered)

1. Dust My Broom

2. Look on Yonder Wall

4. Coming Home

5. The Sky Is Crying

6. Standing at the Crossroads

7. Hand in Hand

8. Rolling and Tumbling

9. Mean Mistreatin' Mama

10. (I) Done Somebody Wrong

11. Pickin' the Blues

12. I Believe


Track List: The Final Sessions

1. Look On Yonder Wall

5. My Baby's Gone

8. Hand In Hand

10. Every Day I Have The Blues

12. It Hurts Me Too

13. Talk To Me Baby

14. Can't Stop Loving My Baby

16. Pickin' The Blues

17. Twelve Year Old Boy

19. I Believe

21. Make My Dreams Come True


Track List: The Blues in My Heart, The Rhythm in My Soul

1. Standing at the Crossroads

2. Dark and Dreary

3. Dust My Blues

4. Mean and Evil

5. Sunnyland

6. Blues Before Sunrise

7. No Love in My Heart

8. Goodbye Baby

9. I Was a Fool

10. Happy Home


Track List: Greatest Blues of All Time

1. Baby, What's Wrong

2. Can't Stop Lovin'

3. Coming Home

5. Cry For Me Baby

6. Dark And Dreary

8. Dust My Blues

9. Dust My Broom (I Believe My Time Ain't Long)

10. Early In The Morning

11. Elmore's Contribution To Jazz

12. Goodbye Baby

13. Hand In Hand

14. Happy Home

16. I Believe

18. I Held My Baby Last Night

19. I See My Baby

20. I Was A Fool

21. It Hurts Me Too

23. Late Hours At Midnight

24. Long Tall Woman

25. Make A Little Love

29. No Love In My Heart

30. Please Find My Baby (Lost Woman Blues)

31. Rock My Baby Right

33. Sho' Nuff I Do

34. Sinful Woman

35. Standing At The Crossroads

36. Sunny Land

37. Sweet Little Woman

38. Take Me Where You Go

39. TV Mama

40. The Twelve Year Old Boy

41. Where Can My Baby Be

42. Wild About You

43. 1839 Blues


Track List: Slide and Pick

1. Got To Move

2. It Hurts Me Too

4. Dust My Broom (I Believe My Time Ain't Long)

5. I Can't Stop Lovin' You

6. Knocking At your Door

7. The Sky Is Crying

9. Standing At The Crossroads

10. Shake Your Moneymaker

13. Strange Angels

16. Talk To Me Baby

17. Cry For Me Baby

18. Elmore's Contribution To Jazz

19. Rollin' and Tumblin'

20. Twelve Year Old Boy


Track List: The Blues Of Elmore James

2. Cry For Me Baby

3. The Twelve Year Old Boy

4. It Hurts Me Too

5. Elmore's Contribution To Jazz

6. The Sky Is Crying

7. Take Me Where You Go

9. Shake Your Moneymaker

10. Fine Line Mama

11. Held My Baby Last Night

12. Baby Please Set A Date

13. Got To Move


Track List: Blues Masterclass, Vol. 1

1. Dust My Broom

2. Take Me Where You Go

3. The Twelve Year Old Boy

4. The Way You Treat Me

5. Wild About You

6. Long Tall Woman

7. Dark and Dreary

8. 1839 Blues

9. Baby What's Wrong

10. Blues Before Sunrise

11. Can't Stop Loving

12. Coming Home

13. Cry For Me Baby

15. Early In The Morning

16. Elmore's Contribution To Jazz

17. Goodbye Baby

18. Hand In Hand

19. Happy Home

20. I Was A Fool


Track List: Elmore James Selected Hits


Track List: Rollin' And Tumblin'

2. I'm Worried

4. Rollin' And Tumblin'

5. Bobby's Rock

6. I Done Somebody Wrong

7. One Way Out

8. Madison Blues


Track List: The Best Of The Modern Years

1. I Believe

2. Baby, What's Wrong

3. Early In The Morning

4. Hawaiian Boogie

6. Please Find My Baby

7. Hand In Hand

8. Make My Dreams Come True

9. Sho' Nuff I Do

10. Sunny Land

11. Standing At The Crossroads

12. Mean & Evil

13. Happy Home

16. I Was A Fool

17. Blues Before Sunshine

19. Wild About You Baby


Track List: Blues Kingpins

6. Hawaiian Boogie (No. 2)


Track List: The Very Best Of Elmore James


Track List: Shake Your Moneymaker: The Best Of The Fire Sessions

1. Shake Your Money Maker

2. Look On Yonder Wall

3. The Sky Is Crying

4. Rollin' & Tumblin'

5. Held My Baby Last Night

6. I'm Worried

7. Done Somebody Wrong

8. Fine Little Mama

9. Anna Lee

10. Stranger Blues

11. Something Inside Of Me

12. Early One Morning

13. Sunnyland

14. Standing At The Crossroads

15. My Bleeding Heart

16. Dust My Broom


Track List: The Complete Chief & Fire Sessions

Disc 1

1. Dust My Broom (I Believe My Time Ain't Long)

2. The Twelve Year Old Boy

3. Coming Home

4. It Hurts Me Too

5. Knocking At Your Door

6. Elmore's Contribution To Jazz

7. Cry For Me Baby

8. Take Me Where You Go

9. Bobby's Rock

10. The Sky Is Crying

11. Baby Please Set A Date

12. Held My Baby Last Night

15. I'm Worried

16. Done Somebody Wrong

17. Fine Little Mama

18. I Need You

19. I Can't Stop Lovin' You

20. Strange Angels

21. Early One Morning

Disc 2

1. Something Inside Me

3. Anna Lee

4. Standing At The Crossroads

5. My Bleeding Heart

7. Got To Move

8. So Unkind

10. One Way Out

11. Stranger Blues

13. Look On Yonder Wall

Disc 3

1. My Baby's Gone

3. Look On Yonder Wall

5. It Hurts Me Too

8. I Have A Right To Love My Baby

9. Twelve Year Old Boy

12. Talk To Me Baby

13. Make My Dreams Come True

18. I Believe


Track List: The Complete Fire and Enjoy Recordings

Disc 1

1. Make My Dreams Come True

2. Bobby's Rock

3. The Sky Is Crying

4. Held My Baby Last Night

5. Dust My Broom

6. Baby Please Set a Date

7. Rollin' & Tumblin'

8. I'm Worried

9. Done Somebody Wrong

10. Fine Little Mama

11. I Can't Stop Lovin' You

12. Early One Morning

14. Strange Angels

16. Something Inside Me

18. Stranger Blues

20. My Bleeding Heart

21. Standing at the Crossroads

22. One Way Out

Disc 2

1. Got to Move

3. So Unkind

7. Shake Your Moneymaker

8. Look on Yonder Wall

12. Mean Mistreatin' Mama

22. My Baby's Gone

Disc 3

7. It Hurts Me Too

8. Talk to Me Baby

9. Can't Stop Loving My Baby

11. Pickin' the Blues

12. Twelve Year Old Boy

14. Up Jumped Elmore

16. I Believe


Track List: The Best Of Elmore James The Early Years

1. Hand In Hand

2. Make A Little Love

3. Strange Kinda Feeling

4. Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby

5. Early In The Morning

6. Sinful Woman

7. I Believe

8. Make My Dreams Come True

9. Sho' Nuff I Do

10. I Held My Baby Last Night

11. Dust My Broom

12. Wild About You Baby

13. Long Tall Woman

16. Goodbye Baby

17. Dust My Blues

18. No Love In My Heart

19. Happy Home

20. Mean And Evil

21. Late Hours At Midnight

22. Standing At The Crossroads

23. Sunnyland

24. Rock My Baby Right


Track List: The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James

1. Dust My Broom

2. The Sun Is Shining

3. Hawaiian Boogie

4. Sho' Nuff I Do

5. Please Find My Baby

7. My Best Friend

8. Madison Blues

9. Cry For Me Baby

10. The Sky Is Crying

11. Sunny Land

12. I Can't Hold Out

13. Look On Yonder Wall

14. I Need You

15. Done Somebody Wrong

16. Shake Your Moneymaker

17. The 12 Year Old Boy

18. It Hurts Me Too

20. Something Inside Me


Track List: The Sky Is Crying

1. The Sky Is Crying

2. Bobbys Rock

3. Held My Baby Last Night

4. Dust My Broom

5. Baby Please Set A Date

6. Rollin And Tumblin

7. Im Worried

8. Done Somebody Wrong

9. Fine Little Mama

10. I Can't Stop Lovin' You

11. Early One Morning

12. I Need You

13. Strange Angels

15. Something Inside Of Me

16. Stranger Blues


Track List: Standing At The Crossroads

1. Anna Lee

2. Stranger Blues

3. My Bleeding Heart

4. Standing At The Crossroads

5. One Way Out

8. So Unkind

9. Got To Move

10. Look On Yonder Wall

11. Shake Your Moneymaker

16. My Baby's Gone


Track List: Come Go With Me

1. Stranger Blues

2. Anna Lee

3. So Unkind

4. Bobbys Rock

7. 12 Year Old Boy

11. Hand In Hand

12. I Can't Stop Lovin' You

13. My Baby's Gone

15. Make My Dreams Come True

16. I'm Worried

17. My Bleeding Heart

18. Look On Yonder Wall

19. Early One Morning

20. Strange Angels

21. It Hurts Me Too

23. I Have A Right To Love My Baby

24. Standing At The Crossroads


Track List: Let's Cut It: The Very Best Of Elmore James

1. Dust My Blues

2. Blues Before Sunrise

3. No Love In My Heart

4. Sho' Nuff I Do

5. Standing At The Crossroads

6. I Was A Fool

7. Sunnyland

8. Canton, Mississippi Breakdown

9. Happy Home

10. Wild About You Baby

11. Long Tall Woman

12. So Mean To Me

13. Hawaiian Boogie (No. 2)

14. Mean & Evil

15. Dark And Dreary

16. My Best Friend

17. I Believe

18. Goodbye Baby


Track List: Blues After Hours

1. I Was A Fool

2. Goodbye Baby

3. Late Hours At Midnight

4. Dark And Dreary

5. Strange Kinda Feeling

6. Make My Dreams Come True

7. So Mean To Me

8. Long Tall Woman

9. Wild About You Baby

11. Dust My Blues

12. Sunnyland

13. Mean & Evil

14. Blues Before Sunrise

15. Happy Home

16. No Love In My Heart


Track List: Historia Del Blues En America. Elmore James Y Su Bottleneck Guitar

1. I Was A Fool

2. Standing At The Crossroads

3. Wild About You Baby

4. Mean And Evil

5. Blues Before Sunrise

6. No Love In My Heart

7. Dark And Dreary

8. Happy Home

9. Sunnyland

10. Dust My Blues

11. Goodbye Baby

12. Late Hours At Midnight


Track List: History Of The Blues In America. Elmore James And His Bottleneck Guitar

1. I Was A Fool

2. Dust My Blues

3. Standing At The Crossroads

4. Wild About You Baby

5. Mean And Evil

6. Blues Before Sunrise

7. No Love In My Heart

8. Dark And Dreary

9. Happy Home

10. Sunnyland

11. Goodbye Baby

12. Late Hours At Midnight


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I need you by Elmore James Great blue's MN
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Love the blue's
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Omg, you'll never hear this on mainstream radio. Thanks pandora. We must raise our children better. This is music at it's best
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Elmore, now that's how the blues should sound.
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Helena, AR- Arkansas, not AL.
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still the best at the slide guitar
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Elmore James is a master of slide guitar, unfortunatel y he died too early and didn't enjoy the fruit of his vision as a blues artist which started in the early sixties. His followers includes B.B.King, who died a couple of months ago, Johnny Winter and Joe Bonnamasa.
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george harrison a big fan of elmore!!!!
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One bad man
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Thank you Pandora, you have introduced me to so many great entertainers that I would never heard otherwise. Like this dude.......
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My great uncle Roy Anderson and Elmore James came up together and remained friends until Elmore death,I have saw a lot of pictures of Him and my Uncle Roy at our family reunions!
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Wow...everyt h i n g sounds great
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EL-more!!! James simply emits pain and suffering
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In my of the all time greatest blues musicians ever!! And, one of the most gifted guitarists of any age.
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So fantastic, and another artist I was introduced to through Pandora.
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You forgot Duane Allman
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Elmore James sure has it All (with a Capital A!) Damn!
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alot of these older generation blues men were making music with string and broom sticks when they were learning as kids. that is real american music and you have just love the way they made do with what they had. that is real american ingenuity!!! !
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this dude has epic slide guitar chops
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love me some elmore james every now and then
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oh yeah
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the inventor of rock & roll
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Gottfiemybab y
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the master of slide guitar is back in the house!!! awright
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oh yeah this is my s**t
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One of the GREATS in the blues genre.. Toooooo much Elmore You got it boy! R I P I luv u ! xo
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This music hits the soul...from down in the Mississippi Delta where the knew goooood blues.
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very good blues
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Many of the old blues singers name I heard as a child. We were one of the few families that had a phonograph machine. This is what we grew-up on Muddy Waters , Howlin' Wolf and so many more. I learned to appreciate this music and I listen often , because the music remind meof my eighty -nine year old father , who has passed now.So you keep digging up these old artist and I will keep listening.
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very good
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One of the fathers of the blues. A good bio from Pandora too, I did not know that much about James other than who he influenced.
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this is the type of blues i'm talkin 'bout
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Elmore influenced many modern players including Duane, Eric, Stevie Ray et all.
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The blues ain't got to be Bad, The Blues ain't got to be sad, to be understood The Blues just got to be had !!!! : )
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he blueses!! yeah
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Dupid ¡!¡
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this man is the best i love him i would marry him
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Does it bother anyone that the lyrics are terrible?
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tedbujalski of the tunes Brian Jones played the night mick and Kieth came to hear brian's band.....
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I love the blues
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Best Slide guitar player of his time, so much emotion
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Love Elmore James' stuff and he was probably the most influential slide player post war but lets not forget that Duane Skydog Allman took slide playing to a whole new level. Just listen to Live At Filmore. Those who have heard the album know what I'm talking about. Those that haven't, and love the blues, are in for one helluva ride.
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