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Eagles Of Death Metal

The collaboration of lifelong friends Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes, Eagles of Death Metal grew from a side project into a full-fledged band with a riff-heavy, tongue-in-cheek identity of its own. Both Hughes and Homme hail from Palm Desert, California, and have been friends since Hughes' family moved to the aforementioned arid location in 1979. The pair bonded as teenagers while playing together on the same local soccer team, but went in separate career paths after graduation -- Homme went on to form the underappreciated Kyuss, before launching Queens of the Stone Age, while Hughes attended the University of South Carolina and became a journalist. Homme later reentered the picture, and convinced his old friend (who was down in the dumps at the time over a divorce) to start jamming on music, with Homme on drums and Hughes handling guitar and vocal duties.

The Eagles of Death Metal were formed soon after, as the group debuted with a few tracks on Vols. 3-4 of Homme's ongoing Desert Sessions series in 1998. Despite its name, the group's sound was more akin to classic garage rock, with some elements of the Rolling Stones added in for good measure. But the new group was put on the back burner while Homme got Queens of the Stone Age off the ground (interestingly enough, with another high-school friend of both his and Hughes, bassist Nick Oliveri). When QOTSA quickly became one of the world's most talked-about hard rock bands (due to such exceptional releases as 1998's Queens of the Stone Age, 2000's R, and 2002's Songs for the Deaf), Homme sought to relaunch the Eagles of Death Metal as more than just a one-off project.

Reconvening in 2003, the duo recorded three days' worth of material (almost all of the songs being taped on the very first take). A buzz surrounding the group began amongst the QOTSA faithful when Homme wore an Eagles of Death Metal T-shirt throughout QOTSA's Lollapalooza road jaunt that summer, while a sneak preview track, "I Only Want You," was mysteriously leaked via MP3 among fans online. With QOTSA taking a breather, Homme and Hughes (with guitarist Timmy VanHamel in tow) then set out on the Eagles' very first tour, as they opened for Placebo during late November/early December. The group's highly anticipated debut full-length, Peace Love Death Metal, finally surfaced in March of 2004 (after several proposed release dates came and went) -- issued via Homme's own Rekords Rekords label and AntAcidAudio (a sister label of Ipecac Records, run by Mike Patton). The group's first European tour followed shortly thereafter, opening for the Distillers.

Hughes and Homme reunited in fall 2005 to make the second Eagles of Death Metal album; joined by Jack Black, Brody Dalle, Mark Lanegan, and QOTSA's Joey Castillo, they recorded Death by Sexy in eight days. After a brief U.K. tour late that year, the Eagles of Death Metal toured with the Strokes in spring 2006, leading up to Death by Sexy's release. Issued in 2008, Heart On was more polished but still scuzzy. After touring in support of that album, the band went on an extended hiatus: among other projects, Homme worked with Queens of the Stone Age as well as Them Crooked Vultures, a power trio also featuring Dave Grohl and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. Meanwhile, Hughes released his debut album as Boots Electric, Honkey Kong, in 2011; became an ordained minister with the Universal One Church in 2012; and appeared in Björn Tagemose's 2015 silent movie Gutterdämmerung along with Henry Rollins, Grace Jones, and Iggy Pop. That year, the Vice film The Redemption of the Devil touched on the making of the Eagles of Death Metal's fourth album, Zipper Down, which arrived in October 2015.

A month after the release of Zipper Down, the Eagles of Death Metal (sans Homme) were performing at famed Paris venue La Bataclan when a group of terrorists attacked the club, killing almost 90 of those in attendance, including the band's merch seller. The bandmembers escaped and canceled the remainder of their European tour. Charity campaigns were set up for victims and survivors using proceeds from sales of their cover of Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer" and their own song "I Love You All the Time." The group returned to Paris a month later in December to perform with U2, announcing resumption of their European tour and free admission at the Paris date for all Bataclan survivors. ~ Greg Prato
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Heart On

1. Anything 'Cept The Truth

2. Wannabe In L.A.

3. (I Used To Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants

4. High Voltage

5. Secret Plans

6. Now I'm A Fool

7. Heart On

8. Cheap Thrills

9. How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So All Alone

10. Solo Flights

11. Prissy Prancin'

12. I'm Your Torpedo


Track List: Death By Sexy

1. I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)

2. I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)

3. Cherry Cola

4. I Like To Move In The Night

5. Solid Gold

6. Don't Speak (I Came To Make A Bang!)

7. Keep Your Head Up

8. The Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck

9. Poor Doggie

10. Chase The Devil

11. Eagles Goth

12. Shasta Beast

13. Bag O' Miracles


Track List: Peace Love Death Metal

1. I Only Want You

2. Speaking In Tongues

3. So Easy

4. Flames Go Higher

5. Bad Dream Mama

6. English Girl

7. Stacks O' Money

8. Midnight Creeper

9. Stuck In The Metal

10. Already Died

11. Kiss The Devil

12. Whorehoppin' (S**t, Goddam)

13. San Berdoo Sunburn

14. Wastin' My Time

15. Miss Alissa


Track List: Zipper Down

1. Complexity

2. Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)

3. Got A Woman

4. I Love You All The Time

5. Oh Girl

6. Got The Power

7. Skin-Tight Boogie

8. Got A Woman (Slight Return)

9. The Deuce

10. Save A Prayer

11. The Reverend


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Mind blown. Eagles of Death metal singing Duran Duran. Love it!
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@eodm✌������ @joshhomme people just don't know great music. @kyuss was never "underapreci a t e d " by this young dude at the time. I was bouncing back and forth between Perris and Hueneme/Oxna r d / V e n t u r a for year's. I'm the desert rocker, surfer from Ventura County my second home for half my life. Just like everything though you return to your place of origin. That for me is the desert. I wish I could have been at those canyons, while Kyuss was playing with the power supply of a generator. I don't re
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well said @aaron.spell i n s (: ✌
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Trippy man
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These guys give old guys like me hope for the future of good music.
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I loved the U2 appearance ....Jesse was like a little kid around Bono...he was so excited and emotional...
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I don't think it was even from an EODM album. It was from Jesse's alter-ego band Boots Electric.
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Wish they would have picked a different song for their performance following up U2 last night.
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What to say?...I am tired as all are of unnecessary death.
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They survived the shooting in Paris... pretty insane story.
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victoria_05_ 5 1 0
Love love love!!!
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What a way to remember a band.
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Best Group ever.... glad you Guy's are ok. Bad times. Playing for fun on tour and bad s**t has happened it is not your fault the world is f"&$ up!
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Thank god they're alive...
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Eagles of death metal are amazing. A must see for all desert rock and rockabilly fans. They are mind blowing alive. I have no idea how the hobo below me can be such a hater. Jesse and guys please don't stop doing what your do. Long live!
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just real good rock n roll man
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ol boots guuuuuy!
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autumnsmomma 2 1
Eodm is a f**king trip.. love them!
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I read some of these comments. Idk how I keep losing more faith in humanity, I thought I ran out long ago. As for death metal, as long as I can understand what's being said I'm cool with it - those songs filled with unintelligib l e growls I tend to shy away from (unless the sound is too badass to leave)
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I like all kinds of music, but how did this end up in a jazz collection?
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People be like-Metal is the only thing i listen to, cause everything else is little penis music. and mine is big, its so big, lol I cant believe people and their closed off, biased, I only think what i think is cool attitude. Its pathetic, grow up. you will eventually anyways. Metal is not the only kind of music for people. sheesh. your the reason people get sick of metal and their fans. Music is not meant to only be heavy. listen to my band. we have what they call a dynamic sound.
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sabastian.lo v e
F**king glorious.
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EODM are AWESOME live!!!
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Love these guys.
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Dig this s**t!
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Hey guys.
I like bands like this, QOTSA, etc.
I also like death metal.
I just blew your f**king minds.
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I like how they are using one of the songs for a miller light commercial now!
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Hey Jessie you are on Pandora. (smiles) Good vibe from home. if ya'll like this check out bootstrapsel e c t r i c . 'the devils' new s**t!
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jvandijkhors t 1 s
This band is so great. Any thing Homme touches is gold, but Jesse Hughes voice combined with some raw riffs and kick a** drums... could not ask for anything better.
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orangeoverlo r d
I really Love this band. I'd go as far to say a little more than Queens of The Stone Age. Just a little.
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nothing better for driving through the desert
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Homme is a genius. plain and simple.
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OMG I refuse to take anyone seriously who begins a sentence with OMG.
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Good Shiza.
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The "Eagles of Death Metal" name is a joke about (I think) the Scorpions - Homme regarded them as the "Eagles" (of "Hotel California" fame) of "Death Metal". Btw, Death Metal fans need a sense of humor.
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Video montage of Eagles of Death Metal's performance. Be sure to check out the full length interview of the band as well.

http://www.x 1 f m . c o m / a l t e r n a t i v e # / o n - d e m a n d / l i v e - p e r f o r m a n c e s / E a g l e s - o f - D e a t h - M e t a l - L i v e - P e r f o r m a n c e
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omg this band isnt death metal... but the name says it is. theres a conflict in my thinkmuscle that cant be resolved by a savage a**-beating or jerking off about it, i think i might explode. or just think more about kat von d and how cool she is. like me. because my life is solely death metal. kyle, will you bang heads with me?
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You have been sentenced to Death Metal.. Band rocks, all Homme related bands rock.. Saw TCV the other night-totall y kicked a**
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This page is full of morons spouting nonsense...I don't have the time to even begin to fix you people...
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2010 will be the year of REAL Death Metal! Destroy all ironic "intellectua l s " !
Report as inappropriate
Kyle Gregary.., mainstream music? is that why every single one of josh homme's CD's have sold for 11.99 USD or less for the last 10 years? if you knew what you were talking about you would know where the "eagles of death metal" reference came from. it was when someone stated that (the band) poison was death metal to which josh responded, "yeah theyre metal, the EAGLES of death metal." go back to sleep with your ignorant death metal and leave the talented music for people that know the difference
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Wow.. this band is crap... they sound like some guy recorded pure un-adulterat e d hunks of flying crap falling on the ground, splattering amongst naked fat men... I wanted intense death metal and I got this crap... wtf?! All that don't like death metal can't handle the intensity of it, which is exactly why you are lame, what do you losers listen to? Britney Spears! I hate mainstream music and all that listen to it!!!
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Death Metal sucks in the way that not only do all of a bands songs sound the same most bands all sound the same too, Douche bag.
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