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Dream Theater

The technically proficient guitar playing of John Petrucci elevated Dream Theater to the upper echelons of contemporary heavy metal. While its lineup has continuously evolved, the Long Island-based quintet has consistently delivered sharp-edged music. Dream Theater is known for its high-energy concert performances. While they've released several live albums -- Live at the Marquee, recorded at the London club; Live in Japan, recorded during the Music in Progress tour in 1993, and a triple-CD and DVD, Live Scenes from New York -- they remain one of heavy metal's most bootlegged bands.

Originally named Majesty by Berklee College of Music students Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and drummer Mike Portnoy, the band soon expanded with the addition of keyboard player Kevin Moore and vocalist Chris Collins. Releasing an eight-tune demo, Majesty Demo, as Majesty, the group sold 1,000 copies within six months. The departure of Collins in late 1986 left Majesty without a vocalist, and after a long period of auditioning possible replacements, the group settled on Charlie Dominici in November 1987. Changing its name, the group agreed on "Dream Theater," inspired by a now-demolished California movie theater. Signing with Mechanic Records, the group began working on its first full-length album. Delays caused by label mismanagement limited the group to performing at small clubs and bars. Frustrated by its experiences with the label, Dream Theater finally severed its ties with Mechanic.

This was only one drastic change in the band's course of action. Firing Dominici, the group spent the next couple years searching for a vocalist. The search ended in late 1991 when a demo tape from Canadian vocalist James LaBrie, formerly of Winter Rose, arrived. After flying to New York to audition, LaBrie was invited to join the band. Signing with Atco Atlantic (which came to be known as East West), Dream Theater released its second album, Images & Words, in 1992. One of three videos based on songs from the album, "Pull Me Under," became an MTV hit. Although Theater showed considerable growth with their third studio album, Awake, recorded between May and July 1994, the group continued to be hampered by personnel changes. Before the album was mixed, keyboardist Moore left the group to focus on his solo career. Hired as a temporary replacement for the band's Waking Up the World tour, Derek Sherinian later became a permanent member. His first recording with Dream Theater was a 23-minute epic, "A Change of Seasons," written in 1989 and released in September 1995 on the album of the same name.

Following a mini tour, Fix for '96, the members of Dream Theater separated for several months and became involved with a variety of outside projects. Petrucci was the busiest. In addition to joining Portnoy and keyboard player Jordan Rudess in the Liquid Tension Experiment -- a group that included influential bassist/stick player Tony Levin -- Petrucci played guitar with Trent Gardner's Explorers Club and made a guest appearance on Shadow Gallery's Tyranny album. Myung and Sherinian collaborated with King's X vocalist Ty Tabor in the band Platypus. LaBrie worked with Mull Muzzler, a group formed with Matt Guillory and Mike Mangini.

Dream Theater experienced yet another change when Rudess was tapped to replace Sherinian, who had been fired in 1999. The band released the progressive rock-heavy Scenes from a Memory that year, a conceptual piece that followed the story of a 1928 murder of a young woman and how a modern man is haunted by the crime. It was followed by Live Scenes from New York in 2001, which suffered from an unintentional bout with controversy when its original cover featuring the city of New York in flames was pulled due to the events of September 11. The group continued in the progressive metal vein in 2002 with Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, followed by the leaner Train of Thought in 2003 and Octavarium in 2005. The live album Score: XOX was released in 2006 and featured the band backed by a 29-piece orchestra. It was followed a year later by the new studio album Systematic Chaos, and in 2009 by Black Clouds & Silver Linings.

Sherinian went on to record as a soloist and to play with a prog and jazz fusion band, Planet X. Petrucci released an eponymously titled solo album in 2003, featuring accompaniment by Dave LaRue of the Dixie Dregs and Boston-based drummer Dave DiCenso. In late 2010, Mike Mangini joined the group, replacing drummer Mike Portnoy, who left the band in September of that year. With a rigorous touring schedule to firmly break in Mangini, Dream Theater somehow found time to record. They pre-released the track "On the Backs of Angels" to YouTube via their label, Roadrunner, in June of 2011, followed by the CD release of the aptly titled full-length, A Dramatic Turn of Events, in the fall. After a period of rigorous international touring, the band took a break though its members continued writing. They reconvened in early 2013 and returned with a self-titled studio album in September -- this one with Mangini completely involved in the writing process -- followed in November with the concert recording Live at Luna Park on CD and DVD, which was recorded during the Dramatic Turn of Events tour over two nights at the Buenos Aires soccer stadium. Recorded live at the Boston Opera House on March 24, 2014, the concert recording Breaking the Fourth Wall arrived the following year, and in lste 2015 the band announced their upcoming 13th studio album, The Astonishing. A completely conceptual sci-fi offering, it was released on January 29, 2016.~ Craig Harris
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Dream Theater

1. False Awakening Suite

2. The Enemy Inside

3. The Looking Glass

4. Enigma Machine

5. The Bigger Picture

6. Behind The Veil

7. Surrender To Reason

8. Along For The Ride


Track List: Systematic Chaos


Track List: Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Live With The Octavarium Orchestra

Disc 1

1. The Root Of All Evil (Live)

2. I Walk Beside You (Live)

3. Another Won (Live)

4. Afterlife (Live)

5. Under A Glass Moon (Live)

6. Innocence Faded (Live)

8. The Spirit Carries On (Live)

Disc 2

2. Vacant (Live)

3. The Answer Lies Within (Live)

Disc 3

Track List: Octavarium

1. The Root Of All Evil

2. The Answer Lies Within

3. These Walls

4. I Walk Beside You

5. Panic Attack

6. Never Enough

7. Sacrificed Sons


Track List: Live At Budokan

Disc 1

1. As I Am (Live)

4. Hollow Years (Live)

5. War Inside My Head (Live)

6. The Test That Stumped Them All (Live)

Disc 2

5. Keyboard Solo (Live)

6. Only A Matter Of Time (Live)

Disc 3

1. Goodnight Kiss (Live)

2. Solitary Shell (Live)

4. Disappear (Live)

5. Pull Me Under (Live)


Track List: Once In A Livetime (Live)

Disc 1

1. A Change Of Seasons I: The Crimson Sunrise (Live)

2. A Change Of Seasons II: Innocence (Live)

3. Puppies On Acid (Live)

4. Just Let Me Breathe (Live)

7. Derek Sherinian Piano Solo (Live)

9. Scarred (Live)

10. A Change Of Seasons IV: The Darkest Of Winters (Live)

11. Ytse Jam (Live)

12. Mike Portnoy Drum Solo (Live)

Disc 2

2. Hollow Years (Live)

3. Take Away My Pain (Live)

4. Caught In A Web (Live)

5. Lie (Live)

6. Peruvian Skies (Live)

7. John Petrucci Guitar Solo (Live)

8. Pull Me Under (Live)

10. Learning To Live (Live)


Track List: Falling Into Infinity

1. New Millennium

2. You Not Me

3. Peruvian Skies

4. Hollow Years

5. Burning My Soul

6. Hell's Kitchen

8. Take Away My Pain

9. Just Let Me Breathe

10. Anna Lee


Track List: Awake

1. 6:00

2. Caught In A Web

3. Innocence Faded

4. Erotomania

5. Voices

6. The Silent Man

7. The Mirror

8. Lie

9. Lifting Shadows Off A Dream

11. Space-Dye Vest


Track List: Images And Words

1. Pull Me Under

2. Another Day

3. Take The Time

4. Surrounded

6. Under A Glass Moon

7. Wait For Sleep


Track List: A Rite Of Passage (Radio Single)

1. A Rite Of Passage


Track List: Black Clouds And Silver Linings


Track List: Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes From A Memory

4. Through My Words

5. Fatal Tragedy

7. Through Her Eyes

9. The Dance Of Eternity

10. One Last Time

11. The Spirit Carries On


Track List: The Astonishing

1. Descent Of The Nomacs

2. 2285 Entr'acte

3. Dystopian Overture

4. Moment Of Betrayal

5. The Gift Of Music

6. Heaven's Cove

7. The Answer

8. Begin Again

9. A Better Life

10. The Path That Divides

11. Lord Nafaryus

12. Machine Chatter

13. A Savior In The Square

14. The Walking Shadow

15. When Your Time Has Come

16. My Last Farewell

17. Act Of Faythe

18. Losing Faythe

19. Three Days

20. Whispers On The Wind

21. The Hovering Sojourn

22. Hymn Of A Thousand Voices

23. Brother, Can You Hear Me?

24. Our New World

25. A Life Left Behind

26. Power Down

27. Ravenskill

28. Astonishing

29. Chosen

30. A Tempting Offer

31. Digital Discord

32. The X Aspect

33. A New Beginning

34. The Road To Revolution


Track List: The Enemy Inside (Single)

1. The Enemy Inside


Report as inappropriate
Anyone can say what they may about DT good or bad but nobody's ever going too surpass there level of accomplishme n t , thank you for DT they always make my day
Report as inappropriate
The Astonishing is very good........ y e t . . . . . . . I saw them live in Baltimore 3 days ago, and they did the whole thing with the story relived on stage. Unbeleivable ! ! ! ! ! ! It was fantastic. A standing ovation after every song!! A must see. One of the best shows I've ever seen. I was 'astonished' !
Report as inappropriate
Thank God Pandora isn't playing anything off their new album The Astonishing.
Report as inappropriate
instead of rush, we need queensryche on here
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pull me under
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
caught in a web
Report as inappropriate
I'm gonna record a demo
Report as inappropriate
I imagine lights flashing green Lawns strippers dancing I love yesterday
Report as inappropriate
This is how my ex looks at things in life
Report as inappropriate
100% amazing
Report as inappropriate
Discovered DT when I bought,When Day and Dream Unite 2 weeks after it came out. I bought on vinyl!!! Been in love ever since. The new one is great! Seeing them in Baltimore in April. Seen them 5 times so far. It's a shame more people don't have the brains or the heart to understand the beauty of their music....... . . .

K. Scherlinsky
Report as inappropriate
They put on a great show and have incredible sound. First time I saw them live was when Scenes came out. Been a fan for a long time and now the Astonishing. Can't wait for the tour.
Report as inappropriate
I don't think I could ever get enough of this particular song Lines In the Sand. Interestingl y , people didn't think this record was up to Dream Theater's usual standards. They said it was scaled down for radio. I thought then (1997) and now that this record kicks a**.
Report as inappropriate
The Count of Tuscany is the greatest song ever recorded. This band is on a level of it's own. The lyrics, instrumental s , vocals; from top to bottom no one even compares to DT!
Report as inappropriate
portnoy was not only a drummer.. he had more than a great input in each and every song starting from composition to back vocal.. and obviously i will not forget the friendship of petrucci and portnoy as bandmate.. i still remember the video of l y friendship they had..
Report as inappropriate
please start a Megadeth station dudes.
Report as inappropriate
I have an idea! Dream Theater with hands down the best drummer in progressive rock, Gavin Harrison! Now THAT would be intense. He would bring a feel to the table that could really reignite the musical direction of DT. IMHO of course.
Report as inappropriate
endless sacrifice
Report as inappropriate
pull me under again
Report as inappropriate
Without a doubt DT is my favorite band.
Report as inappropriate
pull me under on mtv
Report as inappropriate
afmedic7074 seems to not be the brightest lightbulb in the pack. Protip: The type of guitar and the type of drum are spelled the same way as the fish.
Report as inappropriate
I hope that Dream Theater becomes second to none in music history.
Report as inappropriate
six string base, sheesh, three bases in Pornoy's drum kit, one of the best drummers ever. Can't forget Rush's drummer Peart,,,,,,W h o said Perfect Strangers was not good. Gee's,,,,,,, , , , s a w Purple since it's conception. I'm old, like I said. I was on my way to VN, when I heard Machine Head,,,,,,,, d a m n ! ! !
Report as inappropriate
All time favorite band,,,,,,ab s o l u t e ! ! ! ! and I'm OLD!!!!!
Report as inappropriate
take the time
Report as inappropriate
Bhuler said that dt was 2nd only to RUSH. i was agreeing with the sentiment when Rush Cygnus X1 started playing. DT is good. No, DT is freakishly good. Rush is three guys, with blood, sweat, tears literally, and "lots of practice" invested in playing their hearts out and they still manage to get an analog old school sound for their efforts. Technically incredible, but still human. Peart, a scholarly lyricist, who never seems to forget to pay homage to those who came before. No matter how tec
Report as inappropriate
My 7yr old tells me Dream Theater is his favorite band. He's got good taste!
Report as inappropriate
Prayin' that the drums don't sound like a drum machine like how they sound on Dream Theater by Dream Theater. Let the music breath guys! - Ok? Perfect sounding is not necessarily better.
Report as inappropriate
The new album...Soon I hope.
Report as inappropriate
take the time
Report as inappropriate
In the name of god
Report as inappropriate
This band was better with Mike Portnoy.
Report as inappropriate
portugal sucks
Report as inappropriate
The following is a several month gap in DT tour dates...I bet we can expect a new album to come from this break on the road.
Aug 2
Radio City South Park
Helsinki, Finland
Jan 15
Coliseu Do Porto
Porto, Portugal
Report as inappropriate
I like deep purple, but perfect strangers sucks.
Report as inappropriate
The albums I want to hear most are missing. Those would be Live at Luna Park, Chaos in Motion, and Breaking the Fourth Wall. Glad to see Live at Budokan. I wouldn’t mind hearing Live Scenes from New York again even though I am familiar with it.
Images and Words: Live in Tokyo is really good, but also missing. Then, there are always the Official Bootlegs.
Report as inappropriate
Perfect Strangers Perfect Rock Song
Report as inappropriate
For me to imagine a world without DT...Well let's just put it this way - It would be hard to imagine!
Report as inappropriate
Listening to 6:00. Awake is definitely one of their best albums.
Report as inappropriate
I am not sure, but I feel like since Portnoy left, DT has lost a lot of speed in the USA. This popularity dip does not surprise me, but I think it was time. For us long time listeners, IMHO Portnoy had been the show, but his beats were becoming increasingly stale and predictable.
Report as inappropriate
Endless Sacrifice may be the best track off of Train of Thought.
Report as inappropriate
Come on DT, where are Breaking the Fourth Wall, Live at Luna Park, and Chaos in Motion 2007-2008? – I am willing to wait forever, unless I win the lottery.
Report as inappropriate
After DT is through with their 2015 summer tour, if we are lucky, then maybe we'll get another studio album out of them. Keep up the hope!
Report as inappropriate
Awesome. Love Dream Theater Music. Listen as much as possible. All day long. All day strong.
Report as inappropriate
Dream Theater = Best music in the world!
Report as inappropriate
Been hearing a lot of Dream Theater lately from I wonder if there is a new album in the works. I am still kind of disappointed that the live show at Boston has yet to be made available to Pandora listeners. I might have purchased it, but I .don't want the DVDs, and since video must be bought with the package, I don't want it. I am in it for the music, not the staged replica.
Report as inappropriate
Listening to Octavarium on Octavarium. Rudess' ethereal keyboard takes me to some strange foreign dimension.
Report as inappropriate
Was listening to Once in a Livetime - After all these years, Ytse Jam still rocks hard!
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