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Dream Theater

The technically proficient guitar playing of John Petrucci elevated Dream Theater to the upper echelons of contemporary heavy metal. While its lineup has continuously evolved, the Long Island-based quintet has consistently delivered sharp-edged music. Dream Theater is known for its high-energy concert performances. While they've released several live albums -- Live at the Marquee, recorded at the London club; Live in Japan, recorded during the Music in Progress tour in 1993, and a triple-CD and DVD, Live Scenes from New York -- they remain one of heavy metal's most bootlegged bands.

Originally named Majesty by Berklee College of Music students Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and drummer Mike Portnoy, the band soon expanded with the addition of keyboard player Kevin Moore and vocalist Chris Collins. Releasing an eight-tune demo, Majesty Demo, as Majesty, the group sold 1,000 copies within six months. The departure of Collins in late 1986 left Majesty without a vocalist, and after a long period of auditioning possible replacements, the group settled on Charlie Dominici in November 1987. Changing its name, the group agreed on "Dream Theater," inspired by a now-demolished California movie theater. Signing with Mechanic Records, the group began working on its first full-length album. Delays caused by label mismanagement limited the group to performing at small clubs and bars. Frustrated by its experiences with the label, Dream Theater finally severed its ties with Mechanic.

This was only one drastic change in the band's course of action. Firing Dominici, the group spent the next couple years searching for a vocalist. The search ended in late 1991 when a demo tape from Canadian vocalist James LaBrie, formerly of Winter Rose, arrived. After flying to New York to audition, LaBrie was invited to join the band. Signing with Atco Atlantic (which came to be known as East West), Dream Theater released its second album, Images & Words, in 1992. One of three videos based on songs from the album, "Pull Me Under," became an MTV hit. Although Theater showed considerable growth with their third studio album, Awake, recorded between May and July 1994, the group continued to be hampered by personnel changes. Before the album was mixed, keyboardist Moore left the group to focus on his solo career. Hired as a temporary replacement for the band's Waking Up the World tour, Derek Sherinian later became a permanent member. His first recording with Dream Theater was a 23-minute epic, "A Change of Seasons," written in 1989 and released in September 1995 on the album of the same name.

Following a mini tour, Fix for '96, the members of Dream Theater separated for several months and became involved with a variety of outside projects. Petrucci was the busiest. In addition to joining Portnoy and keyboard player Jordan Rudess in the Liquid Tension Experiment -- a group that included influential bassist/stick player Tony Levin -- Petrucci played guitar with Trent Gardner's Explorers Club and made a guest appearance on Shadow Gallery's Tyranny album. Myung and Sherinian collaborated with King's X vocalist Ty Tabor in the band Platypus. LaBrie worked with Mull Muzzler, a group formed with Matt Guillory and Mike Mangini.

Dream Theater experienced yet another change when Rudess was tapped to replace Sherinian, who had been fired in 1999. The band released the progressive rock-heavy Scenes from a Memory that year, a conceptual piece that followed the story of a 1928 murder of a young woman and how a modern man is haunted by the crime. It was followed by Live Scenes from New York in 2001, which suffered from an unintentional bout with controversy when its original cover featuring the city of New York in flames was pulled due to the events of September 11. The group continued in the progressive metal vein in 2002 with Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, followed by the leaner Train of Thought in 2003 and Octavarium in 2005. The live album Score: XOX was released in 2006 and featured the band backed by a 29-piece orchestra. It was followed a year later by the new studio album Systematic Chaos, and in 2009 by Black Clouds & Silver Linings.

Sherinian went on to record as a soloist and to play with a prog and jazz fusion band, Planet X. Petrucci released an eponymously titled solo album in 2003, featuring accompaniment by Dave LaRue of the Dixie Dregs and Boston-based drummer Dave DeCenso. In late 2010, Mike Mangini joined the group, replacing drummer Mike Portnoy, who left the band in September of that year. With a rigorous touring schedule to firmly break in Mangini, Dream Theater somehow found time to record. They pre-released the track "On the Backs of Angels" to YouTube via their label, Roadrunner in June of 2011, followed by the CD release of the aptly titled full-length, A Dramatic Turn of Events, in the fall. After a period of rigorous international touring, the band took a break though its members continued writing. They reconvened in early 2013 and returned with a self-titled studio album in September -- this one with Mangini completely involved in the writing process -- followed in November with the concert recording Live at Luna Park on CD and DVD, which was recorded during the Dramatic Turn of Events tour over two nights at the Buenos Aires soccer stadium. ~ Craig Harris, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Track List: A Rite Of Passage (Radio Single)


Track List: The Enemy Inside (Single)


One of the best bands around IMO
LOVE Dream Theater
I agree dherstad.
Simply the greatest prog metal band of all time. There are none greater.
I still think Mike Portnoy ranks up there with one of the best drummers ever, especially in the hard rock./prog rock style. I was amazed in the 90s and listening now I remember why.
dream theater second only to RUSH
LOVE EM!!! musical geniuses, just not the same without portnoys writing presence. i wish they would reconcile.
I love dt a lot they are great and have a wonderful flow to there music and have a wonderful emotion they give in their songs but cobain is great also *sniff sniff* it kinda smells like teen spirit In here
John Petrucci is an amazing guitar player. These guys are awesome. Kind of suffered from all that alternative crap(Cobain) that came out. Should have been bigger. Mike Portnoy. Is a beast on the skins.
Dream theater rules!!!
bradwilder84 5
These guys are simply not human
Most amazing band ever. In and out of the studio. I have seen them 4 times before. I got to see Labrie with Mangini and others when he came out with his most recent solo album. Their guitarist put his pick in my hand WE WERE AT THE STAGE! and some woman next to me smacked it out of my hand :( arg.
Dream Theater continually impresses me with their musicianship & songwriting abilities. I'm completely obsessed with Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory.
amphibiousmo n a r c h
I agree. The vocalist doesnt quite match up with the hardcore stuff going on behind him.
Good music on first listen. . . vocalist sounds like a 16 year with a chip implanted on his shoulder.
It makes me rock out with my socks out!
Almost as good as symphony x
Dream Theater is too good. So much talent
This whole album is a fantastic journey .from beginning to the end . Could do without the gong at the end .
It's a great song.
Sounds like a Megadeath song.
Petrucci is a god!
I dont see A dramatic turn of Events listed in the selected discography. . .
My wife thinks thought that I was crazy listening to a song that was a full 23 minutes of non-stop music....unt i l she listened to the whole thing then she got hooked! Dream Theater never gets old and I can't wait for the new self titled album coming next month!!!
this music never gets old
choose_freew i l l
Somebody (bleep)ed up the lyrics to 'Panic Attack'; I have the actual album 'Octavarium'
Dream Theater is one of the few modern band flying the flag of progressive music. It's clear in their use of time changes and musical tension/cres c e n d o that they were influenced by King Crimson, Yes, ELP, 70's Genesis, and other great prog acts. Their time changes are so crisp and fluid that they sound natural. Very good musicians.
I never tire of DT's music ...
dream theater is absolutely my favorite band
Last time i saw theses guys was quite possibly the best show ever.....
Dream Theater, Queensryche, and last but very far from least Fates Warning!!!!! In-F**King Credible
undercacopho n y h i l l
Complication , changes, huge talent required and proven
i dont think there could be a bad DT song, it is only our inability to understand it. their music gets very complicated sometimes, it is actually good for fans too, improves our musicality
Changing its name, the group agreed on Dream Theater, inspired by a now-demolish e d California movie theater. This place was only a few blocks from my e d Rocky Horror every weekend for years!! Oh well, at least I can still enjoy the band!
I got to see DT with Fates Warning and Queensryche, Geoff Tate described DT as complicated people playing even more complicated music... so true. I've loved Dream Theater since I first heard them with images and words.
Hands down the most creative band in their genre my god listen to Portnoys drumming. .
umm if u know stuff about music you would know LaBrie is a great singer. He has great theory and would out sing your asses in a heart beat. His voice is what gives the instruments a voice. Idk about now cause I'm a die hard port theater fan.. IF HE CAN SING JOURNEY HES PRO NUUUBs.. I have seen them and he did great also, with Iron Maiden.
This song right here is just perfec!
I'm currently listening to the song Constant Motion, and at 4:54 to the end of the solo, JP picked more notes than are in
I wish they would play Count of Tuscany, one of their best songs ever. Seen them twice live, and they ara AMAZING !!!!!!!
Images and Words is one of those albums that change your life forever, musically speaking. Fortunally DT is one of those rare bands that can keep it going album after album. Some albums less accessable then others but all really good in different ways.
silvanus_sun i l
Listening to 'The Dying Soul' always makes my day. One of the greatest groups of all time!
Can't give these guys enough kudos! All of them are technically superior musicians. Being a bass player myself, I think John Myung doesn't get the praise he deserves... masterful! I like the song writing in the older albums better than the newer ones. Awesome band to go see live, first time I couldn't believe the perfection.
Reading all of these comments, I'm glad to see that many people feel the same way that I do about DT. All things considered, they're probably the best band to ever come together, and it'll be hard for another band to top them in the future. They're legendary, and they deserve the highest praise a band can get!
One of the most proficient, incredible bands of this generation. They never made it huge because they have fantastic vocals (which the LeBrie haters can't stand because he sings and doesn't scream). Petrucci a fantastic guitarists, whether 6 or 7 string. I once heard someone describe them as not playing music but playing math, they are so technical. The finest blend of metal/progre s s i v e / r o c k available today.
Dream Theater, is, was, and always will be my favorite band. I was crushed when Mike Portonoy left, but The new Mike is pretty good too. their music has been a huge impact on my life, and I love every bit of it!

I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert before MP left. they were Touring for Systematic Chaos with a group tour with Three, Btbam, Opeth, and DT. So it was amazing start to finish! I have never been so in awe as seeing them in person. Was amazing!
easily the most relevant, creative and talented band currently coming out of america. at the end of their time, whenever that is, i am sure we will look back and call tem one of the most important bands in the entire metal genre.
Very interesting find - discovered their Overture while following Oblivion Sun. I'm going to dig a bit deeper.
rebecca_swag g e r
Love this! Vocals are amazing.
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