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Deep Purple

Deep Purple survived a seemingly endless series of lineup changes and a dramatic mid-career shift from grandiose progressive rock to ear-shattering heavy metal to emerge as a true institution of the British hard rock community; once credited in The Guinness Book of World Records as the globe's loudest band, their revolving-door roster launched the careers of performers including Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, and Ian Gillan.

Deep Purple were formed in Hertford, England, in 1968, with an inaugural lineup that featured guitarist Blackmore, vocalist Rod Evans, bassist Nick Simper, keyboardist Jon Lord, and drummer Ian Paice. Initially dubbed Roundabout, the group was first assembled as a session band for ex-Searchers drummer Chris Curtis but quickly went their own way, touring Scandinavia before beginning work on their debut LP, Shades of Deep Purple. The most pop-oriented release of their career, the album generated a Top Five American hit with its reading of Joe South's "Hush" but otherwise went unnoticed at home. The Book of Taliesyn followed (in the U.S. only) in 1969, again cracking the U.S. Top 40 with a cover of Neil Diamond's "Kentucky Woman."

With their self-titled third LP, Deep Purple's ambitions grew, however; the songs reflecting a new complexity and density as Lord's classically influenced keyboards assumed a much greater focus. Soon after the album's release, their American label Tetragrammaton folded, and with the dismissals of Evans and Simper, the band started fresh, recruiting singer Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover from the ranks of the pop group Episode Six.

The revamped Deep Purple's first album, 1970's Concerto for Group and Orchestra, further sought to fuse rock and classical music. When the project, which was recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, was poorly received, Blackmore took creative control of the band, steering it toward a heavier, guitar-dominated approach that took full advantage of Gillan's powerful vocals. The gambit worked; 1970's Deep Purple in Rock heralded the beginning of the group's most creatively and commercially successful period. At home, the album sold over a million copies, with the subsequent non-LP single "Black Night" falling just shy of topping the U.K. pop charts. Released in 1971, Fireball was also a smash, scoring a hit with "Strange Kind of Woman."

Plans to record the follow-up at the Casino in Montreux, Switzerland, were derailed after the venue burned down during a live appearance by Frank Zappa, but the experience inspired Deep Purple's most enduring hit, the AOR staple "Smoke on the Water." The song, featured on the multi-platinum classic Machine Head, reached the U.S. Top Five in mid-1972 and positioned Deep Purple among rock's elite; the band consolidated its status with the 1973 studio follow-up Who Do We Think We Are and the hit "Woman from Tokyo." However, long-simmering creative differences between Blackmore and Gillan pushed the latter out of the group that same year, with Glover soon exiting as well. Singer David Coverdale and bassist/singer Glenn Hughes were recruited for 1974's Burn, and Gillan meanwhile formed a band bearing his own name.

After completing 1974's Stormbringer, Blackmore left Deep Purple as well, to form Rainbow with vocalist Ronnie James Dio; his replacement was ex-James Gang guitarist Tommy Bolin, who made his debut on Come Taste the Band. All the changes clearly took their toll, however, and following a farewell tour, the group dissolved in 1976. Coverdale, meanwhile, went on to form Whitesnake, and Bolin died of a drug overdose later in the year.

The classic lineup of Blackmore, Gillan, Lord, Glover, and Paice reunited Deep Purple in 1984 for a new album, the platinum smash Perfect Strangers. The House of Blue Light followed three years later, but as past tensions resurfaced, Gillan again exited in mid-1989. Onetime Rainbow vocalist Joe Lynn Turner was recruited for 1990's Slaves and Masters before Gillan again rejoined to record The Battle Rages On..., an apt title as Blackmore quit the group midway through the supporting tour, to be temporarily replaced by Joe Satriani.

In 1994, Steve Morse took over the guitar slot (fresh from a stint in Kansas), and the revitalized group returned to the studio for 1996's Purpendicular, which proved a success among the Purple faithful. Abandon followed in 1998, as well as a 1999 orchestral performance released the following year as Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Deep Purple were given the box set treatment the same year with the four-disc set Shades: 1968-1998, which collected hits, demos, live takes, and unreleased tracks from throughout the years (touching upon all of Purple's different lineups). Meanwhile, Blackmore kept himself busy after leaving the band by issuing a single album with his briefly resuscitated outfit Rainbow (1998's Stranger in Us All), before forming the Renaissance-inspired Blackmore's Night with fiancée/vocalist Candice Night.

Despite continuing lineup upheavals, Deep Purple remained active well into the 21st century. Keyboardist Lord departed the band in 2002 and issued several classical albums during the remainder of the decade; sadly, he died in 2012 after battling pancreatic cancer for nearly a year. Lord's replacement in Deep Purple during the new millennium was Don Airey, and the band issued two surprisingly strong albums with a lineup of Gillan, Glover, Paice, Morse, and Airey: 2003's Bananas and 2005's Rapture of the Deep. The late '90s and early 2000s also saw the release of many archival releases and collections preserving the band's enduring legacy (Machine Head's 25th anniversary, Friends & Relatives, Rhino's The Very Best Of, and Days May Come and Days May Go: The 1975 California Rehearsals), as well as a slew of DVDs (Total Abandon: Live Australia 1999, In Concert with the London Symphony Orchestra, Bombay Calling, and New Live & Rare). The impressive and timeless-sounding Now What?!, produced by Bob Ezrin, appeared early in 2013. Surviving members of Deep Purple came together for a tribute concert held April 4, 2014 at Royal Albert Hall that marked the 45th anniversary of when Jon Lord's "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" first debuted there. The event was chronicled on film and in two albums, Celebrating Jon Lord: The Rock Legend and Celebrating Jon Lord: The Composer, which appeared in the fall of 2014. ~ Jason Ankeny & Greg Prato
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Live At Montreux 2011

Disc 1

1. Deep Purple Overture (Live At Montreux 2011)

2. Highway Star (Live At Montreux 2011)

3. Hard Loving Man (Live At Montreux 2011)

4. Maybe I'm A Leo (Live At Montreux 2011)

5. Strange Kind Of Woman (Live At Montreux 2011)

6. Rapture Of The Deep (Live At Montreux 2011)

7. Woman From Tokyo (Live At Montreux 2011)

8. Contact Lost (Live At Montreux 2011)

9. When A Blind Man Cries (Live At Montreux 2011)

10. The Well Dressed Guitar (Live At Montreux 2011)

Disc 2

1. Knocking At Your Back Door (Live At Montreux 2011)

2. Lazy (Live At Montreux 2011)

3. No One Came (Live At Montreux 2011)

4. Don Airey Keyboard Solo (Live At Montreux 2011)

5. Perfect Strangers (Live At Montreux 2011)

6. Space Truckin' (Live At Montreux 2011)

7. Smoke On The Water (Live At Montreux 2011)

8. Hush (Live At Montreux 2011)

9. Black Night (Live At Montreux 2011)


Track List: Live At Montreux 2006

1. Pictures Of Home (Live)

2. Things I Never Said (Live)

3. Strange Kind Of Woman (Live)

4. Rapture Of The Deep (Live)

5. Wrong Man (Live)

6. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (Live)

7. When A Blind Man Cries (Live)

8. Lazy (Live)

9. Keyboard Solo (Live)

10. Space Truckin' (Live)

11. Highway Star (Live)

12. Smoke On The Water (Live)


Track List: Rapture Of The Deep (Limited Touredition)

Disc 1

1. Money Talks

2. Girls Like That

3. Wrong Man

4. Rapture Of The Deep

5. Clearly Quite Absurd

6. Don't Let Go

7. Back To Back

8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

9. Mtv

10. Junkyard Blues

11. Before Time Began

Disc 2

1. Clearly Quite Absurd (New Version)

2. Things I Never Said

3. The Well-Dressed Guitar (Studio Version)

4. Rapture Of The Deep (Live)

5. Wrong Man (Live)

6. Highway Star (Live)

7. Smoke On The Water (Live)

8. Perfect Strangers (Live)


Track List: The Very Best Of Deep Purple

1. Hush

3. Black Night

4. Speed King

5. Child In Time

6. Strange Kind Of Woman

7. Fireball

8. Demon's Eye

9. Highway Star

10. Smoke On The Water

11. Space Truckin'

12. Woman From Tokyo

13. Burn

14. Stormbringer

15. Knocking At Your Back Door


Track List: Knocking At Your Back Door (The Best Of Deep Purple In The 80's)

1. Knocking At Your Back Door

2. Bad Attitude

3. Child In Time

4. Nobody's Home

5. Black Night

6. Perfect Strangers

7. The Unwritten Law

8. Call Of The Wild

10. Smoke On The Water (Live)

11. Space Trucking (Live)


Track List: Nobody's Perfect (Live)

Disc 1

1. Highway Star (Live)

2. Strange Kind Of Woman (Live)

3. Dead Or Alive (Live)

4. Perfect Strangers (Live)

6. Bad Attitude (Live)

Disc 2

2. Lazy (Live)

3. Space Trucking (Live)

4. Black Night (Live)

5. Woman From Tokyo (Live)

6. Smoke On The Water (Live)

7. Hush (Live)


Track List: Perfect Strangers (Remaster)

1. Knocking At Your Back Door

2. Under The Gun

3. Nobody's Home

4. Mean Streak

5. Perfect Strangers

6. A Gypsy's Kiss

7. Wasted Sunsets

8. Hungry Daze

9. Not Responsible

10. Son Of Alerik


Track List: Deepest Purple: The Very Best Of Deep Purple

1. Black Night

2. Speed King

3. Fireball

4. Strange Kind Of Woman

5. Child In Time

6. Woman From Tokyo

7. Highway Star

8. Space Truckin'

9. Burn

10. Stormbringer

11. Demon's Eye

12. Smoke On The Water


Track List: Come Taste The Band

1. Comin' Home

2. Lady Luck

3. Gettin' Tighter

4. Dealer

5. I Need Love

6. Drifter

7. Love Child

10. You Keep On Moving


Track List: Stormbringer

1. Stormbringer

2. Love Don't Mean A Thing

3. Holy Man

4. Hold On

5. Lady Double Dealer

6. You Can't Do It Right (With The One You Love)

7. High Ball Shooter

8. The Gypsy

9. Soldier Of Fortune


Track List: Burn (Remastered)

1. Burn

2. Might Just Take Your Life

3. Lay Down, Stay Down

4. Sail Away

5. You Fool No One

6. What's Going On Here

7. Mistreated

8. ''A'' 200

9. Coronarias Redig (2004 Remix)

10. Burn (2004 Remix)

11. Mistreated (2004 Remix)

12. You Fool No One (2004 Remix)

13. Sail Away (2004 Remix)


Track List: Burn

1. Burn

2. Might Just Take Your Life

3. Lay Down, Stay Down

4. Sail Away

5. You Fool No One

7. Mistreated

8. "A" 200


Track List: Who Do We Think We Are

1. Woman From Tokyo

2. Maru Long

3. Super Trouper

4. Smooth Dancer

5. Rat Bat Blue

6. Place In Line

7. Our Lady


Track List: Machine Head

1. Highway Star

2. Maybe I'm A Leo

3. Pictures Of Home

4. Never Before

5. Smoke On The Water

6. Lazy

7. Space Truckin'


Track List: Fireball

1. Fireball

2. No No No

3. Strange Kind Of Woman

4. Anyone's Daughter

5. The Mule

6. Fools

7. No One Came


Track List: In Rock

1. Speed King

2. Bloodsucker

3. Child In Time

4. Flight Of The Rat

5. Into The Fire

6. Living Wreck

7. Hard Lovin' Man


Track List: Deep Purple

1. Chasing Shadows

2. Blind

3. Lalena

5. The Painter

6. Why Didn't Rosemary

7. Bird Has Flown

10. Emmaretta (Studio B-Side)

11. Emmaretta (Bbc Top Gear Session)

12. Lalena (Bbc Radio Session)

13. The Painter (Bbc Radio Session)


Track List: The Book Of Taliesyn

1. Listen, Learn, Read On

2. Wring That Neck

3. Kentucky Woman

4. (A) Exposition (B) We Can Work It Out

5. Shield

6. Anthem

8. Oh No No No (Studio Out Take)

9. It's All Over (Bbc Top Gear Session)

10. Hey Bop A Re Bop (Bbc Top Gear Session)

11. Wring That Neck (Bbc Top Gear Session)

12. Playground (Remixed Instrumental Studio Out Take)


Track List: Shades Of Deep Purple

1. And The Address

2. Hush

3. One More Rainy Day

4. Prelude: Happiness I'm So Glad

5. Mandrake Root

6. Help

7. Love Help Me

8. Hey Joe

9. Shadows (Album Out Take)


Track List: Live At Montreux 1996

1. Fireball (Live At Montreux 1996)

2. Ted The Mechanic (Live At Montreux 1996)

3. Pictures Of Home (Live At Montreux 1996)

4. Black Night (Live At Montreux 1996)

5. Woman From Tokyo (Live At Montreux 1996)

6. No One Came (Live At Montreux 1996)

7. When A Blind Man Cries (Live At Montreux 1996)

8. Hey Cisco (Live At Montreux 1996)

9. Speed King (Live At Montreux 1996)

10. Smoke On The Water (Live At Montreux 1996)

11. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming (Bonus: Montreux 2000)

12. Fools (Bonus: Montreux 2000)


Track List: Now What ?!

1. A Simple Song

2. Weirdistan

3. Out of Hand

4. Hell to Pay

5. Body Line

6. Above and Beyond

7. Blood from a Stone

8. Uncommon Man

9. Après Vous

10. All the Time in the World

11. Vincent Price


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@1979superca b :
You have that "Atwood show" on YouTube?
If not......dud e ? ! ! I think the camera used to film that show may have been the one someone passed over the wall (aluminum case) next to me (lol)!!
Report as inappropriate
Gillan was actually in & out of Purple several times over the years. "Superstar" came just after joining but probably minutes (laugh) before the 1st departure.
Report as inappropriate
Made In Japan.Enough Said........
Report as inappropriate
Km from the
Report as inappropriate
Jesus christ superstar was after gillan was in purple. On j.c.s. album it says gillan appears courtesy of puple records.
Report as inappropriate
I have the bootleg video of atwood stadium 8/18/85. My first purple show ! And have not missed a show in the detroit area since. Long live BLACKMORE!
Report as inappropriate
Before "Purple" - Ian Gillan's (lead) vocals were heard on the album "Jesus Christ Superstar"
Report as inappropriate
Congratulati o n s . Too bad Jon Lord won't be able to attend.
Report as inappropriate
My college roommate had the Machine head album, like it or not, it's imprinted somewhere in my brain.
Report as inappropriate
@chrisana8: I do appreciate that I got to see him. Especially since he pulled out of an earlier tour as the opening act for Moxy. I was really into his solo stuff at that point especially Post Toasties, Teaser and his work with Billy Cobham. Love his impact on DP. I recently played his music for my 12 year old kid pointing out how versatile and skilled he was regardless of who he was playing with. Definitely a big loss.
Report as inappropriate
Saw them a few in late 60's and early 70's. Most memorable concert was at London's Roundhouse!
Report as inappropriate
@milosdad: Consider yourself very lucky! Tommy Bolin was a rare gem-destined to be the next guitar guru, hand picked by Joe Walsh to replace him in James Gang, later replacing Blackmoore in Deep Purple. He died suddenly & the world never got a chance to know him.
Rumor has it that he was buried w/a ring removed from the hand of deceased Jimi Hendrix!
Many like me wish we had the chance to see Tommy Bolin.
Report as inappropriate
About to be 40 years since I saw DP. No Blackmore but Tommy Bolin was great. I've mentioned this before but Come Taste the Band is my second favorite DP record behind Made in Japan. Thing that stands out for me was Jon Lord's playing. He was phenomenal.
Report as inappropriate
Fukin incredible band!!!
Report as inappropriate
I saw Rainbow never Saw Deep Purple my lost one of the greatest bands ever these guys rocked
Report as inappropriate
One of the best shows I remember seeing!!
Hopped over the wall at Atwood Stadium, Flint, Mi, August 18, 1985 with a wave of others behind me! Crazy loud show!!
Report as inappropriate
Peter Paul mary
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Rockstar Rhett May will have you reminiscing on the glory days with new music video Rich B**ch. Rhett brings a driving energy to music that hasn’t been heard for decades. He utilizes every facet of experience that life has given him and this translates to him giving listeners stellar music. “Rich B**ch” is definitely sure to get you out of your chair and have you moving to the pleasant beats of nostalgia. You can watch the video on YouTube here at: http://bit.l y / R M - R i c h B i t c h .
Report as inappropriate
Saw the four times, two or three in Germany and one in Iowa City.
Report as inappropriate
I saw these guys in Mannheim, Germany on a movie theater type place, I sat up in the balcony and let me tell you, at this time it was 1969 I was in the Army, they were so loud in that tiny theater, I tried covering my ears but to no avail, Loved the show though, especially when Blackmore went off on his guitar and the strobe lights were going, Fantastic.
Report as inappropriate
You left out House of Blue Light, great check out The Spanish Archer. Blackmore goes all off.
Report as inappropriate
When you think of great 70s bands Deep Purple has to be right at the top
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
just saw them at kansas star last weekend
Report as inappropriate
just one of the best and tightest live bands ever
Report as inappropriate
Take that whammy away from him
Report as inappropriate
The absolute tap root of modern hard rock. Blackmore the best. Front row Palm Beach Aud. 1972 KILLER
Report as inappropriate
Rockstar Rhett May is a perfect fit for the modern day fans of classic rock! With experience and influences spanning the world from India to western civilization , Rhett May will make you an instant and ardent fan of Classic Rock with his very singular twist on the genre. I must say, as a fan of classic rock it makes for quite the musical journey! You can check out the music video for his anti-drug anthem “The Violence of Ice” on Youtube at: http://bit.l y / R h e t t - I C E .
Report as inappropriate
The ancestors of thrash.
Report as inappropriate
marthafiecht e r
Report as inappropriate
Made In Japan one of the greatest live albums ever recorded
Report as inappropriate
saw purple in 87' with bad company awesome show blackmore was off the hook!!! amazing show��
Report as inappropriate
edwardj1954- p a n d o r a
Report as inappropriate
Yip purple rocks ,especially when you sit front ROW !!!! Yo
Report as inappropriate
sandymcleod1 7
Report as inappropriate
In the latest issue of Classic Rock David Coverdale hinted that we may get to hear Ritchie plugged in again. Cross your fingers.
Report as inappropriate
Perfect Strangers, , great f**kin tune. Luv this whole album... ROCK ON EVERYONE
Report as inappropriate
seen them in 87 at the Texas jam, freaking loudest thing I ever heard d
Report as inappropriate
I am very happy to have this station for me please don't stop having it for keep it up for good or for ever thank you and god bless.
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Report as inappropriate
Smoke on MY CITY? Damn this Baltimore leader bleedership.
Report as inappropriate
Saw Deep Purple in '72, shortly after Machine Head was released. I hadn't heard the album but had heard this track - Highway Star. Blackmore played with even more energy than he does on record and that to me is worth more than the price of admission. They opened for The Faces w/Rod Stewart. A stellar show.
Report as inappropriate
Like this song so much brings back a
Lotta good memories when Destiny brought them together
Report as inappropriate
Report as inappropriate
Do these guy still tour?
Report as inappropriate
Considered in the 70s as the loudist and purist rock concerts uv all time.well plus Ted Nugent.aweso m e . f * * k uuuuuuu
Report as inappropriate
Come Taste the Band! Underrated, funky, moody and just a great listen. Still have it on vinyl and it's always a treat to give it a spin.
Report as inappropriate
Love me some Deep Purple rock on Ritchie Jon Ian Roger and Ian
Report as inappropriate
Love this song off of perfect strangers
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