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Dallas Holm

A veteran in the Contemporary Christian Music community, Dallas Holm has been using his talents in the service of the Lord since the mid-'60s. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota on November 5, 1948, Holm started playing in local rock bands in his mid-teens. As Holm put it, when he was 16, "One night the pastor of our church sat down and talked with me about my life, my goals, and Jesus. On October 17, 1965, I committed my life and my music to the Lord. I've never looked back." Soon Holm was performing Christian music at local revival events, as well as playing on street corners, in jails, and anywhere he felt he could reach lost souls. After attending bible college, Holm served as a youth pastor before he began working with well-known evangelist David Wilkerson. During his ten years with Wilkerson, Holm made music an important part of his message, releasing his self-titled debut album in 1970. In 1976, he formed a Christian pop group, Dallas Holm & Praise. In 1978, Holm debuted his best known song, "Rise Again," which won the Dove Award as Song of the Year, while Holm was named Songwriter of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year, and Praise was awarded Mixed Group of the Year. In 1980, Holm once again won the Dove for Male Vocalist of the Year, while All That Matters by Dallas Holm & Praise took home the trophy for Best Pop/Contemporary Album. 1980 also saw Holm founding his own ministry in Texas as he continued to record and make personal appearances on a regular basis. Between 1970 and 2005, Holm released 34 albums, either as a solo act, with Praise, or in collaboration with other CCM artists, and he's embraced styles ranging from adult contemporary and country to blues and reggae. In 2007, Holm was inducted into the Texas Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame followed suit in 2012. ~ Mark Deming
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Completely Taken In

1. Set Your Mind On Things Above

2. Completely Taken In

3. I Have Hope

4. Your Love Comes To Me

5. Get A Life

6. Come On In

7. If All I Ever Knew

8. One Lord (Over All Of Us)

9. Walk On The Water

10. Though You Slay Me

11. I'd Rather Have Jesus


Track List: Signature Songs

1. Chain Of Grace

2. Rise Again

3. A Broken Heart

4. He Means All To Me

5. Saved, Saved, Saved

6. I Saw The Lord

7. Love In My Heart

8. At My Worst (You Found Me)

9. Worth The Waiting

10. Completely Taken In


Track List: Dallas Holm (Live)

1. Hey, I'm A Believer

2. Front Seat, Back Seat

3. He Means All To Me

4. Jesus, I'm An Open Book

5. Thank You Jesus

6. If I Had It To Do All Over Again

7. Let My Light Shine

8. Rise Again

9. He Knew Me Then

10. Come Unto Jesus


Track List: Face Of Mercy

1. Face Of Mercy

2. Strength

3. When We Worship Him

4. Man From Galilee

5. Face To Face

6. We've Got It Made

7. To The Glory

8. I'll Fight For You

9. The Good Samaritan

10. This Too Shall Pass


Track List: Early Works

1. Losing Game

2. I Can't Wait

3. Didn't He Shine

4. I've Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken

5. A Broken Heart

6. Looking Back

7. Here We Are

8. I Saw The Lord

9. Jesus Is A River Of Love

10. Hittin' The Road

11. I've Never Been Out Of His Care

12. Jesus Gotta Hold Of My Life

13. Saved, Saved, Saved

14. What Will You Do?

15. Rise Again


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Love Dallas Holm. I used to bring him into my church when he was touring.
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Yeah, I don't know what Bil Carpenter is talking about!

I've always loved Dallas Holm's music! I wish his early albums were available on CD!
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bonniesheaff e r
I agree with the statement below. Play more of Dallas Holm
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You are all correct and Bill Carpenter you are so dead wrong. Dallas is not flat, restrained or undistinctiv e . Rather he is spirit filled and led by God in his music and the writing of. He is a true disciple of Christ in over 40 years in the ministry he has never lost his focus or the ability to give God the glory through his music. My brother went to Bible College with Dallas and I will never forget when he brought home a cassette tape of Dallas and we are still listening to his music.
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I love Dallas Holms music and would like to hear more of his music. Thank you and God Bless.
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I also would like Pandora to play more of Dallas Holm's albums
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I also would like Pandora to play more of Dallas Holm's albums
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I also would like Pandora to play more of Dallas Holm's albums
Report as inappropriate
I love Dallas Holm and I love this station. I just wish they would play songs from more of his albums.
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Greg, he's not a screamer so he automaticall y is considered boring. I'll take Dallas Holm over most of the screeching pop/rock singers any day.
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gbwhitewarri o r
I take issue with who ever wrote above that Dallas is flat as as a singer whoever wrote that doesn't know music, Dallas has always been known for his variety in his voice range. He is the best singer and song writer I have ever heard.
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gbwhitewarri o r
I REALLY TAKE ISSUE WITH WHO EVER WROTE DALLASS DESCRIPTION HERE ON PANDORA THAT DALLAS IS FLAT!you obviously do not know music his range is higher than almost any ever and he is the best song writer and singer I have ever heard.
Report as inappropriate
Since the late 70's I have enjoyed Dallas Holm and his music. One of my first solos that I ever preformed in a church was with one of his songs, "Here We Are". It inspired me to use at the beginning of every concert our group and I ever did. Dallas' ministry and love for his Lord has inspired us all and I ask the Father to keep on blessing him for his dedication.
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My family and I attended a live concert by Dallas on Camp Pendleton near Oceanside Ca. many years ago. What a voice and man of God.
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I believe he is truly blessed and his music has carried me through hard times. I have all his music.
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Dallas Holm and his Rise Again is undoubtedly the most moving
and beautiful song I have ever heard this man loves the Lord in his every word jody
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I heard a song of his from around 1980 that says Jesus means all to me, which was one of the best voices I ever heard in my life!
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But I love his music it is wonderful and easy on the ears and is way better than most contemporary Christian now days
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Just because his music is anointed it does not mean he is
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One of my all time favorite Christian singers!!! His love for Jesus, The Father and The Blessed Holy Spirit comes through his music in a way that reaches out to your very soul! He is truly one of Our Lord's beloved children!!! I am very grateful for his walk with The Lord and his unfailing witness!!!!
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Dallas Holm & Praise Has been the greatest ministry in my life Spirit led calling the Lost back into the Arms of Jesus I started playing Guitar because when i hear his music i was touched forever now 40 years of Dallas Holm I st ill cry with the words of wisdom in his songs God Bless Dallas Holo
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I agree with everyone except Bill Carpenter! I also gave my life to the Lord at one of his concerts in 1981 after hearing Rise Again. I give my life to Him all over again every time I hear that song. Dallas' pure love of our Lord and true commitment to Him are what carry his songs and fame. There's nothing unrestrained , undistinctiv e or flat about that! I'm very thankful for his ministry.
Report as inappropriate
Wow did he get that wrong I have been listening to him for over 30 years and have all of his albums and have never gotten tired of him. He is one of the greats.
Report as inappropriate
this man of
God is truly a classic!! he has blessed so many with his songs!
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Dallas Holm is awesome! I came to accept the Lord at one of his concerts in 1978. His songs are so pure and simple. My favorite time of listening to him was when he had Praise as his background group back in the late 70s and early 80s. LaDonna Johnson from that group had a wonderful voice too !!!
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right on Trudy B.
Report as inappropriate
I beg to differ, Bill Carpenter!! Dallas Holm is most definately not restrained, undistinctiv e or flat. He was and is one of the superstars of contemporary Christian music. I have seen him many times in person, and he is a true entertainer with incredible talent. But more than that, he is a true Christian, who uses his talent to bring glory to God. Pandora, please correct that wrong description.
Report as inappropriate
I first saw Dallas Holm shortly after his conversion, when he ministered with David Wilkerson. He was an inspiration then; and he has remained pure and unstained by fame and success, which I cannot say about almost everyone else in the Christian music industry. What Pandora criticizes in him is actually what makes him stand out as one whose purpose is still to worship, and not to sell records,
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took the words right out of my mouth donnalpurcel l
Report as inappropriate
donnalpurcel l
Restrained, undistinctiv e and flat ?????? Have you even listened to him?
Dallas Holm is a Classic, with a very Distinctive voice that I would recognize anywhere. A million times better and anointed than the current whiners that are out there now. He is the real deal.
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My first date with my husband in 1981 was a Dallas Holm concert. Have loved him ever! He is the real deal.
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First time I saw and heard him was at the Christian Book Sellers convention 1974. His music touched my heart and soul.
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This guy is awesome, he is so anointed I first saw him at Heckscher Drive Baptist Church. His music so touches the heart the Holy Spirit communicates through him is such a powerful and mighty way, I agree with fr ank would like to find words and music.
Report as inappropriate
I have personally met this artist and he is the real deal. I have always appreciated the way the Holy Spirit communicates through his singing. There is a certain album I reach for when I am in need of physical healing, because of the peace that it brings me.
Report as inappropriate
Love his music and have seen several concerts, how about his new "Good News Blues"? Would like to find words and music.
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I would love to see his old school Jesus music up here...Rise Again, Song of the Sinner...
Report as inappropriate
I agree with iamanantique m a n 2 . The description of Dallas Holm's vocals is off base. There is a power and grace is his sound. He has some very powerful albums from back in the 80s that are transformati v e .
Report as inappropriate
I have enjoyed this artist's anointed music for over thirty years. I wish he would do an exclusive praise & worship project.
Report as inappropriate
alltime favorite!I Heard a tape of him when I first came to the Lord back in the late 80s. I have always felt He is an anointed singer.
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iamanantique m a n 2
Why don't I have more Dallas Holm music on my Dallas Holm "station"?
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iamanantique m a n 2
I take issue with the writer's description of Dallas Holm's singing style:"undis t i n c t i v e , flat vocal style". I find Dallas' singing refreshingly uncluttered with gimics - restraint is not a "bad" quality to have. Dallas is a psalmist whose praises to his God allows me to praise along with him. His concerts are small venue and intimate and welcome the Holly Spirit to grace and bless the gathering. Jane in Wharton
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I agree with Bobbie! I have seen him several times and attended a writing workshop with him in the 90's. He inspired me tremendously !
Report as inappropriate
Pandora describes his voice as 'flat and undistinctiv e ' - I call it pure and unassuming but passionate and makes the message clear without a lot of frills - he doesn't dedicate the song to his voice, he dedicates his voice to the song. Love him and his writing..... . .
Report as inappropriate
Pandora really needs to add more Dalla Holm music. I saw him in concert back in the early 90's. I have loved him ever since.
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I think I saw him when I was a teenager ... I saw a band called Dallas Holm and praise back in the 80's when this couple was trying to witness to me ....
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