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Dale Watson

A staunch adherent of old-style honky tonk and Bakersfield country, Dale Watson has positioned himself as a tattooed, stubbornly independent outsider only interested in recording authentic country music. As a result, he hasn't become a major star, but his music has been championed by numerous critics and has earned him a fervently loyal fan base.

Watson was born in Alabama in 1962 but spent his teenage years near Houston, and he grew to think of Texas as his true home state. His father and brother were both musically inclined, and he began writing his own songs at age 12, making his first recording two years later. After graduating from high school, he spent seven years playing local clubs and honky tonks. He moved to Los Angeles in 1988 on the advice of Rosie Flores and soon joined the house band at North Hollywood's now-legendary alt-country venue the Palomino Club. He recorded two singles for Curb in 1990, "One Tear at a Time" and "You Pour It On," and appeared on the third volume of the compilation series A Town South of Bakersfield in 1992. Not long after, he moved to Nashville and spent some time writing songs for the Gary Morris publishing company.

Watson didn't find commercial country much to his taste, and he relocated to the more progressive-minded scene in Austin, Texas, where he formed a backing band called the Lone Stars. He scored a deal with Hightone Records and released his debut album, Cheatin' Heart Attack, in 1995. It was greeted with enormous acclaim for the vitality Watson brought to his vintage-style material and performances and also featured a witty dig at mainstream country in "Nashville Rash." Follow-up Blessed or Damned appeared in 1996 and continued in a similar vein, as did 1997's I Hate These Songs. His next release, The Truckin' Sessions, appeared on Koch in 1998 and was devoted entirely to that distinct country subgenre of truck-driving songs.

Unfortunately, that album was almost his last. In 2000, Watson's fiancée was killed in an automobile accident; devastated, he attempted to drown his sorrows in booze and drugs and nearly died of an overdose shortly after Christmas. He wound up checking himself into a mental institution to recover and re-emerged later in 2001 with the deeply sorrowful tribute Every Song I Write Is for You, which appeared on Audium, Koch's new country imprint. A couple of lower-key releases followed, the holiday album Christmas in Texas (2001) and Live in London, England (2002). In 2004, with his heart still on his sleeve but possessing a thicker skin, Watson released Dreamland.

Watson was inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame in 2005, but took a break from music for most of the year, moving to Maryland in order to spend more time with his daughters. He was back playing gigs in Austin by 2006, and a documentary on Watson, Crazy Again, premiered at SXSW that year. Directed by Zalman King (who at one time hoped to star Watson in a drama about country music that was never produced), the film charted Watson's mental breakdown following the death of his fiancée.

A new full-length, From the Cradle to the Grave, came out in 2007, along with a second album, The Little Darlin' Sessions. The Truckin' Sessions, Vol. 2 appeared in 2009 from Hyena Records; a box set, 2014's The Truckin' Sessions Trilogy, featured the first two Truckin' albums along with a third disc, which received a stand-alone release as The Truckin' Sessions, Vol. 3 in 2015. The year 2010 saw the release of Carryin' On, which featured session players active in the '50s and '60s, the era so beloved by Watson. With his road band, the Lone Stars, he released El Rancho Azul on Red House Records in 2012. Watson and the Lone Stars continued to deliver their honky tonk sound on another Red House release, Call Me Insane, in 2015. ~ Steve Huey
full bio

Selected Discography


Track List: Under The Influence

1. Lonely Blue Boy

2. You're Humbuggin' Me

3. Lucille

4. Made In Japan

5. That's What I Like About The South

6. Here In Frisco

7. Wine

8. Pure Love

9. I Don't Want To Go Home

10. Most Wanted Woman In Town

11. If You Want To Be My Woman

12. Long Black Veil


Track List: Call Me Insane

1. A Day At A Time

2. Bug Ya For Love

3. Burden Of The Cross

4. Everybody’s Somebody In Luchenbach, Texas

5. Crocodile Tears

6. Jonesin’ For Jones

7. I’m Through Hurtin’

8. Call Me Insane

9. Heaven’s Gonna Have A Honky Tonk

10. Tienes Cabeza De Palo

11. I Owe It All To You

12. Forever Valentine

13. Hot Dang

14. Mama’s Don’t Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies


Track List: Truckin' Sessions Trilogy

Disc 1

1. Good Luck "N' Good Truckin' Tonite

2. Big Wheels Keep Rollin'

3. Heaven In Baltimore

4. Have You Got It On

5. Makin' Up Time

6. Flat Tire

7. Drag Along & Tag Along

8. Exit 109

9. Help Me Joe

10. ...Loose Nut Behind The Wheel

11. You've Got A Long Way To Go

12. Longhorn Suburban

13. I'm Fixin' To Have Me A Breakdown

14. I Gotta Get Home To My Baby

Disc 2

1. Drag 'N' Fly

2. Jack's Truck Stop And Cafe

3. Truck Stop In La Grange

4. 41916

5. Yankee Doodle Jean

6. Hey Driver

7. Hero

8. I Got To Drive

9. Truckin' Man

10. Me And Freddie And Jake

11. Truckin' Queen

12. Let This Trucker Go

13. No Help Wanted

14. Texas Boogie

Disc 3

1. It's Been A Long Truckin Day

2. Suicide Sam

3. Phillip At The Station

4. Freewheelin

5. I Live On Truckin' Time

6. I Gotta Keep On Keeping On

7. Texas Armadillo

8. Birmingham Breakdown

9. I'm A Truckin

10. Big T

11. Lugnut Larry

12. Kitty Liang

13. We're Truckin Along

14. 10-100


Track List: From The Start

1. All She Has To Do Is Cry

2. Burning In My Mind

3. Cheatin' Heart Attack

4. Heavens Gonna Have A Honky Tonk

5. Hot Dang

6. I Help On To My Pride And Let Her Go

7. If It's Over Say It's Over

8. Lists Of Reasons

9. Looks Like This Life Is Catchin' Up With Me

10. On Memory At A Time

11. That's The Day

12. Unspoken Kind


Track List: If You

1. If You

2. Sayonara Sucka

3. I'll See Ya Never

4. I'm So Done With You

5. Adios

6. Don't Let The Screen Door Hit Ya


Track List: El Rancho Azul

1. I Lie When I Drink

2. Where Do You Want It?

3. I Drink To Remember

4. Cowboy Boots

5. We're Gonna Get Married

6. Daughter's Wedding Song

7. Quick Quick Slow Slow

8. Slow Quick Quick

9. Give Me More Kisses

10. Drink Drink Drink

11. I Can't Be Satisfied

12. I Hate To Drink Alone

13. Smokey Old Bar

14. Thanks To Tequila


Track List: Dalevis

1. Big Frank

2. I Love You Too Much

3. That's All

4. It Was Us

5. Lord I'm Proud

6. Color Me Gone

7. Forever Valentine

8. Rich In Love

9. You Can't Undo The Wrong

10. I'm Gonna Start Livin'

11. You'll Cry Too

12. Hit The Road


Track List: Carryin' On

1. Carryin' On This Way

2. Hey Brown Bottle

3. Flowers In Your Hair

4. You're Always On My Mind

5. Ain't That Livin'

6. Heart Of Stone

7. I'll Show Ya

8. How To Break Your Own Heart

9. For A Little While

10. Whatever

11. Your Love I'm Gonna Miss

12. Don't Wanna Go Home Song

13. Hello, I'm An Old Country Song


Track List: Truckin' Sessions Vol, 2

1. Drag 'n' Fly

2. Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe

3. Truckstop In La Grange

4. 104

5. Yankee Doodle Jean

6. Hey Driver

7. Hero

8. I Go To Drive

9. Truckin' Man

10. Me And Freddie And Jake

11. Truckin' Queen

12. Let This Trucker Go

13. No Help Wanted

14. Texas Boogie


Track List: Help Your Lord

1. Runnin' For Jesus

2. The Lord's Callin' Me

3. The Wheat And The Weeds

4. Hey There Sinner

5. There's A Little Jonah In Us All

6. Help Your Lord

7. Without Jesus

8. How Deep Is His Love

9. I'm Gonna Take My Cross Up

10. Alone, Alone, Alone

11. Few Are Chosen

12. Wayside, Rocks, Thorns Or Good Ground


Track List: From The Cradle To The Grave

1. Justice For All

2. It's Not Over Now

3. Time Without You

4. Hollywood Hillbilly

5. You Always Get What You Always Got

6. From The Cradle To The Grave

7. Why Oh Why Live A Lie

8. Yellow Mama

9. Tomorrow Never Comes

10. Runaway Train


Track List: The Little Darlin' Sessions

1. Touch My Heart

2. Down On The Corner (At A Bar Called Kelly's)

3. Jukebox Charlie

4. Big Town Baby

5. Lovin' Machine

6. If I'm Gonna Sink

7. I Don't Need A Bottle

8. Apartment #9

9. I Never Had The One That I Wanted

10. Everything You Touch Turns To Hurt

11. The Pint Of No Return

12. He Thought He'd Die Laughing

13. Memory Crossing

14. Late And Great Me

15. Wherever You Are


Track List: Live At Newland, NL

Disc 1

1. Honky Tonkers

2. Makin' Up Time (Live)

3. You Pour Salt In The Wounds

4. Heaahh!!!

5. I'm Wondering

6. Luther

7. Whiskey Or God (Live)

8. 38-21-34

9. Made In Japan

10. Wine Wine Wine (Live)

11. Yellow Mama (Live)

12. I Think Of You

13. Exit 109 (Live)

Disc 2

1. I See Your Face

2. Gone, Gone, Away Pretty Girls Never Stay

3. Tequila And Teardrops (Live)

4. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am

5. Hair Of The Dog

6. South Of Round Rock Texas (Live)

7. No Help Wanted (Live)

8. A Real Country Song (Mr. DJ) (Live)

9. I Ain't Been Right (Live)

10. Way Down Texas Way (Live)

11. My Heart Is Yours (Live)

12. Nashville Rash (Live)


Track List: Whiskey Or God

1. Sit And Drink And Cry

2. Whiskey Or God

3. I Don't Feel Too Lucky Today

4. No Help Wanted

5. My Heart Is Yours

6. It Hurts So Good

7. Truckin' Queen (I Got My Night Gown On...)

8. Darlin' Look At Me Now

9. I Wish I Was Crazy Again

10. I Ain't Been Right, Since I've Been Left

11. Tequila And Teardrops

12. 38..21..34

13. Outta Luck

14. Heeah!!


Track List: Dreamland

1. Honky Tonkers Don't Cry

2. Ain't A Cow In Texas

3. Love At First Sight

4. I Wish You'd Come Around

5. California Wine

6. Never Ever

7. Dreamland

8. Fox On The Run

9. Way Down Texas Way

10. She Don't Care

11. I Don't Rock No Cradle

12. Pretty Girls


Track List: Live In London...England!

1. Intro (Live)

2. A Real Country Song (Live)

3. I Can't Be Satisfied (Live)

4. Ain't That Livin' (Live)

5. In The Jailhouse Now (Live)

6. Mam's Hungry Eyes (Live)

7. Another Day, Another Dollar (Live)

8. Legends (What If...) (Live)

9. Bright Lights And Blonde-Haired Women (Live)

10. Heart Of Stone (Live)

11. Nashville Rash (Live)

12. Lee's Liquor Lounge (Live)

13. I Hate These Songs (Live)

14. Turn Off The Jukebox (Live)

15. You Are My Friend (Live)

16. How To Break Your Own Heart (Live)

17. Country My A** (Live)

18. I Got Stripes (Live)

19. A Couple Of Beers Ago (Live)

20. No Fussin', No Cussin' (Live)

21. Closing/Call It A Night (Live)


Track List: Best Of The Hightone Years

1. Hey Driver

2. You Lie

3. Caught

4. Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint

5. Cheatin' Heart Attack

6. Blessed Or Damned

7. Nashville Rash

8. Truckin' Man

9. Tell 'Em I Ain't Here

10. Pity Party

11. I Hate These Songs

12. Cowboy Lloyd Cross

13. Truckstop In La Grange


Track List: Every Song I Write Is For You

1. Every Song I Write Is For You

2. You're The Best Part Of Me

3. I'd Deal With The Devil

4. One More For Her

5. I See Your Face In Every Face I See

6. If I Knew Then What I Know Now

7. Your Love I'm Gonna Miss

8. Money Can't Buy Her Love

9. I See My Future

10. Our First Times And Our Last Times

11. Hey Chico

12. Angel In My Dreams

13. I Can't Let You Go

14. These Things We'll Never Do


Track List: The Truckin' Sessions

1. Good Luck 'N' Truckin' Tonite

2. Big Wheels Keep Rollin'

3. Heaven In Baltimore

4. Have You Got It On

5. Makin' Up Time

6. Flat Tire

7. Drag Along & Tag Along

8. Exit 109

9. Help Me Joe

10. ...Loose Nut Behind The Wheel

11. You've Got A Long Way To Go

12. Longhorn Suburban

13. I'm Fixin To Have Me A Breakdown

14. I Gotta Get Home To My Baby


Track List: I Hate These Songs

1. Jack's Truck Stop & Cafe

2. Wine Don't Lie

3. Hair Of The Dog

4. I Hate These Songs

5. That's Pride

6. I Won't Say Goodbye

7. Leave Me Alone

8. I Think Of You

9. Take A Look At Your Neighbor

10. Life Is Messy

11. Ball & Chain

12. Count On You

13. Pity Party

14. Hey Driver


Track List: Blessed Or Damned

1. Truckin' Man

2. Honkiest Tonkiest Beer Joint

3. Blessed Or Damned

4. Cowboy Lloyd Cross

5. A Real Country Song

6. Poor Baby

7. It's Over Again

8. Fly Away

9. It's All Behind Us Now

10. That's What I Like About Texas

11. Everyone Knew But Me

12. Sweet Jessie Brown

13. Truckstop In La Grange

14. Shortcut To The Streets Of Gold


Track List: Cheatin' Heart Attack

1. List Of Reasons

2. Caught

3. She Needs Her Mama

4. That's The Day

5. Cheatin' Heart Attack

6. South Of Round Rock, Texas

7. Tonite, All Day Long

8. Nashville Rash

9. Wine, Wine, Wine

10. You Lie

11. Tell'em I Ain't Here

12. Holes In The Wall

13. Texas Boogie

14. Don't Be Angry


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dougcandtheb l a c k l i s t e d
Go DALE!! It was great meeting ya in Austin !!! - catch ya when you roll back WEST !!

your pals Doug C and the Blacklisted
Report as inappropriate
I am so glad I found him on Pandora! His music reminds me of the country I grew up with! I would love to see him live, if he ever comes to the Washington DC/Baltimore MD area.
Report as inappropriate
he blessed us in MT with a few shows and he is awesome! Not the crap you hear as country music these days.
Report as inappropriate
I heard Dale Watson sing for the first time in Pandora, I was like who is that? His music is awesome, after listening to him sing and play in Pandora and You Tube for a few years, I decided to take the time and and attend a live show, wow, what a treat! He takes the time to meet his fans and makes them feel welcome, his band is is one of the best, when the going get's hard I listen to Dale Watson!
Report as inappropriate
Recently saw Dale Watson and the Lone Stars perform at the Broken Spoke and the show was monster good. I love the way he embraces the crowd and his cool Lone Star Beer Commercials that he intersperses through out the performance. He has such a command of the stage and his guitar work is superb and all of the band members are top notch musicians. Thank you Dale Watson, may your days be filled with love and joy, Happy trails to you.
Report as inappropriate
I was at a concert at the BackStage in Ballard, WA. Shortly after the "Cheating Heart Attack"had come out. I sat just under the shadows and he kept looking out where I was seated, shocked to believe someone from way up here would know his music!!!!

Report as inappropriate
Saw him at Riley's Tavern once, and he made up a song on the spot. We didn't even know until he finished and he told us he just came up with it as he went along. This man is a songwriting beast.
Report as inappropriate
Good Song Amen ❤
Report as inappropriate
Real life, actual country music! Awesome! Thanks Pandora.
Report as inappropriate
Shame he's not treated better by Nashville and it's mainstream.
Report as inappropriate
The champion of Ameripolitan music!
Report as inappropriate
One of the LAST true Honky Tonkers!!!
Report as inappropriate
phoenixmommy 5 4 8
What a great Singer.
Report as inappropriate
Love your music friends with Wendy Gorden seen you in Aussee land when you were here glad all is well with you sound great TERRI
Report as inappropriate
This guy is the Real Deal what country should sound like, and not like the generic watered down rock crap that Nashville is producing today, which I don't listen to anymore!
Report as inappropriate
Dale keeps the music real. Nashville has sold out to crap. I respect Dale for not selling out. I was listening to Dale play at Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon one night when a man offered him $100 to sing a Garth Brooks song. Dale refused to play Garth Brooks for any amount of money and told the man to keep his money. The world needs more people like Dale Watson.
Report as inappropriate
Country Singer...... . . . . h e s got more talent in one toe than the all the pop singers in Nashville has put together.
Report as inappropriate
Austin City Limits put Dale on my map. Thanks ACL for showcasing this great country singer/song writer.
Report as inappropriate
Just heard this on Austin City limits, I plead ignorance, never heard of Watson before, but I love this sound. Great steel guitar !!!
Report as inappropriate
Shades Merle H. Now this COUNTRY!..Gr e a t Band. Love the steel.
Report as inappropriate
davidbernal3 2
I'm so mad I haven't discovered him earlier. He is awesome in person, so much personality and a true joy to listen to. He is now my favorite country singer! Congrats Dale - Austin City Limits show was the best.
Report as inappropriate
Dale played at my son's wedding in Austin a few years ago. My wife and I became instant fans, as did most everyone at the reception. We live in the Midwest, but try to see him in person anytime he passes within a couple hundred miles of us.
Report as inappropriate
Dale is the best! I always look forward to Saturday night dances at the Broken Spoke, and after the dance, I start looking forward to the next time. His voice is deep and rich, and full of sincerity. His sound portrays the essence of real honky tonk music. His shows are never quite the same, but always entertaining . Keep it up Dale! We love ya!
Report as inappropriate
Dale is one of the new breed of outlaws bucking the system and doing it their way.

Never stop doing it because it's what we all want to hear!
Report as inappropriate
waltermcalli s t e r
Love Cheatin' Heart Attack
Report as inappropriate
Dale is solid classic country to the core, and damned nice guy as well. One time at a Dale Watson show only makes you want more, more, more. He also has an uncanny ability to remember people, faces, places, dates, and that helps him connect with his fans even more. Here's to you, Dale! Keep 'em coming.
Report as inappropriate
Dale is old school. Love this music. Haven't been back to the Broken Spoke since I saw him there 14 years ago.
Report as inappropriate
Love me some Dale Watson!!!
Report as inappropriate
I remember his dad Don Watson talking about him and my dad Wesley Caraway talking about him making good music my dad told me stories about the adventures he and they had Dad passed 7/28/10
Report as inappropriate
A friend of mine in texas turned me on to Dale...he's even cool to a northern boy like me!
Report as inappropriate
Goin' to see Dale at Railroad Blues tonight in Alpine, TX. Been missin' him ever since I left Austin.
Report as inappropriate
Saw him at Kendalia Dance Hall last night. Great non-stop country dance music from a great band.
Report as inappropriate
yes...i am sad to say i had never heard of him til about a week mom hadn't either and she loves old outlaw i s is what country should sound like...a real country song by him is is country my a$$
Report as inappropriate
ypus is real country. He didn't sell out.
Report as inappropriate
I can't believe I haven't heard of this man until now. Thank you World Cafe!
Report as inappropriate
Go see him live...a genuine showman with a great sound from his very simple band of 4 guys.
Report as inappropriate
mnbmeadplusf o u r
Sad to say, but I'd never heard of this guy. I like his style. Too bad mainstream country doesn't sound much like this anymore.
Report as inappropriate
Can't wait till he's back rockin the Sportsmen's in Buffalo NY. all top 40 nashville sucks
Report as inappropriate
I saw Dale in Freeport, Maine. That was the first that I had heard of him. He and the Lonestars are a great band and very entertaining . I even met them after and I'm looking forward to seeing them in Bangor Maine in August.
Report as inappropriate
I have finally got to this site. But Dale Watson is absolutely awesome, I just got back from Texas two days ago. I was only familliar with him from seeing his name on satelitte radio. But i heard of the broken spoke in austin and wanted to check it out. Luckily we were able to catch him there two times at the spoke. it was the absolute best (real old school honky tonk style) live country music i have EVER seen. he is so legit and promised to the old school country it is awesome. friendly 2
Report as inappropriate
His voice reminds me a bit of John Conlee and like Conlee this man is an artist and stylist. Plus he hangs out with Bill Kirchen!
Report as inappropriate
I totally agree with djjaillet.
Report as inappropriate
awesome artist i love his style,we need
more of these guys around cause todays country music is nothing but bubble gum GARBAGE
Report as inappropriate
crockett.hal l
I had the chance to see and hear him play at the Broken Spoke (Austin TX.) Thought I had died and gone to Honky Tonk heaven. What a blast. To see a a traditional band with a steel slide guitar was quite a treat. Dale was an impeccable entertainer with a great stage presence and what a voice! If you ever get to Austin, go to the Broken Spoke and watching him play.
Report as inappropriate
ccandwater20 0 3
I agree, he is GREAT live! So talented. He has one of the most amazing voices around. And he is a nice and genuine person - he will always talk to and take photos with every fan. I like that too.
Report as inappropriate
He ROCKS and is fantastic live!!! How refreshing.. wish there more, more, more songs from him!!
Report as inappropriate
Dale Watson is definitely a leader in bringing traditional country music back to the mainstream of country music.
Report as inappropriate
Dale Watson has a great voice,low and strong,never heard of him before,sound s pretty good,like his "Big Wheels" that keep rolling is a good song..nice
Report as inappropriate
this is what country music is suppose to sound like. Dale like so many others went to Texas. Damn shame Nashville don't play this kind anymore. I guess we true country fans are a dying breed.
Report as inappropriate
If it aint country music by Dale Watson what is it? I say pure country the best.
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