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Clint Brown

In the vein of Ron Kenoly, Tommy Walker, and Alvin Slaughter, Clint Brown belongs to a short list of worship leaders who have mixed CCM and contemporary gospel stylings in their corporate songs of praise. Brown got his start playing the trumpet and as the drum major for his high school's marching band. After graduation, his father got him a job as a natural gas pipeline mechanic, a position he left shortly after because it didn't jibe with his musical spirit. He decided to become a traveling church musician, a vocation that would lead him to share the stage with various black instrumentalists. In his travels, he visited Pastor Rod Parsley's World Harvest Church, a megachurch in Columbus, OH, where he would go on to hold the title of music director for six years. Following God's leading, Brown moved to Orlando in 1992 and planted FaithWorld Church, a multi-ethnic congregation that in time grew to a membership of more than 6,000 from over 30 different countries. Yearly, FaithWorld hosts the Judah Music Conference, a teaching series of seminars and workshops aimed at educating churches statewide on the basics of worship, leadership, and ministry. In his years as a worship leader, Brown has recorded more than a dozen albums and composed hundreds of praise songs for the church, including popular contemporary anthems "Say the Name," "I Wanna Be More Like You," "You Are," and "Lord I Live." In addition, his songs have been picked up by several mainstays of gospel, CCM, and praise & worship music, including Kenoly, Vickie Winans, Martha Munizzi, Beverly Crawford, Marcos Witt, and Paul S. Morton. ~ Andree Farias, Rovi
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Selected Discography


Love his music. ..God bless you Pastor Brown
He is my Pastor and gives a tremendous word of revelation that keeps on giving. He is soulful and down to earth. I can best describe him as a black, non denomination a l , contemporary pastor filled with God's spirit in a white man's body.....He reaches, preaches and teaches to masses.
I love you Pastor Clint Brown, and have been singing your songs before I knew you.
gwendolynwal k e r 5 4
I was a member of World Harvest when he became our Praise and Worship Minister. I left before he did to serve God's people as a Pastor. His music ushered me into God's presence then. But more importantly, it ushers my congregation into His presence now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU.
The only thing is miss in Florida!
I just love listening to Clint Brown's music as well as his preaching God's word.
I really like your music and you have blessed my soul with your wonderful voice you also remind me of a old chior director that use to play at my church God bless you my brotha
Praise God. I needed to hear this song this morning.

sidneybennet t 5 5
This a powerful song with a message. Thank you Lord Jesus. Glory to the God.
My pastor, my friend, my prayer warrior, my inspiration, my motivation. In my car, in my moments of worship and in the midnight hour when the enemy is trying to bug me...I listen to Clint Brown and the Faithworld choir. I love you pastor.
Luv paster Browm I have been a memeber since 2001 amazing pastor
I love Pastor Clint Brown, I have been a member at his church for over 2.5 years. My life and family's life has completely changed because of the teachings of Gods word, Isaiah 61, and his belief that God's people should not have to live in poverty. I have been truly inspired by Pastor Clint Brown and could not ask for a better Shepard! Since joining his church my husband and I have started two businesses and have truly become closer to GOD!
One of my best friends....o n e of the most anointed preachers you'll ever hear. He is also one of the most considerate persons I know. Nothing but love for my pal...Clint.
One anointed man. His music is definitely from God!!!
Simply the best. One of God's general for sure...visit faithworld.c o m
AWESOME!!! The Lord has truly anointed Pastor Clint Brown. Anything he makes I need and will get if I don't have it. In His Presence 1 was phenomenal as well! Praise the Lord
He is not only a anointed singer and song writer, but he is also THE best Pastor (aside from my Dad). He Blessed us with a mighty word Tuesdays,and twice on Sundays. And the New CD is called Send your Rain awesome.
This man is truly anointed; my God.... Thank you LORD; Father, continue to use him in all areas, for your Glory....Tha n k you!!!!
i love the fact that Clin loves the Lord Jesus Christ. all of his songs are of true praise and worship. at my church, most of our praise and worship songs are Clint Brown songs and they just move each and everyone that hears them. i love the radio station To God be the glory is playing as i am writing. in everything give thanks. Laurel,MD
I got Clint's song,Shake the foundation,a s a ringtone and been hooked ever since. I am loving everything that I am hearing.I am working a 10-hour a day job and attending college.I need some serious encouragemen t .
I have used Clint Brown CD's as wittness tool at work. You can praise your way through anything I love his praise and worship it is so claming for me when I am stressed are depressed are when my mine is racing. It's a personal praise.You have to be connected to really understand or it will make you want to be connected.
I really like that....Clin t Brown music is praise and worship oriented, I enjoy that one.
I have been listening to Clint Brown for many years and his words of worship have comforted me in my time of need. When my father-inlaw was in his last stages of Cancer I would sit on his bed and sing Clint Brown's songs. I would stop singing and My father-inlaw would hold my hand and tell me to keep singing. I believe that he was comforted by it and so was I. Thank God for you Clint.
rejoicehomes c h o o l
Clint Brown was the last music that our 13-year-old, anointed worship dancer listened to before she went to be with YHWH. She stood up in the middle of her hospital room and danced around with her daddy. Twenty-four hours later, the brain tumor that we had only been aware of for 72 hours took her life. Clint Brown's "Breathe on Me" had actually been the very first song she had ever danced to in church at the age of 7. http://www.c a r i n g b r i d g e . o r g / t x / a d r i e n n e /
There is healing in this music. The anointing is surrounding the words.
SOOOO Anointed!!!
Wow awesome!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
This is the first time I have heard this artist. Wow! His Spirit makes my bones rejoice. What a beautiful man of God! Are you single Clint? :-)
I have been listening & suggesting Clint to those that I know love worship music...I discovered Clint almost 8 years ago & his worship & praise has helped me weather some very difficult times in my walk...I bless God for using him to lead others into that "true" place that is something not everyone can do
Awesome, just awesome, a true worshipper with a true worship leader's anointing. Some just went, but this man of God was sent for such a time as this. Praise the Lord for His Choosing!
I love the song "You Deserve" c'est extraordinai r e ! ! ! You are a blessing Sir!
wandaarmstea d 5 5
Today was my first time listen to the words of You Are man how powerful. May the God we serve bless you over and over in your walk with him. Thank you for keeping to the minister of music he has put in you.
praise You Lord
Absolutely awesome!Beau t i f u l words of honor and praise to our awesome God! Pastor Clint Brown is my Bishop's (Bishop Jeff Poole of New Hope Internationa l ) Pastor. I so love to be a part of the atmosphere that Pastor Brown's annointed music brings forth.
Yes Clint Brown is a beast! An annointed man of God...
Lets not be so narrow minded, God uses who he may. God Bless You All
It is amazing how much we still don't know, when I heard that anointed voice and praise song I had to stop and check out the artist. Thank you Pandora for enlarging my territory. :0)
An annointed voice.
Very good, sounds like a brother. Got my attention
ladyofpeace6 6
First time hearing this Brother and I am loving it!!!!!!!!!
I am waiting to hear that Clint Brown has, Danced before the Lord as David did... and yes, a song came forth because of it. Yes indeed, it was heard by all on how God did come down and Bless his ministry- because of his, Obedience... Not giving up because of situations, Not giving into the ways of the things of the World today!!! You go, Clint Brown... "Oh Where Would You Be!" like the song you sing, if you had not put Jesus first in your Ministry?
Awesome Man of God. I'm so thankful that I was able to be directed to Faithworld in 2004. His preaching is as powerful as his music. If you can't come to Faithworld, see him live at 9:30,11:30 on Sundays and 7:00 on Tuesdays lives at www.faithwor l d . c o m . I promise you that your life will be forever changed!!!
Clint Brown you are a main stay in our music selection both at church and at home. Never forget the annointing that has made you a leader in bringing people to the throne of God.
I thank God everyday for giving me a Pastor like Clint Brown. May God continue to bless him and us with pastors such as him who are not ashamed of the gospel and are determined to lead their flock in the right direction!
Bro. Clint: I was given his CD as a gift. From that time on it is all I care to listen too. I cannot tell you how many times your voice and music has comforted my heart. You God given gift that you share with all is so inspirationa l . I have your CD's and play it whenever I want to be in prayer. Thank you so much and God Bless.
johnson.nanc y 6 5
This is my first time hearing this artist and song I really enjoy listening to him. I had to call one of my co-workers over to my desk to let her listen also, I will definitely be buying his cd.
If you think his songs are awesome, wait until you hear his preaching. Pastor Brown is awesome. You definitely have to visit Faith World if you're ever in the Orlando area. Orlando isn't only known for Disney World; now it's known for FAITH WORLD!!
Clint Brown is truly Spirited-fil l e d , anointed, full to the brim with the joy of praise. I can hardly sit still and listen to "He'll Make a Way." God is able to use anyone who is willing to serve him with all your heart and soul. Thanks Pandora for letting God use you to bring the word in song to the body of Christ.
I lisen to this station all day at work and at home....Clin t Brown is such an awesome worship leader....we l l actually they all are....I'll be netwoking and a song will come on and I can feel the Lord and I just can't help but to worship Him and Praise Hime for all the great thing He has done in my I just love ths station...
sftballgrly0 7 1 7
this is my favorite artist of all time! he is so inspriring! i'm absolutly obsessed!
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